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List extensive product information of Non-metallic Mineral Deposit (include Talc, Kaolin, Mica, Barite, Brucite, Wollastonite), provided by Non-metallic Mineral Deposit manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

High Purity Talc
Herewith, is the chemical analysis of the Talc, one of the best ones we have found in one of the Iranian mines. MgO% 31. 15. SiO2% 62. 16. Al2O3% 0. 76. CaO% 0. 28. K2O% 0. 01. Fe2O3% 0. 65. LOI% 4. 89
Company: Liaoning Metals & Minerals Co., Ltd.    China

Specifications: SiO2 35. MgO 30. Al2O3 15. Whiteness 82-90. Packing: In 1mt bags. Usage: Paper-making, plastic industries.

Physical specificayions: Color: White ; Cie brighiness: >80% ; Moh's hardness:1 ; Specific gravity:2.7gm/cc. Chemical anyalsis: Sio2 61.00% ; Mgo 30-32% ; Al2o3 0.50% ; Cao 0.55% ; Fe2o3 0.12% ; Na2o 0.04% ; K2o 0.02% ; H2o 0.44%. Talc:98 ; Chlorite:1 ; Dolomite: <1 ; Magnesite: <1 apatite:0.0 ; Quartz: <1 ; Other opaques: <0.1 ; Amphibole:0.0 ; Asbestos:0.0. Uses: Ceramic industry. Chemical industry.
Company: Liaoning Metals & Minerals Co., Ltd.    China

Paint Grade Calcined Kaolin
1) Fine particle size and very low 325 mesh residue. 2) Good scattering properties. 3) High flowability. 4) High Chemical stability and non reactive with solvents and auxiliaries. 5) High whiteness. 6) Good scattering properties. 7) Strong coverage power. 8) Can partially replace expensive titanium dioxide. 9) Improve paint's resistance to cleaning, abrasion and weather. 10) Good suspension ability and sedimentation resistant. 11) Stable in storage. 12) A necessary material for making ...

Diatomite Filling, Carrier
Applications: 1) Diatomite fillers and additives: plastics, paint, fertilizer, fodder, pesticide, ceramics, steel, decorative material, detergent. 2) Diatomite used as carrier: catalyst carrier, fertilizer carrier. 3) Diatomite used as heat preservation material: metallurgy, centrifugal ductile pipe, paint model, precise casting pipe. 4) Diatomite used as environmental protection and light building material: paint, panel, brisk

High Purity Brucite
We can supply you high pure brucite stone and further processed fine powder and surface treated powder. Whiteness: 92 above, MgO: 64 above, LOI: 29, density: 2. 39 finess: 2 micron to 30 micron. Packing: 25kg paper bag. Our products have been successfully used in PE, PVC, rubber industry.

Calcined Anthracite Coal
1) Calcined Anthracite Coal: FC: 90% (min.) ; Ash: 8% (max.) ; VM: 2% (max.) ; M: 1.5% (max.) ; S: 0.3% (max.) ; Size: 1 - 5mm, 90% (min.). 2) Electrical Anthracite Coal: Ash: 6.5% (max.) ; VM: 0.8% (max.) ; M: 1% (max.) ; S: 0.3% (max.) ; Size: 1 - 20mm, 95% (min.) ; Real density: 1.82% (g/cm3) (min.) ; Resistively: 700 Ohm/mm2.

Quartz Mineral Deposits
We sell Qartz lamps with following quality. 1. Sio2 99. 72% , loss of ignition 0. 19% , Moisture o. 07% . , Al2O3 0. 012, Fe2O3 0. 0016% , CaO 0. 0023, MgO 0. 0003% . The form is in lamp.

Water Wash Kaolin
This product is widely used filler manufacturing of paper, rubber, paint, etc, . And Washed Kaolin is widely used Fine Ceramics, refractory goods, Tile, Sanitation fixture, glaze and Egobe etc..

Attapulgite Clay
Attapulgite is also called Palygorskite, is a kind of crystalloid hydrous magnesium-aluminum silicate mineral. Attapulgite has a special laminated chain structure in which there is a crystalline lattice displacement existed in the shape of needles, fibers or fibrous clusters. Boasting of it unusual PalyGel and PalySorb quality, Attapulgite is known as an environmental protection product, for it is a natural, inoxiousand tasteless.

