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List extensive product information of Industrial Lighting (include Flood Light, Flameproof lamps, Explosion-Proof lighting), provided by Industrial Lighting manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Rail Lamp, Petrol Station Lighting
We can supply rail lamps in several series, styles and specifications for export to Japan, America and Europe. Also sell Petrol Station Lighting: 1) Operating voltage: 220/240V, 50Hz ; 2) Lamp: 250W, 400W ; 3) IP rating: IP65

Factory Lamp
1) Applied light source: 250W or 400W vagor discharge lamps ; 2) Material: the reflector shade adopts anode oxide and is coated by silicon dioxide, more effective in corrosion and insulation resistant ; 3) Three types: tight sealed form, open form and with temperature protection net ; 4) Installation height: 5 - 8m, 6 - 16m.
Company: Intertech Lighting Industry Enterprises Ltd.    China

Magnifier Lamps
1) Round or square shaped illumination light ; 2) With flexible arm and various installation methods ; 3) Can be fixed on table base or trolley stand ; 4) Has plastic shade ; 5) Widely used in places that need magnification as well as good lighting

ES Non-Flashing Desk Lamp
110V/ 230V 9W Energy saving lamp ; Saving up energy with super bright light ; No frequently flashing ; Made of plastic ; Novelty design with rich color, Eye guarder ; Environment protection ; Voltage/frequency/plug can be made according to buyer's requirement. Outer Packing: 72.5cm X 26cm X 51.5cm 12 pcs/ctn

1) 12,000,000CP ; 2) Rechargeable spotlight ; 3) Two adjustable stand ; 4) Nylon carrying belt ; 5) Grenn and yellow flashlight ; 6) On/off switch with far and near light optional
Product Group: Spotlight
Company: Intertech Lighting Industry Enterprises Ltd.    China

Luxury Lighting Louver Fitting
1) The housing and cover is made of advanced materials ; 2) High-grade rendering and excellent color reproduction ; 3) High light output ; 4) 60% energy saved ; 5) Rapid start-up with little or no flicker ; 6) Easy to install and maintain ; 7) All kinds for bedroom, saloon, supermarket, office, meeting room, and basement usage available ; 8) All kinds of fashionable but low price lamp tray available with materials such as iron, aluminum, and stainless steel

Flood Light
1) Operating voltage: 220-240V/50Hz ; 2) Loading: 70/150W ; 3) Max: 150W ; 4) IP rating: IP65 ; 5) Type of lamp holder: R7S
Company: Intertech Lighting Industry Enterprises Ltd.    China

Mobile Light Tower
1) Equipped with KIPOR KDE8000T diesel gen-set, max. output is 7.5kW at 60Hz ; 2) 440000 luminous flux ; 3) Three-section electric lifting mast, excellent windproof ability

Three Anti Fluorescent Fittings
1) Power: 2 x 36W, 2 x 18W, 1 x 58W, 1 x 36W, 2 x 58W ; 2) Dimensions: 1278 x 166 x 100mm ; 3) Applications: factories, warehouses, parking lots, road and outdoor lighting

Indicator Light
1) Color: red, green, yellow, white, blue. 2) Voltage: 21-AC. DC 6V 27-AC DC 127V ; 22-AC.DC 12V 31-AC 220V ; 23-AC.DC 24V 32-AC 380V ; 24-AC.DC 36V 28-DC 220V. 3) Can be made in line with client's specifications

Tri Proof Light
1) Explode proof, dustproof, waterproof, IP65 ; 2) Assembled by plastic and metal, height 1.4m ; 3) Color in yellow ; 4) Area of uses: houses / gardens / avenues / wilderness ; 5) Power supply: 220 - 240V, 50Hz; 110V, 60Hz ; 6) Watt: 2 x 18W

Straight Long-Wave Ultraviolet Lamp
Straight long-wave ultraviolet lamp is widely used in industrials of mining, petroleum, chemical, textile, metallurgy, medical treatment, electronics, etc.

Dampproof Lamps
1) Wattage: 60 / 100W ; 2) Voltage: 110 - 130V, 220 - 240V ; 3) Color temperature: 2,700K / 6,500K ; 4) Dampproof and dustproof ; 5) Applied in indoor areas (kitchen, dining room, bathroom, hospital, warehouse, production workshop) and outdoor areas (passage, tunnel, underground, under bridge, shore and wharf) ; 6) Ballast: electronic ; 7) Energy-saving and bright lumen output ; 8) Service life: 5,000 - 8,000hrs.

