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List extensive product information of Bag Making Materials (include Bag Leather, Bag Fabric, Bag Oxford), provided by Bag Making Material manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Pu nubuck leather. Thickness:0.8mm; Application: handbag, boots ,shoe upper,glove ; Color: as sample ; Support: elastic

Embossed Artificial Snake Leather for Handbag
1. Widely applied to make handbags and traveling bags, have been widely exported to many countries. 2. Anti-scratch, water-proofing, UV resistant, anti-cold, skidproof. 3. Specification: thickness: 0.5~4.0mm; width: 1,370~1,380mm

Case and Bag Leather
1) PU, semi-PU surface material. 2) It is suitable for making leather cases, bags, handbags, and key wallets. 3) Such as color, thickness, pattern, embossed are according to customers' requirements. 4) Width: 138-140cm

Artificial Leather
Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.8mm. 2) Width: 54" (1.37m). 3) Suitable for shoes. 4) Bright colors and strong genuine leather handle. 5) PU wet-processed artificial leather
Product Group: Artificial Leather
Company: Wenzhou Nanfang Shoes Material Co., Ltd.    China

Leisure Bag PU Leather and Imitation Leather
PU Leather Specifications: 1) Thickness: 1.0-1.1mm. 2) Width: 54" (1.37m). 3) Capability: PU leather suitable for making bags and shoes. Leisure Bag Imitation Leather. thickness:1.0mm. color: eight ; usage: handbag, sofa, luggage etc
Company: Wenzhou Nanfang Shoes Material Co., Ltd.    China

1) Composition: 100% polyester. 2 Construction: 150D, 300 x 250D, 300D x 300D, 400D x 250D, 400D x 300D, 500D x 250D, 500D x 300D, 500D x 500D, 600D x 300D, 600D x 600D, 840D, 900D, 1,200D, 1,680D, 10mm ripstop, 20mm ripstop, 30mm ripstop, 40mm ripstop, 50mm ripstop and so on. 3) PVC, PU, PA, PE laminated. 4) Width: 58''. 5) Oxford fabric. 6) Application: widely are widely used for making bags, cases, traveling bags, sand beach chairs, camping beds, tents, and ornaments. 7) ...

Double Sided Tissue Tape for Leather Product Sticking
Tissue paper with hot-melt based adhesive featuring on good adhesion power, designed for leather products orienting. Features: 1) Applies 12gsm non-woven tissue paper as carrier, coated with hot-melt based adhesive, laminated on double-sided silicone release liner. 2) Good adhesive power. 3) Convenient to tear and apply. Applications: 1) Specially designed for leather products sticking, such as leather purses, leather bags, leather shoes and sport shoes. Dimensions: 1) Jumbo roll maximum ...

PVC Artificial Leather
Having good elasticity, a genuine leather appearance this durable, brightly colored, water resistant, and anti-crumple material is suitable for manufacturing sofas, suitcases, bags, and shoes.
Product Group: Artificial Leather
Company: Wenzhou Nanfang Shoes Material Co., Ltd.    China

Polyurethane Leather for Handbag
1) Thickness: 0.8mm. 2) Colors: brown, maroon. 3) Back: T/C brush. 4) Main material: polyurethane. 5) Processing: wet PU, dry PU coating. 6) Usage: for ladies' bags, and ladies' boots

PVC Film / Sheet for Lining
This PVC product is categorized for primary use, secondary use, and general use. It is suitable to use as lining for all travel accessories, suitcases and luggage. All of the PVC products can be custom-made. selections: Color: can be referred to Pantone colors or custom-made by attached color piece Width: 18" to 82" (in inch) Thickness: 0.09mm to 0.5mm (in mm) Softness: 28PHR to 69PHR

PVC Bag Fabric
1. Construction: 150D x 150D. 2. Weight: 240gsm. 3. Width: 57"/58". 4. Usual applications: luggage, bag, case, garment, beach seats, suitcases, tents and so on. 5. Various color depend on client requirements. 6. Finishing: 0.30mm PVC coating
Product Group: Bag Fabric

Handbag Leather
1) Size: a) Width: 1.37m ; b) Thickness: 0.6 - 1.5mm (PVC with more thicknesses). 2) Specifications, such as color, thickness, pattern, embossed, are according to customers' requirements. 3) The synthetic leather is suitable for making handbags and packs. 4) Competitive prices. 5) Packing: about 50m/roll

