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List extensive product information of Label & Tag (include Clothing Label, Shrink Label, PVC Label, Nameplate, Metal Tag), provided by Label & Tag manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Paper Hangtag
Size: All sizes available. Color: Pantone colors as well as the common 4 color(CMYK) process. Materials: C1S/C2S Paper ,Gloss Art paper. White card. 200g-250g-Surface disposal: Gloss/matte lamination, vanish, aqueous coating, UV coating, Spot Uv, Gold/Silver Foil, Logo Embossing. Delicate design, fine craftsmanship, high quality, reasonable price
Company: Dongguan Humen Liyang Paper Products Shop    China

PP Label
1. Made of PP. 2. Customized printing and size. 3. Widely used for wet towel, sanitary towel etc. 4. High quality and low price, convenient use. 5. Top adhesive material

Luggage Tag
1) Materials: Soft PVC, Rubber, plastic. 2) Can show phonecard, bus card, bank card, photograph, etc. behind the card hung. 3) All items can be made a 2D logo and designs. 4) Samples can be provided quickly.
Product Group: Luggage Tag
Company: Hangzhou Fuhan Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.    China

Cigarette Trademark
1) Materials: ivory cardboard, white board with gray bottom, gold/silver paper, environmentall friendly paper. 2) Printing techniques: UV lithography, silk screen printing, copperplate printing. 3) Surface: anti-forgery, partial glaze, bronzing, imprint, cover membrane. 4) Design: we supply and perfect designs according to customers' requirements
Company: Hangzhou Fuhan Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.    China

Clothing Labels And Accessories
Our company is professional in making jeam leather labels, hanging labels, rubber labels, button , snaps and trademarks for all kinds of casusl garments, T-shirts, handbags, shoes etc.
Product Group: Clothing Label

Luggage (Dog) Tag
1) Materials: brass, iron, steel iron, aluminum. 2) Plating: gold, anti-gold, silver, anti-silver, nickel, anti-nickel, black nickel, brass, anti-brass, copper, anti-copper, and dyed black. 3) Processing: offset printing, or silk printing. 4) Various thicknesses available. 5) Epoxy coating. 6) Various attachments available. 7) Color reference: Pantone color chart
Product Group: Luggage Tag

Labels, Logos, and Metal Accessories
1) Labels, logos, and metal accessories. 2) All color available, added enamel or epoxy. 3) Function: with let or with screw. 4) More 50,000 new and fashion designs. 5) Customer logos available. 6) Material: zinc

Nylon Label Tape
1) Slit Edged. 2) Suitable printings: thermal transfer, offset, rotary, silk screen, hot stamping, letter press printing. 3) Length: 200m. 4) Max. width: 160cm. 5) Core: 1.5" or 3"
Product Group: Label Tape

3D PVC Rubber Hanging Label
1) Finish: 3D PVC rubber. 2) Material: PVC rubber. 3) Fitting: magnet. 4) The product on picture is for reference only, not for sale. Made in china.

Self Adhesive Address Label
This label, which is made of our superior non-drying adhesive paper and coated with highly adhesive pressure-sensitive adhesive, has high adhesion strength. Due to its standardized production, this product has complete varieties and is precise in die cutting and easy in peeling without any waste. It is suitable for classification (indexing) of data, indication of price and good-transport. Face: fluorescence paper, white writing paper Back: white glassine paper, yellow woodfree paper, blue ...

Shrink Label
This kind of sensitive plastic material which shrinks once heat is applied. The advantage is to avoid printing on the bottles and instead of use high quality graphics to enhance the product. Once heat is applied to the film, the film will shrink and follow the contour of the bottle providing a tight fit.

Commodity Sticker/Label
1. We can supply various sizes and materials for sticker/label. 2. Printed with 1 to 12 colors. 3. Material: paper, vinyl, polyester. 4. Matte or glossy lamination. 5. Golden hot stamping. 6. Waterproof, alcohol-proof, oil-proof. 7. Heat-resistant, freezing-resistant, suitable for curved surfaces. 8. Offset, silk screen, flexographic printing technique

Tag & Label
1) Materials: copperplate paper, ivory card-board, white board of gray bottom, complex paper of environment protection, Kraft paper, special type paper. 2) Printing techniques: UV lithography, silk screen printing, and copperplate printing. 3) Surface disposal: ant-forgery, part glaze, bronzing, impress, cover membrane, etc.

Pressure-Sensitive Label
1) Materials: adhesive paper, foil paper. 2) Specification: various shapes and sizes depend on you. 3) Character: easy to peel, high adhesion. 4) Purpose: card craft work, gift packaging, all kinds of books, magazines and so on. 5) Remark: high quality and reasonable price

1) We supply paper labels, tags, adhesive papers, laser labels, hang labels, or other labels. 2) Any size, shape, and color are available. 3) Other printing techniques are available, such as UV lithography, bronzing, impress, membrane covering and so on.

