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List extensive product information of Halogen Bulbs (include Halide Lamps, Halogen Lights, Halogen Lamps), provided by Halogen Bulb manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Infrared Halogen Heater Lamp
1) No pollution, no noise, no harmful light source and no metal radiation ; 2) Heating efficiency distance: 3-4m ; 3) No bad feeling of drying after long time using ; 4) Available for home and office use ; 5) Healthy warm light of far infrared ray heater lamps.

Dysprosium Lamp
1) High efficiency ; 2) Long life ; 3) Good phototropism ; 4) Big wattage ; 5) Applications: available for stadium lighting, construction ground lighting, airports, square lighting

Halogen Flood Light
Ld series outdoor spotlight, halogen flood lights. 1. Aluminium die-casting shaft, outer part is heating painted. 2. High-temperature-resistant silicon rubber tight-sealing ring, fiber glass. 3. Fine capability of airproof, do not need clearing. 4. High purely aluminium reflector. Suitable place: Garden, campus, community road in residential area, afforeted zone in the city, meadow in square and so on.
Company: Nantong Beishidi Lighting Co., Ltd.    China

Halogen Lamp
1) Voltage:110-130V or 220-240V ; 2) Novel design and elegant appearance ; 3) Replaces incandescent bulbs ; 4) Energy saving (up to 20%) ; 5) Applications: Halls, assembly rooms, stores, and other interior/exterior lighting ; 6) Base: E14, E27, E40
Company: Nantong Beishidi Lighting Co., Ltd.    China

Dental Light-Curing Halogen Bulb
12V-75W halogen curing light bulb for use with dental curing lights. Good intensity and durability. Compatible with most dental curing light models. We offer a complete assortment of medical and dental specialty light bulbs and light accessories for use in different equipment such as microscopes, operatory lights, gastroscopes, curing lights, etc. Click on the below link to download our complete specialty lighting catalogue

Linear Halogen Tube, Halogen Lamp
We can supply Linear Halogen Tube from china. Also offer MR16 Halogen Lamp: Lamp base: GU4/GZ4 ; Voltage: 12V ; Color Temp: 2800k ; Power: 20W, 35W, 50, 75 ; Lamp life: 2000 hours

Halogen Spotlight (Tracking Lamp )
Rated voltage 230v, power 20w/35w. It is made of ABS plastic body, use jc halogen bulb, electrical wire is covered wire 2x0.5mm, out side length 1.6m, unit color box packing.
Product Group: Spotlight

Bacteria-killing Tubes
1) Watt: 4W/ 6W/ 8W/ 15W/ 20w/ 40W ; 2) Applicable to medical and sanitation work, germ research, food-stuff and pharmaceutical industries. Besides, they can be used in various sterilizers, air purifiers, and cosmetic facilities ; 3) CE and ISO9001 approved

Halogen Lamp
Model No: GZ10 halogen lamp: 1) Voltage: 110-130V / 220-240V ; 2) Wattage: 35W ; 3) Color temp.: 2700K ; 4) Average life: 20,000hrs. Model No: G9/ G9 ceramic halogen lamp: 1) Voltage: 110-130V / 220-240V ; 2) Wattage: 20-70W ; 3) Color temp.: 2500-2700K ; 4) Average life: 20,000hrs. Model No: PAR 38 halogen lamp: 1) Voltage: 110-130V / 220-240V ; 2) Wattage: 50-120W ; 3) Color temp.: 2800K ; 4) Average life: 20,000hrs.
Company: Nantong Beishidi Lighting Co., Ltd.    China

UV Lamp & UV Germicidal Lamp
Our main products have the milk quartz glass tube, transparent quartz tube, quartz glass rod, far infrared ray quartz heater tube, UV lamp, UV germicidal lamp, optical quartz glass and quartz apparatus etc. We can provide high quality products and satisfy the customer's every kind of special request.

