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List extensive product information of Lids, Bottle Caps (include Easy Open End, Plastic Cap, Bottle Cover, Aluminum Caps, Bottle Closure, Screw Cap, Cosmetic Cap), provided by Lid, Bottle Cap manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Tinplate Easy Open End
Dimensions: 125.7 x 83mm. Material: tinplate. Hardness: T3. Thickness: 0.23mm. Suitable for packaging of fish
Product Group: Easy Open End
Company: Jieyang So-long Hardware Factory    China

Cork Stoppers
1) 2 types: natural and compound. 2) Natural stopper is usually used for the package of wine and handicrafts. 3) Compound stopper is used for sealing package of glass and ceramic containers.
Product Group: Cork Stopper

Six-Jaw Tinplate Cap
This product is made of tinplate, with good sealing ability. The specification includes three, four and six jaws. The dimensions have 33#, 38#, 48#, 53#, 58#, 63#, 70#, and 82#. It is generally used for the packaging of abalone extract, seasoning, capsicum catsup and fruit cans. The specification of packing cartons is 52 x 30 x 38cm.
Product Group: Tinplate Cap

Plastic Caps
1) Caps for mineral water bottles. 2) Theftproof, non- theftproof available (with tamper evident or not). 3) Diameter: 28mm PCO. 4) Three different types, in different diameters, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm
Product Group: Plastic Caps
Company: Jieyang So-long Hardware Factory    China

Wine Bottle Stopper
1) An elegant gift for the barware or wedding decoration. 2) Keeps liquids at bay. 3) Helps liquids retain flavor and taste for a long fresh preservation. 4) Silver plate or golden plate. 5) Material: zinc-alloy
Product Group: Bottle Stopper

Sanitary Blind Cover
1) Material quality: SUS304, SUS316L. 2) Size: 1/2"-6" or DN15-DN150. 3) Standard: ISO, DIN, SMS, IDF, 3A, RJT. 4) Application: dairy, beer, pharmacy, beverage, electron and other industry field. 5) The specifications can be designed and satisfied for customers' special requirements

Easy Open Lids
Easy Open Ends / Easy Open Covers / Easy Open Lids. Top quality Tinplate and Aluminum Easy Open Ends are available for packing; both retort / sterilized products, like tuna fish, tomato paste, vegetables, fruits, juices, etc., and also for dry packs such as coffee powder, milk powder, cereals and nuts, at competitive prices. Tinplate Easy Open Ends, Round Easy Open ends are available in all sizes starting from 52 mm (202 dia) upto 153 mm (603 dia). Round easy open covers are available with ...
Company: Jieyang So-long Hardware Factory    China

Ceramic Bottle Cap
Specifications: 1) Material: stainless steel wire 430. 2) Diameter of S/S wire: 2.8mm. 3) Ceramic dimensions: 25mm (dia.) x 22.7mm (H). 4) Total weight: 28g. 5) Ceramic: 14g. 6) Airtight ring: 0.8g. 7) Stainless steel wire: 13.2g
Product Group: Bottle Cap

Silicone Fresh Lid
1) Material: 100% food grade silicone. 2) Safe for dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer. 3) Unbreakable easy to keep its shape. 4) Available in any color. 5) Can be stored easily. 6) Non-stick finish. 7) Easy for release. 8) OEM / ODM orders are welcome.

Lotion Pump Caps
Lotion pump cap used in packaging. Application: Bath foam, shampoo, hand washing foam, hair gel etc. Dosage:2.0cc. Made in china.

Wine Bottle Cover
1) Material: satin. 2) Color: red, blue, yellow, pink, and others. 3) Size: 42 (H) x 45 (up perimeter) x 35 (down perimeter)

Aluminum Screw Cap
Aluminum screw cap is applicable to the packages of cosmetics, creams, bath salt, candle jars, chemical reagent and food. The product specifications can be combined by the customers in accordance with the bottles provided. The diameters are ranging from 18mm to 100mm, and they contain PE pads inside.
Product Group: Screw Cap

Aluminum Caps
1) Size: 30.9x44mm. 2) Material: aluminum alloy. 3) Anti-false. 4) High quality appearance, easy to open, off set side printing. 5) Ensuring taint-free wine that offers consistent aging, maintained flavor and freshness with optimum quality control. 6) Used for wine of all price ranges
Product Group: Aluminum Cap

Perfume Atomizer
1) Glass cosmetic bottle, pen shape glass bottle with plastic cap and plastic pump, used for perfume filling. 2) We offer various specifications, 5ml, 7ml, 8ml, 10ml, 15ml are available. 3) We also offer caps and surface processing such as frost, silk screen, color, spray-painting

Rubber Caps for Medical Use
Specifications: 1) Used on T-piece as main adjunct. 2) Provides pass and injection port for infusion and transfusion sets. Features: 1) Length: 8.5mm. 2) Outer diameter: 7.2mm. 3) Inner diameter: 5.0mm. 4) Material: natural rubber, synthetic rubber (polyisoprene rubber)

Coloring Food Container Cover (Lid)
1, Foil meals is the color of new products. 2, More meals for air, food packaging. 3, The product appearance is consistent with national health standards. 4, The specifications can be customized according to your needs

Plastic Cap
We sell plastic cap for cosmetics packaging, medical packaging, food packaging, and the full packaging including the bottles from china. We make the products and also the plastic mould or blow moulding for caps and bottles

Bottle Closures
1) Material: PP, HDPE. 2) Compression molded with high performance resin specific for plastic closures. 3) Excellent sealing and gas retention

Plastic Caps, Lids and Closures
We can supply a wide range of plastic caps, lids and closures according to your needs and requirements, including child resistant cap, tamper evident cap, disc cap, flip top cap, shaker cap, spice cap, snap on cap, push-pull cap, dome cap, double wall cap, etc. from china.

