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List extensive product information of Non-ferrous Metal Alloy (include Aluminium Alloy, Magnesium Alloy, Nickel Alloy, Copper Alloy, Lead Alloy), provided by Non-ferrous Metal Alloy manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Zinc Aluminium Alloy Wire
Purify: Zn: 85% Al: 15% ; Zn: 95% Al: 5% ; Zn: 91% Al: 9%. Tensile strength: 100n / mm2 min. Elongation: 40% min
Company: Kunshan Changfa Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Magnesium Alloy Products
Magnesium alloy is with the lowest density of all metallic materials. The weight of magnesium alloy is 36% lighter than alloy aluminum, 77% lighter than steel. Parts can be supplied according to customers' requirements and casting moldings.

We can offer alloy, resistance alloy, heat-resisting alloy, high velocity tools steel, high temperature alloy, heat-resisting steel and stainless steel.

Panting and Coating of Aluminum Foil
1) Smooth flat without flaws. 2) We can adhibit the imported or domestic high quality aluminum alloy boards with high technology and excellent machining equipment
Company: Kunshan Changfa Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.    China

W-Base Heavy Alloy
W-base Heavy alloy consists of tungsten, Cu, Ni, Fe and other metal elements. The grey alloy features its heavy density, excellent ultimate tensile strength (UTS) , high wear and heat resistance. Now, our heavy alloys are so widely used in apparatus, instruments, medical facilities and military industry. We believe you will be very interested in our premier quality products covering dart shank, golf cue.

Tin-Antimony Alloy
Babbitt: Sn-Sb (in% ) ; Sn: 80, 773 (after client's spec's) ; Bi: 0, 013 ; Sb: 17, 066 (after client's spec's) ; Pb: 0, 574 ; In: 0, 013 ; Fe: 0, 612 ; As: 0, 260 ; Cu: 0, 175 ; Certified by SGS or ASA; Weight per ingot between 23-24 KG each, clean surface, free of dirt, slag or foreign material; Material is strapped into pallets of 18 ingots each.

Aluminum Alloy Extrusion
We can produce extrusion profiles, bars, rods, pipes, tubes, windows, doors, as well as decoration and industrial materials. We suggest you to offer us the details of product size, outside diameter, inside diameter, length, alloy, and tolerance with drawing of your requirements.
Company: Kunshan Changfa Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Tungsten Carbide
Our company supplies all kinds of tungsten carbide products: Cutting tools: Cemented carbide brazed tips, Carbide indexable inserts, Cemented carbide rods, Special cemented carbide products. Geology & mining tools: Cemented carbide for Coal mining tools. Wear parts: Carbide Drawing dies, Carbide roll rings, Carbide punching and heading.

Tungsten-Copper Alloy
Cu composites are offered with Cu accounting for 10-40% of the total weight. Applications: 1) Arcing contacts and vacuum contacts in high and medium voltage breakers or vacuum interrupters. 2) Electrodes in spark erosion cutting machines. 3) Heat sinks as passive cooling elements of electronic devices

C50500,C93200 Bronze Tube
1) Alloy: Cu, Sn, Pb, Zn (ASTM B 139). 2) UNS alloy is C52100, C51100, C50500,C93200 (CuSn8, CuSn6, CuSn5, CuSn4). 3) The color of the tube is just like copper tubing. 4) Diameter: a) OD: 1mm - 240mm ; b) W.T.: 0.05mm - 30mm ; c) Tube lenght can be produced according to your requests, from short length like 300mm to 12m ; 5) Be able to take great pressuse testing ; 6) Density ( x 1,000kg/m3): 8.8 - 8.94 ; 7) Poisson's ratio: 0.34 ; 8) Elastic modulus (GPa): 117 ; 9) Tensile strength ...

