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List extensive product information of Packaging Flexible Tube (include Laminated Tube, Soft Tube, Aluminum Tube, Plastic Tube), provided by Flexible Tube manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Medicine Tube
This medicine or pesticide tube features high barrier and high intensity properties as well as anti-corrosion against chemicals. Medical Tubes: 1) Material: PET. 2) High transparency, with impact and cold temperature resistance to the specification.
Company: Rego Packing Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Laminated Tube
We adopts advanced tube-making equipments from Switzerland. Our laminated tubes are divided into Aluminum Barrier Laminated Tube and Plastic Barrier Laminated Tube. Our current tubing facilities are capable of making laminated tubes with diameter of 8 to 40mm and length of 40 to 200mm.
Product Group: Laminated Tube

Toothpaste Tubes
Manufacturing Toothpaste Tube and Laminated Tube. We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading toothpaste tube manufacturer in china. The aluminum laminated tube combines the advantages of aluminum tube and plastic tube. Free of abnormal toxins, it is hygienic, tight sealed, isolating gas, moisture and smell. The tube is easy to squeeze without rebound, preventing bacterial contamination through air admission. The product features long shelf life, good opacity and folding endurance. It ...
Company: Rego Packing Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Soft Tubes
1) PE material, environmentally friendly and recyclable. 2) Mainly supplied to cosmetics, but new demands from hotel industry. 3) Diameters: 16, 19, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50mm. 4) For holding gel, cream and transparent liquid. 5) Various colors perfume tubes and bottles available
Product Group: Soft Tube

Round Tubes
1) Diameters: 12 - 60mm. 2) Varieties: round tubes, oval tubes, super oval tubes, double wall tubes, matte coating tubes and so on. 3) We adopt a complete set of production technology. 4) Also, we may create new moulds according to customers' demands. 5) We adopt the highest grade raw materials. The product raw materials and supplementary materials are completely provided by domestic and international well-known suppliers. 6) Introduces domestic and international advanced equipment and ...

PVC Hoses
This product is a braided and reinforced hose for transport of fluid and gas, which is twin extruded, compounded by interior and outer of plasticized PVC and interior line of polyester fiber. Features: 1) Good chemical resistance to oils and solvents, acid and alkali resistance. 2) High tensile strength, flexibility, transparent, non-toxic, nice appearance, and long durability. 3) Applications: suitable for transport of gas such as air, local gas, oxygen, and some liquid as water, oil, acid ...
Product Group: PVC Hose

Toothpaste Tube
These tubes are a good barrier to gas, light, moisture, and smell, and are resistant to oil and contamination. Can be heat sealed and work with self-flashing packaging machinery.
Company: Rego Packing Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Aluminum Squeezing Tubes with 4-Color Printing
1) We are a professional manufacturer of aluminum squeezing tubes and toothpaste tubes. 2) Diameters: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11.5mm, 12.5mm, 13.5mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 45mm, 50mm, and the volume could be from 1.5ml, 3ml, 5ml to 400ml for your choice. 3) Produced on fully automatic machines and applies high technology. 4) 1-4 colors printing on tube, coating inside, and coating on the tail of tube. 5) Used in cosmetic, medicine, chemical product, hair product areas. 6) High quality, ...

Flexible Tubes
We produce kinds of cosmetic soft tubes. Style, single layer, multilayer (from 1 to 5 layers). Dia: 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm. Volume: 5ml-500ml. Cap: Flip top cap, positioned flip top cap, screw on cap etc. Print: Offset, Screen, Hot stamping. Color: White or transparent or any color. Sort: Cosmetic tube, food tube, industry tube, laminated tube etc.

Plastic Tube
We can supply Plastic tubes for any kind of package such as food, tooth paste, cosmetic, . . . In best quality with 2leyer or 5leyer tubes with different sizes as below. Diameter: 19-60mm. Length: 200mm

Soft Tubes
1) PE material, environmentally friendly and recyclable 2) Mainly supplied to cosmetics, but new demands from hotel industry 3) Diameters: 16, 19, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50mm 4) For holding gel, cream and transparent liquid 5) Various colors perfume tubes and bottles available

Plastic Tubes
1) High quality printing on PVC or PET sheets such as offset or screen printing or hot stamping, provides elegant appearance of the transparent tubes. 2) PVC or PET tube can provide a 360 degree display of the in-side content, with unique design on the tube, and create an impressive image. 3) The innovative design of PVC tubes has created multiple styles of tube packaging that are able to satisfy any client's preference. 4) Different printing technique can be used like: offset printing, ...
Product Group: Plastic Tube

Plastic Colored Tube
Tube extrusion: single or multi layers. Tube color: colored (white, transparent, pearl colored are all available). Heading: round. 1-6 colored printing are available. Printing Style: Off-set (gold or silver), silk-screen, Sealing. Diameter: 50mm. Tube Height: 198mm. 250ml

Shrinkable Tubes
High transparency, can be used for color printing to make the product more attractive and increase its commodity efficiency. After shrank, the label can be tightly jointed with the package so as to prevent it from being displaced More easily to be tear off with a performa line/dot line. Suitable for: different kinds of bottles, cans, CD cakeboxes, toys, etc.