Bottle Closures, Bottle Caps
We specialize in a full range of medium-grade and high-grade bottle caps / closures (Plastic Bottle Caps, Aluminium Caps, Aluminium Plastic Caps) for wine and liquor, as well as cosmetics bottle caps. Aluminum Plastic Caps: 1) Size: all sizes available. 2) Material: aluminum and PP. 3) Embossed, shaved, hot foil, 4 colors offset print. 4) Anti-false, non-refillable. 5) High quality appearance, easy to open, multi-size. 6) Used for the package of spirits and wine and beverage
Product Group: Bottle Closure

Wine Stopper
Wine stopper and pourer set. Stopper length: 15.5cm. Pourer length:7.2com. Material: zinc alloy top and silica gel bottom. Available in various specifications

Safety Closures (Ejection Series)
1) Gently turning cap, the anti-forging sign at top can be ejected out. 2) Non-refillable and tamper evident safety closures devices, to avoid the bottle refill with fake or dangerous product. 3) Width: fit standard glass bottle mouth, height: 59mm or 49mm as choice. 4) UV decoration or hot stamp sliver or gold logo available. 5) Suit for wine or spirits specially Vodka

Anti-fake Bottle Cap
Our company specializes in producing flip-off caps, aluminum cap, stainless steel cap, rubber stopper and various glass bottles. We also can produce according to customers' requirements and we have strong ability of researching new products. Material: aluminum. Feature: twist-off can promise the security

Bottle Cap
Composed by 3 types: bacteria-free crown corks, oxygen absorbing crown corks, crown corks, which could print and shift and cover inside

Lids Paper
The unique PE and EVA materials and designs of this bowl lid make a perfect airtight seal on PP, PS or paper bowls. It could be printed on the surface. The material can be sealed at a low temperature and easily striped.

Cork Stopper
Natural cork stoppers: 1) Usage: used as caps for wine glass. 2) Material: from Portugal. 3) Size: based on your requirements. 4) Property: no peculiar smell, no loss of grains; moisture: 6 - 8%. Agglomerated cork stoppers with plastic, wood tops: 1) Usage: used as caps for ceramic, pottery and glass jars and containers. 2) Material: from China and Portugal. 3) Size: based on your requirements. 4) Property: no peculiar smell, no loss of grains; moisture: 6 - 8%
Product Group: Cork Stopper

Plastic Cap
We can manufacture various kinds of plastic cap moulds, like simple cap moulds, flip top cap moulds, sports cap moulds and caps with security ring moulds. We handle most of the conventional resin such as ABS , PP, POM, PC, PE, Nylon, etc.
Product Group: Plastic Cap

Tinplate Screw Caps
This product is made of the tinplate, and is applicable to the packages of cosmetics, creams, bath salt, candle jar, chemical reagent and food. The product specifications can be combined by the customers in accordance with the bottles provided. The caps surface can be marked with different patterns or words, and the pad has PVC glue, with very good sealing ability. The specification of packing cartons is 52 x 30 x 38cm.
Product Group: Screw Cap

Tempered Glass Lids
1) Our glass lids can fit your pots or pans from very small to big diameter. 2) With superior SUS 304 stainless steel rings. 3) Diffenent dome and height are all available. 4) Excellent thermal shock and high temperature resistance

Butyl rubber stopper
We manufacture butyl-rubber stopper. The size is:13mm.20mm.28mm.32mm. Our DMF NO.: Rubber stopper: 19930
Company: Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co.,Ltd    China

Flip off cap Flip off seals
We manufacture flip off cap. The size is 13mm.20mm.28mm.32mm We are the largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical glass packaging in China, and were established in 1970 with a registered capital of approximately USD34,781,096 and gross assets valued at over US$200million We manufacture: Molded injectable vial, USP type I,II,III, Glass tubing, USP type I Ampoule, USP type I Tubular vial for injection, USP type I, Amber glass bottle, Infusion bottle, Cosmetic bottle,(nail polish ...
Company: Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co.,Ltd    China

Aluminum Foil For Aluminum Pilfer-Proof Caps
Aluminium foil for bottle cap use : Alloy: 8011 Temper: H12, H14,H 16 Thickness: 0.18mm-0.22mm Coated all kinds of colors Packing: Export Wooden Boxes Packing: 250 kgs ~ 500 kgs per boxes Minimum Order: 20 tons Delivery Time: within 15 days after receipt of your remittance Payment: 30% T/T in advance, 70% balance payment against Irrevocable L/C at sight
Company: Zouping County Tai Xing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd    China

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