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List extensive product information of Machining Tool (include Lathe Machine), provided by Machining Tool manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Electric Planer
1) Width of cutter: 82mm. 2) Cut-cepth: 1mm. 3) Rated voltage: 220V. 4) Rated frequency: 50/60Hz. 5) Rated input power: 500W. 6) No-load speed: 16,000rpm

Machining Tool
1) Dimensions of the working table equally divided into 8 sections: 750mm, 29.53". 2) Dimensions of the working table equally divided into 4 sections: 120mm, 4.72". 3) Positioning accuracy of the working table of 8 equal sections: S, ±5. 4) Positioning accuracy of the working table of 4 equal sections: S, ±30. 5) 45 degrees positioning time of the working table of 8 equal sections: S, 3. 6) 45 degrees positioning time of the working table of 4 equal sections: S, 3. 7) Taper of ...
Company: Ningbo Sanhan Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Drill Chuck
1) Unified body of chuck reduces the length of tool and improved working accuracy and superior durability. 2) Relaxation prevention mechanism and automatic incremental tightening feature. 3) Chuck never detached at the sudden stop of main shaft
Company: Ningbo Sanhan Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Press Brake
Steel-welded construction, vibration to eliminate stress, with high strength and good rigidity. Hydraulic top-drive, steadiness and reliability. Mechanical stop, steel torsion bar to maintain synchronization, high precision. Synchronization, high precision. Motorized-adjusting device of back gauge and rams stroke, fine adjusting by handwheel, numerical display. Deflection compensation unit installed on the top die. Manual crowned bottom die holder is adopted of the machine above 250 tons, ...

Engine Lathe
1) Precision ground and supersonic frequency hardened bed ways. 2) The spindle is supported with precision roller bearings
Company: Ningbo Sanhan Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

16mm Drill Press
1) Power: 230V 50Hz 450W. 2) Chuck: 16mm. 3) Spindle stroke: 60mm. 4) Spindle taper: MT2. 5) Speed change: 12. 6) Column diameter: 58mm. 7) Working table: 205 x 190mm. 8) Base size: 340 x 204mm. 9) Total height: 840mm

Sawfish Tyre Buffing Blade
We supply Sawfish Hacksaw blades, Sawfish Wood band saws, Sawfish Mitre saw blades, Sawfish Reciprocating saw blades, Sawfish Jigsaw blades, Sawfish Fret saws, Sawfish Meat/Bone saws, Sawfish H.S.S Circular saws, and Sawfish Tyre Buffing blades.

Vertical Machining Center
1) Table size: 1120 x 560mm. 2) Loading capacity: 750kg. 3) X-axis travel: 1020mm. 4) Y-axis travel: 560mm. 5) Z-axis travel: 600mm. 6) Distance from column to spindle center: 629mm. 7) Distance from table surface to spindle nose: 135 - 735mm. 8) Cutting feed rate (X, Y, Z ): 1 - 10,000 mm/min. 9) Rapid feed rate (X, Y, Z): 20/20/18 m/min. 10) Max. spindle speed: 8,000r/min. 11) Spindle taper: No.40. 12) Spindle drive motor: 7.5/11kW (70/47N.m). 13) X/Y/Z axis motors: 3/3/3kW. 14) Tool ...

Glass Edge Finishing Machine
The machine is the specialized equipment to remove the sharp cuts after glass cutting the abrasive belt running at high speed, can simultaneously grind and remove the sharp angles around the glass sheets to prevent machine damage or person injury due to sharp angles. It can also lengthen the service life of equipment.

CNC Lathe
1) Model: CNC Lathe. 2) Max. swing over bed (mm): 400. 3) Max. swing over carriage (mm): 160. 4) Max. workpiece length: 750mm. 5) Spindle bore: 58mm. 6) Spindle speed range/step: 100-2,000/stepless. 7) Max. carriage travel ( X x Z): 260 x 500mm. 8) Max. feed speed (X x Z): 6 x 8m/min. 9) Min setting unite: 0.001 x 0.001. 10) Tool quantity (pc): 4/6/8. 11) CNC control system: Fagor, Fanuc, Siemens. 12) Power of moor coolant/lubricant: 120W. 13) Main power motor: 5.5/7.5kW. 14) Net/gross ...

Tube Bending Machine
1) Adopts Japanese Mitsubishi high performance PLC programming to control automatically. 2) Main mechanical parts are made of special steel to be forged, after thermal treatment, making it wear well. 3) Two shafts bending synchrony molding, prompt, accurate, strong pipe bending capacity. 4) Can set the different angles to bend the two shafts, it is mostly suitable for general dual orientations bending machining. 5) The bending angle can control from 0 degree to 180 degrees. 6) With the ...

