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List extensive product information of Blister Cards, provided by Blister Card manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Thermo-forming plastic trays keep your products in place. Clamshell, blister tray, blister cover and fold-edge blister are available. One-stop service (blister and folding box) available.
Company: Shanghai Minxing Packing Material Co., Ltd.    China

EPE Foam Sheet
1) Used as packing lining of electronic and other fragile, high-grade products during conveyance. 2) Includes anti-static, conductive, ordinary PE foam and fire retardant PE foam

Toy Casing Blisters
We can supply different sizes of PP, PET, PS, HDPE, HIPS, PETG, PETA, BOPS, ABS, PVC blister trays according to customers' needs.

Cosmetic Blister Card
Features: 1) Materials: PET, PVC, PP, PS. 2) Ideal for cosmetics packing. 3) More convenient and fixed. 4) Manufacturing according to customer's requirements
Company: Shanghai Minxing Packing Material Co., Ltd.    China

Clear plastic clamshell allows customers to inspect the product before buying. Our high quality thermoformed packaging is designed to meet your special needs. The blister tray fixes products in the proper position.

Blister Tray
The PVC blister packing suitable for cosmetics and commodities, we do the material according to the customer's requirements. Features: 1) Usage: packing cosmetics, artistic products, stationary, porcelains, health-keeping products and hardware. 2) Materials: PVC, PS, PET. 3) Technology: flocking on the outer side of the product. We supply different colors, materials and sizes to protect your products
Product Group: Blister Tray
Company: Shanghai Minxing Packing Material Co., Ltd.    China

PET or PVC Blister Trays
1) Good quality plastic material providing high level of transparency, not only protects the inside merchandise, also provides a graceful look on the market shelf. 2) All blister products are tailor-made to fit for customers' products, there are many styles such as: blister trays, blister inserts, blister covers, clamshells. 3) We provide one-stop services for printing folding boxes with blister insert to different industries like: electronic, household, gift and premium and cosmetics. ...
Product Group: Blister Tray

EPE Foam
1) Lamination roller width: 1500mm. 2) Lamination board width: 900mm, 1200mm. 3) Producing speed: 10m/minute. 4) Power: 40KW

Blister Card
1) Materials: ivory board, white board. 2) Printing technique: front and back side color printing, front side coating blister varnish. 3) Product scope: use for various finishing gear with light and handy sport equipment, surface disposal using blister shell. So, it is easier carry through for transportation and packing.

PS Foam Boards
1) Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 10mm. 2) Dimensions: 610 x 915mm, 700 x 1000mm, 915 x 1830mm, 900 x 2400mm, 1220 x 2440mm.

PET/APET/PP/PVC Blister Packaging
We are very professional in producing all kinds of PVC bags, cloth bags, handle bags, cosmetic bags, HDPE/LDPE/PP/OPP bags, anti-static bags, bubble bags and sealed tapes from china. we have one production line for all kinds of blister products.

Blister Card
We supply electronic accessories packaging, skin care packaging, cosmetics packaging, daily necessities, and blister cards.

PET Blister Card
Features: 1) Used to pack toys, electronics and gifts. 2) A cost effective way to display retail products. 3) Can produce according to customers' designs and dimensions

Blister Package
1) Materials: PVC, PS. 2) Suitable for packing toys, stationery, gifts, electronic products, and artistic items

Chocolate Tray
Chocolate Tray: Biodegradable Fast Food Container. Material: PP,PLA. Suitable trade: food Packaging. Product introduction: 1) Nontoxic, harmless, sanitary. 2) Water and oil resistant. 3) Microwave and refrigerator safe. 4) Recyclable. 5) Biodegradable and environmentally friendly

PVC Blister Package
Using blister package is an effective way to display retail products. Most retail stores prefer blister packaging because it offers a tamper proof package and displays products in a hanging format which maximizes the use of floor space.

Planted Fine Hair Blister
Planted Fine Hair Blister made from china. The right box in the picture is healthy for food packaging.

Blister, Vacuum-formed Blister, Thermoformed Blister
1) We can tailor-make the most suitable blisters for your products, blister box, plastic blister, vacuum formed blister, thermorformed blister. 2) Various materials available: PVC, PS, PP, PE, PET, color sheet, flocked sheet. 3) Thickness: according to your requirements and usage. 4) Suitable for packing of toys, cosmetics and computer accessories, food, etc. 5) Transparent packing is a great way to display products

Aluminum Foil- pharmaceutical blister foil
Applications: Blister packages for Pharmaceuticals products such as capsules, tablets, pill, pastille, small-size food, candy, etc. Protect layer (OP)/Outer printing layer/Aluminum foil based-material (AL) inside printing layer/Bond (VC). Use in drugs blister packaging machine. Specifications: Alloy/Temper: 8011/H18 Width: 200mm - 1000mm Thickness: 20microns - 40microns Surface: One-side matte and one-side bright / two sides bright. Performance and the characteristic: ...
Product Group: Aluminum Foil
Company: Shanghai Hoda Aluminium Material Co., Ltd.    China

Blister Packaging
Blister Packaging Custom thermoformed package , Blister Packaging is one of the more popular plastic packages. Clamshell packaging ,blister pack ,plastic tray, or any other custom thermoformed package . Available fit a variety of products and in small quantities . We produce Custom thermoforming clamshell packaging in custom sizes and shapes for all industries that meet our customers need to effectively protect, merchandize and transport their products.
Company: Long New Technology & Research Co., Ltd.    Taiwan

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