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Detailed Honeycomb Ceramics Description:

1) Honeycomb ceramics (substrate) is a new kind of industrial ceramic products developed in recent years. 2) It has a large surface, higher air vent rate, good heat function, stable chemical properties. 3) At present, honeycomb ceramics (substrate) is used to purify industrial waste gas and automobile emissions, to eliminate noise, to deal with waste water, and to dry air and incineration. 4) It is also used in the manufacture of infrared ray instruments, to filter metal liquids. 5) All honeycomb ceramics (substrate) can be produced in conformance. 6) New material honeycomb ceramics (substrate) takes the key part in environment protecting industry, which includes industrial waste gas, waste water purified, rubbish burning. 7) At the same time, it is the first choice for the material of heat exchanger, regenerator, gas stove, etc., which relates to environment protecting products. 8) Besides, these series of products have gained the certificate of new product in 2000 from National science and technology dept. 9) In the recent years, it has been exported to many countries, such as USA, German, Korea, and Japan.

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