Water Ground Mica, Talc, Magnesite
We can supply many kinds of minerals: Mica, talc, magnesite, graphite, brucite, Vermiculite, perlite, barite, feldspar, albite, Quartz, brown and fused aluminer, diatomite, active carbonate, kaolin, etc. Water Ground Mica: Available water ground mica for use in thermosetting compounds, FRP, paints etc.
Company: Liaoning Metals & Minerals Co., Ltd.    China

Pyrophyllites is widely used as the refractory materials, ceramic carved raw, materials, glass fiber and so on. Feature : 1. Chemical properties of pyrophyllite: al2 [si4o10(oh)2 . 2.Composition: al:30%-39%, fe203+tl20<0.2%. 3. We have produced all kinds of knives with pyrophyllite, the advantage are: A. Precision produced from a high-tech ceramic of zirconium oxide ; B. No-metallic taste. Enviromental protection ; C. Easy to clean, rust-proof

Needle Wollastonite Powder
Name: needle wollastonite powder Specification: Sio2 contents: 50% ; Cao contents: 44% ; Fe2o3 contents: 0. 3% ; Mgo contents: 0. 8% ; Al2o3 contents: 0. 8% ; Los: 0. Moisture: 2 ; Moisture: 0. 3% ; Whiteness: 92%

Soapstone Powder, Fluorite Powder
We supply fluorite (fluorspar) powder in hight quality (CaF2 97. 93% , Fe203 0. 095% , Sioz 1. 15% ) from china. Also supply Soapstone powder: Mesh size:300 - 700 mesh ; Whiteness: Upto 98% ; Brightness: Upto 96% ; Caco3 < 1%

Caustic Calcined Magnesite
We can supply Dead burned magnesite, Fused magnesia, Caustic calcined magnesite, Magnesite bricks from china.

Potash Feldspar
The specifications of our potash feldspar are: K2O:12.1% ; Na2O:2.54% ; SiO2:65.4% ; Fe2o3:0.3% ; Al2o3:19.1% ; Cao:0.1% ; MgO:.05% ; LOI:0.21%

We can supply wollastonite. Specifications: SiO2:48-51% CaO:43-45% Fe2O3:0.3%max MgO:1.0%max L. O. I:1.5-2.5% Size: 0-150mm,200-2500mesh. We can supply Brucite. Specifications: MgO:63%min CaO:2.5%max SiO2:2.5%max. Fe2O3:0.6%max Size:0-100mm

Calcined Kaolinite
Calcined kaolinite (CK) for precision casting is one kind of natural mullite, made of pure material through high temperature at 1,300°C calcined, and suitable for precision casting. The products have been processed by Japanese equipment with special techniques and for excellent foundry data. Its quality can be favorably compared with molochite.

Kaolin Block
1) Appearance: White block. 2) ISO Whiteness (%):82±1.0. 3) Particle size (-2um %):50±2. 4) Residue(+325%):0.2. 5) PH value: 4-5. 6) Moisture (%): 35±1. Chemical properties: Al2O3(%): 35.0. SiO2(%): 50.0. Fe2O3(%): 0.5. Burn-up (%): 13.0

Lime Stone
Sell Lime stone: Origin : Egypt ; Purity : 98 % Min. Calcium oxide : 54 % Min. Silicon Di Oxide : 0.96 % ; Chloride 0.16 % ; Loss of ignition 43.2 %

Caf2 90% min 85% min 80% min 75% min. Sio2 9.5% max 14.9% max 19.0% max 24.0% max. Packing: In bulk or others. Usage: For manufacture of hydrofluoric acid and as flux in iron and steel making. Also used in glass, ceramic and enamel industries. Fluorspar in powder

Mica Powder, Feldspar, Garnet Sand, Vermiculite, Dolomite
Mica powder, Caolin, Feldspar, Garnet sand, Vermiculite, Dolomite, High purity Silica sand, mulite, Milled sythetic Cryolite, Silica Microsphere (Cenosphere/ Zeeosphere). Silica Microsphere (Cenosphere/Zeeosphere) are light gray or off white lightweight, inert and nonmetallic hollow ceramic spheres in the range from 400um to 0.01um. With N2 or CO2 inside and over 95%spheres, the material has excellent fluidity as well as sound, electric and heat insulation, Hence it is called "The Space ...

