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List extensive product information of Refractory Material (include Refractory Brick), provided by Refractory products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

@ Kiln Accessories
Besides Ceramic Roller, we are supplying Kiln Accessories such as Setter Plate, Slab, Pusher, Cordierite Insulated Brick ,Suspended Roof Plate. We are trying our best to satify the tile manufacturers by providing series of kiln accessories and technical support. Specifications: from 330x330 to 700x700.

Light Fired Magnesia Powder
Our light fired magnesia powder is made from magnesite as raw material, which is fired in reflective furnace. With stable quality, it has high purity, high activity, and extensively used in refractories, chemical industry, building materials, papermaking and animal husbandry.

Sic Refractory
It is made of fine superior silicon carbide material, shaped by high-density pressing after fired at high-temperature. It has the feature of little deformation, anti- sharp heating and cooling, anti-oxidization, anti-corrosion, high strength.
Company: Zibo Xindi Refractory Co., Ltd.    China

Al2o3 (Corundum)
We can offer high quality product. OXIDE ALUMINIUM, chemical formula AL2O3 (corundum) . Nano-disperse powder of white color with average of the measuring of the fractions 60-80 angstrom and 0, 3-0, 6 microns. PRODUCT: Al2O3 nanopowder

Refractory Finished Products
Can supply refractory finished products as follows: Refractory products of al2o3-sio2 system. 1. Fireclay brick ; Fireclay brick for hot blast stove ; Fireclay brick for casting pit. 2. High alumina brick; High alumina refractory brick for electric arco furnace roots ; High alumina refractory brick for steel ladle ; High alumina silicon carbide brick. 3. Corundum brick. Sintered corundum brick ; Fused cast corundum brick ; Chrome corundum brick. Basic refractory products: 1. Magnesite brick ...
Company: Zibo Xindi Refractory Co., Ltd.    China

Bubble Alumina
The bubble alumina is a hollow spherulitic heat-insulation materials, which is made by electro fusing method. It is noted for its light-weight, heat-resistance, close pore. It is an ideal filler for high-temperature furnaces and an excellent aggregate of light weight castable refractory.

Refractory Brick for Glass Smelting Furnace
1) Zirconia-mullite brick for glass smelting furnace: a) Al2O3 (%): 60 ; b) Fe2O3 (%): 0.5 ; c) ZrO (%): 20 ; d) Porosity (%): 20 ; e) Bulk density (g/cm³): 3.05 ; f) Cold crushing strength (MPa): 80 ; g) Refractoriness under load 0.2MPa KD (oC): 1,650. 2) Burned brick based on fused mullite: a) Al2O3 (%): 75 ; b) Fe2O3 (%): 0.3 ; c) SiO2 (%): 24 ; d) Porosity (%): 17 ; e) Bulk density (g/cm³): 2.7 ; f) Cold crushing strength (MPa): 90 ; g) Refractoriness under load 0.2MPa KD (oC): 1,700 ; ...

Refractory Ball
1) The refractory ball is used for catalyst supporting and covering, used in the shifter and reformer of the ammonia plant. 2) Bulk density: 1,200-1,400kg/m³. 3) Alkali resistance: more than 85%. 4) Refractoriness: more than 1,500°C

Vermiculite, Vermiculite Board
Vermiculite Board: Fire Doors, Wall & Ceiling Systems, Floor & Ceiling Linings, Duct Claddings, Refractory and Industrial Insulations. We have huge quantities of vermiculite available for regular exports, in various mesh sizes, -0 -1 mm,1- 5 mm etc. We have our own ceramics and refractory manufacturing unit.
Company: Zibo Xindi Refractory Co., Ltd.    China

Refractory Materials
Manufacturer of refractory materials as castable refractory, high strength castable refractory, hot strength castable refractory, coating refractory, conventional castable refractory, fire cements, refractory mortar for cement industries, steel plants, thermal power stations, boiler houses, chemical, paints, fertilizer, glass, copper, zinc, aluminum, petro chemical industries in china.

