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List extensive product information of Wood Panels Machinery (include Carpenter Machinery, Wood Sander, Boring Machine), provided by Wood Panels Machinery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Hot Press Machinery
Hot press machine is suitable for the surface processing of shaping board, medium fiberboard, melamine soak paper and intensified flooring of high density AlO3 wearproof paper.

Filling Machine
1. This machine is specially designed for wood panels with thick pipe fiber, and can be used for filling the surface of plywood. 2. This machine can fill the sunken pores, and scrape the surplus paint for recycling. 3. It can fully save the manual filling, thus improving the production efficiency. 4. The conveyance belt, paint wheel, and scraping wheel are all imported, with independent speed adjustment, so as to enhance the filling effects maximally. 5. The surplus paint can be recycled.

Lengthways Veneer Slicer
This is a lengthways slicer for veneers. Max. Width of sliced timber--250mm, Max. Thickness of sliced timber: 250mm; Max. Thickness of veneer: 6mm, Min. Thickness of veneer: 0. 3mm; Feeding speed: 58m / min. Working table rising and down by handle and electric control. Operating by touch screen

Spindle Moulder
1) Working table size: 1,130 x 670mm. 2) Max. working thickness: 120mm. 3) Spindle diameter: 35mm. 4) Spindle speed: 8,000/10,000rpm. 5) Installation power: 3, 4, 5.5, 7.5kW. 6) With 3 speed

Furniture, Carpenter Machinery
We deal in woodworking machinery, furniture & carpenter machinery from china. The machinery includes universal woodworking machine, combind chain & chisel mortiser, copy router machine, dust collector, drum sander, four side planer, four side planer with fifth universal spindle, oscillation mortiser,, pneumatic clamp carrier, horizontal & vertical band saw, vertical spindal moulder, wood turning lathe, surface planer, dimension saw with scoring cutter, post forming machine, ...

Tow Line Multi-Boring Machine
1) Max. boring dia.: ф35mm. 2) Max. boring depth: 60mm. 3) Numbers of drilling axis: 42. 4) Installed power: 3KW. 5) Wielding air pressure: 0.5-0.6Mpa. 6) Net weight: 960kg. 7) Overall dimensions: 2400 x 990 x 1310mm

Panel Saw and Wood Rasp
Panel Saw: 360mm famous aluminum pulling bench saw holder. It can be adjusted and corrected between 0 to 45. Sawing width: 1100mm. Wood Rasp: 1) Heavy duty wood rasp. 2) ABS handle. 3) Zinc-alloy body. 4) 250 x 40mm rasp. 5) Adjustable handle
Company: Xinhuada Woodworking Machinery Factory    China

Wood Sanding / Brushing Machine
This machine is specially designed and manufactured to outline natural wood grain / veins of embossed flooring, rustic floor / parquet, antique floor, classic / antique furniture panel and doors / window frame. Subject to original panel surface condition and to-be-expected appearance, we have two categories: one is BB type, which has two special brushing rollers, stainless-wire roller and abrasive nylon-wire roller. The other is SB type, which has one sanding combination (R or RP) and ...
Company: Xinhuada Woodworking Machinery Factory    China

Double Rows Multi-Spindle Boring Machine
1) Max. workpiece width: 750mm 2) Max drilling depth: 50mm 3) Distance between spindles: 32mm 4) Spindle number: 2 x 21 digits 5) Single motor power: 1.5kW 6) Gross power: 3kW 7) Revolving speed of spindle: 2,840r/min 8) Compressure of compressed air: 0.6MPa

Belt Disc Sanders
Powerful induction motor and long sanding pattern for fast and large work-piece sanding; Side Cast Aluminum table and miter gauge adjustable from 0-45 degree ideal for angel sanding; Front roller for concave sanding, ideal for toy-making; Contoured belt removal and belt tracking knobs for easier belt Adjustments. Belt tilt from 0-90 degree fit for various polishing work.

Roller Painting Machines
RP Series Precise Roller Painting Machines is specially designed for painting the plane board such as jalousie, slab furniture, table board and floors, . After processing by this machine, the lacquer film surface is smooth and no pile of lacquer on it. The conveyor belt, the silicone wheel and the electro optic wheel are driven by excellent motor. The transducer modulates the speed unlimitedly to make the roughness and thickness of the lacquer film controlled more precise. The ...

Vacuum Membrane Press
Membrane Presser is an international advanced top grade machine for curved and plane surface coating, which is developed by latest technology introduced from Europe. It acts positive & negative pressures on the workpiece at the same time, so that it has better effect than the ordinary vacuum machine, especially for the surface coating of top grade workpiece. The temperature uniformity of heated surface and the heating efficiency are highly improved by using the heating oil as the heating ...

