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List extensive product information of Packaging Foils (include Hot Stamping Foil, Textile Foil, Leather Foil, Aluminium Foil, Foil Paper), provided by Foils manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Leather Foil
1) Specifications: a) Width: ≤0.64m; ≤ 1.28m ; b) Thickness: 12 micro - 18 micro ; c) Length: 120m, 180m, and 240m ; d) Core size: 1 inch, 3 inch. 2) Features: a) Base film: PET film ; b) Color: golden, silver, red, green, blue, black, and holographic ; c) Application: stamp on paper, plastic (PET, PVC, PE, ABS, BOPP), textile, wood, and leather
Product Group: Leather Foil

Coated Aluminum Foil Paper
1) PE or PS + Pure aluminum foil (embossed) + paper/board. 2) Min. thickness of aluminum foil: 0.006mm. 3) Weight of paper/paperboard: 17 - 400gsm. 4) Colors: golden, silver. 5) Sheet/roll available. 6) Splendid printing ink absorbability, suitable for different printing requirements and high-standard brightness. 7) Application: ideal packing material for inner or outer , food ,medicine.
Product Group: Aluminum Foil Paper
Company: Zhuozhou Jiahua Aluminium Co., Ltd.    China

Sequin Foil
We can supply PET sequin foil. Width: 12.5cm. Thickness: 150 microns. Multicolor, anti-high temperature and anti-dissolution. Environmentally friendly material. Applicable to packing industrial.

Self Adhesive Aluminum Foil Tape
Suitable in electronic and refrigeration fields due to its excellent thermal- and electrical conductivity. Material: aluminum foil. Adhesive: solvent acrylic or water acrylic. Aluminum foil thickness: 30,40,50 micron
Product Group: Aluminum Foil

PET and PVC Foils, PTP
PET foils usages: 1) Varied width and thickness: suitable for making folding boxes and printing. 2) Varied size: suitable for silk printing and folding boxes after printing (no crease white bi-direction). 3) Special usage: anti-static PET sheet, with one side or two sides protective PE film, varied colorful sheet (product with customer's request), used for blister package, cosmetic, toys and printing package. The thickness is from 0.2 to 0.8mm. The width is from 150 to 1,300mm. ...

Hot Stamping Foil
1) Stamping type: for paper, filter-tip paper, cigarette paper. 2) Main characteristics: suitable for ordinary paper, laminated paper, plastic and thermoplastic coated material, large area and fine definition for stamping, excellent abrasion and scratch resistance. 3) Roll size (W x L): a) Normal size rolls: 0.64 x 120m ; b) Large size rolls: 0.64m x 240 / 360m. 4) Special dimensions for rolls with a 3" paper core can be produced for any length and width according to special orders. 5) ...
Product Group: Hot Stamping Foil

Brushed and Painted Aluminum Foil
The best aluminum material is used to produce brushed and painted aluminum foil products. The thickness is from 0.08mm to 0.40mm with different colors and specifications. This product is widely used in producing metallic fireproof board, aluminum plastic composite panel, high pressure laminates panel, decor kitchen panel and wall panel. Features: 1) It is brushed, coated and oxidized. 2) Used for metallic fireproofed board and aluminum-plastic composite panel as their skin. Performance: ...
Product Group: Aluminum Foil

Insulation Foil
Our aluminum foil and reinforced aluminum foil insulation are mainly used as heat insulators for roofs and house walls, and in industrial and commercial buildings. Also used as a moisture vapor barrier in air conditioning ductworks and cold rooms. Different sizes, single-sided type and double-sided type are available. Our thermal elastomeric insulation pipe and sheet (PVC/NBR) have a totally closed cell structure. The thermal elastomeric insulation is based on a high quality synthetic rubber ...

Automatic Packaging Rolling Foil
1) Materials: high quality raw materials (PET, PE, CPP, BOPP, Al, NY). 2) The colors, printings and sizes can be made as per customers' designs. 3) Used for self-packaging, such as candy, snack, tea and coffee packaging

Foil Paper
Colour: Gold, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Cyan, Fuchsia, Bronze, Coffee, Dark Grey, Amoeda, Grass, Laser Silver, Golden, Light Gold, Matt Gold, Matt Silver, Black, Purple, Light Purple. Application: Every Cloth (Advanced Garments, T-shirt, Fashion Backpack, Casual Shoes and Hat etc.) Specification: 16um*64*cm*120m. Using Method: Hot stamping paste (H-C-T27) was printed onto cloth using 33T stencil, then bake at about 150degree centigrade within 5-10 minutes, finally stamp. ...