Silica Fume (Micro Silica) For Refractory
To reduce the dosage of cement and water in castable refractory, enhance the compactness and compressive strength. Silica fume has high activity, based on the existing of alumina, it is easy to form the mullite phase, and to enhance the high-temperature behavior and resistance to heat shocks. Purpose: 1. High-performance refractories. 2. Iron runner and ladle, air brick. 3. Castable refractory, dry / wet method spray construction. 4. Corundum products and ceramic products. 5. Calcium ...

Kiln Roof Kiln Furniture
We could supply different sizes of hanging rails and hanging cranks for different kilns. The max. usage temperature is within 1,300°C. It is very clean kiln furniture for our firing product and very easy to install the kiln roof. The cost is lower than other material as the kiln roof.

Refractory Aluminino Silicate Products
We are in postion to supply: 1. Aluminino-Silicate Refractory Fibre Blandets Application Temperature from 1000 to 1350 Celsius. 2. Aluminino-Silicate Refractory Fibre Module. 3. Aluminino-Silicate Refractory Fibre Paper 1260 Celsius. 4. Aluminino-Silicate Swing Fibres

Magnesite-Alumina Brick
Magnesite-alumina brick is mainly made from high magnesia and alumina. It has good performance under high temperature and high thermal shock resistance. It is widely used in open hearth furnaces of steelmaking as well as non-ferrous furnaces

Fire Bricks
Refractory: 1) fire bricks, 2) high alumina brick, 3) insulating bricks-fireclay quality, 4) fireclay bricks, 5) mg-c bricks, 6) fused silica nozzles for continuous casting, 7) al-c sliding bricks, 8) corundum nozzles, 9) fire mortar, 10) refractory ball al2o3:42-80% dia:3-10cm, 11) refractory felts service temp:800-1000 up, 12) castables

Refractory Fibre Spraying And Castables
We can supply refractory fibre spraying, refractory fibre castables and special fiber castables etc. With best quality and competitive price.

We can supply shaped, unshaped and special refractories whereby can satisfy the major part of domestic industrial needs like Steel, Cement, Aluminum, Petrochemical, Power Plants, Refineries, Copper industries. Various Fireclay and Alumina bricks ; tempered Pitch and Resin bonded Dolomite bricks ; Magnesia, Magnesia Graphite, Magnesia Chromite and Magnesia Spinel bricks ; Alumina, Magnesia and Dolomite mixes and mortars ; casting and ramming mixes of blast furnace ; Calcined Dolomite ; High ...

Sepiolite Powder And Fiber
Sepiolite is one kind of the very rare mine in nature. It is a silicate fiber mineral containing rich magnesium. Its main characteristics were as below: Strong stability of heat, Saline and acidic resistant, Strong ability of adsorption, Easy to dissolve in water, No contaminate to environment, Harmless

Sintered Spinel
Uses: 1) The products are made from high quality raw materials. 2) Sintered at high temperature in the tunnel kiln. 3) It's highly consistent in quality, and can be widely used in the production of refractory products with high thermal-shock resistance, and anti-corroding ability for metallurgy, construction and glass industries. 4) The products hold features of fine crystals, stable contraction and perfect fluidness. Specifications: MgO (%): 22-49 ; SiO2 (%): 0.35 ; Al2O3 (%): 49-76 ; ...

Monolithic Refractories for EAF
Corundum castable for roof and refractory pre-cast shapes for roof is used for in casting or pre-casting for tri-angle area of UFP EAF roof. Tap hole fillers are used to fill the tap hole of EBT.

Mineral Refractory
Exporter, mining, processor of minerals including white china clay, bauxite, red ochre, high alumina clay, levigated china clay, levigated bauxite, white minerals used for ceramic, cement, rubber, paint industries by Popular Minerals, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Alumina Chrome Brick
The products are widely used in non ferruous metal smelting, refining smelting, electric furnace, converter as inner lining, featuring for non-adhering of salg, anticorrosion and anti-peeling off, also for its high temperature property. Aluminium chromium brick: Al2O3: 70-80% ; Cr2O3: 10-20% ; SiO2: 40 ; Softening temperature at the load of 0. 2mpa: >=1620 ; Variation of reburning line: (1600degree C*3H)

