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List extensive product information of Hand Tools (include Crimping, Screwdriver, Wrench, Hammer, Plier, Chisel), provided by Hand Tool manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Bar Clamp with Spreader
We can supply a full range of clamping tools; including F clamps, C clamps, spring clamps, ratchet hand clamps, bar clamps, corner clamps and bench vices.
Product Group: Bar Clamp
Company: China National Building Material Investment Co., Ltd.    China

Cable Tie Tool
1) All plastic / metal body. 2) Economy design. 3) Ideal for DIY users. 4) Available with different function types. 5) Function: for tensioning and cutting-off cable ties
Company: Top Sincere Tools Co., Ltd.    China

Hand Crimping Tools
Hand crimping tools (Europe): New generation of energy saving crimping pliers, Coax crimping tools/ Pliers. Comparison: 1. The opponent of ratchet crimping tools is made of special steel. 2. The structure design meet human bing engineering. When crimping cable lug, it can save 50% energy. 3. The design of accurate crimping moulds and complete locking (self locking and releasing mechanic unit) ensure high of crimping quality when crimping repeatedly. 4. Accurate adjustment has been made ...
Company: Top Sincere Tools Co., Ltd.    China

Black bristle 60% tops nickel-plated ferrule, plastic lid, wooden handle natural varnish. Specifications: 1) Types: 2#, 4#, 63#, 8#, 10#, 12#, 14#, 16#, 18#. 2) Diameter: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60. 3) Out-length: 58, 58, 65, 65, 71, 77, 77, 83, 83

Paint and Roller Brushes
1) Paint brush: a) Size: 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5 inches. b) Handle: plastic/wooded. c) Material: natural bristle with degreased at high temperature. 2) Roller brush. a) Size: 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 15, 22.5 inches. b) Style: white or color stripe plush. c) Material: natural woven. 3) Use: The plush allow you to work bubble-free and can be used with synthetic and acrylic varnishes, oil paints, rust protection paints.

Ratchet Wrenches
1) Size: from 3mm to 36mm. 2) Made of 45#, 40CR and CT.V steel. 3) The surfaces are galvanized with chrome finish, electro-dissolved finish, or nickelized finish
Company: Top Sincere Tools Co., Ltd.    China

120cc Grease Gun Set
1) 1pc pistol type grease gun in chrome-plating. 2) 1pc high pressure hose in 300 mm. 3) 2pcs nozzle tube in 95mm and 145 mm. 4) 1pc hydraulic mouth in M10X1. 5) 1pc grease cartridge in 120cc. 6) Suitable for standard fittings. 7) In double blister package

Combination Plier
1) Type: American type. 2) Size: 5", 6", 7", 8". 3) Material: C45# high carbon steel,C55# high carbon steel, Cr-V steel. 4) Surface: Black Nickel Plated No:2, Black Finished, Matt Finished, Mirror Polished Chrome Plated, Pearl Nickel Plated, Titanium Alloy Plated, Nickel Plated. 5) Handle: PVC handle or TPR handle. 6) Packing: Bulk, Held card packing, double blister packing, slide card packing

Woodworking Tool
1) Mason's plane: this plane is made of one-piece handle, with hardened and moveable blades (square blade, sharp teeth blade, half round blade and gouge blade). This product can be used as dry wall scraper. 2) Professional mason's chisel: this chisel is made by craft man, forged by hand. 3) Wood chisel: hardened high quality steel blades, beechwood handle. 4) Clamp: wooden F-clamp, screw clamp, made for wood. 5) Suction cup: we have 1 head, 2-head, 3-head and 4-head suction cups ...