Laminated Aluminium Foils
Feature: 1) Non-poisonous 2) Odorless 3) Excellent tight performance and very easy to peel 4) Super damp-proof function 5) Environmentally friendlily material and can be recycled. Our products are exported to many countries, especially Asia countries, USA, Canada, and European countries.
Product Group: Aluminium Foil
Company: Zhuozhou Jiahua Aluminium Co., Ltd.    China

Household Aluminum Foils
1) Length: 2 - 300m. 2) Width: 200 - 600mm. 3) Thickness: 11 - 25 microns. 4) Applications: roasting, freezing, baking, catering, miscellaneous kitchen use
Product Group: Aluminum Foil
Company: Zhuozhou Jiahua Aluminium Co., Ltd.    China

Aluminium Foil for Top Mark at Beer Bottle
Aluminium Foil for Top Mark at Beer Bottle. Place of Origin: China. 1) Alloy: 8011. 2) Temper: O. 3) Thickness: 0.0105-0.0111mm. 4) Width: according to your requirements. 5) Max. Coil Outside Diameter: 500mm. 6) Core Inside Diameter: 76mm, 120mm. 7) U.T.S.: 80-105Mpa. 8) Elongation: 3.0-4.5%. 9) Wettability Test: A

Heat Induction Foil Seals
1) Applied in various industries, including pharmaceutical, foodstuff, beverage, cosmetic, lubricating oil, pesticides, industrial chemicals and covering geriatric needs 2) Heat induction foils ensure product integrity through their sealing function for leak resistance, barrier properties for product freshness, tamper evidence, infestation, contamination and pilfer resistance 3) Foil seal backings: pulp, foam, paper backing 4) Product Sorts: a) PET, PE, PP, PS, and PVC universal foil seals ...

Window Self Adhesive Embossed Foil
1) PVC or OPP printed. 2) Widely used in window decoration: printed or clear, embossed designs. 3) Thickness: PVC: 0.08mm-0.10mm, OPP 0.02-0.05mm

Aluminum Foil
Features: 1) Resistant to gas, moisture, light and chemical. 2) High stability and sanitation standards. 3) Heat-sealing with PVC, PVDC, or Aclar film. 4) Applications: blister packages for pharmaceutical products, such as capsules and tablets. Specifications: 1) Width: 60 - 480mm. 2) Foil temper: hard. 3) Thickness: 0.024mm - 0.03mm. 4) Structure: protective layer (OP) / outer printing layer / aluminum foil (Al) / Inside printing layer / binder (VC). 5) Classification: unprinted, printed, ...
Product Group: Aluminum Foil

Hot Stamping Foil In Two-Tone and Multi-Tone
1) Rich and colorful designs and patterns, and the superposition, interleaving, and compounding of different pattern shows fancy and tridimensional effect for sighting; suitable for whole transfer ,part transfer and special hot stamping. 2) Stamping materials: different fabric and textile. 3) Application fields: packaging for various top grade finery, t-shirts, fashionable dresses, household products, hotel products, office and casino, curtain and gift ribbons. 4) Application conditions: a) ...
Product Group: Hot Stamping Foil

Hot Stamping Foil, Textile Foil, Fabric Foil
1) Stamping types: for fabrics. 2) Main characteristics: excellent gloss, suitable for large area and fine definition, especially good at smog foil lamination, and the new products including color foil, two-tone foil, multi-color foil and mat foil are especially welcomed. 3) Fields of application: Decorative fabrics, gift ribbons, etc. 4) Suitable materials for stamping: artificial and imitation fabrics. 5) Recommended stamping temperature: 95 - 110°C. 6) Normal specification: 1,500mm x ...
Product Group: Hot Stamping Foil

Heating Foil
Heating Foil is a carbon-based electric heating element. 1. Main features: Wide range of heating Temperature (38~73C) covered by 3 heating grades (see below). Economic: Low installation costs, 10~30% better energy efficiency than other carbon-based products or chrome wire panels. Safe: acquired CE certificate, free from danger of fire or electric shock. Durability: product life of more than 10 years without any need of maintenance. Simple and Convenient: Thin and light enabling easy ...
Product Group: Heating Foil

Heat-Seal Foil
Material: 7 microns soft aluminum foil, 65gsm pure wood pulp Kraft paper, dense tri-way glass fiber scrim and heat-seal PE adhesive. Application: suitable for on-line lamination with glass wool, rock wool and mineral wool, meets requirements of heat insulation or vapor retarding in air-con ducts and hot & cold water pipes, and satisfies heat and sound insulation requirements in buildings. Feature: On-line laminate, no need to apply extra adhesive, save lamination cost. Width: 1, 1.2, ...

