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List extensive product information of Composite Packaging Material, provided by Composite Packaging Material manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Aluminum Easy Open End
1) Diameter: 65.3mm. 2) Full open. 3) Function: safe rim, for packing foods (such as milk, coffee, tomato, paste, and juice). 4) Material: aluminum

PTFE Skived Film
PTFE sheets are divided into molded sheets, skived sheets and slick tapes. Final products are smooth, bubble free and single-layered. These products are without mechanical damages and external impurities. Features: 1) Molded sheets (SFB-1): a) Mainly used for electrical appliance insulations, anti-corrosion liners, sealing components and lubricating materials. b) Also used as sliding and tracking materials. 2) Skived sheets (SFB-2): a) Mainly used for electrical appliance insulations, lathe ...
Company: Boao Plastic Composite Packaging Co., Ltd.    China

Aluminum Molding and Compounding Bag
1) Used for vacuum or general packing of various kinds of products: a) Industrial chemicals such as SI-XLPE, nylon and PBT. b) Medicine, food, high-purity metal and electronic products. 2) Can suffer high temperature. 3) Can be printed. 4) Types: three sealed, center-sealed and center-sealed with gusset. 5) Can be made with degassing valve. 6) Capacity: 25kg

Hand Shopping Bag
1) Fabric: paper. 2) Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 13cm. 3) Thickness:128 - 350gsm. 4) Printing: according to requirements of customers. 5) Used for shopping and to pack clothes, shoes and gifts. 6) Various colors and specifications are available as per customers' requirements. The pictures relevant to this product have been provided for reference only
Product Group: Shopping Bag

Graphite Braided Packing
Types: seals, metal gasket, compound gasket, cushion gasket, cylinder gasket, rubber gasket, graphite rolling material, braided packing, graphite braided packing, graphite fibre packing, fibre packing, oil seals, rubber seals, mechanical seals, sealing belt, rubber gasket, PTFE gasket, graphite packing ring, sealing tape, PTFE braided packing, PTFE packing, FTFE oil packing, silicon oil packing, graphite oil packing, graphite fibre packing, stripe braided packing, floating ball, ring filler

Aluminum Foil Bag
1) Materials: made of high quality raw materials. 2) The colors, printings and sizes can be manufactured according to customers' requirements. 3) Perfect oxygen and steam barrier. 4) High shield off light transmission. 5) Aging resistant. 6) Suitable for refreshment, biscuit, candy, milk powder, instant drink and pharmaceutical
Product Group: Aluminum Foil Bag

Cotton Grease Packing
1) High quality cotton threads are made into square or lattice. braids and treated with chemically stable grease. 2) Application: brass sleeves, marine shafts, centrifugal pumps. 3) Spec.: 6 -- 50mm. 4) Temperature: -50 to 80oC

Masking Paper / Kraft Tape
Features: 1) Raw material: kraft paper. 2) Advantages: a) Strong adhesive ability. b) Good performance in re-stripping. c) No glue residue. 3) Standard specifications: 1,270mm x 1,500m/roll; 1,320mm x 1,500m/roll.

Non-Asbestos Sheet
Non-asbestos Sheet Specification: Thickness: 0.5-5mm. Working pressure: 100 bar. Working temperature: Black: 400°C~ (Blue: 370°C~). Compressibility (ASTM F36): 7 - 17%. Tensile strength: 8N/mm. Density (DI N3754) 1.8g / cm. pH value: 2 - 12. Size: 1.5m x 1 m, 1.5 x 1.35m, 1.5 x 2m, 1.5 x4m

Expanded Graphite Braided Packing
Expanded graphite braided packing is made of YL-1272 expanded graphite yarn braids, and is resistant to heat and chemicals, and tight in sealing. This material is used in the steam valves of power plants, as static sealing in high temperature and pressure conditions, and in applications where chemical corrosion (except concentrated sulfuric acid or strong oxidizing agents) prevails. Application conditions: 1) Max. working temperature: 550 ~ 1950oC. 2) Max. working pressure: 25.0Mpa. 3) pH ...

Expanded PTFE Gasket Tapes
1) 100% PTFE, resistant to all corrosive media. 2) Soft, twistable and bendable at will, even gravely rusted and worn out sealing, superface, as long as it is used, the equipments may continue their service and keep its best performance. 3) Excellent anti-wriggle variation ability and cold current resistance; even in case of cross change of temperature and pressure, good sealing can be assured. 4) Pressure: 19.6MPa. 5) Temperature: -286 - 320°C. 6) Easily to be used and replaced, just cut a ...

PP Corrugated Sheet Carton
We produce and supply Poly Corrugated Sheet Carton (PCSC) It'sbetter than the traditional corrugated carton in protection property. It can be in different colors and printing, flameproof, anti-satatic and re-usable. It suits all packaging needs of industrial and agricultural products. Pallet made of Poly Corrugated Sheet. We develop and produce Pallet made of Poly Corrugated Sheet. This kind pallet is very lightweight for its self.

Cosmetic Packaging Bag
1) Nonpoisonous and tasteless. 2) Anti-vapor and anti-aeration. 3) Good barrier property. 4) Chemical resistant. 5) Able to keep scent away. 6) Used for cosmetic, liquid, face masks and hair dye

Composite Block
The material is used to make pallets and packing cases. We can produce all sizes of wooden packaging cases, exported to Europe, the USA

Package Bag
Our aluminum foil plastic complex bag used in chemicals, foods, medicines, teas, electronic raw appliances, package precise instruments.

