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List extensive product information of Stacking Equipment (include Pallet Racking, Stacking Container, Hand Stacker, Stack Rack), provided by Stacking Equipment manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Hanging Wire Divider
1) Dimensions: 46" x 28". 2) Wire mesh: 2.0" x 4.0" with 5.5mm wire. 3) Hook: 35" tall with 7.0mm wire. 4) Galvanized finish / powder coated finish. 5) Divide the wire decking two parts

Fork Truck
There are two kinds of fork truck. One is front fork truck. The other is side fork truck. The side fork truck is a new machine. It has several characters from the ordinary fork truck. The fork is fit beside the truck. Besides elevating, slanting, the fork can overhang and backset in the side direction. So it is very suitable for the loading and unloading, stacking, and transportation of the length cargo. For example, the steel pipe, the wire pole, the container and others.

Alternate Stacking Containers
Conservation of resources and better utilization of existing storage capacity are two demands which are becoming increasingly important in the fields of warehouse and transport logistics. We paid particular attention to these factors when developing the new container for alternate stacking. When loaded, these containers can be stacked either on special cams or on the lids. When empty, they can be nested inside one another. This principle allows users to save almost 70% of the container ...

Cantilever Racking
1) Suitable for storing long, tall, slender, circular or irregularly shaped articles. 2) Two structures available: single arm and double arm. 3) Fit for small spaces and low ceilinged warehouses. 4) Easy to find or place goods
Company: Guangzhou HLD Storage Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Automatic Steel Pipe Forming Equipment
1) There are two types of automatic forming equipment, by which pipes are transferred by shifting fork or electromagnetic lifter. The former is suitable for minor diameter and low surface pipes, and the latter is suitable for large diameter pipes. 2) All operations of baiting, aligning, storing, lining and carrying are automatic for efficiency. 3) Economically designed to use electromagnetic lifter. 4) Steel tube information can be received by Internet or Profibus of the equipment. Automatic ...

Stackable Retention Unit
1) Products code: cage pallet. 2) External dimensions (L x W x H): 1,220 x 820 x 1,000mm. 3) Internal dimension (L x W x H): 1,150 x 750 x 850mm. 4) Mesh size: 60 x 103mm. 5) Fold down gate: fold down once. 6) Capacity: 800kg. 7) Static stacking: 3/1

Metal Platform Truck
All welded steel deck with steel tube frame undercarriage. The heavy duty handle is welded in fixed positions, gusseted and reinforced. with pipe sockets at the high stress areas and bolt-on casters.

Pallet Racking
This rack is applicable to storage of large and heavy goods, which can be combined freely according to the volume and weight of your goods. The layer space can also be reduced gradually upon requirements. It features rapid installation and dismounting, convenient transporting and strong loading capability. Other loadings and configurations can be designed and manufactured. Features: 1) Length: 96", 120", 144". 2) Width: 72", 96", 120", 144", 192". 3) ...
Product Group: Pallet Racking
Company: Guangzhou HLD Storage Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Plastic Pallet
1) Made from pure HDPE, using our unique lamination process. 2) Corrosion resistant. 3) No absorption. 4) 4-way entry, stackable. 5) Tough and durable construction. 6) Lightweight and long lasting sanitary pallets for storing products and supplies. 7) Easy to clean and sanitize with pallet washer, pressure scrubber or by hand.
Company: Guangzhou HLD Storage Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Generation Stacking Container
1) Volume: 23.6L. 2) Ext. dim.: 400 x 300 x 280mm. 3) Int. dim.: 350 x 255 x 270mm. 4) Available dim.: 340 x 250 x 263mm. 5) Weight: 1.65+0.35kg (with cover). 6) Material: impact resistant nature-modified PP. 7) Load capacity: ≤30kg. 8) Stacking load: ≤180kg
Product Group: Stacking Container

Wheel Loader
1. Stey WD 615 series of diesel engine, low fuel consumption, low cost. 2. Operators' area: comfortable, spacious design with clear visibility. 3. Proper lever position enables easy operation. 4. Z-linkage mechanism, large breakout force. 5. Wear resistance bucket with special stainless steel. 6. Drive shaft with anti-twisting power of 800 N.M, anti-shock, anti-fatigue, safe power transmitting.. 7. Cast engine bonnet for easy maintenance. 8. Full hydraulic steering system, double pump ...