Dead Burned Magnesite
The product is characterized by good sintering, dense crystal, high purity and stable quality. It is mainly used for making various kinds of magnesite brick, for making metallurgical powder as ramming material to be used on the wall and bottom of the funace, as gunning material to mend the lining of the furnace

Low-Creep Mullite Brick
1) Low-creep mullite brick is made of sintered mullite, highly sintered clay at high temperature. 2) Mineral component is in mullite phase. 3) High temperature structural strength, low-creep in high temperature, excellent stability against thermal shocking. 4) Used in main and branch pipes of hot stove and blast furnace, wall of heat-accumulating room

Refractory Clay
Refractory grade clay (concentration) specifications al2o3 36.00%, sio2 42.3% fe2o3 1.5%, k2o 0.72% drying line contraction 4.33% 1350 2h burnt line contraction 16.36% total contraction 20.69%burnt water absorption 0.47% burnt gravity(gcm3)2.37%. Calculate fire resistance 1750 35packing: In bulk or in plastic woven bags of about 50kg net each. Uses for manufacturing refractory materials for cement iron and steel, sugar-making, calcium carbide, electric porcelain industry, metallurgy, ...

Refractory Castable
Low Cement Castable (LCC). Made from calcined high alumina bauxite, mullite and fused alumina as aggregates and high alumina micro powder, Alpha alumina powder, silica micro powder as bond. Refractoriness: 1800 C. Volume Density (After Fired in 1000 C): 3.10 g/cm3. Apparent Porosity (After Fired in 1000 C): 25 (approx). Uses: suitable for lances in iron and steel makings, e-furnace top, nose ring of rotary kiln and cooler etc.

Refractory Castable And Ramming Mass
We can supply all kinds of unshaped refractory materials especially such as refractory castable and ramming mass. We can also supply the portland cement refractory castable, phosphate refractory castable, water-glass refractory castable, low-cement refractory castable, steel fibers high-strength castable, alkali castable and so on.

Refractory Products
We mainly deal in exporting all kinds refractory products, including magnesia brick, magnesia carbon brick, magnesia chrome brick, magnesia material, magnesia alumina chrom brick, alumina casting mix and magnesia gunning mix.

Magnesite-Dolomite Brick
Horton series of magnesia-dolomite bricks are composite basic refractory products, made from magnesite and dolomite burned at high temperature or ultra-high temperatures. They can be applied in AOD/VOD refining furnace. Optional Information - HS Code : 6902 Refractory Bricks, Blocks, Tiles & Similar Refractory Ceramic Goods - Delivery : within 2 months - Origin : China - Minimum Order : 1mt - Packaging : wooden case.
Product Group: MgO Dolomite Bricks
Company: Dalian Horton International Trading Co., Ltd    China

Resin Bonded Magnesia Bricks
Choosing special calcium-based materials and special resin, with special technique and waterproof treatment, Horton supply Mg-CaO-C bricks for refining ladles, which can adsorb non-metal inclusions in the molten steel so as to purify the molten steel. Optional Information - HS Code : 6902 Refractory Bricks, Blocks, Tiles & Similar Refractory Ceramic Goods - Delivery : within 2 months - Origin : China - Minimum Order : 1mt - Packaging : wooden case.
Company: Dalian Horton International Trading Co., Ltd    China

Magnesia-Carbon Bricks
Horton supply a complete range of MgO-C bricks with the features of high strength, excellent resistance against slag, high refractoriness, and good thermal shock resistance. The products are widely applied to ladle working lining, especially to slag zone. Optimum designs are offered to fit individual applications and actual smelting conditions, reliable performances and long service sequences have been proven. Optional Information - HS Code : 6902 Refractory Bricks, Blocks, Tiles & ...
Product Group: Magnesia Carbon Bricks
Company: Dalian Horton International Trading Co., Ltd    China

Self-flow Castables
According to the solid rheology theory and the actual service condition of refractory, Horton has developed the high-tech self-flow castables (SFC) in China. Without vibration, SFC will be degassed and leveled by gravity and thereby become compact. The Products show the features of good flowability, suitable setting time, labor-saving, high-strength, long service life, good insulation, high temperature resistance, superior resistance to thermal shock resistance, erosion-corrosion. The ...
Company: Dalian Horton International Trading Co., Ltd    China

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