Magnesia Oxide
MgO: 85% to 96%. SiO2: 6-0.5%. CaO: 4-1%. LOI: 8-1%. Widely used in steel-making, agriculture, farming, building material, environmental, additional material of abrasive, tanning agent, composite fertilizer and feedstuff's high quality materials.

Perlite Production Plant
Perlite is not a trad name but a generic term for naturally occurring siliceous volcanic rock. The distinguishing feathure which sete perlite apart from other volcanic glasses is that when heated to a suitable point in its softening rang, It expands four to twenty times its original volume. This expansion is due to the presence of two to six percent combined water in the crude perlite rock. When quickly heated to above 1600 f (870 c) the crude rock pops in a manner similar to popcorn as the ...

Silica Sand
We want to sell silica sand - Sio2 99.3% min. Oarticle size: US Mesh 25~40,40~60. For foundry, glass, water treatment, And bunker of golf ground.

We can supply paint and filler grades barite, barite for brake linings and friction products, barite for barium chemicals, drilling grade barite, barite for radiation shielding and additive in heavy concrete and barite for anode casting. Barite is a clean, relatively soft, virtually inert and quite inexpensive mineral.

Perforated aluminium strip for ppr pipe
Aluminium strip thickness: 0.150mm/0.12mm Coated with 40 g per square meter polypropylene Reel Width: Min. 18mm Real Lengths: 1300m and 2600m Alloy: EN-AW 3005 3003 8011 acc. To EN 575-3 Hole diameter: 2mm/2.5mm/3.0mm/3.5mm Gauge Tolerance: EN 546-3(+/-6%) Tensile Strength: EN 546-2(125-165 N/m per square meter) Elongation: EN 546-2 (L0 100)>10%) PP-Coating: Coating weight: 40 g per square meter on each side Tolerance: +/-5g per square meter ...
Product Group: Aluminium Strip
Company: Zouping County Tai Xing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd    China

Talc powder
Talc powder from MAGTALC Talc powder 325mesh Talc powder 600mesh Talc powder 800mesh Talc powder 1250mesh Talc powder 2000mesh Talc powder 5000mesh Haicheng No.1;Haicheng No.2;Haicheng No.3 Liaoning NO.1;Liaoning NO.2
Product Group: Talc Powder
Company: China Haicheng City Magtalc Corporation    China

we produce, stock and export cinnabar powder of high grade that meets the norms of international standard. we produce, stock and export cinnabar powder of high grade that meets the norms of international standard
Company: UNIQUE CHEMICAL COMPANY    malaysia

GOLD DUST/GOLD BARS FOR SALE I am Kojo Kweku from Bogoso community. Am a representative for the local gold miners here in Bogoso community,Ghana. We have capability of producing between 300-250 kilos of gold dust monthly. The product available below: Commodity Gold dust Available Quantity: 600kg Origin : Ghana Quality: 22+ carats Purity: 93.67% I shall be grateful to furnish you with any further information that you may require after hearing from you and shall consider it a ...

Aluminium Profile
We are one of the leading and experienced manufacturers in Malaysia that can supply Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials like Battery Scrap, UBC scrap HmS 1/2 recylced Plastics. We have saleable design products, flexible manufacturing facilities, own R&D, as well as professional engineers, strict QC and QA system. Our main objective is to provide our customer 100% satisfaction. It distributes its products principally in Malaysia, other Asian markets and the world at large.

Barite(natural barium sulfate BaSo4) S.G. 4.2 for oil Drilling or paint API-13a
Barium sulfate is odorless, tasteless, colorless, orthorhombic crystals or a white amorphous powder. It is an eco-friendly materials, insoluble in water, acids, alkalis or organic solvents. It can be used as Medical treatment when gastrointestinal X-ray perspective with the "barium meal"for the stomach when swallowed agent perspective (called barium meal)).Industry, can be used as paint, ink, plastic, rubber and raw materials or battery filler, paper, printing paper and the ...
Company: Lotus (Guangzhou) industrial co, ltd    China

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