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List extensive product information of Gasoline Powered Tools (include Gasoline Cutter, Chain Saw, Trimmer, Pole Pruner), provided by Gasoline Powered Tool manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Gasoline Brush cutter
Gasoline Engine Brush cutter: Blade Length:255mm ; Engine Model : 1E40F-3 ; Engine Power : 0.75kw/6500-7000r/min ; Engine Displacement : 40.2cc ; Overall Net weight:8.1kg ; Ext. Dimensions: 1660X225X518mm (10PCShaulm) ; 290x290x210MM (1PCSEngine).
Product Group: Brush Cutter
Company: Roiwow Electron Co., Ltd.    China

Pole Pruner
1) Engine: 2-stroke and air cooled. 2) Displacement: 25.4cc. 3) Bar length: 10''. 4) Drive shaft: straight and fixed length. 5) Highest reach: 4.20m. 6) Lubrication: automatic. 7) N.W.: 8.1kg

Gasoline High Pressure Washer
1) Water consumption: 2.3GPM 2) Working pressure: 2,500 psi 3) Max. inlet water temp.: 140oF 4) Engine: 5.5HP 5) Adjustable engine speed for different cleaning applications operating at low, medium or high pressure 6) 4 color-code, quick-connect nozzle tips, each provides a different spray pattern and psi for unique applications and deep down cleaning 7) Industrial grade pump with brass head.

Gasoline Chain Saws
We can supply all kinds of chain saws and power tools. Features: 1) Engine: a) Engine model: WL1E43F two-stroke b) Displacement: 45cc / 2.70cu. ft. c) Max. engine speed: 12,000rpm d) Power rating: 1.7kW / 7,200rpm e) Ignition system: CDI f) Fuel mixture ratio: no. 90 gasoline 25:tow-cycle oil 1 g) Fuel capacity: 0.55L / 18.6 US fl oz. h) Oil capacity: 0.26L / 8.8 US fl oz. i) Chain oil pump: automotive, gear type adjustable j) Starting system: recoil starter 2) Cutting equipment: a) Standard ...
Product Group: Chain Saw
Company: Wenzhou Topsky Enterprise    China

Chain Saw
1) Displacement: 72cc. 2) Rated power: 3.6kW. 3) Max. no-load speed: 12,000,00rpm. 4) Size: 16", 18", 20". 5) Fuel tank capacity: 580ml. 6) Oil tank capacity: 310ml. 7) Outer packing: 1pc/ctn. 8) Carton dimensions: 47 x 27 x 30cm
Product Group: Chain Saw
Company: Wenzhou Topsky Enterprise    China

Gasoline Brush Cutter
Revolving diameter: 255mm. Blade: metal blade. Engine type: single cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled. Fuel tank capacity: 800ml. Displacement: 43cc. Idle speed: 2,500rpm. Max. engine power: 0.8kW. Blade speed: 5,200rpm
Product Group: Brush Cutter

Guide Bar
1) For gasoline chain saw of all sizes from 8" to 36". 2) Types: a) Laminated, builit-in sprocket nose. b) One-piece, steel construction, no-weld, solid nose

Gasoline Pickaxe
Engine style Single cylinder, air cooling, 2-stroke. Petrol engine. Mixture ratio 25/1. Petrol capacity 1.2L. Discharging capacity 49.3cc. Fuel consumption rate L/h<0.6. Impact frequency 770-1500 times/min. Impact Energy 20~50J. Start-up mode Manual with recoiling automatically

VS-GX is designed for applications as stationary, marine, waste heat boilers, and direct-fired oil-heater applications also used to remove large volume boiler low temperature zone (reheated, economizer, tubular preheated, gas recirculation and dusting zone) heating.

Concrete Vibrator
Specifications: 1) Vibrating head dimensions: 32 x 450mm. 2) Vibration amplitude: 1.1mm. 3) Flexible shaft diameter: 10mm. 4) Rubber hose (D x L): 31mm x 4 - 6m. 5) Power source: a) Gasoline engine: 3.5HP, 3,600rpm ; b) Electric motor: 1.5HP/2.0HP.