Copper Foil Tape
Coated with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on copper foil, which is mainly used in electronic industry, such as eliminate electromagnetic wave, computer display, transformer

Transfer Foil
Transfer foil is used in stamping natural textiles, such as cotton, silk and linen, synthetic fabric, and blended fabric in order to make their color brighter. The transfer foil is a high grade decorative material and can add elegance to any textile. Features: 1) Width: 1.3 - 1.5m 2) Inner core of paper roll: 3" 3) Length: 2400m

Aluminium Bottle Neck Foils
Neck Foils for Beer Bottles / Aluminium Neck Foils. Scan Holdings offers you attractively printed Aluminum Neck Foils for Beer Bottles at competitive prices. These Aluminum Neck Foils for beer bottles can be supplied in customized shapes and sizes as per your requirement. Our Neck Foils for Beer Bottles are of highest quality and competitively priced.

Textile Foil
1) Roll size (W x L): a) Normal size rolls: 0.64 x 120m b) Large size rolls: 0.64m x 240 / 360m (for special orders) 2) Special dimensions for rolls with a 3" paper core can be produced for any length and width according to special orders 3) Applications: stamping of various synthetic textiles, silk and earthenware surfaces 4) Recommended stamping temperature: 115 - 125oC 5) Storage: a) Protect from pressure, dampness, heat, and sunshine b) Place in ventilated, shaded and cool places c) ...
Product Group: Textile Foil

Graphic Foil & Leather Foil
These products are made of PET mylar processing releasing, dye, vacuum aluminum coating and sticking mainly used for the stamping of paper, printing ink paper, plastic, etc. Serviceable Range: 1. Graphic foil (applied to the stamping of various cigarette tip, wood, polystyrene, ABS hard plastic). 2. Leather foil (applied to the stamping and marking the surface of various plastic and paper. These series have different shades, such as golden, silver, red, green, blue, black and so on.
Product Group: Leather Foil

Food Packing Aluminum Foil
Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.007 - 0.2mm. 2) Color: various available. 3) Print words, label, or emboss patterns. 4) Coating and print food grade materials are nonpoisonous and harmless. 5) Withstands high temperatures. 6) Supplied in rolls, sheets, folded sheets, or pre-cut. 7) Used in food packing

Aluminum Foils
Aluminum foil for packaging. Tobacco: inner & outer cigarette packages. Food: Chocolate, Cookies, dairy products, various food packages. Medicine & cosmetics: Medicine, soap, shampoo, & cosmetics packages. Pilfer proof caps - Container caps of milk, juice, yogurt, milk powders. Aluminum foil for Electrical & Electronix parts: - condenser, con-case, insulating material, transformer, electric cords. Aluminum foil for Construction & Decoration Materials: adiabatic ...
Product Group: Aluminum Foil

Laminate Aluminum Foil Bags
1) Lamination from high quality raw material, PET, PA, CPP, and AL. 2) Suitable for food and nourishment sterilizing after packaging under high temperature, such as cooked meat, instant food, and chestnuts

Pvc Metalline Foil
Manufacturer of Pvc Metalline Foil in china. 1) Size: 0.2mm x 45. 2) Widely used in indoor decoration. 3) Hundreds of designs available. 4) Special sizes / packaging means available according to customers' requirements. 5) Both with or without glue.

Aluminium Foil Paper
This kind of paper renowns for its high gloss, metallic surface and its superior smoothness and layflat. Gold & silver card paper is durable with an addition of a clear over print varnish. It can be used of cigarette packaging, vino packaging, cosmetic packaging, toothpaste box, booklets, brochures, flyers, greeting cards, hang tags, invitations, menus, pocket folders, post cards, posters, etc.

Alumiunm Foil For Pharmacy Foil
Aluminum Foil For Pharmacy Foil Alloy/Temper: 8011 3003 8021 1235 1145 /O H18 H24 Thickness: >=20micron Thickness tolerance: +/-8% Width: 250mm --1.2m Width tolerance: +/- 1mm Surface finish: Bright/Dull Reel outside diameter: 370 to 650mm Reel inside diameter: 76mm/150mm Core: Aluminum/steel cubeNumber of joins/reel: Maximum 2 Distance between two joins: Minimum 2000m Joins indication: Foil flag one side on the reel Tensile strength: 50-115Mpa Elongation a 100%: Minimum 3 ...
Product Group: Aluminum Foil
Company: Zouping County Tai Xing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd    China

Aluminum Foil For Aluminum Foil Container
Aluminium Foil For Aluminum Foil Container Alloy: 8011 3003 8006 Temper: H22, H24 Thickness: 0.04mm ~ 0.09mm Width: 200mm ~ 1000mm Terms of Payment: L/C,T/T Supply Ability: 2000 Ton per Month Minimum Order: 10 Ton Packaging: Export Wooden Boxes Delivery Lead Time: 35 days after the L/C present at the seller’s bank
Product Group: Alumiunm Foil
Company: Zouping County Tai Xing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd    China

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