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Nickel Ore Processing
Nickel Ore Processing 22 There are two kinds of Nickel-copper sulfide ore: Copper-nickel sulfide ore and Nickel oxide ore. Beneficiation and processing methods between the two are completely different. For the Copper-nickel sulfide ores, the main beneficiation method is flotation. The magnetic separation and re-election is usually secondary dressing method. Flotation of sulfide ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Gravel crusher, gravel sand production
Gravel crusher, gravel sand production 23 The composition of stone production line Stone production line mainly consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and electronic control system., the designed output is generally 50-500 tons / hour. According to specific requirements, we can combine cone crusher, dust removal equipment ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Stone production Line
Stone production Line 24 Introduction of Stone production Line Performance The stone production line has a high degree of automation. There are almost no manual operation in addition to the power-on, shut-down and routine maintenance of equipment in the complete sets of the production line. It has a high high production efficiency, low operation cost, large output and high income. ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Mining production line
Mining production line 25 The equipments of mining production line cover feeder, crusher, ball mill, classifier, vibration screen, rocking bed, magnetic separator, mix tank, flotation machine and so on. It has advantages of high efficiency, low energy, high capacity and economical. The specific of mineral beneficiation flows is as follows: The extracted ore should be crushed by ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Impact crusher
Impact crusher Impact crusher 6 Main Features Impact crusher can deal with any large,middle,and small materi(granite,Iimestone,concrete,etc.) With length no longer than 500mm,and compressive strength less than 350Mpa.It is widely used in mining,highway,uailway,and construction industries to produce artificial sandstone materials.At present,the comprehensive capacity of ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Cone Crusher
Cone Crusher 7 Main Features Cone Crusher is suitable for crushing alI kinds of ores and rocks above medium hardness.It has the features of reliable structure,high productivity,easy adjustment and economical operation etc.The spring system acts as an overload protection system that allows iron to pass through the crushing chamber without damaging the crusher.It uses ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Magnetic Separator
Magnetic Separator 8 Main Features Magnetic Separator is designated for wet magnetic separating of material with granularity below 3mm, such as magnetite, pyrrhotine, roasted ore and washingtonite. It can also be used for deironing of coal, nonmetal materials, building materials, etc. The magnetic system of magnetic separator is made of compound materials composed ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Flotation Separator
Flotation Separator 9 Flotation Separator is used for separating ferrous and non-ferrous metals.It can be also used for separation of non-metaI materials such as coaI fluorite and steatite.The impelIer rotates by triangIe belt of the motor,whih produces centrifugal function and causes negative pressure.0n one hand it draws in enough air mixed with ore magma; on the other ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Spiral Separator
Spiral Separator 10 Spiral Grader has 4 types, high-dam single spiral, high-dam double spiral, submerged single spiral and submerged double spiral. It is widely used in beneficiation plants for classifying mineral sand with ball mill to form closed cycle, in gravity beneficiation plant for classifying mineral sand and fine mud, in the process of metal beneficiation for ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Shaking Table
Shaking Table 11 Table concentrator is a mine selecting machine for fine materials working by gravity. It is widely used in selection of Tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, ferrotitanium and coal Our company has long history of table concentrator production; we provide variety of table concentrators with high processing capacity, high ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Vibrating Feeder
Vibrating Feeder 12 Vibrating feeder can feed block or granule materials from the material storage to charging device evenly and continuously. It can realize even feeding for crushers in sandstone production line and make rough screening for materials. Widely applied in combined operation of crushing and screening in the industries like metallurgy,mine, mine ion, building materials, ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen 13 This serious of Vibration Screen is circular vibration and used in quarry for stone classification, beneficiation, coal dressing, chemical industry, building materials and etc. As a classifying machine, it adopts eccentric vibration exciter and trye coupling. It has the features of advanced structure, strong vibration, low noise, easy maintenance and long life. From ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor 14 The belt conveyor manufactured by our company has the advantages of big conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance and standardized parts; it is widely used in industries of mine, metallurgy and coal to convey bulky materials and finished products. According to different technical requirements, it can convey materials singly or coordinately. Working ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

Ultra Fine Mill
Ultra Fine Mill 15 Specification Ultra Fine Mill , a patent product of our company (Patent No.02228456.7), is a completely new flour mill with various types (400-600 meshes). Based on many years manufacturing experiences of our experts, it adopts the advanced structures of similar products in home and abroad. And it is in leading position in our country. Usage It is designated for ...
Company: Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.    china

