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List extensive product information of Non-ferrous Metal (include Tungsten Product, Molybdenum Product, Copper Product, Aluminum Product, Titanium Product), provided by Non-ferrous Metal Products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Tubes of Titanium and Its Alloy
We can supply tubes of titanium and its alloy and Standard parts of titanium and its alloy. The above productions are widely used for chlorine alkali, pure alkali, salt manufacture in vacuum, aviation spaceflight, desalinizing, nuclear power, petrifaction, medication, sport equipment and other fields.
Company: Zhengzhou Sanhui Tradings Co.,ltd.    China

Aluminum Profile
We also trade aluminium plates, sheets, strips, foils, tubes, rods and bars, die forgings, hand forgings, industrial profiles, architectural profiles, die castings, bottle lids, decorations and further fabricated products for all alloys. Aluminium products of plates, profiles, tubes, rods and bars, forgings, foils etc of alloys 2xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx series are wide-spread applied in automobile, metro, light rail, high speed train for land transportation, which they are mainly used in ...

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet
Cold rolled coil in sheet: a) Thickness: 0.25 ~ 3.0mm ; b) Width: 50 ~ 1,300mm ; c) Length: 200 ~ 6,000mm ; d) Surface finish: 2B, BA, no. 3, no. 4, HL

Brass Wire
Our factory can supply all kinds of brass wire, it is suitable for any machining operation, high and constant straightness, high precision, automatic threading

Bronze Eccentric Bush
1) Bronze eccentric bush used in HP800 crushers. 2) We can supply bronze eccentric bush suitable for mining machines made by Symon, Nordberg, HP, Trisebring (Hong Kong) and Minyu (Taiwan). 3) Max. product size: Ø3500mm. 4) Length: 4000. 5) Weight: 3t

Zinc And Aluminium Alloy Parts
We are an OEM manufacturer and a professional company for various kinds of hardware including die cast zinc and aluminium alloy parts, die stamped parts, laser cut parts and CNC machined stainless steel andaluminium parts, etc. Such as Metal Emblem, Room Plate, Auto Plate, Metal Case, Metal Display, Dia casting and Stamped and CNC machined metal parts for machinery and home appliance, etc. And awards, Displays.

Copper Tube
We can supply the copper rod. The diameter is 8mm---25mm (3/8" ,5/8"). The copper sheet is 0.025mm up. There are rolling copper tube and straight copper tube: The rolling copper tube, the thickness is from 0.5mm to 1.5mm, the out diameter is from 3/16" to 3/4", the length is 50". The straight copper tube, the thickness is from 0.6 to 1.3mm, the out diameter is from 3/8" to 2 1/8", the length is 5m or 5.8m. It is suitable for air-conditions, refrigerators ...

Tungsten Rod / Electrode
Specification: 1) Size:dia.0.5-dia.13.5mm. 2) Applications: for making cathodes, high temperature setting rods, electrodes, leads, supports, typing needles, etc. 3) Electrode of WTh20, WCe20, Pure tungsten for TIG welding.
Company: Zhengzhou Sanhui Tradings Co.,ltd.    China

Single Bonded Aluminum Foil
Technical requirement: Tensile strength:50MPa. Extensibility:15%. Peeling rate:6.13N/cm. Thickness of aluminum:0.01-0.015. Heat seal strength of film:17.5N/cm. Width:80mm--500mm. Length:1000m--4000m

Titanium Plate
1) Titanium and its alloy plates are available. 2) Material: Gr.1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, etc. 3) Thickness: 5-50mm. 4) Width: < 2,500mm. 5) Length: < 6,000mm
Company: Zhengzhou Sanhui Tradings Co.,ltd.    China

Plastic Clad Aluminum Tapes
Specifications: 1) Tensile strength: min. 70MPa. 2) Elongation: min. 15%. 3) Width: 20 - 500mm. 4) Foil thickness: 0.20¡À0.015mm (0.15¡À0.01mm). 5) Coating thickness: 0.058¡À0.013mm. 6) Coating material: ethylene copolymer. 7) Temper: soft. 8) Alloy: 1145 / 8011. 9) Peel strength of lamination: min. 6.13N/cm. 10) Reel length: 2,020 ~ 2,070m. 11) Core inside diameter: 150¡À2mm. 12) Reel material: plastic or steel

Brass, Bronze And Copper-Nickel Tubes
We now have Brass Tube C268 / C270 / C260 / C230 / C443 / C687, Bronze Tube C505 / C511 / C932 / PB1 / LG2, Copper-Nickel Tube (Cupro-Nickel) C706 (90/10), C715 (70/30) available here.

Malleable Iron Product
1) The clamp body and keepers are malleable iron and cotter-pins are stainless steel. The other parts are steel. 2) All ferrous parts are hot-dip galvanized. 3) Catalog no.: NLD, NLJ, NY. 4) Rated failure load: ±100KN (NLD-4)

Hollow Sunlight Board
By using proper extruder, hydraulic screen-changer, melt pump co-extrusion distributor, dies, shaping mold and other auxiliary equipment, various highly-transparent PC hollow sun-plate (polycarbonate panel), decoration door plate and plastic hollow plate for package applications can be produced. Features: The die, with the help of two extruders and co-extrusion distributors, will give excellent compounding results of PC and UV layer. The co-extruded PC-UV plates is fire-proof, ...

