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List extensive product information of Packaging Films (include Protective Film, Plastic Film, Stretch Film, PVC Film, Lamination Film), provided by Films manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

PP compound film
Possesses good transparency ,compound strength,smooth opening and heat-seal capacity. Capable of being processed into various.
Company: Changzhou Minghe Plastic and Rubber Co., Ltd.    China

Non-Symmetric Structure PA Films
1) Structure: PA / tie / PE / tie / PA / tie / PE. 2) Width: 450 - 2,200mm. 3) Thickness: 20 - 200 micron. 4) Usage: fresh meat packaging, thermoforming films, frozen food packaging, liquid food packaging, other food packaging

1) LDHP, HDPE and the LLDPE resin. 2) Low-pressure wrap that pass through production. 3) For printing sex goods, the hot is good. 4) Food packing hygiene request.
Company: Shuangyou Laminating Film Co., Ltd.    China

PVC Film
1) Transparent film, opaque film, color film, pearl film, extinction film. 2) Thickness: as per buyers' options. 3) Width: as per buyers' options. 4) Applications: a) Used for packing and printing ; b) Used to producing bags, toys, umbrellas, raincoats, and stationery
Product Group: PVC Film
Company: Shuangyou Laminating Film Co., Ltd.    China

Theftproof Door Protective Film
Specification : 1) Thickness: 0.03 - 0.12mm. 2) Width: 50 - 1,400mm. 3) Length: 100 - 1,000m. 4) Color: transparent, cream-white, blue, back, black-white, and green. 5) Backing: polyethylene film. 6) Adhesive strength: 5 - 610g/50mm. 7) Adhesive: acrylic or water-based resin adhesive. Features: 1) Cost-effective. 2) Stable adhering capacity. 3) Very low unwinding. 4) Special easy-peel adhesive, leaving no residue glue or trace on the surface of the protected products after removal. 5) PE ...
Product Group: Protective Film

Metallized Foil Packaging Film
PVC can allow the packer to work at high speed. PET can offer good warm-resistant performance. With good twist memory function. Good gloss, with top grade and high value

BOPP Capacitor Film
1) With corona treatment in one side for metallizing. 2) The metallized films produced by this product have mechanic, physical, and uniform metallized layer with high attachment force and anti-oxidation. 3) Application: used for low power shunt capacitor, AC motor running capacitor,and the various DC-high frequency capacitors. 4) Thickness: 3 - 12 microns. 5) Standard width: 620mm. 6) Inside roll: 76mm or 150mm
Company: Shuangyou Laminating Film Co., Ltd.    China

Plastic Sheet Protective Film
1) Base film: PE (polyethylene). 2) Thickness: 2 mil (0.05mm) - 4 mil (0.10mm). 3) Width: 3' - 6'. 4) Length: 100m - 1,000m. 5) Colors: blue, clear, white, and black / white. 6) Adhesion: low, medium, medium plus, high. 7) Applications: solid surfacing materials, synthetic marble, polycarbonate, acrylic and PMMA sheet, UPVC window and doors, glass panel, and other plastic sheet products
Product Group: Protective Film

Water Soluble Film
1) Made of PVA which is non-toxic and doesn't restrain from the growth of microorganism and can be degraded totally. 2) Cold water soluble film is used for embroidery backing. 3) It is an update products replacing traditional boiling fabric after embroider. 4) Fully and fast soluble in cold water and nothing left that is good for the fabric. 5) Strength and weathering resistance. 6) Resistance to oil and chemicals. 7) Leading time: 30 days after the order confirmed.