Light Storage Shelf
The product is made through rolling and punching of top-quality cold-rolled steel. It is easy to assemble, install and dismantle. With armor plate, its height can be adjusted freely with a 50mm pitch. Its all-purpose combination can satisfy different requirements. It can be used for bearing small articles. The carrying capacity of each layer ranges from 100kg to 200kg. It has multiple colors and customers have a large variety for choice. After coating, the surface becomes smooth and attractive.

Medium-Sized Cut-In Composite Racks
1. Cut-in composite structure. 2. Standard cut-in units, easy and quick installation and dismantling. 3. Made of ultra-high tensile steel plate, the width of layer can be composed freely and tags may be placed in front of layers which can be separated easily. 4. The height of layer may be adjusted by every 50mm pitch

Wooden Dolly
We produce wooden frame dimension, and caster styles. Specifications: 1) Dimensions: equilateral triangle 540 x 540 x 540mm, highness: 117mm. 2) Wooden frame: tier board. 3) Caster: 2.5", 3" or 4" swivel caster

Selective Pallet Rack
Features: 1) The most commonly used pallet racking configuration in the market. 2) Ideal for warehouses, which need to keep a wide variety of products. 3) Direct storage and access to all pallets. 4) Easy stock control. 5) Each system is mainly made up of upright frames and beams. 6) Each frame consists of 2 uprights (posts), 2 footplates and bracings. 7) Each storage level consists of 2 socketed beams. 8) Each beam level usually supports 2 or 3 pallets. 9) Supports Euro, Chep, or any ...

Drive-In Rack
1) Suitable for storing goods with great quantity, especially for standard goods units. 2) The forklift will drive into the storage track for large density. 3) Different designs (with or without support pole at the end of rack) will realize the arrangement of first-in-first-out or first-in-last-out. 4) Please inform us the listed questions in your inquiry for quick quotation: a) AutoCAD drawing ; b) Size of your warehouse ; c) Material of shelving ; d) size of shelving ; e) How many bays you ...

300kg Scissors Table Lift
Chrome plated handle and safety valve avoid overloading. Different capacity: 200KG, 300KG, 350KG, 500KG, 800KG, 1000KG are available. Capacity: 300kg. Platform size: 815x500x50mm. Min. Height: 280mm. Max. Height: 900mm. Wheel diameter: 127mm

Hand Stacker
1.It can be used to carry and lift the cargos in workshop warehouse,station and pot. 2.Lifting function operated by foot and hand controls. 3.Allow the operator to work without having to perform extreme body movement.
Product Group: Hand Stacker

Stack Rack
1) Fold put the goods toward the high place, multi-layered storage, arrange at your will, moves conveniently. 2) Uses fold put storage design, space saving. 3) Maximum load-bearing is 500kg. 4) Dimensions: 800mm x 800mm x 140mm, 1,000mm x 800mm x 140mm, 1,200mm x 1,000mm x 140mm, 1,200mm x 1,200mm x 140mm. 5) Remarks: non-standard specification is also available
Product Group: Stack Rack

Hand Pallet Truck
Lifting capacity: 1000kg - 5000kg. Standard fork length. The hydraulic unit is totally enclosed that prevents corrasion from inside, chrome plated plunger pump piston for steady, safe and gentle lifting and lowering of goods. The rocket-arm and thrust plate are forging its strength is greater than casting. Strong high quality steel construction gives extra protection in rough usage.

Warehouse Shelf
1) Size (L x W x H): 2,000 x 600 x 2,000mm. 2) Max. bearing capacity: 200kg. 3) 4 layers. 4) Surface treatment: plastic spraying. 5) Different sizes available. 6) Thickness of board: 0.7mm. 7) 40 x 80mm square pipe

Container Reach-Stacker
We can supply container reach-stacker, 5-high stacking empty container forklift truck, 5-high loaded container forklift truck, 7-high stacking empty container forklift truck made in China.