Cordless Screwdriver
1) Voltage: 3.6V / 4.8V. 2) Speed: 150rpm. 3) Charge time: 3-5 hours. 4) Precise torque settings. 5) Innovative shape. 6) Over molded soft handle. 7) 90 degree rotatable battery pack

1) Used together with electric hammer for holing, spading, cutting. or slotting in concrete and brick wall. 2) Many chisels are available in our company such as pointed chisels, small flat chisels, big flat chisels, gouges and groove chisels

1) Forged carbon steel handle hardened and tempered. 2) High quality steel handle. 3) Styles available: German style, American style, British style, French style, Japanese style and South Korean style, many kinds of hammer. 4) We can also supply wooden hammers

1) Rivet steering capacity: up to 6.4mm (1/4") for all materials. 2) Weight: 1845g. 3) Length: 540mm. 4) Designed for industrial use. 5) Lever design reduces physical strength for all rivet sizes. 6) Grips designed for comfort, safety and utility. 7) The three-jaw design can provide with better performance with only a change of nose nozzle

Hand Tools
Tools is a range of tools and hardware that has been build and will give your customers a one-stop-shop experience for all their repair and maintenance needs. Just have a look at our catalog and be surprised by our extensive and professionally set up tools assortment. Pliers, Grippers, Wrenches, Work Benches, Meters, Screwdriver, Drills, Bit sets, Socket set, Tire nut wrenches, Hammers, Saws, Etc...

Machinist Hammer
1) Hammer head: DROP forged / common steel (or some special material). 2) Hammer handle: plastic handle / wooden handle / fiber handle / steel hammer. 3) Special technology: hammer head mirror-polish/full polish.

Euro Type Combination Wrench Set
1) Euro type combination wrench set, superior quality. 2) Drop forged, cold stamped, chrome plated, fully hardened. 3) Chrome vanadium and carbon steel, all metal construction. 4) Recessed panel, matt finishing/satin finishing, heavy duty pouch

Pipe Wrench
1) Article: pipe wrench. 2) Product no.: J0204. 3) Super heavy duty pipe. 4) Size: 8", 10", 12", 14", 18", 24", 36", 48". 5) Head 60#, drop forged. 6) Cast iron with graphite handle

6pc Chisel and Punch Set
1) 6pc chisel and punch set. 2) Material: 6150 CRV. 3) Tip HRC: 50-58. 4) Striking end HRC: 30-45. 5) Handle material: TPR (cataphoretic paint or sandblast). 6) Solid pin punch: 1/8" (3mm). 7) Pin punch: 1/8" (3mm). 8) Center punch: 5/32" (4mm). 9) Cold chisel: 3/8" (10mm), 1/2" (13mm), 5/8" (16mm)

Hand Tools
Products available: 1) Stoning hammer ; 2) Sledge ball pen ; 3) Rubber mallet ; 4) Pipe wrench ; 5) Bolt cutter ; 6) 3 jaw gear puller ; 7) Bottle jack ; 8) Jack stand ; 9) Tool box ; 10) Socket sets ; 11) Splitting axe ; 12) Crow bar ; 13) Trailer jack ; 14) Shovel ; 15) Level ; 16) Fence plier ; 17) Wire netting ; 18) Welded wire mash ; 19) Wrecking bar

Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set - 6pcs
1) Ergonomic handle design to achieve highest torque. 2) Chrome vanadium steel blade, hardness: 54-58 HRC. 3) Magnetized and hardened tip. 4) High precision of blade tip

Material: 65# Mn steel and drop forged 45# carbon steel. Finishing: polished. Handle: single color plastic handle, double-color plastic handle, wooden handle. Size: 1/4" / 6mm, 5/16" / 8mm, 3/8" / 10mm, 1/2" / 12mm, 5/8" / 16mm, 3/4" / 20mm, 7/8" / 22mm, 1" / 25mm, 1-1/4" / 32mm, 1-1/2" / 38mm, 2" / 50mm

10pc T-Handle Hex Key Set
1) Material: carbon steel / chrome vanadium steel. 2) T-handle hex key with 2 components soft grip handle. 3) The key end can be hex, torx, ball point. 4) Contents: T10-T15 x 100mm ; T20-T25-T27-T30 x 150mm ; T40-T45-T50 x 200mm ; T55 x 200mm

Decoration Tool / Mason / Wood / Dry Wall
1) Mason's plane: this plane is made by one-piece handle, with hardened and moveable blades (square blade, sharp teeth blade, half round blade and gouge blade. Also this product can be used as dry wall scraper. 2) Professional mason's chisel: this chisel made by craft man, free forged by hand. A professional chisel for your stone working. 3) Wood chise: harded high quality steel blades, beechwood handle. 4) Clamps: wood F-clamp, screw clamp. all made for wood, nice tool for your ...