Auto Packaging Film
1) Can be used for sealing containers. 2) Suitable for packing dairy, medicine and foodstuffs. 3) Excellent heat sealing performance for PVC, PET, PS and PP containers. 4) Strong sealing and non-leakage, good barrier performance

Protective Film for Stainless Steel
Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.05 - 0.08mm. 2) Width: 50 - 1,600mm. 3) Length: 100 - 1,500m. 4) Color: blue, black and white, milk white (can be printed as order). 5) Backing: polyethylene film. 6) Adhesive strength: 370-430g/50mm. 7) Adhesive: acrylic or water-based resin adhesive. Usage: It can protect the Stainless Steel not to be polluted, corrode, and scratch during the process of producing, transporting and store. It also can protect the surface of the stainless steel existing bright ...
Product Group: Protective Film

Vinyl Film
1) Item name: vinyl film. 2) Material: PVC paper or self adhesive. 3) Size: 36" / 42" / 50" / 60" x 30m. 4) Compatible with all printers. 5) Definition: 720DPI 8pss. 6) Rich colors, high productivity during printing, excellent image definition and color saturation. 7) Remark: matte and glossy, products of different weight thickness

PVC Normal Transparent Film
1) Thickness: 0.06 - 0.50mm. 2) Width: 500 - 1,550mm. 3) Applications: a) The packaging of textile, hardware tools, precision machinery and craft gifts. b) The production of traveling products, stationery, raincoats, umbrellas, cold lamination film and inflatable toys. c) Car body advertisement, inside car decoration, indoor and outdoor advertisement, certificate making. d) Many kinds of lining compounding
Product Group: Transparent Film

Polyimide Films
1) Appearance: smooth and bright film surface. The defects of folding, broken, particulate air bubble, pinpoint and foreign impurities, tidy edges and non damage the film provided in rolling. 2) Thickness and allowable deviation: recommended thickness also can be supplied thickness also can be supplied according to the requirements of customers. 3) Width: not less than 250mm, deviation of 1.6mm.

Plastic Film
EVA plaster is a kind of plastic material copolymerized with PE and VA, which is called EVA for short. It has various characteristics, such as soft and elastic, strong pressure-resistance and chapping-proof, good cold-resistance, transparent, innocuous, insipid and non-pollution. It has extremely nice adhesive force and is easy to process. The product does not release DOP, DOS or reek smell, and will not be hardened. It complies with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of America ...

Color Thin Film
These materials have good toughness and breakdown endurance, high impact resistance, low permeability and low temperature resistance, good solvent resistance and high corrosion resistance. They are be widely used for producing stationery, vacuum-molded packaging, construction decorations, inner decoration of automobiles, inner-linings of tubes for holding chemicals, water dispersion sheets, etc.

Transfer Film
Specifications: 1) Width: <=0.64m; <=1.28m. 2) Thickness: 12 -18 microns. 3) Length: 120m, 180m, 240m. 4) Core size: 1-inch, 3-inch. Features: 1) Base film: PET film. 2) Color: golden, silver, red, green, blue, black, holographic. 3) Application: stamp on paper, plastic (PET, PVC, PE, ABS, BOPP), textile, wood, leather

Laminating Pouch Film
1) Laminating pouches size: A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, name card size. 2) Laminating pouch thickness: 80mic ~ 250mic. 3) Our laminating film is made of PET and EVA. 4) Suitable for protecting photos, certificates and flat items. 5) This film is waterproof, corrosion-resistant and anti-altering

PTFE (Teflon) Tape and Film
1) Characteristics: PTFE resin is first molded into work-blank and then skived. The PTFE resin skived sheet and tape are highly dielectric. Being chemical resistant and not aging, they have a wide range of operation temperature. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane has tensile strength good, fine characteristics, such as viscidity, and high insulating. 2) Usage: Lining, sealing and lubricating material and dielectric at any frequencies. Wire insulation, electrical instrument insulation

Carpet Films
Features: 1) Roll it on-stays in place. 2) Easy to use and remove. 3) Temporary protection-up to 20 days. 4) Great for hallways and stairs carpets. 5) Tear and puncture resistant. Ideal for: 1) Any carpet protection. 2) Stairs protection. 3) Entrance/exit inclement weather. 4) High traffic areas. 5) RV's and boats. 6) Office use

Stretch Film
a) Lightweight, strong tenacity, excellent puncture resistance. b) Color: Transparet and black color. c) Good self-adhesion. d) Made of recycled materials, reusable. 1) Thickness: 15-30 microns. 2) Width: 3", 5", 16", 18", 20", 25". 3) Grade: hand use, semi-automatic machine use, auto-machine use. 4) Color: natural color, black, blue, red, ivory-white
Product Group: Stretch Film