Log Splitter
1) Electric motor: 2HP (1,500W), 220V / 50Hz, 2,850rpm. 2) Max. force: 5MT. 3) Log size capacity: (L x Dia.): 520 x 300mm. 4) Net weight: 47kg. 5) Hydraulic oil capacity: 3.2L. 6) Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 960 x 280 x 550mm. 7) Control handle: one

Voltage/ frequency 230v/ 110v~50/ 60hz. Input power 600watt. No load speed 16000r/min. Planing width& depth 82x2mm. Hss blade. Aluminium base. Color box or blow case
Company: Xinhuada Woodworking Machinery Factory    China

3 Head Boring Machine
1. Max. drilling diameter: D = 35mm for single drill, D = 13mm for multi drills. 2. Max. drilling depth: 60mm. 3. Max. processing pitch: L max. x B max. = 1,600 x 672mm. 4. Min. processing pitch: L min. x B min. = 130 x 32mm. 5. Total number of drilling shafts: 11 x 4 + 22 x 1. 6. Installation pitch of drilling head: 10mm. 7. Spindle speed: 2,840rpm. 8. Total power of motor: 5.9kW. 9. Overall dimension: 2,540 x 2,500 x 1,530mm

Wood Precessing Machinery
Wood Processing Machinery; New and Used machinery. Brand: Wenig. Rip saws. Band saws. Autom. Planers and moulder. Cross-cut saws. Finger-jointing lines. Gluing. Window processing center. Profiling center. Automation. Tool grinding machines. Tool measuring. Tools

Bent Plywood Press
The press is equipped with 20kW HF generator which is an instant curing unit, and it evenly cures the plywood in seconds. The press use wooden mould which is easy to change and save the cost. This is a mature product, and there are about 20 series for different shapes and purposes. There are mainly two type of press, with lateral pressure and one direction pressure, and the tonnage of the press ranges from 80T to 200T. There are two type of control available: semi-auto control and auto ...

Auto Chipboard / Flakeboard Production Line
Full set of Chipboard Production Line. Semi Auto. Including Drying Machine and hot pressing machine. Details please consult. Anual production ability: 10000 CBM to 50000 CBM. Using Material: Wood log, wastage of plywood. Thickness can be made: 8mm up to 25mm. Boards size: 1220X2440mm

Sanding Machine
1) Motor: 1,500W, TEFC. 2) Belt size: 2,515 x 152mm. 3) Belt speed (50Hz): 960m/min. 4) Belt speed (60Hz): 1,150m/min. 5) Work table size: 840 x 300mm. 6) Fence size: 700 x 60mm. 7) Table travel (up and down): 80mm. 8) Dust chute diameter: 100mm

Wide Belt Sander
1. Working width: 1300mm. 2. Min. working length: 535mm. 3. Working thickness: 2-160mm. 4. Total motor power: 44.87kW (22, 18.5, 4, 0.37). 5. Dimensions of the belt: 1330x2500mm. 6. Working air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa. 7. Volume of sucked air: 8680cbm/h. 8. Overall dimensions: 2030 x 2150 x 2200mm. 9. Net weight: 2920kg

Dust Collector
1. Motor: 0.75kw. 2. Fam dia.: 230mm. 3. Intake dia.: 100mm. 4. Intake hole number: 1pc. 5. Air speed (50Hz): 14.15cbm/min. 6. Air speed (60Hz): 16.98cbm/min. 7. Bag dia.: 380mm. 8. Bag height: 530mm. 9. Bag volume: 0.056cbm. 10. Net weight: 25kg

Poly-Urethane Sandwich Panel Machine Line
This line consists of un-coiler, heating system, urethane foaming equipment, double belt conveyor, band saw cutter, cooling conveyor, stacker, 3-dimensional (cubic) packing system, high quality electric control system (manufacturing, processing & controlling function) and others. Its major advantage is to save labor cost from its continuous producing system, and also to achieve high productivity with low expense. It is possible to produce various kinds of profiles in convenience based on ...

Multi-Axle Woodworking Driller
six lining multi-axle woodworking drillers specifications: 1) Max. drilling diameter: 35mm. 2) Max. drilling depth: 60mm. 3) Max. working size: 2,400 x 640 x 80mm. 4) Max. processing length of horizontal head: 2,450mm. 5) Max. processing length of vertical head: 2,850 x 640 x 80mm. 6) Min. length between vertical spindle heads: 140mm. 7) Max. depth of tiltable head: 2,850mm. 8) Max. separation of vertical spindle heads: 640mm. 9) Min. center distance between spindles: 32mm. 10) Number of ...