Gasoline Grass Cutter
1) Engine model: Gasoline Grass Cutter ; 2) Engine type: single cylinder, air-cooling, 2-stroke ; 3) Max. power: 1.1kW/6,500r/min ; 4) Max. torque: 1.6N.m/6,000rpm ; 5) Displacement: 32.6cc ; 6) Carburetor: pump-film type ; 7) Engine weight: 3.5kg ; 8) Weight: 6.5kg

Hydraulic Crimping Tool
1) Designed to accommodate hexagonal, circular shell and indent type dies for applying compression fittings to copper, aluminum and conductors. 2) Automatic bypass when 700kg/cm2 of oil pressure is reached, 180-degree rotatable head. 3) Comes completely with double-moulded plastic case. 4) Contact mould: a) Aluminum: 70-300mm2 ; b) Cu: 50-400mm2. 5) Output: 17T. 6) Standard mould: 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300, 4002

Handle Power Blower
Specifications: 1) Engine: single cylinder, two-stroke, air cooled. 2) Bore x stroke: 34 x 26mm. 3) Displacement: 23.6cc. 4) Max. output: 0.65kW. 5) Air volume: 10.2cbm/min. 6) Air velocity: 62m/sec. 7) Dry weight (empty oil and fuel tank): 4.2kg. 8) Fuel tank capacity: 550ml

18V Cordless Grease Gun
Cordless - no more tangling. Heavy-duty motor generates up to 10,000psi pressure. Continuous grease flow volume: 75cc (2.65oz) per minute. 14.5oz. capacity reservoir tube. 2-way loading cartridge: cartridge and suction. Extra long flex hose for hard-to-reach areas. Includes 18V Ni-MH rechargeable battery

Snow Thrower
1) Max. working load: 300 cubic meters per hour (theoretical). 2) Max. throwing distance: 2-8m. 3) Max. working width: 520mm. 4) Max. working thickness: 258mm. 5) Chute rotating angle: 190 degree. 6) Engine specification: 4.0HP, 4 cycle. 7) Start mode: manual start. 8) Oil type: gas. 9) Dimensions: 113 x 55 x 97cm. 10) Net weight: 38kg. 11) Certification: GS ,CE,ETL and EPA

Angle Grinder
Specifications: 1) Max. disc diameter: 100mm ; 2) Hole diameter of disc: 16mm ; 3) No-load speed: 10,000r/min ; 4) Rated input power: 700W ; 5) Rated voltage: 110 / 220V ; 6) Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz ; 7) Spindle thread: M10.
Product Group: Angle Grinder

1) Working width: 80cm. 2) Working depth: 8-12cm. 3) Clutch: tension belt set. 4) Max. power: 4kW / 3,600rpmin. 5) Engine model: 6.5HP OHV 4-stroke. 6) Starting mode: manual. 7) Handle bar shape: Y-shaped loop. 8) Handle height adjustment: yes. 9) Speeds: forward: 1.84 - 3.88km/h, reverse: 1.6km/h

Cut Off Saw / Concrete Saw, Rescue Saw
Specifications: Engine Type: Single-cylinder, Two-srtoke, Air-cooled. Displacement:64.1cc. Maximum power:3.2KW/8500rpm. Fuel Tank Capacity:0.74L(TS400)/1.5L(TS400A, TS400B). Blade Dia.:12inch,14inch. Cutting Depth: Max.125mm

Gasoline Chain Saw
1) Engine displacement: 45c. 2) Fuel tank capacity: 0.55L. 3) Oil tank capacity: 0.26L. 4) Oil feeding system: automatic pump with adjuster. 5) Chain type: 21bp. 6) Pitch: 0.325". 7) Gauge: 0.058". 8) Guide bar size: 16 / 18". 9) Standard guide bar size: 18". 10) Dry weight (power unit): 4.8kg. 11) Walbro carburetor. 12) Oregon saw chains
Product Group: Chain Saw

