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List extensive product information of Protective & Cushioning Materials (include Edge Protector, Protective Film, Corner Board, Packaging Foam, Bubble Cushion), provided by Protective & Cushioning Material manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Bubble Bags
1) Bag length: 3-300cm. 2) Bag width: 3-300cm. 3) Available in bubble sheets or rolls. 4) Single sided or double sided bubble bags available. 5) Assorted colors and anti-static specifications available. 6) Higher resistance to bursting when squeezed. 7) Slip resistance that prevents wrapped objects from falling out. 8) Provides excellent protection during transportation
Product Group: Bubble Bag

Microphone Cover Sponge
The products have fine quality and reasonable prices. My factory can produce all kinds of earphone and microphone cover sponges from china.

Bubble Cushioned Aluminum Bag
The series of products normally have two-layer structure: A) Outer layer anti-static or conductive membrane. B) Inner anti-static bubble with a surface resistance of also 108-1011 ohms. The bag can prevent products from damages due to collision, attrition or static. All sizes are available in both open and self-adhesive styles. Often used to pack computer boards, net communication products, and all kinds of electronic components for long-distance transportation.

Polyimide Fiber Packing
Polyimide Fiber Packing Made of high-performance polyimide yarns-P84 impregnated with special PTFE lubrications. The packing has natural golden sheen, are available in both spun-dyed orange and blue. Compared to ordinary aramid and PTFE, it has more benefits as follows: Thermal stability, low heat expansion; High dimensional stability and superior pressur resistance eveb at elevated temperature; easy to cut and fit; Outstanding chemical resistance particularly in acidic media; Excellent ...

Aluminum Profile and Sheet Protective Film
Specifications: 1) Thickness: 30-220 microns (0.03- 0.22mm). 2) Width available: 20 - 1,600mm. 3) Length available: 100 - 1,000m. 4) Paper core diameter: 3''. 5) Color: clear, blue, milky, black-white, other custom colors. 6) Backing: LDPE film. 7) Adhesive strength: 0-400g/cm. 8) Adhesive type: acrylic. Features: 1) Stable adhering capacity. 2) Special easy-peel. 3) Leaves no residue glue or trace on the target surface. 4) Protects surfaces from pollution, corrosion, and scratches ...
Product Group: Sheet Protective Film

Shockproof Material
1) Density: 0.03g/cm2. 2) Anti-pulling intensity: 3.4kg/sqm. 3) Breaking intensity: 2.6kg/sqm. 4) Extension rate: (70°C) 125%. 5) Contraction rate: 0.75%. 6) Suitable temperatures: -60°C. Polypropylene sheet and polyethylene sheet can be widely used for stationery and advertisement signboards, vacuum-moulding packaging, and construction. It is an economic material instead of PMMA sheet.

Corner Protector
Care about your packaging and Handle your product with CUBE PACK. Damage caused during transport and handling is a problem for manufacturers and distributors nowadays. This is why a number of producers and packaging experts have chosen CUBE PACKAGING as a partial solution to the problem. Cube Pack can offer a complete system to solve your packaging problems. Heavy duty boxes, Paper pallet, Slip Sheets, Edge protector, U-profiles and sheets of carton board in combination with stretch film, ...

PE Foam
Features: 1) Light weight, good flexibility and cushion. 2) Invariable attacked repeatedly. 3) Low thermal conductivity and superior heat insulation. 4) The independent air bubble froth material is not hygroscopic, high foaming and outstanding waterproof characters enables it to have very strong buoyancy. 5) The independent air bubble froth material is quakeproof and with well sound insulation effect. Applicable scope: The good anti- impact and cushion effect it widely to utilize to upscale ...
Company: Shanghai Drae Packaging Material Co., Ltd.    China

Protective Film for Plastic Sheet
Protective Film for Plastic Sheet Applications: a) Plastic sheet: acrylic sheet, PVC sheet, plastic sheet. b) Aluminum plate: aluminum plate, aluminum profile, frosted aluminum profile. c) Building material: fine frosted plate, frosted ceiling, artificial marble, ceramic tile, polyester, furniture board, painted decorative board. d) Electronic and electric device material: electronic screen, automobile meter, shell, various household appliances surfaces. e) Stainless steel plate: frosted ...
Product Group: Protective Film
Company: Wuxi Qida Tape Co., Ltd.    China

Obstructing / Protecting Material
Series liquid permeate proof materials is usually used as auxiliary material in jack, weather proof clothing, feather clothing and so on. This material has the properties of poromeric and water proof, thus it could improve the comfort index greatly in clothing. At the same time it is widely used in industrial isolation clothing, hat, sanitary napkin and all kings of surgical pads, medical sanitary pads and comfortable. It plays the role of water-proof layer or liquid-proof layer. Meanwhile ...