21 LED Headlamp
1) Material: ABS ; 2) Shell color: silver, black, blue, green, red, yellow ; 3) LED number: 21pcs ; 4) Function: 1 LED on, 6 LED on, 16 LED on ; 5) Battery: 3 x AAA

Floodlight Fittings
1) ITFL328 (R7S base) 70 - 150W ; 2) ITFL328B (E27 base) 70 - 150W ; 3) ITFL328C (R7S base) 70 - 150W (narrow light) ; 4) Body: die cast aluminum ; 5) Electric gear may be fixed inside

1) Adjustable for best angle of illumination ; 2) Water resistant ; 3) Adjustable head strap for a comfortable fit even over helmets ; 4) 3 mode operation for great power conservation ; 5) Battery: 3 x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries (included) ; 6) Battery life: 55hrs (2 LEDs), 30hrs (4 LEDs), 20hrs (8 LEDs) ; 7) Bulb: 8 x 5mm white LED (chips sourced from Taiwan) ; 8) Casing color: silver ; 9) Product size: 100 x 60 x 40mm) ; 10) Weight: 120g (with batteries)

Security Light
1. Voltage:230V AC,50Hz. 2. Load Wattage: Max.500W. Floodlight. 3. Detection Area: Max.12 meters. 4. Detection Angle: Max.180 degree. 5. Time-delay: From(10┬▒5)seconds to(4┬▒1)minutes adjustable. 6. LUX control level: From daytime to Darkness adjustable.

Halogen Lamp, Wall-embedded Lamp, Metal Lamp
We are a specialized industrial company in production of various industrial, mine and domestic lamps and laterns. Our main products are halogen lamps (grassland lamps ) series, moistureproof lamps series, garden lamps series, downlights series, wall-embeded lamps series, and etc.The kinds of these lamps series with rational design, evenly lighting high efficiency, light and compact as well as beautiful appearances, they are suitable to be used in stations, squares, road, garden, as well as ...

Flameproof, Explosion-Proof Luminaire
1) Can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 dangerous places ; 2) Can be used in IIA, IIB group explosive atmosphere ; 3) Suitable for incandescent lamp, mercury vapor lamp, high-pressure sodium vapor lamp, metal halide lamp ; 4) Can be install lamp cover according to user's requirement

Disco Neon Rainbow Light
1) PC tubing and holder ; 2) Electronic ballast ; 3) With power cord and online switch ; 4) Inside is T8 fluorescent tube also available for UV fluorescent tube ; 5) Available in green, blue, yellow and red ; 6) Available for 10W, 15W, 20W, 30W, 40W and 58W

Stainless Steel Underwater Light
1) Voltage: 12V ; 2) Power: 100, 150, 300W ; 3) Stainless steel face ring and housing ; 4) Easy to install, maintain ; 5) Low voltage for safety ; 6) Earth joint included

Mine Cap Lamp
We export mine cap lamp. They are designed for miner's individual illumination of his workplace. The cap lamp is adapted for a service-free charging; it is handy in usage and provides right illumination in most diversified working situations. We supply three three kinds of mine cap lamp:1) lamp with battery of acid type.2) lamp with battery of alkoline type.3) lamp with lithium battery. They are explosive proof and safe.

Plasterers And Contactors Lighting
1) Plasterers lighting 1x58w and 2X18W 110v/240v. 2) IP65 fluorescent fitting yellow ABS or PC body+ PC diffuser. 3) Floor stand tripod. 4) 2x 16A socket. 5) 16A plug.

Led industral light 100W
Electric boxes open-type design, novel modeling and color, convenient installation and maintenance.The main material of the lamp is aluminum alloy, solidity and security.Good heat dispersion, safety and longevity.Spin forming of high-purity aluminum reflector cover with high-quality light distribution.Boom-mounted matching, recommended installation height: 4-10 m
Product Group: Led Industral Light
Company: ShenZhen Rambo Electronics Co., Ltd    china

Explode-proof Metal halide lamp
Product: Uni-form Pulse Start Metal Halide lamp Explode-proof Model Watt Current Lumen Color temp.Diameter Length Base Hours Bulb UPS250-ED 250W 2.10A 22000lm 4000K 90mm 210mm E40 15000h ED UPS400-ED 400W 3.25A 41000lm 4000K 120mm 280mm E40 20000h ED Characteristics: 1. Uni-form pulse start: it declines the igniting voltage when starting the lamp, avoids lamp nigrescense in early using; reducing light attnuation, extends the lamp service life; 2. ...
Product Group: Halide Lamp
Company: Shanghai Yahong Electrical Lighting Co., Ltd    China