Earth Auger
1) Engine model: Earth Auger. 2) Engine type: air-cooled, 2-stroke. 3) Displacement: 49cc. 4) 2-cycle oil/gasoline mixing ratio: 1:25. 5) Power: 1.65kW. 6) Carburetor: diaphragm type. 7) Fuel tank capacity: 1.2L. 8) Drilled diameter: 20cm. 9) Drill length: 73cm

Oil Chain Saw
Max. Cutting Dia: 450mm. Power Type: Single Cylinder, Two Stroke, Air cooling gasoline engine. Cylinder Dia. x Stroke: 43mm x 31mm. Displacement: 45CC. Compress Ratio: 6.1:1. Rated Output Power And Relevant Speed: 1.7KW/7000rmp. Fuel Tank Capacity: 550ml. Engine Oil Tank Capacity: 260ml. Chain Oil: Special Oil For Two Cycle Engine. Ignition System: Automatic Recoil Hand Starter. Chain Pitch: 0.325'. Chain Gauge: 0.058''

Ground Drill
1) Engine model: Ground Drill. 2) Engine type: air-cooled, two-stroke, single cylinder gasoline. 3) Engine power: 1.47kW/6,500-7,000r/min. 4) Engine displacement: 42.7cc. 5) Carburetor: pump-film type. 6) Gasoline/2-cycle oil mixing ratio: 25:1. 7) Idling speed: 2,800-3,200r/min. 8) Fuel tank capacity: 1,200ml. 9) Drill diameter: 10cm. 10) Drill length: 73cm

Cut-Off Machine
1) Cylinder volume: 61.5/3.8cm³/ 2) Idle speed: 2,600rpm. 3) Max. speed: 9,500rpm (unloaded). 4) Power: 3.5kW. 5) Spark plug: bpmr7a/16rtc. 6) Fuel capacity: 0.7. 7) Cutting blade: 14". 8) Without fuel and cutting blade: 9.8/21.6kg/lb. 9) Rated spindle speed: 5,100rpm. 10) Dimensions: 73.5 x 26 x 44cm

Power Sprayer
1) Container capacity: 26L. 2) Net weight: 11kg. 3) Range: >12m. 4) Mating power: 1E40F-3Z. 5) Engine power: 1.41kW/6,000r/min. 6) Size: 540 x 440 x 800mm
Company: Wenzhou Topsky Enterprise    China

Pole Saw
1) Displacement: 25.4cc. 2) Maximum power: 0.9kW. 3) Revolutions at maximum power: 8,500rpm. 4) Operating range: 10,000rpm. 5) Fuel tank volume: 0.8L. 6) Oil tank volume: 0.13L. 7) Chain pitch: 3/8". 8) Chain gauge: 0.043". 9) Bar length: 10"-12". 10) Pole chain brand: Oregon or Carlton. 11) Air injection. 12) Low vibrations. 13) Filter cover: easy to remove. 14) Adjustable oiler

Hedge Trimmer
1) Pruning length: 560mm. 2) Engine: 1E32F. 3) Tank capacity: 600ml. 4) Max. power: 0.74kW. 5) Max. speed: 1.88m/s. 6) Idle speed: 2,600r/min. 7) Coupling speed: 3,600r/min
Company: Wenzhou Topsky Enterprise    China

Continuous Air Grease Gun
Specifications: 1) Input pressure: 60-150psi. 2) Delivery pressure: 3,600psi. 3) Volume: 25cc / 10 seconds. 4) Cartridge loading: 14oz. (400cc). 5) Length: 16" (410mm). 6) Air inlet: 1/4"

Pole Chain Saw/Pole Trimmer/Pole Pruner
Gasoline chain saw/pole chain saw/pole trimmer/pole pruner/Pole chainsaw/Multifunctional chainsaw. Features: Powerful machine from 25cc to 65cc. Brake system, safe operation. Shock absorption system, comfortable operation. Auto-oil supply system. Light operating with high performance

Angle Grinder
1) Grinding wheel: 125mm (5"). 2) Voltage / frequency: 230 / 110V, 50 / 60Hz. 3) Input power: 900W. 4) No-load speed: 11,000rpm.

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