PET Shrink Sleeve Label
Thermo sensitive plastic material which shrinks once heat is applied. The advantage is to avoid printing on the bottles and instead use high quality graphics to enhance the product. Once heat is applied to the film, the film will shrink and follow the contour of the bottle providing a tight fit, it can also when properly applied be used as a tamper proof evident seal.
Product Group: Shrink Label

Roll Tea Bag Printing Paper
1) Supply filter paper, outer bag paper and label paper. 2) Soft papery, safe and high strength. 3) Heat sealed teabag paper is processed as tea bags, coffee teabags, and herb teabags. 4) Accept customer's requirement of design, tea bag width, gram, and diameter of roll

Hang Tag
1) Material: paper, PVC, PP and fabric. 2) Accessory: plastic or metal chain. 3) Technologies: offset, hot-press, laser, cover membrane, weaving embroidered. 4) Elaborate printing, bright-colors, glossy surface. 5) One side or two sides, concave or convex. 6) Customized shape and other specifications. 7) Applicable for all kinds of garments
Product Group: Hang Tag
Company: Hangzhou Fuhan Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.    China

Customized Tags With Photo
1, Printed dog tags are suitable for full-color graphics or photos. You can custom any pictures you like. You can use different photos for both of sides. The back is white for printed one side. 2, Free setup, Free shipping to your door via UPS. 3, Dimensions of the dog tags are size of 2.05 x 1.15 inches (52x29mm). The thickness of steel is 1.2mm

PVC Label
1).It made of transparent PVC. 2).There is very beautiful picture to buyers. 3).They also can design pictures by themselves. 4).With the high-press, we can put the picture clearly into cloth, book, file clamp and other things. 5).It is a very Environmental-Friendly material.

Label & Tag
1) Size: according to clients' specifications. 2) Material: ivory card paper, white paper board, gold / silver card paper. 3) Function: labels tags name cards widely used in garment factories. 4) Delicate design, fine craftsmanship

Luggage Tags
1. Material: soft PVC, silicone, brass,zinc alloy and aluminum. 2. Plating : gold ,anti-gold ,silver and dyed black. 3. Processing: stamped or photo. etching brass or steel and injection soft PVC. 4. Logo:printed, laser printed and engraved. 5. Various thicknesses available. 6. Epoxy coating coptional. 7. Various attachments available. 8. Color reference: pantone color chart
Product Group: Luggage Tag

Cloth Label
1) Printing: offset printing, screen printing. 2) Material: copperplate paper, card-board, art paper, kraft and white card paper. 3) Handle: die-cut handle, cotton, chemical fiber, cloth rope and so on. 4) Surface disposal: hot stamping, part glaze, bronzing, embossing, over membrane, UV varnish. 5) Used for displaying brands and logos on the shoes, clothes, garments
Product Group: Cloth Label

1) Principal material: PC, PMMA, PET; 3m adhesive tape. 2) Parameter of capability: coating film test: under the normal temperature and the speed of 0.5mm/second, the 8mm length of the nick, 1kg power, the products have no the phenomena of baring the underside and shedding. 3) Pressure test: in normal temperature condition; put on static film of lens with standard block 500g, 350g, 200g, let it last 68 hours, no mucus on the static film peel off easily, lens have no impressions and mark of ...

Seven-Color Rotary Label Printing Machine
1) Six colors printing on one side at a time, five colors on the front side and two on the back, or four colors on the front side and three on the back. 2) This machine equips IR automatic baking system. 3) The ink transfer system is uniform and reasonable. Specifications: 1) Max. printing width: 100mm. 2) Max. printing length: 296mm / 400mm. 3) Max. material width: 110mm. 4) Printing speed: 0 - 60m/min. 5) Total power: 1.7kW. 6) Overall dimensions: 1,520 x 20 x 600mm. 7) Weight: 1,200kg
Product Group: Label Printing Machine

BOPP Label
1) Material: BOPP. 2) Printed by advanced printing machine. 3) High transparency. 4) Highly glossy. 5) Bright-colored. 6) Highly waterproof. 7) High tensile strength. 8) Good quality and low price. 9) Product structure: BOPP. 10) Application: labels for drink, food and detergent

1. Materials available: gold / silver card paper, white board paper, brown board paper, coated paper. 2. Printing techniques: offset printing, rotogravure printing, silk screen printing, flexography printing, UV lithography, foil blocking, anti-counterfeiting. 3. All our products are manufactured based on the quality management system

Battery Labels, Washing Product Labels
Types: a) Battery label printing: imitation metal battery and other battery, humid glued tag printing. b) Washing product printing: shampoo, detergent, humid glued tag printing. c) Airport product printing: luggage belt, heat luggage belt and heat boarding check printing. d) Photo developing product printing: serial number label printing

Aluminum Foil Laminated Labels
1) Smooth with metal look surface, and anti-oil, ease to clean functions. Its common implicate for trademark usage and indication for equipment. 2) Specification, such as stock, surface finishing, packing and other requirement for our reference

Laser Labeling nameplate
Material: cloth, leather, wood, plastic, glass, acrylic, metal. Application: advertisement, brand, logo, product mark, craft & gift. Our company can label any pattern by laser technology according to customer's design.

Consumer Packaged Labels
(1) High speed rotary letterpress printing machine with up to 7 colors and high brightness and saturation can make two sided UV printing. (2) Flatbed letterpress equipment with die cutting, hot stamping, serial numbering and punching capabilities. (3) Silk screen printing machine (sheet fed and roll-to-roll) makes precise colors with high brightness and saturation. (4) Various materials available: paper and film (PP, PET, PVC, PE, PC)

Adhesive food label
Are you looking for high quality printed food label to make your products more attractive? Taihot Shenzhen can provide you that printing service which can satisfy all your needs.
Product Group: Food Label
Company: Taihot Adhesive Products Co.,Ltd.    China

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