Zinc Ribbon
30 varieties of type D, S, C casting sacrificed magnesium anodes; 20 varieties of magnesium extruded anodes; aluminum base anodes, zinc base anodes, extruded aluminum anode strap; series high and low potential anodes

Tungsten & Molybdenum Products
Trademark: WAL1, WAL2, W1 (> 99.95%), W2 (> 99.92%). Type: swaged rods, straightened rods after drawn. Size: 2.4 to 50mm, 0.8 to 3.2mm. Molybdenum plate: Size: 0.1 to 20mm (thickness), 50 to 420mm (width). Chemical composition: Mo content: > 99.95%. Other element content total: 99.93. Application: grid wire, hook, mandrel. Mo2: > 99.99. Application: grid rod, support, lead. WCu alloy: offered with 10 to 40wt.% Cu

Laminated Aluminum Foil
1) Materials: aluminum foil, PET. 2) Customized design. 3) Main applications: aluminum flexible ducts, electric wires/cables, goods packaging

Oxidized and Embossed Aluminium Coils
1) Process: pre-treatment, continuous painting and baking for times. 2) Material: high quality material, aluminum sheets from South West Aluminum Industry Company in China, pre-treatment material from Henkel & Chemtell from Germany, more than 70% of PVDF coating. 3) Our products can keep excellent quality and stability. 4) The color coated aluminum coils are used for curtain walls, ceilings, roofs and walls. 5)Thickness: 0.026 - 1.5mm; width: 35 - 1,590mm

Aluminum Frame
1) Cover 17" of LCD displayer. 2) Made of aluminum sheet. 3) Superficial sand blasting oxidized. 4) Works excellently, upscale

Air Conditioner Copper Fittings
We supply copper fittings for air conditioners such as mufflers, strainers, tripod return bends, fork tubes, twin tubes, copper distributors, copper caps, side open u-bends, c-bends, check valves, pipe assembles, etc.

Tinplate in Coils
Thickness available: 0.18mm to 0.5mm. Width available: 200mm to 560mm. Steel grade: SPCC, Q195, Q195L. Hardness: T2.5 - T3. Coating: according to customers' requests. High quality and reasonable price

1) Pothook is widely used in the correspondence, electric power, and telecommunication overhead lines. 2) Specifications: 25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 55mm, and 65mm. 3) Texture: plastic, and aluminium

Steel Strapping
We are steel strip for packing of manufacture and exporter. We can supply the following size goods: 1) 0.36mm x 12.7.16mm ; 2) 0.40mm x 12.7.16mm ; 3) 0.65mm x 16mm.19mm ; 4) 0.70mm x 19.32mm ; 5) 0.90mm x 19.32mm. The product is made from ordinary carbon structured and high quality carbon structured steels via cold rolled. It applies to pack the ware which is in the biggish humidity ground and outdoor long-time.

Molybdenum Parts
1) These products include pots, electrodes, and other tools. 2)Usage: mainly used in the high temperature melting field as equipment parts

Titanium Bars and Rods
a) Type: titanium bars, rods and forgings. b)Standard: ASTM B348; ASTM F136 ;ASTMF 67. c)Sizes: custom sizes are available. d)Grades: GR 1,GR 2,GR3,GR4, GR5, GR9. e)Test: mechanical properties test. f)Applications: offshore, chemical processing, medical instruments, etc

Alloy Steel
1) Specification: Φ50 - 200mm. 2) Hot rolling craftwork, hot forging and fine mechanical performance. 3) Chemical components meet standards, delivery in black skin. 4) Used for manufacturing structural tubes, fluid tubes and medium and low pressure boiler tubes

Aluminum Profile
1) For a variety of industrial uses; available in mill finish, anodized. 2) Various shapes, parameters and colors available. 3) High corrosion resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, alkali resistance and impact resistance

Aluminum Snap Hooks
1) All sizes, style and colors are available. 2) Can be used on the packs, leather handbags, valises and key chains as ornament. 3) Not for climbing purpose

High Chrome Alloyed Cast Grinding Bars
Specifications: 1) Size (dia. x L): 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 12 x 12, 14 x 14, 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 25, 25 x 30, 30 x 35, 35 x 40, 35 x 45mm. 2) Low breakage and low wear rate. 3) Hardness: 56HRC min. 4) Applied areas: cement building materials, metal mining, coal paste thermal power plants, chemical engineering, ceramic coating, light industry, magnetic materials. 5) Microstructure: M+C

Aluminum Foil
We mainly produce the following kinds of aluminum foil, Aluminum Foil: air-conditioner foil, single zero foil, double zero foil, food packing aluminum foil, drug packing foil Alloy: 1050,1100,3003,8011 Temper: 0. H12. H14. H16. H18. H22. H24. H26 Thickness (mm): 0.015~0.2 Width (mm): 500~1420 Surface: mill finish Packing: export standard packing Origin: China Remark: Unique specifications can be produced according to your requirement Our advantage: Our factory is the largest ...
Product Group: Aluminum Foil
Company: Zouping County Tai Xing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd    China

Aluminum Sheet
We mainly produce the following kinds of aluminum sheet and aluminum coil 1. Aluminum Sheet 1) Alloy: 1050,1100,3003,8011 2) Temper: 0. H12. H14. H16. H18. H22. H24. H26. 3) Thickness(mm): 0.3~3.0 4) Width(mm):100~1500 5) Length(mm): 500~10000 6) Dimensions can be produced according to clients' specifications 7) Good plasticity, conductivity 8) Generally used in industry and architecture industries 2. Aluminum Coil and Coated Aluminum Coil (PE and PVDF) 1) Alloy: ...
Product Group: Aluminum Sheet
Company: Zouping County Tai Xing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd    China

aluminium wire rod ec grade
aluminium wire rod ec grade 1350 dia 9.5mm al 99.7~min tensile strength 95mpa~110mpa 110mpa`120mpa. 110mpa`130mpa wooden pallet packing skyep gaoqingliujian
Company: Zouping County Taixing Industry And Trade Co.,Ltd    china

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