End Milling Machine
Our horizontal end-millers are specially designed for milling sets of profiles in which the cutter unit needs to be changed several times in the same set. Machine is equipped with a quick-release cutter holder making different applications on profiles quicker and easier. The machine is also equipped with a hydro-pneumatic cylinder to ensure vibration free and smooth end milling operation. The travel speed is adjustable. The cutting zone is fully guarded to protect the operator in all the ...

Surface Grinder
Longitudinal stroke: 340mm. Lateral stroke: 170mm. Grinding height: 210mm. Area of table 152mmX304mm. Grinding wheel 180mmX32mmX13mm. Power of motor 0. 55kw. Overall dimensions (LXWXH) 930X780X730. Case dimensions (LXWXH) 750X720X1060mm

Micro Multi-Purpose Machine
Specifications: Cutting: 1) Process exact: 0.02mm. 2) Swing over bed: 140mm. 3) Distance between centers: 250mm. 4) Spindle taper: MT#2. 5) Tailstock taper: MT#1. 6) Spindle speed: 100 - 2,000rpm. 7) Range of threads: a) Metric: 0.5 - 1.25mm (5 thread pitches) ; b) Imperial: 16 - 24TPI (5 thread pitches). 8) Output power: 150W. Drilling and milling: 1) Max drilling / milling capacity: 10mm ; 2) Travel of drilling / milling spindle: 30mm ; 3) Drilling / milling spindle speed: 100 - 1,300rpm ; ...

Circular Thread Rolls
Offers circular/cylindrical thread rolls/rolling dies for precision thread rolling of fasteners/components. Mpt rolls are made from selected tools steel grade which is carefully machined & heattreated. Threading are ground after heat-treatment on world class precision thread grinders. Mpt thread rolls are made for max. Dia upto 300mm and width 250mm. The rolls are made in both types, in-feed(plunge feed) and annular thru-feed. Thru-feed rolls can also be supplied with angles of entry and ...

Machining Tools and Accessories
1) 45/90 offset external turning tool. 2) 62.5/72.5/75 straight external turning tool. 3) 45/75/90 indexable external turning tool. 4) 75/93 indexable facing tool. 5) Carbide products and accessories

Mini Multipurpose Machines
Mini multipurpose machines is made up of various parts, which can be assembled into different machines up to 10 functions. Such as lathe, woodturning lathe, jigsaw, milling machine, sanding machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, copying attachment woodturning lathe, etc. Various wood, plastic and aluminum (soft metal) are good materials for the machine.

Cnc Turning Lathe Machine
Capacity: 1. Max. swing dia (mm)500. 2. Max. machining length (mm) 600/ 850/ 1350/ 1860. 3. Max. machining Dia. (mm)500. 4. Max. swing over slide (mm)300. Spindle: 1. Type of nose: A8. 2. Inner taper of spindle nose 1:20. 3 .Max.bore dia.(mm)70. 4. Spindle speed (Stepless) (r/min). Low:23~230 Mid:68~680 High:220~2200. 5. Power of spindle motor (Kw) 7.5. Chuck: 1.Size(mm)254. Sleeve: 1.Dia. (mm) 75 ; 2.Travel (mm) 150 ; 3.Taper (MT) 5
Product Group: Lathe Machine

40-Position Quick Change Tool Post and Tool Holder
1) Cam-lock handle rigidity locks and quickly release tool holder. 2) Cutting edge height is accurately and easily adjusted by special set screws. 3) Tools can be reground without removal from tool holder and setting remains unaltered. 4) 40 different angles (every 9 degree) are conveniently selected from position dials with marker. 5) Holders are interchangeable with other brands of 40-position tool post

Special Numbering Machine for Embossing
1) Wheel number: 6 - 16. 2) Backward or forward. 3) Character height: 3mm - 10mm. 4) Character pitch: 2.3mm - 6mm. 5) All kinds of types and styles available. 6) Impact thickness: < 0.2mm

CNC Engraver
1) XYZ axis resolution: 0.01 mm. 2) XYZ axis working size: 800 x 700 x 90mm. 3) Appearance size: 1,100 x 1,250 x 1,300mm. 4) Max material thickness: 130mm. 5) Consumption: 2,000W. 6) Spindle motor power: 1,500W. 7) Spindle rotation speed: 6,000-24,000rpm. 8) Blades holder: 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm. 9) Working speed: 6,000mm/min. 10) Power supply: AC220±10% / 50Hz. 11) Compatible software: ARTCM, Type3, MASTERCAM. 12) Net weight: 260kg

Lathe Chucks
Supply all arrange of lathe chucks: 3 jaw self-centering scroll chucks from 50mm top to 630mm. 4 jaw self-centering lathe chucks from 80mm top to 500mm. 4 jaw independent chuck from 80mm top to 1400mm