Hand Pallet Truck
1) Load capacity (kg): 2,000. 2) Lifting height (mm): 190. 3) Overall length (mm): 1,470/1,520/1,590. 4) Overall width (mm): 550/685. 5) Overall height (mm): 1,160. 6) Fork wheel (mm): Φ70. 7) Steering wheel (mm): Φ160. 8) Total weight (kg): 60. 9) Fork length (mm): 1,100/1,150/1,220. 10) Lowered fork height (mm): 75

Stacking & Nestable Container
We offer an extensive range of large and small stacking containers for every purpose. They enable you to save space in various ways; nesting inside one another or stacking on the bail arms or lids, offset nesting and stacking or rotating by 180 degree for stacking. Conserving resources and better utilization of existing storage capacity are two demands which are becoming increasingly important in the fields of warehouse and transport logistics. Particular attention was paid to them when ...

Semi-Electric Stacker
1) Compact design with strong steel construction. 2) A robust fork lift with strong support arms and mast for minimal bending, safe lifting and long life. 3) Simple and convenient lifting operation system. 4) Light and easy manual steering systems, fitted with a parking brake. 5) Smooth control of lifting and lowering for high precision. 6) Energy saving and regenerative, safe and efficient

Pallet Rack
We can produce pallet rack in various type. Dexion P90 for mainly Euro Market. Dexion for Austrilia Market. Teardrop for U.S. market. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.
Company: Huade Storage Equipment Manufacturing    China

Supply wooden dolly
Model:SQ203X Capacity:1300lbs Wheel:3” solid tyre Dimensions: 30”×18” Shipping weight:14lbs Packing:poly bag Loading Q’ty of 20’/40’ :1000/2000pcs
Company: Qingdao shuangqing vehicle.,ltd    China

Used bulldozer Komatsu D155
KOMATSU D155A-1 Serial NO. 27548 Year:1996 Price: 45000$ Original made in JAPAN. In very good working condition,ready to work. Good undercarriage,walks powerfully. 80% new, with ripper. Bulldozer: 1. CATERPILLAR D3C,D4H,D6D, D6H, D7H, D7G, D8 K, D8N,D9L 2. KOMATSU D85A-18, D85A-21, D155-1, D155-2,D355, D375
Product Group: Bulldozer
Company: Shangahi Yiqnie Equipment CO. Ltd    china

Used road roller Danapac CA25,AC30
Used road roller Danapac CA25,AC30 Vibratory road rollers,vibrator,compactor,road roller, Continuously supplying Static Road Rollers, Dynapac CA25S CA25D CA30D CA25 CA30, can change New Cabined and New Tire according to Customer's requirement. DYNAPAC CA25 compactor (with pad foot) PRICE:15000$ Weight: 10 ton, when vibratory it gives 25 ton. Good engine,no oil leakage. Enclosed cabin,very well. DYNAPAC CA30 compactor(with pad foot) Price:16000$ Weight: 12 ton, when ...
Product Group: Road Roller
Company: Shangahi Yiqnie Equipment CO. Ltd    china

Urine bag (very cheap)
Urine Bag manufacturers, suppliers, exportersaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Product Group: Outlet,Tube,PULL PUSH VALVE,T Value,PEDIATRIC
Company: sunshine industry limited    china

clip cap (very cheap)
Name:clip cap Size: 10G,14G 21" (53 cms.) WHITE & BLUE Single elastic 100PCS /POLYBAG, with Sticker or printed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Product Group: Single Elastic,Double Elastic,10G,14G 21\",Clip Cap,Cap
Company: sunshine industry limited    china

shoes cover
shoes cover manufacturer , supplier,experteraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Product Group: Shoes Cover,Nonwoven Shoes Cover,,Size:15*40,30g,Material:Pl
Company: sunshine industry limited    china

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