Nickel Chrome Resistance Wire
Nickel Chrome resistance wire Cr20Ni80. Chemical content% : Ni: Rest, cr: 20. 0-23. 0% , fe: Less than1. 0. Elongation% min 20%. Consistency: 8. 4g / m3. We produce them in strips, bars and wires

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire
We are one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of alloy cored wire, the inner alloy or metal may be Ca, CaFe, CaSi, CaSiBa, CaAl, Mg, AL, S, Tife and CMnFe. The diameter is 9mm or 13mm. Specification: Ca 30 +/- 2% min; SI 56~58% min; c 1% max; AL 1.5% max; fe 4.5% min. Wire dia:13 mm. Shape: Round. Powder fill rate (avg):220 +/- 20 grams per meter. Coil dimensions: ID 550 mm x od 1250 mm x h 1200 mm. Gross weight/coil: Approx 1800/KG

Nickel, Stainless Steel and Alloy Products
We can supply products as follows: 1. Nickel-chromium electrical resistance alloy wire. 2. Stainless steel. 3. Nickel wires. 4. Nickel chromium electrical resistance alloy wire. 5. Heat-resisting super alloys. 6. Soft-magnetic alloys

Silver Alloys
2% Silver Brazing Alloys. AWS / SFA 5. 8 BCuP-6. Chemical Analysis (%). Ag: 2 P: 7. 0 Cu: Rest. According to: DIN 8513: L-Ag 2 P ; DIN EN 1044: CP 105 ; EN ISO 3677: B-Cu 92 P Ag-645 / 825 ; Chemical Analysis (% ) ; Ag: 2 P: 6. 3 Cu: Rest ; Availability: Rod, wire, coil, spool, strip, foil, granulates etc...

Nickel Alloy
Wire: dimension o.D.: from 0.3mm to 8mm; Strip:wall thickness:0.2~1.0mm x 250mm; Steel grade: uns n06600,uns n08800,uns n08825,uns; n06690,eqnicr3,ernicr3; Standard:asme afa-5.11,asme afa-5.14,asme sb-163,gb/t 13814-92

Zirconium Hafnium and Their Alloys
Nuclear power plants, low-temperature heating reactor, chemical engineering, metallurgical, pharmaceutical and other industries

Aluminium Alloy Rod
Tig aluminum welding wire. Usage: used in welding of different aluminums like aluminum alloy furniture, automobile radiators and etc. Model: ER1100, ER1060, ER5138, ER5356, ER4043, ER4047 and etc...

Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Wire
The zinc-aluminum alloy wires of our company are manufactured with advanced technology and equipment, and their quality are strictly controlled. Such alloy wires have characteristics of strong adhesion as the contact layer of film capacitors, and provide capacitors small loss angle. The products are perfectly sprayed materials for corrosion protection of steel structure in petrochemical industry, water conservancy, power transmission, food industry, water supplies and bridges.

Wu-Ni-Fe / Wu-Ni-Cu Material Tungsten Alloy
Tungsten alloy material: 1. Tungsten cooper alloy type and specification: ( 1) tungsten plate / sheet: Length 10-600 (mm) ; Width 10-300 (mm) ; Thickness 2-200 (mm). ( 2) tungsten rod: Length 2-600 (mm) ; Diameter 2-320 (mm). (3) tungsten alloy performance: produced with powder metallurgical method, have high density, high heat conduction rate, high strength, hardness and low resistively, low-heat coefficient of expansion, and it is able to bear the electric arc burning, resist the welding ...

Brass & Copper Alloy Electrical Products
split bolt connector made from brass available 10mm2 to 500mm2, full tin plated or red copper plated or without any plating. Type: Hex or rectangular or square type head or customised as per drawings or sample. Split bolt connectors are available in mm2, ksu & ks, sol / str series with / without spacer. Brass post connectors, mechanical lugs, neutral bars / links / connector, compression sleeves.

Lead Alloy Anode (For Electrolytic Zinc / Copper / Manganese)
Our lead (Pb) -silver alloy anode plate contains Pb. Ag. Ca. Al. Sr. Ti etc. and is through the process of cool pressing, rolling and boring. It contains Ag (0. 2% ~0. 35% ) , less than the regular and costs less. It also has smooth plate with high-density, high-intensity, high-corrosion, and good thermal and electrical conductivity. Our product improved the mechanical properties, conductivity and anti-corrosion greatly. Pb-Ag-Ca-Sr Multi-element anode plates got results in practice compared ...

Almg40% , Almg50% , Almg68% Master Alloy
Aluminium Magnesium AlMg40%: Mg 37-43% ; SI 0. 1% max; Fe 0. 15% max; Al balance; Other each 0. 04% max; Other total 0. 1% max. And we can also supply with AlMg50% ; AlMg68% etc.

