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List extensive product information of Hardware Accessories, provided by Hardware Accessory manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Machine Parts
We have special equipment to manufacture all kinds of machine parts and welded parts. Features: 1. Equipment: Φ3,000 modulus hobbing machine, 5 meters vertical boring mill, 160 meters lathe. 2. Technique: all the products are manufactured by precision machined. 3. Products: we can do machining according to drawings, raw materials

Tool Bit Set
1) 1pc magnetic screwdriver handle. 2) 2pc 50mm CR-V bits. 3) 1pc 25mm CR-V adapter. 4) 26pc 25mm CR-V bits.

Fluteless Tap
1) Material: HSS, W9MO3CR4V, W6MO5CR4V2, M35, M42. 2) Standard: ISO529, JB7428. 3) Type of tread: metric, BSW, BSF, UNF, UNC. 4) Coarse and fine teeth. 5) Fluteless. 7) Tapping for through or blind hole. 8) Tolerance: H1, H2, H3, H4. 9) Forming: ground and roll

Wire Rope Thimbles
1) Standards: Federal spec., AS type, DIN type, European type and JIS type. 2) Materials: carbon steel and stainless steel. 3) Surface: hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, phosphated and self-colored. 4) Treatment: drop forged, upset forged and cast.

Key Type Drill Chuck
1), Capacity: 1/16"~1/2". 2), Mount: B16. 3), Heat treatment (jaw and tooth zone). 4), Electro-phonetic enameling (sleeve). 5), With antitrust bearing. 6), Suitable for general electric drills, pneumatic, impact electric drill and bench drill

Adjusting Axis Parts
1> With outside diameter from 1.0 up to 32mm; 2> Made of iron, SUS, copper, aluminium, alloy steel etc. 3> Widely used in various precise machines such as test machine, gradienter, balance, scale, medical instrument, agricultural equipment etc.; 4> Flexible designs and excellent function; 5> Packing with inner plastic bags and outer cartons.

1) Coupling: connect blasting machine and blasting hose. 2) Quick coupling for 25phi blasting hose. 3) Quick coupling for 32phi blasting hose. 4) Screw type coupling for 32phi blasting hose. 5) Blasting nozzle holde. 6) Nozzle holder : connect 25phi blasting hose and nozzle with thin thread. 7) Nozzle hoder : connect 25phi blasting hose adn nozzle with thick thread. 8) Quick coupling for 32phi blasting hose
Company: Zhejiang Guokang Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

Ratchet Buckle
Different kinds of buckles such as ratchet buckles and cam buckles: 1) Sizes from 1" to 4", more than 20 specifications. 2) Breaking strength from 0.8MT to10MT. 3) The handle of a ratchet buckle can be long or short

Brad Point Woodworking Drill Bit
1) For making holes on wood, plastic or other soft materials. 2) Sizes available: 3.0mm - 30.0mm. 3) Material: carbon steel, HSS steel.

Flanges & Fittings
1) Flange varieties: plate, slip-on, welding neck, thread, blind. 2) Surface treatments available: transparent oil, rust oil, hot galvanized

Wedged Socket
1) US type wedged socket. 2) US type grooved open spelter socket. 3) European type open spelter socket without groove. 4) US type grooved closed spelter socket. 5) Open swage socket. 6) Closed swage socket. 7) DIN 15315 socket. 8) DIN 43148 socket

Metallic Bend Spout
With length 5-1/2" ± 1, 15° curved pipe and grease coupler. Recommended Working pressure 4,500psi (310 bar). Burst pressure 10,000psi (690 bar)

Marine Cast Hardware
1) Marine valves. Models: globe valve, gate valve, check valve, ball valve. Standards: JIS, ANSI, GB, CBM, DIN. Materials: marine cast iron, cast steel, forged steel, bronze, stainless steel. 2) Air pipe vent head. Application : Oil tank,ballast tank etc. Standard : GB, JIS, CBM. 3) Hatch cover quick acting cleat and other spare. 4) Upper deck equipment : Bollard, Panama chock, chain stopper, small hatch cover, aluminum alloy gangway, mooring roller etc. 6) Container lashing equipment : ...

1) Material: bronze, brass, aluminum, gray iron, carbon steel, stainless steel. 2) Standard: ASTM, BS, JIS, DIN. 3) Weight: 0.01 - 10kg. 4) Process: green sand casting, resin sand casting, investment casting, machining

Synthetic Diamond Core Bits
1) Types: single-tube diamond core bit, double-tube diamond core bit. 2) Outer diameter: 36mm - 76mm. 3) Hole diameter: 21.5mm - 59mm. 4) Other specifications are available as per your request

Punching Component
Our factory can produce and process these punching pieces from china. other hardwares: Varieties: "H" iron hinges, bright heavy iron hinges, bright light iron hinges, square hinges, light iron square hinges, round corner square hinges, lift-off hinges, ball-bearing hinges, flush hinges, nylon steel ring hinges, six-finger hinges, door cabinet hinges, Australian hinges, iron hasps and staples, ball-head hinges, stainless steel hinges, ball-head square hinges, bending hinges, ...

Rotary Accessory Set
1) 39pcs sanding bands: 1/4" x 1/2", 1/2" x 1/2". 2) 5pcs felt wheels: 1/2" x 1/4", 1" x 1/4". 3) 1pc felt wheel pointed: 3/8" x 3/4". 4) 1pc cloth wheel: 1" x 1/8". 5) 1pc rubber emery wheel: 7/8" x 5/32". 6) 1pc flap wheel: 1.1/4" x 3/8". 7) 60pcs sand paper grit: 160, 220, 240. 8) 2pcs polishing compound. 9) 30pcs cut off wheels heavy duty: 15/16" x 1/32". 10) 36pcs cut off wheels regular: ...