Halogen Bulb And Sodium Bulb
Halogen Bulb: 1) GU10 / GZ10 ; 2) 35W - 50W ; 3) 230V / 50Hz ; 4) With or without anti-UV glass cover. Sodium Bulb: 35w - 50w3) 230v/50hz4) with or without anti-uv glass coverinner. packing: 2pcs/blister box

Halogen Lamp, Tubular Tungsten Halogen
Our products mainly include following categories: JC, JCD, JD, JDD, JDR, JCDR, G8, G9, GU10, GZ10, PAR16, PAR20, PAR38, PAR36(4515), MR11, MR16, Metals halide illumination, Tubular Tungsten halogen Lamp, AR70, AR111 series etc.

Quartz Tubes For Halide Lamp
This millowner leads the products: Melt and congeal the glass tube of quartz transparently {excellent }, great britain's glass tube of foundation stone of low hydroxyl, pearly-lustre milky white quartz glass tube, strain the purple other quartz glass tube, without quartz glass tube of ozone, silica crucible, quartz slice of different specifications. Quartz instrument, etc.

Halogen Bulb in Blister Packing
1) Our automotive halogen bulbs include H1, H2, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, 9000 series, 800 series, motorcycle bulbs, automotive miniature bulbs, automotive LED, HID and so on. 2) Our products have characteristics of high quality, high luminance, and long lift. 3) We can satisfy all kinds of clients' requirements

G9 Halogen Bulb
1) Type: G9, various voltages, watts and bases. 2) Advantages: compact size, higher brightness, energy saving, gentle beam, various specifications, safe and stable while using it and suitable for matching new types of lamps and lanterns. 3) Application: suitable for decorating design lighting and instruments lighting of various kinds of marketplaces, rummeries, stores, home, etc.

Reflector Halogen Lamps
1) MR16 12V/20 - 50W ; 2) MR11 12V/20 - 35W ; 3) JCDR 220V/20 - 50W ; 4) GU10 220V/20 - 50W ; 5) JDR 220V 35 - 75W ; 6) PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, PAR56, PAR64 ; 7) Lifetime: 800 - 2,000hrs

Double-Ended Metal Halide Lamps
Specifications: 1) MH-ED 70W, 100W, 150W ; 2) Base: R7S ; 3) Average life: 6,000h. Features: 1) High efficiency luminescence ; 2) Long operating life ; 3) Good photochromism ; 4) Color index (Ra): 65 ; 5) Color temperature: 3,200K, 4,200K, 5,000K, 10,000K

Halogen Spot Light
1) Material: aluminum alloy + cool steel ; 2) Lamp source: QR111 Lamp ; 3) Electrical appliance: 60W transformer ; 4) Color: white / black / silver gray available ; 5) Direction: direction adjusted by yourself

Dichroic Reflector Halogen Lamps
Dichroic Reflector Halogen Lamp: 1) High voltage ; 2) Long product life ; 3) Safe and reliable ; 4) Different colors available

Metal Halide Lamp
1) OEM brand and venture brand, 70-2000W ; 2) Single or double ended ; 3) Uses: stadiums, exhibition centers, large-sized department stores, playing fields, streets and public squares

High-Pressure Sodium Lamps
1) HID lamps, electronic energy-saving lamps, solar garden lights and electronic transformers for low voltage halogen lamps. 2) Hgh luminous efficiency. 3) Less power consumption. 4) Long service life. 5) White-golden ray of light. 6) Strong fog penetrating capacity. 7) Color temperature: 2K. 8) Applications: road, airport, whart, station, factory, plant growth

Ceramic emitter heater lamp
Ceramic emitter heater lamp: 220V 60W, 220V 75W, 220V 100W, 220V 125W, 220V 150W Ceramic heater (flate shape )Sizes: 1) 122mm x 60mm, 125 watt, 250 watt, 325 watt 2) 245mm x 60mm, 400 watt, 500 watt, 650 watt, 750 watt, 1000 watt 3) 122mm x 122mm, 4) other sizes will be produced according to customers' detailed needs With CE certificate . We also can produce Quartz heater: 1) 122 x 62 x 25mm, 122 x 120 x 25mm, 248 x 62 x 25mm, 248 x 120 x 25mm, 306 x 306 x 25mm With CE Certificate
Product Group: Heater Lamp
Company: Lianyungang Highborn Technology Co.,Ltd.    China

