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List extensive product information of Aerosols, provided by Aerosol manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Aluminum Aerosol Canisters
Specifications: 1) Volume: 50ml-1000ml. 2) Material: aluminum. Necked-in aerosol cans, other volume from 45-65 mm, from 90 ml. To 1000 ml.
Company: Shanghai Sunwell Co., Ltd.    China

Dispense Pump
Applications: 1) Hand soap dispenser ; 2) Hand lotion dispenser ; 3) Antibacterial soap dispenser ; 4) Detergent dispenser; 5) Cosmetic products

Spray Actuator
We supply different spray pattern aerosol actuators for 1" and 20mm valve from china.

Aerosol / Deodorant Spray
ENABLE deodorant spray (Aerosol) offers you 24 hour fresh dry feeling with odor-off effect. Each formula strictly examined by our USA Enable Beauty Lab and without any harm to human body. Keep out of each of Children, store away from Fire & Heat. 75~250ml volume Optional.
Company: Shanghai Sunwell Co., Ltd.    China

Aerosols Can
We offer kinds of tin-plate triple cans, also can provide the relevant bottom, cover, valve itself, and can help to find suppliers to fullfill your fragrance and so on.
Product Group: Aerosol Can

Three-Piece Aerosol Can
Three-Piece Aerosol Can. We can produce diameters of 45mm, 52mm, 57mm, 65mm and deforming pressure 12Mpa, 15Mpa and 17Mpa from china.
Product Group: Aerosol Can
Company: Shanghai Sunwell Co., Ltd.    China

Aroma Dispenser
We can offer some other shaped auto dispenser, which is mainly for metered air freshener spray.

Crimp / Screw Pump Sprayers
We sell best quality best price crimp or screw pump sprayers or mist sprayers any size in silver/gold color. Size: Diameter: 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 28mm, etc. Type: Crimp or screw. We also match the pump sprayers or mist sprayers with alu caps. Material: Can be plastic or aluminum. Color: Silver or golden colors
Product Group: Pump Sprayer

Aerosol Cans
1) Tinplate can: a) Diameter: Φ45, Φ52, Φ57, Φ65. b) Height: 100 - 320mm. 2) Aluminum Can: a) Diameter: Φ22, Φ30, Φ35, Φ38, Φ40, Φ45, Φ50, Φ53, Φ59, Φ66 ; b) Height: 58 - 240mm
Product Group: Aerosol Can

Trigger Sprayer
Specifications: 1) Material: Plastic. 2) Caliber:28/400,28/410. 3) Output/nozzle:0.65-0.7ml. 4) Spray freely. 5) Fine and clear mist. 6) Two switches, two ways of spray
Product Group: Trigger Sprayer

Plastic Perfume Atomizer
Our produce range from the plastic perfume bottle with caps, and pumps, the capacity differs from small to big, which is made by plastic or aluminum etc

PU Foam
1) Sunrise PU foam is a kind of one-component polyurethane foams, which is solidified by the moisture in the air. 2) It adopts European advanced technology, plus carefully-chosen raw material and unique producing method, all of which makes our PU foam stable, strong, hermetic and high-quality

Aluminum Aerosol Cans
We supply quality aluminum aerosol (spray) cans. Diameter: 20,25,28,30,35,40mm. Height: 50 up to 130mm. Capacity: 10ml up to 150ml. Logo imprint is acceptable. Valves and decorative caps are also available
Product Group: Aerosol Can

Trigger Sprayers
1) Specifications: Ø28/400, Ø28/410, Ø28/415. 2) Discharge rate: 0.80-1.20ml/T. 3) Functions: spray / off / stream / off
Product Group: Trigger Sprayer

Perfume Diffuser
Natural rattan core is a good perfume diffuser. It has netting character of caudex, this will let the liquid like fragrance easily spray into air. Following size are available from our stock. Diameter 2.75mm x 12', 15, 18, 24', 32' etc.

Dispenser Pumps
1) Specification: (16mm to 24mm available). 2) Capability: Run fast. 3) Material: Plastic, aluminum. 4) Ideal for commodity, cosmetic and medicine dispensing

Aluminum Container
1) Ointment/cream bottle. 2) Sizes: 15g, 20g, 30g, 50g. 3) Suitable for cosmetic products. 4) Material: cover-PP inside with aluminum coating ,with self-adhesive, body-ceramic inside with aluminum coating. 5) The surface can be oxidized with different colors

Spray Cap
We can make different types of plastic aerosol spray cap for different kinds of filling products, such as air freshener, insecticide, deodrant and etc. And many kinds of colours are available for choosing.

We supply a variety of aerosol cans which can be used to store pressurized cleaning, polishing, or other fluid products. The cans are 500mL in volume.

Screw Sprayer
1) Diameter: Φ24mm (Φ10mm to Φ28mm available). 2) Capability: good for spray. 3) Material: plastic, aluminum. 4) Ideal for commodity, cosmetic and medicine spraying

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