Sanding Pad
1) High quality accessory for power tools. 2) Suitable for Aeg, Black & Decker, Bosch, Casals, Clarke, Hitachi, Kress, Makita, Metabo and Ryobi power tools. 3) Size available: 4", 4.5", 5", 6", 7"

Tool Holder with Hooks
1) With a new kind of gripping mechanism, it can hold thick and thin handles firmly. 2) Keeps broom handles, feather dusters, garden tools and fishing rods tidy. 3) Can be screwed on to the wall. 4) Can be used in store cupboards, sheds, garages and workshops
Company: Zhejiang Guokang Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

UL List Extension Reel Cord
1) 50 feet AWG 14/3 cord. 2) SJTW. 3) 13A/125V. 4) Compact design. 5) 13 Amps resettable circuit breaker. 6) Fully extend the cord before using. 7) Stores cord neatly when not in use. 8) Recommended for indoor use only

Load Binder
1) Safe, reliable design for easy operation. 2) Heat treated for extra strength. 3) Short trench hooks provide optimum take-up. 4) Continuous take-up feature, infinite adjustment

Round Sling
1) Polyester round sling with two ply woven heavy sleeve. 2) Color coded according to DIN-EN 1492-2. 3) Each stripe is equal to 1MT capacity. 4) The safe working load is clearly and continuously printed on the sleeve. 5) Extra strong PU-impregnated webbing of the sleeve, which does not allow dirt to enter. 6) Each sling is packed in plastic with CE declaration of conformity. 7) Low elongation. 8) Extremely wear resistant

Pliers Handgrip
1) All types are available including combination pliers, diagonal cutters, long nose pliers, flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire stripping pliers, water pump pliers, fishing pliers, long reach radio pliers, carpenter pincers, tower pincers, tile cutter pliers, multi-purpose pliers. 2) All pliers can be made from carbon steel, Cr-V steel, stainless steel. 3) All kinds of finishing available including polishing, chrome-plating, multi-layered dull chromium plating, phosphate. 4) We can ...

20-Piece Carbide Burr Set
a) 20pcs/set. b) Shank diameters: 3/32", 3mm, 1/8". c) Used for shaping, smoothing and removal hardened steel, stainless steel, cast irons, nonferrous metals, fired ceramics, plastics, and hardwoods

Magnetic Chuck
1) While turning magnetic for ON/OFF, the face's accuracy of magnetic force surface doesn't change and can keep high precision processing surface. 2) The top plate with mechanism pressing treatment and vacuum treatment, ensure its high rigidity and durability. 3) Strong power, even magnetic strength. 4) Made from permanent magnet, with low remanence, and strong power. 5) Application: suitable for CNC lathe machines, grinding machines, and milling machine

Steel Die Sets
We are the leading manufacturer for Steel Die Sets in China. Features: Specification: Back Post Series ,Center Post Series, Diagnal Series,Four Post Series etc. Plate Material: 45# steel. Bushing Style: Demountable, Press Fit. Pin Style: Press Fit, Demountable Pin, Movable Pin. Lift Hole: Option. Shank: Option

Wire Rolls
1) Consist of one enameled wire covered in nylon/polyester. 2) Low surface friction coefficient for excellent bending. 3) Suitable for air conditioner motors and other high-speed winding
Company: Zhejiang Guokang Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

Dial Indicators
1) Dial bore gage sets (inch size / metric size). 2) Dial indicators (inch size / metric size). 3) Dial test indicators (inch size / metric size) (with ruby ball head). 4) Dial micron indicators with mm and inch scale. 5) Dial GEM gauges. 6) Micron dial test indicator (with ruby ball head). 7) Test indicator. 8) Centering indicators. 9) Digital indicators. 10) Digital test indicator. 11) Digital thickness gauges

Camlock coupling
Camlock coupling are made using one of such materials as Aluminum, Brass(Bronze), Ductile Iron, Polypropylene and Stainless Steel. Our Cam & Groove products conform to A-A-59326A (superseding MIL-C-27487) or DIN EN 14420-7 (superseding DIN2828).
Company: Fuzhou Sino-Continent Machinery Mfg.Co.,ltd.    China

Guillemin coupling
We supply Guillemin coupling in Aluminium and Stainless Steel 316, including hose tail, male/female with /without lock ring, cap.
Product Group: Guillemin Coupling
Company: Fuzhou Sino-Continent Machinery Mfg.Co.,ltd.    China

ER Collet, milling chuck collet
1) Made of high quality spring steel 2) Powerful clamping ability with high precision and stability 3) Used for drilling, boring, milling, tapping, and so on. 4) Adapted for DIN6499B ER 8 (Range 0.5 -5 mm) ER11 (Range 0.5-7 mm) ER16 (Range 1-10 mm) ER20 (Range 1-13 mm) ER25 (Range 2- 16 mm) ER32 (Range 3-20 mm) ER40(Range 4-26 mm)
Company: Shandong Jinjie Machinery Co. Ltd    China

BT Pull Stud, Retention Knob
MAS403-1982 Pull Stud /Retention Knob BT-30 BT-40 BT-45 BT-50 Material: 20 CrMnTi Pull studs make the connection between the spindle and the toolholder. The two most popular styles are ISO and BT. Because they have different dimensions it is almost impossible to mix them up. For safety's sake, make sure you select the correct one.
Company: Shandong Jinjie Machinery Co. Ltd    China

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