Industrial Type Bench Drill
1) Max. drilling diameter: 12mm. 2) Model of spindle nose: B16. 3) Base size: 300 x 300mm. 4) Workable size: 250 x 250mm. 5) Distance, spindle nose to base surface: 220 - 500mm. 6) Distance, spindle axis to column surface: 195mm. 7) Max. spindle travel: 100mm. 8) Spindle speed: 480 - 4080/5. 9) Motor: 0.37kW

High Precision Boring Machine Of Electromotor Rotor
1) Workpiece: electromotor rotor. 2) Boring precision: Ra0.8-1.6, cylinder degree ≤0.005. 3) Adopting high precision boring tools of rotational location cutter. 4) Each processing. 5) Cycle times: 15 seconds of one part

Wire Drawing, Furnace and Nail, Screw Making Machine
We have all kinds of wire drawing machines (dry type and water type) in additional for all drawing wire industry: 1) Pulley type continuous wire drawing machine. 2) Straight line wire drawing machine. 3) Water type drawing machine. 4) Horizontal wire-drawing machine. 5) Vacuum resistance furnace for wire drawing. 6) Barbed wire netting machine. 7) Single wire drawing machine. 8) Horizontal auto winder. 9) High speed coil nail collator. 10) Nail washing machine. 11) Shucking machine. 12) ...

Horizontal Metal Band Sawing Machine
1) Max. process standard (mm): a) Round material: 280mm ; b) Square material: 220 x 300mm. 2) Process speed (m/min): 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 77m/min. 3) Saw band dimensions: 27 x 0.9 x 3,305mm. 4) Total power (kW): 2.645kW. 5) Working clamping method: hydraulic/manual. 6) Saw blade tensioning form: manual. 7) Machine dimensions: 1,800 x 1,150 x 1,400mm

Saw Blade Grinding Machine
The machine is designed for grinding and dressing diamond saw blades. The machine is equipped with three grinding wheels. Grinding two sides and front of saw blade without reversal. Side grinding wheels system with automatically swinging. Dust and abrasives falling through the cooling system.

Square Braided Fiberglass Rope
We can supply Square Braided Fiberglass Rope, manufacture specialize in Embarkation Rope Ladder, wood step/rubber plate/Pilot's Rope Ladder, Webbing Sling, Round Sling, Lifting Sling, Nylon Rope, Fiberglass Rope, Stove door Sealing Rope, Cargo Net, Cargo Sling Net, Cargo lashing, Ratchet Tie Down, Recovery Tow Strap, Sling Webbing, PP Webbing, Nylon Webbing, Polyester Webbing, Double Braided Rope, Fiberglass Lamp Wick, Endless Flat Webbing Lifting Sling, Endless Flat Webbing Sling, ...
Product Group: Fiberglass Rope
Company: Lift Sling Net Belt Factory    china

CB7750 vertical multi-tool lathe
CB7750 vertical multi-tool lathe in china The devices can be ordered: 1. threading device 2. taper turning device 3. grinding device 4. digital display device 5. coolant system 6. CNC vertical lathe can be equipped with a function of turning in steady velocity.
Product Group: Cnc Lathe Machine
Company: Dalian Guofeng Machine Tools Co., Ltd    China

CK5116 CNC single column vertical lathe
CK5116 CNC single column vertical lathe Numerical control system is Siemens or Fanuc CNC. The stepless gear shift lathe has not only functions of turning like common lathe, but also has functions of constant linear cutting and cutting thread. We can collocate cooling system, escape of chips system and close shield of complete appliance according to consumers’ need.
Product Group: Cnc Lathe Machine
Company: Dalian Guofeng Machine Tools Co., Ltd    China

Y31125E gear hobbing machine
Y31125E gear hobbing machine in china The lathe is suitable for mass or individual manufacture and machining of cylindrical spur gear, bevel wheel, turbine and chain wheel. The lathe has characteristics of good rigidity, good strength, high precision, easy operation and maintaining.
Product Group: Cnc Lathe Machine
Company: Dalian Guofeng Machine Tools Co., Ltd    China

Angle Grinder LH70
Angle grinder is for grinding the edge and partial floor and can grind concrete floor effectively, especially grinding that the large grinder cannot reach. It applies to grind epoxies of small area and to cut ground expansion joint. With vacuum cleaner devices, dust is avoided to spread to the air and a favorable working environment can be ensured. Dust free equipped with vacuum devices equipped Grinding and cutting at a high speed with 9000rpm Compact size, portable and easy to ...
Product Group: Angle Grinder
Company: Guangzhou NCC Machine Co., Ltd.    China

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