Precision Panel Saw with Straight Rail
1) Max. cutting length: 2,800mm. 2) Spindle rotation: 4000 - 6000r/min. 3) Installed power: 3kW. 4) Diameter range of saw blade: Φ250mm-Φ350mm. 5) Net weight: 800kg. 6) Overall dimensions: 2,950 x 1,500 x 1,000mm

Medium Density Fiberboard Machine
wood among all wood-based panels, MDF has the most extensive applications because it possesses many merits such as smooth face, uniform core layer, superior performance of machining and shaping at the surface and edge and firmer than natural wood. The complete set of equipment made by the factory can produce MDF with output of 15,000m3/year, 30,000m3/year, 50,000m3/year, the factory can satisfy the needs of different regions and different production scales. The MDF productions line mainly ...

LIMAC R3103 CNC router
R3000 series CNC ROUTER is with one spindle. It is an entry-level CNC router designed for customers looking for value in CNC routers. The machine body is made of steel, and the gantry is made of aluminum. It can be used for processing of doors, window, sign making, and other kinds of light duty panel processing. Max. Working Area (mm) 1270 x 2540 Z axis Clearance (mm) 200 Max. Traverse (m/min) 35 Max. Cutting Speed (m/min) 20 Repeatability (mm) 0.025 Automatic Tool Calibrator ...
Product Group: Cnc Router
Company: Tianjin Limac Technology Co., Ltd.    China

EPS Sandwich Panel Machine
Machine: ZGSY-8002 EPS Sandwich Panel Machine Line, Sandwich Panel Machine 1) Technical Parameters Power Supply: AC380/50-60HZ Total Power: 32 KW Production Line Speed: 0-4.05m/min Equipment overall dimensions: 45000x3000x2800 Product width: 1000mm, 1200mm Product Thickness: 50-300mm Annual Output: 600000M2 2) Equipment Summary color-steel sandwich plate compound production line can compound the corrugated compound plates for once. The whole set production line ...
Product Group: Sandwich Panel Machine
Company: Wuxi Techwell Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd-Roll Forming Machine & Sandwich Panel Machine    China

Woodworking Engraving Machine
JOY Woodworking Engraving Machine Advantage: 1. High quality 2. Imported guild rail 3. High stability and precision 4. CE, ISO certificate Detailed Product Description: 1. The lathe bed is wholly cast with iron, it can assure high stability and not easy to deformation, it can process the material on the table randomly. 2. Adopt the imported guide rail, ball bearing piece, can bear high weight, run stability, high precision, long life. 3. Intelligent protection for ...
Company: Wuhan King Suntime CNC Equipment Co.,ltd    China

Disc Wood Chipping Machine
Disc Wood Chipping Machine: Model GG2L-800 GG 2L -950 Diameter of the cutter head (mm) 740 800 Rotary speed of cutter head (r/min) 970 740 Quantity of fly cutter (pieces) 4 4 Length of blade (mm) 230 260 Length of wood chip , thickness (mm) 15-35 2-3 15-35 3-7 Mode of feeding opening Declination Declination Dimension of feeding opening (mm) 230*200 250*250 Capacity (t/h) 3-6 6-8 Power (kw) 22-30 30-45 Maxmum diameter of cutting wood (mm) 100 200 Weight (kg) 1192 3375 Size ...
Company: Henan Gelgoog Machinery CO, LTD    China

Wood CNC Router
Automatically Tool Changer CNC Router SY-1325A Properties of Products 1. It is an economic tool changer CNC router, can change 6 tools automatically. 2. Italian HSD air cooling ATC spindle and servo system. 3. We use bakelite material for our vacuum table, it is very strong to avoid the distortion. 4. 6 zones vacuum table separately control and dust collect system keep the machine clean. 5. It is widely used for furniture industry、decoration industry、musical instrument ...
Company: Shandong Win-Win Machinery Co., Ltd    China

Advertising CNC Router
Gantry movement, strengthen surface, durable and solid, no deformation for long-time use, more precise for positioning accuracy. The overall Optimization design, matching high-quality aluminum alloy body casting, for higher strength. Adopting the high precision ball screw for flexible and precise work and ensure the high precision. With good dust-free structure design, to ensure the equipment life. High-power brushless spindle motor, lower noise, strong catting capability to ensure ...
Company: Shandong Win-Win Machinery Co., Ltd    China

Stone Engraving Machine
Stone Engraving Machine Properties of Products 1. Imported linear square rails, double four slider, more loading capacity, smooth operation, high precision, long life and high precision under the knife 2. Using steel seamless welded, rigid no deformation, the work surface backing plate with high strength and good rigidity, and the loading capacity of the machine is more than a ton 3. Constant power spindle motor, cutting intensity, high efficiency 4. Compatible Type3/Artcam/Castmate / ...
Company: Shandong Win-Win Machinery Co., Ltd    China

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