Hydrophilic Aluminium
1) Hydrophilic aluminum is widely used for household air conditioner, refrigerator, cooling equipment and vehicle air conditioner. 2) By using high-precise punching, our company can adjust the alloy and develop model DS-2 and DS-3, which are good in mechanical and hydrophilic capacity on the basis of 1100 and 1200. 3) The quality completely reaches that of imported foils

Tungsten-base High Density Alloy
Various grades of tungsten powder from 0.1u-100u particle size. Various grades of tungsten carbide powder from 0.2u-100u particle size, Different kinds of cobalt powder from 0.6u to 3.0u. Various kinds of straight grade and p grade rtp. Various grades and properties of cemented carbide. Various kinds of tungsten based heavy metals. Solid carbide rods, unground carbide rods, carbide strips. Carbide inserts, cutting-tools, saw tips, wood-cutting, wear-parts

Plastic Clad Aluminum Strips
Specifications: 1) Tensile strength: min. 70MPa. 2) Elongation: min. 15%. 3) Width: 20 - 500mm. 4) Foil thickness: 0.20mm or 0.15mm. 5) Coating thickness: 0.058 mm. 6) Coating material: ethylene copolymer. 7) Temper: soft. 8) Alloy: 1145 / 8011. 9) Peel strength of lamination: min. 6.13N/cm. 10) Reel length: 2,020 ~ 2,070m. 11) Core inside diameter: 150 mm. 12) Reel material: plastic or steel

Tungsten Heavy Alloy
We supply Tungsten Heavy Alloys from simple rough blank materials to fully machined (precise processing & fabricated machined) components and assemblies. Alloys of 90-97% tungsten containing nickel and iron, are sold for a variety of applications, such as aerospace industry, automotive engineering, radiation shielding, the manufacture of household appliances/ sport components, metal processing and electrical engineering etc. We supply W-Ni-Cu non-magnetic heavy alloys.

Nickel Alloy Tubes, Copper Alloy Tubes
1) Widely used for condensers, coolers and heat exchangers, in the fields of petrochemical, chemical, pharmacy, food, power, marine. 2) Material of: nickel and alloy, copper and alloy, Monel 400, Inconel 600. 3) Sizes: a) Out dia.: 2.0-114mm ; b) Wall thickness: 0.3-5.0mm ; c) Length: within 13500mm

Phosphor Bronze Strips
1) Properties: a) Good ductility ; b) Good fatigue and corrosion resistance. 2) Applications: electric springs, switches, lead frames, connectors and oscillation reeds, relays, and electronic instruments

Tungsten Alloy-Tungsten Bar
Tungsten Alloy-Tungsten Bar, Tungsten Ball, Tungsten Block, Column, The density of our High-density Tungsten Alloy products is less 18. 7 g / square centimeter, The products include tungsten bar (diameter 5-300mm, length L less 1000mm) , tungsten ball (diameter 2. 0-100mm) , tungsten block, tungsten column, electrode, shielding plate for medical use, weighing block, fishing sinker, vibratory hammer or hammer shock, balance screw, clump weight, gyroscope rotor, watch pendulum, balance weight, ...

Special Copper Alloy For Mould
Special Copper Alloy For Mould: 1) Hardness: ≥26 HRC. 2) Thermal conductivity (w/m,k), 20°C: ≥115. 3) Strength: ≥850 Mpa

Aluminum Coil, Aluminum Strip, Aluminum Sheet
Aluminium Sheet 1) Alloy: 1050,1100,3003,8011 2) Temper: 0. H12. H14. H16. H18. H22. H24. H26. 3) Thickness(mm): 0.3~3.0 4) Width(mm):100~1500 5) Length(mm): 500~10000 6) Dimensions can be produced according to clients’specifications 7) Good plasticity, conductivity 8) Generally used in industry and architecture industries Packing: Export Standard Packing Quantity: 20-22 tons per 20’ container Shipment: within 10 days after receipt of your remittance Payment: 40% T/T in ...
Company: Zouping County Tai Xing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd    China

Constantan alloy strip
Constantan alloy strip CuNi44 Resistance constantan strip can be used to make wire-wound precision resistors, volume control devices,etc. CuNi44 Resistance constantan strip is universally known as Constantan or Konstantan, its high specific resistance and negligible temperature coefficient of resistance are its most important attributes. For others, the fact that CuNi44 offers good ductitility, is easily soldered and welded and has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion is more ...
Product Group: Alloy Strip
Company: Wisdom Import & Export (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd    China

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