Aluminum-Plastic Laminated Tubes
We are a professional manufacturer of aluminum-plastic laminated tubes, plastic laminated tubes and toothpaste tubes, suitable for pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, chemical, and oil product industries.

Transparent Soft Tubes
1. Specification: φ16,φ19,φ22,φ25,φ30,φ35,φ40,φ45,φ50. 2. For cosmetic use , such as packaging hand cream ,cleansing milk/ foaming cleanser and etc. 3. We also can provide services as per your requirements, such as golden stamping, silver stamping.. 4. Good surface smoothness and brightness, high gas sealing property ,high pressure resistance , anti-turning yellow of the surface, excellent erosion resistance.
Product Group: Soft Tube

Sport Equipment Tubes
1) Material: PVC. 2) High transparency, with impact and cold temperature resistance. 3) Suitable for protective packaging of sport equipment to the specification

Five - Layer Plastic Tubes For Cosmetics Packaging
D16mm and 19mm tubes are suitable for lip-gloss, lip essence, eye essence, cream, lotion, fluid candy, sauce and oils packaging. D22mm and 25mm tubes are suitable for eye essence, hand cream, lotion, cream, washing form, personal care products, household products, adhesive, fluid candy, sauce and oils packaging. D30mm and 35mm tubes are suitable for body lotion, shower gel, face cleanser, make-up foundation, hand cream, hare care products, anti-sun cream, jam and ointment packaging. D38mm, ...

Soft Tube
1) Smooth and bright surface. 2) High gas sealing property. 3) High pressure resistance. 4) Anti-yellowing surface. 5) Excellent erosion resistance. 6) Dimensions: a) Φ 16 ; b) Φ 19 ; c) Φ 22 ; d) Φ 25 ; e) Φ 30 ; f) Φ 35 ; g) Φ 40 ; h) Φ 45 ; i) Φ 50
Product Group: Soft Tube

BG Type Cable Gland Adaptors For Flexible Tube
Constructed of three parts: Locknut, body with claw and sealing nut. Material: Ul-approved nylon 66,94v-2. Color: Black, light-grey. Specifications: Bg16, bg18, bg20, bg22, bg25, bg26, bg32, bg34, bg40, bg42, bg48, bg50. Uses: 1) mout body to pre-drilled panel hole. 2) insert conduit through nut. 3) insert conduit to claw and fix it with nut to compete all the works. Application: Fix flexible conduit in control panel, machinery, apparatus, etc.

Aluminium Plastic Laminate Tubes
ABL laminate tubes for toothpaste and every cosmetic product packaging. The advantages of the laminate tubes are comfort, universality, attractive appearence. Laminate tubes have high barrier properties as regards oxygen, odor and reactive substances permeability.
Product Group: Aluminium Plastic Laminate Tube

Paper Tube
Paper Tube PT-1: Sub: - manufacturing in: 1. Paper cone for yarn packing, 2. Corrugated boxes for packing, 3. Paper tube and paper core. Paper Tube PT-2: 1) 3-ply spiral wound. 2) Plastic end cap or tinplate end. 3) Kraft, white surface. 4) Multiple diameters and heights.

Colored Tube
The plastic tubes are suitable for cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, household products and industrial products packaging. We can offer plastic tubes with: layers from mono-layer, double-layer to five-layer tube; shapes from round, oval to flat shape; diameters from 16mm to 60mm; capacities from 5ml to 500ml; custom length of tube body (adjusted within the range of tube capacity); decorations up to six-color offset printing, four-color silkscreen printing, foil hot-stamping, ...

Plastic Tube
1) Diameters: 16mm to 60mm. 2) Capacities: 5ml to 500ml. 3) Custom length of tube body (adjusted within the range of tube capacity). 4) Our tube can used in cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, household products and industrial products packaging

Horse Shoe Sealed Tube
We can supply the horse shoe seal tube to you, the diameter is 50mm. If you need another diameter tube and we can offer the mould for you.

PVC Tubes for Packaging
Products such as: Folding box, tube, blister, clamshell, soft bag, heat-sealed bag, die-cut products which are made by PVC, PP, PS, PS flocked, apet, petg, peva, soft PVC plastic film in any shapes and sizes.

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