Spangle Film
We offer all kinds of spangle films, holographic or non-holographic. 1) Specifications: width of 12.5cm, length of 500m. 2) With functions of multi-color, anti-high temperature and anti-dissolution. 3) Latest environmentally material. 4) Applicable for packing industrials

Translucent Film
The translucent film can be printed colorful pattern directly, insert the film into the two layer of blank crystal glass, a perfect crystal crafts is made. The film is A4 size, eack package has 100 pieces.

PVC Floor Film
Floor films are usually made into rugs or floor by sticking with PVC foam sheets or fiber fabric PVC sheets after being printed with wood veins or marble veins on the surface of PVC films. The products have bright colors and a good variety of sorts. It's easy to use them and renew them. Meanwhile, they are hard to be flamed and they are antistatic and sterilizing. The floors made of this kind of films can be widely used indoors and outdoors, such as airports, meeting rooms and ...

Cold Lamination PVC Film
1) PVC cold lamination film is laminated on advertising material for the protection of picture. 2) The matt film has a good artistic effect. 3) It can also be protective film for books. 4) Surface: matte. 5) Total weight: 100gsm. 6) Specification (in rolls): 36'', 42", 50", 60" x 45.7m. 7) Can be cut into other sizes. Our standard packing (from inside to outside): white paper, transparent PET film, black PE plastic bag (with an English instruction inside), plastic ...
Product Group: Lamination Film

Moist Tissue Packaging Rolling Film
1) The colors, printings and sizes can be made. 2) Used for self-packaging, such as candy, snack, tea and coffee packaging, moist tissure packaging. 3) Wide range heat sealing temperature. Good laminating strength. 4) Excellent for high speed packaging equipment. 5) Lowest cost for the same barrier property

BOPP Metallic Film
Our BOPP Metallic Film has the most complete selection of sizes available, enable you to create special packaging effects to keep the products up-to-date. Specification: 1) Stable physical properties. 2) Thickness: 12 60 microns. 3) Wide range of Colours selection

VCI Film
1) A polyethylene film is infused with a corrosion inhibiting formulation that is designed to provide protection against corrosion. 2) VCI film protects by wrapping the metal object with sheet and bag. 3) Provides mono-molecular inhibiting layer vaporizes and condenses on all metal surfaces by reaching all exposes and recessed areas. 4) Transparent: good clarity to identify packed products without open the pack. 5) It can be used immediately without degreasing or cleaning

Self-Adhesive OPAT/OPAM Film
Specifications: 1) Surface: 25# OPP transparent film, 25# self-arent film. 2) Adhesive: solvent acrylic adhesive. 3) Roll dimensions: width 1,070/ 640mm, length 400m. 4) Roll or sheet available. 5) High quality for printing labels

PE Degradable Mulch Film
PE degradable mulch film is beneficial for environmental protection. The degradable duration of this film can last from 4 to 6 months. It is mainly used for various crops coverings. Features: 1) Specifications: 0.004mm-0.02mm thick, 0.50m-2m wide. 2) Inner core: 35mm-78mm in diameter

1 - 5 Layers Blown or Cast Plastic Film
This film is designed for package of rice, foodstuffs, medical liquid, pharmaceuticals, sterilization or enswathement with performances of insulation, hermetization, transparent, ovenproof and printable.
Product Group: Plastic Film

BOPP coated PVDC on double or single sides
Product Structure: Take BOPP as the base material, coated with PVDC on double sides. Characteristic: 1. Excellent aroma and gas protective function. 2. Excellent gas(oxygen,nitrogen,carbon dioxide) barrier properties 3. Excellent low temperature heat sealing, smooth and strong. 4. Excellent transparence. Application: Suitable for all types of soft packing 1. cigarettes packaging 2. food packaging 3. sweetmeat packaging
Company: Baytree Packaging Material Corporation    China

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