Pick Up & Reaching Tool
The grip is made of advanced engineering plastics alnico and anti-slip material. It is small and easy to carry and use. It can prevent slipping and corroding. It is used widely for households, hotels, restaurants, trains and all of public places for environment protection. Feature: 1)Material: Aluminum ; 2)Material of the Handle: ABS ; 3)Material of the Cupule: Chlorin ; 4)Total Length of the Tools: 83CM ; 5)Weight capacity: 1.5KGS ; 6)Color: Red, Blue

Brass Clamp
Industrial supply: Hose clamp, clamp hardware, anchor tool. Mineral, metal and materials: Rigging, thimble, turn buck eye, bolt, slip hook, casting Others: Plastic clamp coupler clip, forged coupler fitting, hanger, grounding kit, auto part coupling

All kinds of hammer like Claw hammer, Ball pein hammer, Stoning hammer, Machinist hammer, Joiner's hammer, Electrician's hammer,Sledge hammer, Crosspein sledge hammer, Cross pein hammer, Mason's hammer, Chipping hammer, Rubber mallet, Car repair hammer etc. Head made of Mild carbon steel drop forged quenched and tempered head or malleable cast steel head, surface fully polished or black, red or green lacquered with Brand, size or standard no. Handle steel one piece, steel ...

1) Material: drop forged carbon steel and CR-V steel. 2) Surface: polished, chromed, nickeled, satin, black treated. 3) Handle: plastic dipped, PVC and TPR, 1 or 2 colors. 4) Size: a) Combination pliers: 5.5" 6" 7" 8" ; b) Long nose pliers: 6" 8" ; c) Diagonal pliers: 5.5" 6" 7" ; d) Heavy duty diagonal pliers: 7" ; e) Flat nose pliers: 6" ; f) Bent nose pliers: 6" 8" ; g) Round nose pliers: 6" ; h) Strip-wire pliers: 6"

Plastering Trowel
We are specialized in manufacturing various of the plastering trowel for example the trowel with plastic handle, trowel with wood handle, ect! Size: 270 x 180mm, 320 x 220mm, 280 x 140mm, 215 x 135mm, 280 x 115mm, 280 x 120mm, 280 x 130mm, 300 x 150mm, 300 x 160mm, 300 x 180mm, ect.

Polyester Webbing Sling
Manufacture of polyester webbing sling, polyester round sling, polyester cargo lashing, super sling, flat sling, flat webbing sling, tree strap, webbing strap, recovery strap and recovery tow strap.
Product Group: Polyester Webbing Sling
Company: Lift Sling Net Belt Factory    china

manual inflator, manual pump
Manual Inflator and manual pump. Comparing with typical inflator, Span inflator is a new-type, with many merits. Portable, Durable, Clean, Multifunction,multiuse
Product Group: Manual Pump
Company: Xingtai Kuayue Plastics Co.,Ltd    China

Square Braided Fiberglass Rope
we can supply Square Braided Fiberglass Rope Here are brief introduction of our company: Lift Sling Net Belt Factory 008652386935818 manufact specialize in Embarkation Rope Ladder,wood step/rubber plate/Pilot's Rope Ladder,Webbing Sling,Round Sling,Lifting Sling,Nylon Rope,Fiberglass Rope,Stove door Sealing Rope,Cargo Net,Cargo Sling Net,Cargo lashing,Ratchet Tie Down,Recovery Tow Strap,Sling Webbing,PP Webbing,Nylon Webbing,Polyester Webbing,Double Braided Rope,Fiberglass Lamp ...
Product Group: Square Braided Fiberglass Rope

Vial Crimper
Vial crimpers are made of stainless steel which are used to crimp vials and bottles in one quick, easy motion. Available for use with a wide variety of vial closure styles and sizes ranging from 8mm to 34mm. • Painted, plated and coated for maximum corrosion resistance • Adjustable stop for optimal sealing performance • Textured handles for excellent grip
Product Group: Vial Crimper, Crimping Tool
Company: Sankeen Industrial Co., Limited    China

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