Color Viewing Booth, Color Matching Light Cabinet CAC(5)
Color Viewing Booth, Color Matching Light Cabinet CAC(5) (five light sources) Brand:Inteke Light sources:D65,TL84,CWF,F,UV Weight:30Kg Dimensions:710 x 405 x 570 mm Features: > Time running display of each light source. > Auto conversion between light sources; Different spectrum with same color. > No need warm-up; No flicker; Color assessment quick and reliable. > Low power-consumption; No heat emission; Efficient illumination. ...
Product Group: Color Assessment Cabinet
Company: Inteke Instrument Co.,Limited    China

Inteke Color Assessment Cabinet, Color Viewing Light Box CAC(6)
INTEKE COLOR ASSESSMENT CABINET CAC(6) (six light sources) Brand: Inteke Light sources:D65,TL84,CWF,U30, F,UV Weight:35Kg Dimensions:710 x 530 x 570 mm Features: > Time running display of each light source. > Auto conversion between light sources; Different spectrum with same color. > No need warm-up; No flicker; Color assessment quick and reliable. > Low power-consumption; No heat emission; Efficient illumination. > ...
Product Group: Color Assessment Cabinet
Company: Inteke Instrument Co.,Limited    China

INTEKE Color Proof Station, Color light booth CPS(1)
CPS(1) Color Proof Station(Color light box) Product Information Brand: INTEKE CPS(1) Color Proof Station(Color light box) Color Proof Station is designed especially for color comparison between objects and samples during the printing process. It adopts CPL asymmetrical standard lighting viewing box and can illuminate two working surfaces, i.e. the vertical surface with samples and the horizontal surface with objects. The drawer beneath the working table can house films and PS ...
Product Group: Color Assessment Cabinet
Company: Inteke Instrument Co.,Limited    China

light tower KLT-9000
Description KLT-9000 Engine Vertical,water cooling,four stroke Make/Model KM380D Cooling Water Kw(Hp) at Continuous 11(15.1)/13(17.8) Revolution(RPM) 1500/1800 Fuel Capacity(Liter) 100 Contineious Run Time 60hours Number of Cylinders 3 Displacement L(cu, in) 1.532 Engine shutdown protection low oil pressure, hight water tempreture, hight oil tempreture, over speed Exhaust gas emmission EPA APPROVAL OPTIONAL Alternator Make/Model BRUSHLESS TFDW-8KW/10KVA Output 8KW/10KVA ...
Product Group: Light Tower
Company: Fuzhou Camel Power Co.,LTD    China

lighting tower KLT-7000
Description KLT-7000 Engine Vertical,air cooled,four stroke Make/Model KM186FA Cooling AIR Kw(Hp) at Continuous 6.5(8.8)/3000 RPM,7(9.6)/3600RPM Revolution(RPM) 3000/3600 Fuel Capacity(Liter) 30 Contineious Run Time 16 hours Number of Cylinders 1 Displacement L(cu, in) 0.418 Engine shutdown protection low oil pressure Exhaust gas emmission EPA APPROVAL OPTIONAL Alternator Make/Model CAMEL POWER/BRUSHLESS FTS-6KVA Output 6KVA Frequency 50/60 Insulation F Type of ...
Product Group: Light Tower
Company: Fuzhou Camel Power Co.,LTD    China

mobile light tower KLT-7000
Lighting Tower KLT-7000 Features 1.Full sized, 6-7.5m extended height floodlight tower illuminates 7-1/2 acres. 2.Galvanized tower is 360┬░rotable for easy aiming from the ground. 3.Winch handle ergonomically positioned for easy raising and lowering. Winch drum is inside cabinet. Electric winch available. 4.Light fixtures mount securely on mast for travel or can be left on crossarm. 5.Pallet pockets and lifting eye make unit easier to load and unload. 6.Plug-in ballasts are installed ...
Product Group: Light Tower
Company: Fuzhou Camel Power Co.,LTD    China

Led street Light-70W
Led street Light-70W Code: L70W Led pcs: 70pcs 1W-Led Size(mm): 404x280x80mm Power(Watt): 70W Lumin(LM): 7000LM Input Voltage: 86-265V 50-60HZ Emitting Colors: 2700-8000K International Protection: IP68 Average life time: 50,000-100,000 hours Cheng Li Optoelectronic Co.,Limited,is your sincere manufacturer and supplier for led lighting. We can help you to produce the lights at your requirement,such as materials, size, etc.Here are Led street lights for your business, please ...
Company: ChengLi Optoelectronic Co.,Limited    china

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