Edge Protector
Features of paper corner protector: 1. This product is used in protecting whole pallet packing goods on long-term transportation. It also can be used with either strapped stretch-wrapped loads. 2. The leading material we used in the edge protector or corner protector is high-strength core board paper for making paper tubes or cores. The surface of our paper edge protectors is covered with Kraft liner board. 3. Dimensions: 20-100mm x 20-100mm. 4. Thickness: 2-7mm

The EPE packing material is one kind excels in the cushion, the vibration-proof ability strong new environmental protection packing material. The product is pliable but hard to break; the nature is light, the rich elasticity can through curving absorb and the disperser external impact, achieving the cushion effect. At the same time, it has the heat preservation, moisture-proof, guards against the friction, is anti-corrosive and so on a series of superior operating characteristics. It is one ...

Foam Underlay
1) White underlay: PE0.05mm + EPE2mm. 2) Blue underlay: PE0.04mm + EPE3.0mm. 3) Silver foil underlay: EPE3.0mm. 4) Golden foil underlay: EPE3.0mm. 5) Self adhesive underlay: PE0.04mm + EPE2.0mm + PE0.04mm (3-in-1, more strong moisture resistance). 6) All above products can be shipped with laminated floor in one container
Company: Shanghai Drae Packaging Material Co., Ltd.    China

Corner Boards
We offer Corner Boards which are made of multiple plies of laminated paperboard with exceptional strength. The Corner Boards are an effective means to reinforce package strength and prevent damage of products during transit. The range of Corner Boards include: 1) Corner Boards: For protection of the corners of the product, cut to exact length. 2) Edge Protection: For protection against damages associated with strapping. 3) Inner & Outer Dia Protection: For protection of edges of round ...
Product Group: Corner Board

Protective Films for Carpet, Floor and Window
Protective film is based on PE film and coated with acrylic resin adhesive and several special additives. PE protective films enjoy wide applications and excellent protection performance in surface protection of various plates, sheet, profiles , boards, etc. Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.03 - 0.15mm. 2) Width: 1.5m, 1.24m, 1.03m, or as per your request. 3) Length: 200m, 300m, or as per your request. 4) Colors: transparent, blue, ivory-white, black, black-white. 5) Adhesion: low stickiness, ...
Company: Wuxi Qida Tape Co., Ltd.    China

PVC Embossed Protective Tape
PVC embossed protective tape used for soundboard composed of PVC film and rubber based psa is charaterized by easy tear in transverse and resistance to wear. Special designed for wooden soundboard. In order to keep the surface safe in the course of making and transporting. There are four types for your reference as low, middle. High and super high tack.

ESD Corrugated Plastic Sheet
Made of PP material, it has some very valuable characteristics. It's non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, water resistant, non-corrosive, lightweight, and colorful. Also this material is capable of holding its shape without warping. It is a new style packing material and an ideal replacement for packing paper and plastic container. It can be made to suit the customers' needs, including normal corrugated plastic sheet with thickness between 2 and 6mm, width less than ...

Foil Scrim-Kraft Facing
Features: 1) With high tensile strength and bursting strength. 2) Used as jacket facing for glass wool, rock wool, PU foam and other insulation to protect them against vapor moisture, in order to work more effectively. Specifications: a) Foil: 7μm ; b) 2-way scrim: 12.5 x 12.5mm space ; c) Polyethylene ; d) Kraft: 50gsm, natural

Easy-Opened Bubble Mailer
1) Fully laminated paper and bubble construction, provides stiffness and puncture resistance. 2) High-slip bubble lining for easy product insertion; bubble lining for effective air retention and consistent cushioning

Cork Separator Pads For Glass Industry
New choice for Protecting Glass From Breakage During Shipping, Leave No Adhesive Residue. Features: Apply for transportation and processing for Architectural Glass, Auto Glass, Ophthalmic Glass and Mirror etc. Shockproof Cork, Set between the glass sheets, the pads adsorb vibration, maintain position and prevent breakage. Self-adhesive foam, thickness from 0. 5mm to 2mm; Cling on the glass and felt with the cork; remove cleanly, yet adhere securely to glass, mirrors and metal during ...