PTFE Braided Packing w/Graphite
PTFE braided packing with graphite is woven of graphite PTFE yarn twisted through a mixture of PTFE dispersion resins and fine graphite powder, with a moderate amount of heat-resistant lubricant. Apart from its corrosion resistance, it has thermal conductivity and self-lubricating properties, and is suitable as dynamic sealing in conditions with media flow of high linear velocity (about 16m/s). Application conditions: 1) Max. working temperature: -200 ~ 280oC. 2) Max. working pressure: ...

Description :Transparent BOPP film, coated PVDC on corona treated side only. The PVDC coating is heat-sealable and printable. Properties 1. Excellent moisture, oxygen, and aroma barriers. 2. Printable on PVDC coated side. 3. Outstanding optical property Typical Applications: Futong P01 film is usually printed on PVDC coated side, then laminate with sealant layer such as PE or CPP.

BOPP (Gloss/Matt) Thermal Lamination Film
Environmental friendly BOPP thermal lamination films (gloss and matt): 1) Environmental friendly: it is environmental friendly, non-hazardous to health and safe to use as no toxic gases or volatile content is emitted. Safety in laminating process as no solvent based adhesive is used. 2) High function: compared with other solvent lamination, our film is better in clarity and bonding. It's preventing lamination from being pressed, bubbled and shredding off easily. Matt thermal lamination ...
Company: Boao Plastic Composite Packaging Co., Ltd.    China

Nylon Coated Wire
Book binding wire, Nylon coated wire, Double loop wire, Leaf spring, twin ring wire We can according to the customer's requirements to produce all kinds specs and colors nylon on steel wire. 1\Material: Low carbon steel. 2\Package cladding: Import nylon. 3\Spec: Dia. 0. 7-1. 25mm. 4\Thickness of the coating: 0. 035mm. 5\Tensile strength Rm: 650-750MPA

Compressed Non-asbestos Jointing
1) Working pressure: 15kgs/cm2 ~60kgs/cm2. 2) Thickness: 0.3mm~6.0mm. 3) Temperature: 250degree C~500degree C. 4) Remark: with wire is also available. 5) Asbestos rubber jointing. 6) Working pressure: 15kgs/cm2~60kgs/cm2. 7) Temperature: 250degree C~500degree C. 8) Application: It can be used in water, vapour, air, gas, ammonia alkali and other mediums transmitted in the joints of facilities and pipelines

BOPP Matt Thermal Lamination Film
Specifications: 1) Thickness: a) Base BOPP film (gloss/matt): 12 micron, 15 micron, 18 micron. b) EVA: 11 micron, 12 micron, 13 micron. 2) Width: 360, 390, 440, 540, 590, 780, 880, 1,080, 1,320, 1,400, 1,600. 3) Connector: less than 2. 4) Length: 200 - 3,000 ±10%. 5) Paper core: 25.4mm, 76mm. Process parameter: 1) Equipment for laminating film: dry and wet laminating film machine. 2) Temperature: normal: 85~100°C; special: 100~110°C. 3) Roller pressure: 8~15MPa. 4) Speed: 8~50m/min. 5) ...
Company: Boao Plastic Composite Packaging Co., Ltd.    China

One Side PVDC Coated Heat-Sealable BOPP Film
1) Excellent moisture, oxygen, and aroma barriers. 2) Printable on PVDC coated side. 3) Outstanding optical property. 4) Good heat-seal strength. 5) Typical applications: Futong R01 film is usually printed on PVDC coated side, then run on packing machine

Slitted Book Binding Cloth, Book Cloth
We are manufacturer-exporter of book binding cloth, book cloth, binding cloth, backlining materials, covering materials, gauze & mull cloth

Officinal PVC/PE coated film
Officinal PVC/PE coated film: Due to PE has good heat sealing ability, it can not obstruct the gas but it can obstruct the fluid very well. It is good for fluid medicine packing. Some factories used old glass bottles before, it has two fatal defects: 1.It is easy broken when you are opening. 2.The fluid in it is easy to expand and crash the bottle when it has fermented. So it will damage the product packaging. Officinal PVC/PE coated film has kept away from the two defects above. It ...
Company: baytree packaging material corporation    Jiangsu

Officinal PVC/PE for Suppository Packaging
Officinal PVC/PE for Suppository Packaging: After 30 years' study and improvement, our factory takes officinal PVC rigid film as the base maretial,then heat sealing of PE film,the material is situable for all kinds of domestic or import equipment.Due to its excellent physical and chemical characteristics,at present,this material suits for mass-produce to bring the low cost.Now,it is the most popular new material for suppository packaging. Product characteristics: PE has good heat ...
Company: baytree packaging material corporation    Jiangsu

Officinal PVC/PE/PVDC coated film
Officinal PVC/PE/PVDC coated film, in practical application process, PVDC has a good obstruct ability, but also has a large brittleness. Some foreign companies add PE between PVC and PVDC, the brittleness of PVDC have solved and the intermediate PE will have a great benefit in total toughness in packaging. PVDC material itself is the latex character, has quite big brittleness after the solidification. In the coating process and post-processing, the pivotal technical is to reduce its ...
Company: baytree packaging material corporation    Jiangsu

composite pallet
1. Green ecological, Innovative technology, Lifestyle 2. Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent 3. Elegant and detailed shape design 4. Resistant to cracking and splitting 5. Water-proof, moldy-proof, prevents rotting and moisture, anti-acid, alkali and pest resistance 6. Environmental friendly, fully recyclable and no other hazard chemical 7. Safe to use for many years 8. No painting, no glue, free maintenance 9. Anti-slip, less crack and warp, barefoot ...
Company: Anhui Red Forest New Material Technology Co.,Ltd    China

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