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Detailed Magnetic blender, magnetic mixer, magnetic mixing pump Description:

Magnetic mixing is a fully enclosed, no leakage, and corrosion-resistant mixing method. Due to its non-contact torque transmission, the static sealing to replace dynamic sealing completely solves the leaking problem of mechanical sealing. The equipment is mainly applied to Pharmaceutical, Food machinery heating, resolving the material

Working principles
1. A vortex produced by the mixing impeller sucks the soluble powder or liquid towards the impeller
2. After reaching the impeller, the fluid flows in a radical direction rush to the tank wall due to the centrifugal force
3. After reaching the tank wall, the fluid travels upwards and then circulates down to the suction end of impeller
4. The overall bulk movement and the mixing action around the mixer ensure that a homogeneous, mixing, dissolving, dispersing blend is achieved

Design and features
1. High blending capacity with low shear
2. Magnetic coupling, no risk of leakage
3. CIP/SIP design
4. Bayonet coupling for easy assembly/disassembly of the drive unit
5. Low power consumption
6. Effective blending even of small volume
7. Very low particle generation
8. Bottom mounted. Excellent for suspensions
9. Frequently converter recommended

1. Bottom entry magnetic agitator, also called magnetic mixer, presents a highly hygienic solution for the applications of dispersion, dissolution, homogenization and mixing of a wide range of media in the pharmaceutical industry
2. The magnetic agitators are especially useful in sterile process; absence of mechanical seals prevents any contact with the exterior environment
3. The most common applications are dissolution of glucose in dematerialized water, maintenance of vaccine suspensions homogeneity and agitation of blood fractions, also for pharmaceutical such vaccine mixing

Magnetic blender, magnetic mixer, magnetic mixing pump
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