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List extensive product information of Glass (include Tempered Glass, Clear Glass, Glass Tubing, Color Glass, Glass Rod, Laminated Glass), provided by Glass manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Cabinet Glass
1) Size and design: according to customers' requirements. 2) Applications: cabinet glass, TV stand, coffee/end/tea table, shelf and shower door
Company: Sunglas Technics Co., Ltd.    China

Silkscreen Tempered Glass
1) As tempered glass, it can withstand a high temperature about 250°C. 2) Dimensions: 320 x 140 x 5mm. 3) Edge: polished edge. 4) Surface: cut Φ205mm central half holes, peripheral cut 3holes Φ9mm, part silkscreen on one side. 5) Thickness: 4mm - 12mm. 6) Application: lamps and lanterns.
Product Group: Tempered Glass
Company: Sunglas Technics Co., Ltd.    China

Furniture Glass
While devoted to developing and producing glass for automobile, bathroom, building and household appliances, our company uses our professional and abundant experience in glass to offer various kinds of products, such as edge-smoothing and hole-drilling furniture, which would make your room very elegant and stylish.
Product Group: Furniture Glass

Color Glass Longpass Sharp Cut Filters
1)Sharp cut filters. 2)Bandwidth trimming. These color glass cut off filters provide a convenient means of limiting the short wave transmittance of a system. They are made from color glasses of known and documented spectral response Specifications. Material: Schott glasses or equivalent. Thickness = 2 - 3mm. Clear Aperture: > 85% of central circular dimension

We sell almost all kinds of glass: 1) ITO conductive Film Glass; 2) Low Emissivity coated Glass; 3) TiO2 self-cleaning coated glass; 4) Automotive Glass; 5) Straight Toughened Glass and Curve Toughened Glass; 6) Hollow Glass; 7) Laminated Glass; 8) Microwave oven glass; 9) Refrigerator Glass; 10) Color-crystal.Inlay Glass; 11) Warehouse Glass; 12) Heat-melt Glass

Borosilicate Colored Glass Tubing
1) Available colors: dark blue, light blue, amber, light yellow, green, pink, purple, red and opaque black. 2) Regularly stocked tubing size (diameter x wall thickness): 25 x 4.0mm, 32 x 3.2mm, 32 x 4.0mm, 38 x 3.2mm, 38 x 4.0mm, 44 x 4.0mm, 51 x 4.0mm, 51 x 4.8mm. 3) Customized sizes are available (outside diameter: 3.5 - 300mm). 4) Main composition: a) SiO2: 80 ±0.5% ; b) B2O3: 13 ±0.2% ; c) Al2O3: 2.4 ±0.2% ; d) Na2O (+K2O): 4.3 ±0.2%
Product Group: Glass Tubing

Low Iron Patterned Glass
Low iron patterned glass is mainly used on solar energy battery panels. The main thickness is 3.2mm. Within the sunshine wavelength 320 - 1,100nm, the sunshine transmittance is above 91% with a high reflectance to infrared rays beyond 1,200nm. This glass is also resistant to ultra-violet rays and the transmittance does not decrease.

Insulating Glass
Superiorenergy saving effect; Acoustic insulation:It can reduce 27-40 decibel noise and get very quiet effect; Remove frost:Thedew point of insulating glass can reach -70*; Improve wind load resistant intensity and not likely to self-burst.

Clear Float Glass
1) Clear float glass is suitable for tempering, bending, laminating, reflecting and low-E processing. 2) Clear float glass is available from 1mm to 15mm with sheet size up to 3,660 x 2,440mm
Product Group: Float Glass
Company: Sunglas Technics Co., Ltd.    China

High Refractive Index Glass Bead
Glass Bead with Refractive Index 2.2ND. 2.2nd glass bead is used for retro-reflective articles(refer to enclosed glossary), such as engineering grade sheet and super engineering grade sheet which contribute to road signs and traffic safety. Composition TiO2-BaO-ZnO GLASS. Refractive Index 2.2±0.1Nd. Specific Gravity 4.5±0.2 g/cm³. Color White. Form Fine spheres powder. Size 20-100μm. Roundness ≥95%. Opacity ≤5%

Color Float Glass
1) Excellent optical performance. 2) Stable chemical properties. 3) Absorbs the heat energy of light radiation, saving energy. Specifications: Available colors: green, blue, brown, bronze, grey, yellow and black. Thickness: 3-12mm

Water Cutting Glass
We have the high-pressure water-jet cutting machine. It can cut out any complex curve with the cutting gap between 0.5mm-20mm , it also make sure that the glass there aren't any heating deformation or slight creak . It can assure high cutting accuracy simultaneously, and can congregate the glass drilling, engraving and cutting, so there is no need to re-proceed the glass.

Carved Glass
My company can supply carved glass, tempered glass, bending glass, screen printing glass from china. All of these products are used in furniture, if you are interested in deep-processing glass, please feel free contact me, it SI my desire to establish a business relation with you in future.

Solar Ultra Clear Glass
The supply of solar ultra-white glass: 3.2mm thick, Buwen embossing, According to the National Standard Steel Processing standards. The products are applicable to the small solar substrates, such as solar LAWN LANTERNS and Solar for courtyard, and so on. The transmittance of the ultra white glass in our company is up to 91.75% which is far higher than other glass. They are popular with majority users with their excellent product quality.