Honey Comb
A sandwich construction of honeycomb core laminated with carefully chosen outer layers; Designed to cover a certain set of needs and for application in a variety of different industries. Light, strong, cost-effective, fully recyclable, Beeboard offers a range of advantages that we will happily tailor to your precise needs

Eco-Packing Foam
Specifications: 1) Component: Poly mixture. 2) Color: transparent or light yellow. 3) Density: 1,110kg/m3. 4) Viscidity (25oC): 450+100mPa.S. 5) Foam density: 10-36kg/m. 6) Compressive strength: >10kpa. 7) Recovery rate at 50% pressed: >95%. 8) Temperature: 10-70oC
Company: Shanghai Drae Packaging Material Co., Ltd.    China

PE Black And White Lettering Protective Film
The surface protective film is a kind of new, environmental-protective, film packing material with protective functions on aluminium plastic composite panel and other panel surface. Applying the technology from korea, the film is made by PE, through laying over and drying processes with perfect water glues. It has a good cohesion performance on many materials, with a very good flexibility, the film will not have any remains on the surface and will never pollute the surface. Through adjusting ...

Edge Protector
Edge Protectors are short sections of Cornerboard used to protect load corners from steel and plastic strapping. They also protect strapping from sharp load corners. Benefits of Edge Protectors: Improves load stability in storage and during shipment. Increased strap tension transmission around load Corners. Eliminates shifting loads. Distributes strap tension over a large surface area to Prevent load damage. Delivers additional support for pallets that are double Stacked. Improves profits by ...
Product Group: Edge Protector

Packaging Foam
Features: 1) The EVA oak product is a new environmentally friendly plastic foaming material, with earthquake resistance and heat insulation. It is moisture-proof, anti-chemistry corrosion, and non-toxic. It is used for automobiles, air conditioning, refrigerators, domestic electric appliances, and project refrigeration and freezing. 2) The polyethylene hands over the association to become spongy XPE/IXPE to have the fine characteristic compared to PEF products. It is applied to electronic ...

Baffle Bulk Bag
1) Completely eliminates slumping and round-out of more conventional packaging, as a result, you can maximize container space for overseas container payloads by eliminating unused space for the most profitable packing possible. 2) Can provide stronger design and maintain bag shape when filled. 3) By filling this extra space you effectively lower your shipping costs by as much as 25%. 4) Body construction: square, U-panel. 5) Fabric: PP circular woven, PP flat woven. 6) Lift style: 4 corner ...

Kraft Paper Edge Protectors
Material: Different layers of cardboard paper or Kraft liner will be glued-together just as thick, as you want your cardboard box. Kinds of paper: Kraft liner, test liner, wrapped cardboard and special papers. We can wrap the outer layer with brown, white or coloured carton. Printing: We can print company names, logos and advertising slogans just as you individually wish during the production easily on the outer layer of the edge protector.
Product Group: Edge Protector

Bubble Cushioned Kraft Mailer
Made of kraft paper with bubble linings. The craft surface is very easy for writing. The inner bubbles have good cushioning effect to prevent damage of the loaded article duo to pressure, collision or falling.This products has below characteristics: 1.Superior cushioning. 2.Many colors/designs available. 3.Self-adhesive tape available. 4.Customized designs/ shapes are welcomed. 5.Clean, easy, and safe to use. 6.Lightweight and small volume for postage savings. 7.Multi-functions for ...
Company: Shenzhen Star Packaging Co. Ltd.    China

Bubble Cushioned Aluminized Foil Mailer
Made of metalized film with bubble linings, which is strong enough to prevent breach of the bag. The inner bubbles have good cushioning effect to prevent damage of the loaded article due to pressure, collision and falling. This product has below characteristics: 1.Superior cushioning and surface protection. 2.Many colors / designs available. 3.Self-adhesive tape available. 4.Customized designs/ shapes are welcomed. 5.Clean, easy and safe to use. 6.Light weight and small volume for ...
Company: Shenzhen Star Packaging Co. Ltd.    China

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