MAXLIFT Forklift is one of the top forklift brands in China. For the 1.0-10.0T Diesel Forklift, we supply it with Japanese original ISUZU/MITSUBISHI/YANMAR engines; For the 1.0-5.0T Gasoline,Gas LPG forklift,we supply it with Japanese Nissan engine,American GM engine; For the 1.0-5.0T Electric Forklift/Reach Truck/Stacker,we supply it with ZAPI,CURTIS controller; And the cost-effective Chinese engine with long warranty period as option MAXLIFT forklift with the world's latest ...
Company: Maxlift Enterprises Limited    China

Wheel Loader
MAXLIFT Wheel Loader is one of the top wheel loader brands in China. For the wheel Loader, we supply it with Cummins engines, and the cost-effective Chinese engine with long warranty period. MAXLIFT wheel Loader with the world's latest design and concept for the driver, and we can give more options for the wheel loader according to the client's requirements and the specific working conditions. If you are in need of wheel loader, please contact me freely at any time. ...
Company: Maxlift Enterprises Limited    China

gravity conveyor roller
1. Gravity conveyor roller is a simple, reliable device. 2. It is cheaper than other powered roller and doesn't need a driving device when assembling. 3. The conveyor made by gravity rollers is automated. 4. Gravity roller conveyors allow cartons to be easily stopped or started without complex mechanisms. 5. Gravity roller conveyors cannot convey loose powders and cannot convey the goods uphill. 6. Gravity conveyor roller can be made in many different meterial, such as Galvanized ...
Company: Keyang Industrial Equipment Co; Ltd    China

long distance slurry pipes
Do you meet wear and corrosion problems in Mining and Dredging Industry ? Great Innovation for Slurry,Mud,Sand Dredging---- UHMW PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Pipeline UHMW PE is a kind of High Density Polyethylene with an ultra high molecular weight of above 3 Million . 4 -10 Times Wear and Corrosion Resistant than HDPE and Steel, Lower Price and Lighter Weight than Carbon,Stainless Steel. ...
Company: Cangzhou Boyang Pipeline Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd    China

coal mill
Coal mill is an important auxiliary grinding mill equipment for coal-powder furnace, and it has three methods to crush the coal lump and grind them into powder,like crushing, impacting and grinding.This ball mill series mainly applied in coal of various hardness,as well as coal pulverizering system of coal and ore material in cement, metallurgy and chemical industry. Compared with the ordinary ball mill , it has advantages of higher capacity, more convenient operation, safer usage, ...
Company: Henan Kefan Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd    China

Air bearing movers application and advantages
Air bearing movers application and advantages Air bearing powered mover instruction Air film transporters application and price Air bearing movers also known as air bearing casters, air bearing, air bearing powered mover, air film transporters, air skids, air skate, and so on names. Air bearing movers structure is very simple: have on main air tube which length is 30 meters. One set air control console. Four or six vice air tubes, four or six air skates. Air bearing powered mover ...
Company: ShanDong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD    China (Mainland),

Screw conveyer feeder
Introduction: FB screw feeder is a kind of measuring equipment for feeding control, dynamic measuring and continuous conveying bulk material and powder. It can be widely used in building materials, chemical, coal, ports, ceramics, food, and other industries. The screw feeder has two types:single tube single layer and double tube, double layer. If it is the former, it can realize measurement and conveying at the same time. If it is the latter, the above undertakes steady flow and conveying, ...
Company: Henan Fengbo Automation Co., Ltd.    中国

forging manipulator
Forging manipulator Rail-bound movement Carrying capacity: 1-120t Linked with press in the work Siemens PLC All-hydraulic driving Pressure protection Tongs rotation is controlling by sensor
Company: Jinan Linteng Forging Machinery Co., Ltd.    中国

rail bound forging manipulator
All-hydraulic driving; The pressure of the tongs gathers with the pressure sensor, with numerical display and pressure protection; The position is displayed in numerical which is controlling by the displacement sensor; It has established the connection for the press and the manipulator linkage; The tongs rotation is displayed in numerical which is controlling by displacement sensor.
Company: Jinan Linteng Forging Machinery Co., Ltd.    中国

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