Organic Glass
1) Thickness: 2-20mm. 2) Specification (W x L): 1220 x 2440mm, 1200 x 1800mm, 1000 x 1500mm, 1350 x 1650mm. 3) Colors: white, red, yellow, blue, green and others. 4) Specific property: high mechanical strength, high light transmittance and excellent weather ability, excellent insulation performance anticorrosion effect, can be processed through nailing, sawing, bonding, hot molding and also can be in carving and screen printing

Glass Raw Material
We own thousands of tons of broken pure bronze glass. We are interested in selling a large quality of the glass, 6 mm thickness, originally from a normal glass and ready for recycling (washed) . It can be reused for manufacturing bottles, glass blocks, fiberglass and other glass instruments.

Glass Block For Synthetic Jewelry Making
Our high quality clear or colored glass blocks are popular for further jewelry, ornaments, pendants. Producing: 1) .Colors: blue, pink, red, yellow, jade-green, cream, ceramic-look, green, mixed colors & etc. 2) .Shapes: rectangle, egg, hemisphere, rods. 3) Quick samples/counter samples confirmation

Light Green Automotive Glass
1) Front windshield quality. 2) Side windshield quality. 3) Rear windshield quality. 4) Technical data available as requested. 5) A variety of cut sizes can be ordered for 4mm and 5mm glass of 3,300 x 2,250mm

Stained Glass
This product is hand crafted with stained glass. The joints and edges are first filled with lead then coated in tin for a fine polished silver colored finish. Product size: 17.5 x 4.5 x 15cm. Materials: glass, lead, tin

Glass Products
Display screen glass widely used in electronic appliances, display screen potection. such as CRT, LCD, PDP, flat computer display, scanner, copycat, electrograph, top grade meter panels. Features: highly clear display,top grade decoration, equipment protection etc; for example LCD mainboard glass grade decoration, easily cleaning ,antisepsis, prevent aging, resist bump. AG glass is made by specially chemical processing, its feature is not reflective surface. The surface of products is good ...

Electric Scale Glass
Tempered glass is made by heating flat glass to near its softening temperature and suddenly chilling it with jets of cold air, which distributes compression stress on the glass surface and tensile stress in the middle of glass. The interaction of compression stress and tensile stress provides tempered glass with a much higher strength than normal float glass. Features: 1) 4-5 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. 2) In the event of breakage, the glass breaks into blunt particles ...

Glass Rod
1) Available colors: dark blue, light blue, amber, light yellow, green, pink, purple, red and opaque black. 2) Regularly stocked rod diameter: 3-45mm. 3) Regularly stocked rod length: 1,200mm. 4) Customized sizes are available (outside diameter: 3.5-46mm)
Product Group: Glass Rod

Bullet-Proof Glass
Bulletproof glass is one kind of the sandwich glass, and made jointly by the multilevel glass and pile, total thickness takes to more than 20mm, higher require bulletproof glass thickness reach 50mm. According to the difference between the thickness of bulletproof glass and the film of intermediate layer, it can resist pistols effectively, shooting of different firearms, such as the submachine-gun, and the rifle. Because of the special function, bulletproof glass is a kind of top-grade ...

Glass for Ovens, Microwave Ovens & Baking Stoves
1) Flat and bending tempering is available depending on customers' requirements. 2) Screen printing and sand blasting are available for the surfaces of glass. 3) Temperature shock resistance can reach 250°C

Glass Beads
The glass bead is one kind of extremely tiny glass round bead. We found it crystal clear and translucent under the microscope. The transportation departments of many countries have confirmed that the glass beads are used as the reflective materials for the road marking. At night, the vehicles drivers must clearly recognize the graticules. When the headlights of vehicles turn on, the glass beads in the paint or the surface of the paint refracts the light and gives the guideline direction to ...
Product Group: Glass Bead

Screen Printed Glass, Paint Glass, Colored Glass
1) Tempered safety glass. 2) Any colors, patterns, logos can be printed. 3) OEM service according customer's drawings. 4) Float glass and ultra-white glass available. 5) Bent and flat type available. 6) It has broad applications in many consumer electronics. 7) Thickness: 3.2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm etc.

Shower Room Glass
1) Screen printed glass shelves are made of tempered or heat-strengthened glass, one face is covered, either partially or totally, with mineral pigments. 2) In addition to decorative function, screen printed glass shelves are also a solar ray controller. 3) Screen printed glass shelves are used as refrigerator cover

Tempered Glass
Features of tempered glass: Security:It can not cause heavy injury to human body. High intensity:Is 4-5 times more than simple glass. Hardness:3-4 times more than simple glass. Thermal stability:It can endure 3-4 times more than simple glass
Product Group: Tempered Glass

Ultra-Clear Glass
1) Ultra clear glass. 2) Can do work for holes. 3) Glass thickness: 19mm. 4) Polished around. Fish tank and other glass products made of ultra-clear glass have high visibility, closer to nature.

Low-E Insulated Glass
Product properties: 1. High visible transmittance with natural effects and elegant color. 2. High solar radiation transmittance, shading coefficient (SC) >0.5. 3. High reflectivity to far and medium infrared ray with low U value keeps heat radiation from passing through the glass. Applications: 1. A better choice for windows, doors and curtain walls in cold climate. In winter, the solar radiation can pass through low-E glass to make the room more comfortable, and the heat radiation ...

Organic glass, Pmma sheet
Organic glass, Pmma sheet is one of the plastic with excellence of thermal forming and easy extra worked sheet.It's high light transparency,superior impact resisdence,excellent clearness,wide range of color selection,good electrical insulation,excellent weather ability, flexible to meet mechanical and chemical design work, stable color under outdoor exposure. Organic glass, Pmma sheet Features: 1.Good transparency、weather resistance and good mechanical processability. 2.Light and ...
Product Group: Organic Glass
Company: Shanghai Pretty-Printing Co., Ltd    China

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