Halogen lamp
Halogen lamp: 1) Multi burning position version,featuring pressure krypton gasfilled and 3-coil support rings.Life time extended to 2000 hours. 2) Clear or Frosted quartz glass tube. 3) UV-stop version featuring the use of special quartz glass to stop the emission of UV rays. Feature: Energy saving ,High lumen maintenance,long life,High heat and mechanical resistance Bulb: Straight ,U sharp ,C sharp ,also could make according your demand.
Product Group: Halogen Lamp
Company: Lianyungang Inpu Quartz Co.,Ltd    China

Double ended high pressure sodium lamp
Product: Double Ended High Pressue Sodium Lamp Model Watt Current Lumen Color temp. Diameter Length Base Hours Bulb NG70-TD 70W 0.98A 5500lm 2000K 19mm 116mm Rx7s 8000h TD NG150-TD 150W 1.80A 14500lm 2000K 22.5mm 135mm Rx7s 12000h TD Charateristics: long life, economic and durable; high lumen efficacy, high contrast visibility in mist and fog. Applications: park, railway, industry, airport, street, indoor and outdoor object lighting and so on.
Product Group: Sodium Lamp
Company: Shanghai Yahong Electrical Lighting Co., Ltd    China

UV-block Pulse Start metal halide lamp
Product: UV-stop Pulse Start Metal Halide lamp Model Watt Current Lumen Color temp.Diameter Length Base Hours Bulb UPS50-ED 50W 0.68A 3500lm 4000K 55mm 145mm E27 6000h ED UPS70-ED 70W 0.90A 5500lm 4000K 55mm 145mm E27 6000h ED UPS100-ED 100W 1.10A 8500lm 4000K 55mm 145mm E27 8000h ED UPS150-ED 150W 1.80A 13500lm 4000K 55mm 145mm E27 8000h ED UPS250-ED 250W 2.10A 22000lm 4000K 90mm 210mm E40 ...
Product Group: Halide Lamp
Company: Shanghai Yahong Electrical Lighting Co., Ltd    China

halogen heating lamp
carbon heating tube/lamp, halogen heating tube/lamp, carbon fiber heating tube, many kinds of quartz glass tubes including clear quartz tube, twin hole quartz tube, red quartz tube, black quartz tube, yellow quartz tube, grey quartz tube,uv stop quartz tube, ozone free quartz tube, milky white quartz tube etc, quartz plate, quartz rod, quartz powder and so on. They are widely used in such fields as fiber communication, lighting, heating and semiconductor technology etc. Welcome clients ...
Product Group: Halogen Heating Lamp, Quartz Heating Tube
Company: Lianyungang Hongyang Quartz Products CO.,LTD    China

Haag Streit HS900 930 Slit Lamp 6V4.5A
Haag Streit HS900 930 Slit Lamp 6V4.5A We can also provide medical lamps like: Hanualux bulb 22.8V40W 22.8V50W 22.8V150W, Blue 90 22.8V90W,Dr.Mach, Fischer Shadowless Lamp,etc. SKYPE ID nclaite18
Product Group: Haag Streit HS900 930 Slit Lamp 6V4.5A
Company: Nanchang Light Technology Exploitation Co., Ltd    China

Dichroic Reflector / Tungsten Halogen Lamps
We trade various dichroic reflector tungsten halogen lamps. Mainly we deal imported dichroic halogen reflector lamps as "Philips", "Osram", "Phoenix" - “HALOPIKA”, "Sylvania" & "GE" etc. Categories as MR-11, MR-16, JC, JCR, JDR etc. Except the imported halogen lamps, we also carry Chinese made product. OEM products are available. Details please visit our URL or contact us by e-mail.
Company: Cheery Hint    Hong Kong

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