Lining Fiberboard
1) Waterproof: will not deform or reduce in strength with raining, humidity or moisture absorption. 2) Stability: keeps original shapes, sizes and figures. 3) Softness: a) Excellent flexibility and good touch feeling attributed to special latex ; b) When it is blended, it will not crease ; c) Suitable for various high grade leather handbags. 4) It is the best replacement of regenerative leather

PVC Bag Leather
1) Thickness: 0.6 - 1.5mm. 2) Various colors available. 3) Hand feeling: soft, rigid. 4) Surface: smooth, embossed, printed, special treatment
Product Group: Bag Leather

PVC Coated Oxford
This kind of bag leather is PVC coated fabric (such as oxford, polyester, peach skin), and it is widely used as case leather, garment leather or tent fabric. We can produce any specification according to customers' requirements

Thermo Leather
Thermo Leather: PU Leather ; Thickness:1.35mm ,0.6MM ; Color: brown, black, maroon, green etc.; Back supper : spunlace non woven fibre ,needle non woven fibre; Application : for jeans label, shoe upper, bag ,luggage etc

Bag Leather
1) Thickness: 1mm. 2) Width: above 1.4m. 3) Colors: white, brown, black, green, pink, and blue. 4) This product is used in cases, bags, and ladies' handbags
Product Group: Bag Leather

PVC or PU Coating Fabric
These materials are widely used as: 1). Case leather, such as PVC coated oxford fabric. 2). PU coated water proof rainwear cloth, bag leather, waterproof material, raincoat fabric, and tent fabric. 3). Projection screen fabric (used as screen fabric in teaching, entertainment, family film and other fields for display). 4). Light box fabric, frontlit, backlit, mesh for digital printing, blockout, flex and banners substrate

Polyester Webbing
1) Specification: 0.5-20cm width. 2) Grain: herringbone, jacquard, weave and so on. 3) Color: all kinds of colors. 4) Mainly used on suitcase belt, seat belt, PET string

Oxford Fabric with PVC Backing
Features: 1) Thickness: 0.5mm. 2) 600D x 300D DTY oxford. 3) Flat PVC coating on rear side. 4) Width: 58/59". We can supply all kinds of oxford with PVC backing, such as: 210D, 840D, 300D, 600 x 300D, 600 x 600D ,1000D*100Dpolyester oxford

PVC Coated Oxford Fabric
1) Composition: 100% polyester. 2) PVC laminated, PU and PA Coated optional. 3) Width: 58'', thickness according to clients' requirement. 4) Many kinds of embossed designs available, such as plain and diamond. 5) Applications: for making cases and bags, camping beds, sand beach chairs and outdoor products

Double Sided Tissue Tape for Leather Product Splicing
Tissue paper with solvent based acrylic adhesive featuring on good initial tack, adhesion and holding power, suitable for leather related products positioning and bonding. Features: 1) Applies 14gsm non-woven tissue paper as carrier, coated with solvent based acrylic adhesive, laminated on double-sided silicone release liner. 2) Good initial tack, adhesion and holding power. 3) Convenient to tear and apply. Applications: specially designed for leather related products positioning and ...

Jacquard Oxford / Nylon Fabrics with PVC/PU Coating
Printed Nylon Fabrics with PVC Coating: 210D nylon oxford, 420D nylon oxford, 190T nylon taffeta, and so on, with PVC or PU Coating on the rear side. Jacquard Oxford with PVC/PU Coating: Jacquard/plain oxford with PVC/PU coating. Mainly used for bags, suitcases, luggage, outdoor.

PU / PVC Coated Fabric
1) Composition: 100% polyester. 2) PVC, PU laminated, PA coated optional. 3) Superior durability and breathability. 4) Suitable for making cases, bags, luggage tents and outdoor products. 5) Width: 57/58", thickness according to customers' requirements. 6) High quality, with good hand feeling and competitive prices

Multifunctional Computer High Frame Thermal Cutting Bag Making Machine
This (RDL) Multifunctional Computer High Frame Thermal Cutting Bag Making Machine is suitable for thermal cutting and bag making of such printing and non-printing plastic films like BOPP\OPP\and PE, etc. and it is a kind of ideal equipment for making sock bag, towel bag, bread bag and adornment bag, etc. Performance and Characteristics: 1. The whole machine adopts microcomputer control and material-pulling by stepping motor. (Servomotor control system can be selected and equipped). ...
Company: Heilongjiang Xinyuanda International Trade co,Ltd    China

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