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List extensive product information of Paper Machinery (include Napkin Machine, Cardboard Machine, Slitting Rewinding Machine), provided by Paper Machinery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Carton Folding & Pasting Machine
Carton Folding and Pasting Machine is a folding cum gluing machine for the manufacture of cartons in packaging of pharmaceuticals products, food stuff, detergents and many other products. High versatile, dependable and capable of making large range of carton, with tuck in type or automatic lock bottoms

Kraft Paper Slitting Rewinder
This machine is used to slit raw paper into the required width for stripe rewinding, winding paper tubes, printing, and packaging. This machine utilizes electric, mechanical, and pneumatic paper loading, pneumatic braking, and stepless speed regulation. With a large processing scope for raw paper, stable performance, and easy operation, it is an essential piece of equipment for modern packaging and rewinding.

Rewinding and Perforating Toilet Paper Machine
1. Production Procedure is controlled by Programmable controller system. Spraying, sealing, cutting and core exchanging are conducted synchronously. 2. During rewinding, the paper is tight first and loosen latter and also the tightness of rewinding can be set. 3. Auto set up alarm when paper breaks or stores the core pipes. 4. Each unwinding of jumbo roll is separately equipped with tension control and pneumatic jumbo roll lifting. 5. Touching screen and man-machine interaction are installed ...

Paper Pressing Machine
Paper pressing machine is the ideal equipment used for the fine surface processing of printed matters. After being glazed and then pressed by this machine, various kinds of color printed paper products will be obviously improved in surface brightness with color protected, so the quality will be greatly improved. This machine is reasonable in structure, easy in operation, safe and reliable, used in large, medium and small size printing houses.

Printed / Embossed Hanhy Folder
1) This machine is designed to be equipped with double color printing unit and embossing unit based on the Hanky Folder. 2) It is featured of nice, clear and correct printing, and easy operation. 3) The printing unit is equipped with rubber printing plate and anilox roll. 4) The ink can be coated evenly on the anilox roll to print the nice and clear designs. 5) The gap between the two folding cylinders can be adjusted depending on the different ply and basic weight of parent jumbo rolls. ) ...

8 Color Printing Napkin Machine
Features: 1) Mainly used for producing top-grade napkin. 2) Adopts advanced technology from home and abroad. 3) Specialized in producing high quality color-printing napkin. 4) Production speed is up to 500pcs/min or 150m/min. 5) Includes a main folding machine, which has pushing and holding function, a 1,200mm unwinder, a vacuum cleaner, dryer, steel to steel or steel to fiber rollers, calendaring systems and multi-folder system. 6) Can use several sizes folding system, producing different ...
Company: Xinli Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Pulp Making Machine and Paper Machine
Pulp Making Machine and Paper Machine: Wide ranges of pulp and paper making equipments available including paper machine, other relative equipment, paper converting machine and other equipment for one-off droppable personal care product making equipment, and complete set of paper or paper pulp making plant.

Paper Cutting Machine
10. 4" active control with industrial PC and PLC. perfect view with TFT- LCD color screen. windows operating system. program update through network. standart type industrial keyboard. program writing in graphical environment. to keep in memory of cutting position. screen with animation. automatic triangle speed adjustment in long and short distances. uninterrupted power supply. full isolation against power cut off and voltage changes. security systems category class 4 CE standarts are ...

Toilet Roll Automatic Production Line
toilet roll production line is the most advanced production line in China. It achieved the international standard level in the field. The equipment applies advanced PLC touch screen and controlling system of Japan. The advanced electric controlling system inspects the running of the whole line. Automatic tension controlling system is suitable for each type of parent roll. It also has the advantages of high capability, high quality, high speed and efficiency. Technical parameters: automatic ...
Company: Xinli Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Paper Cup Forming Machine
The High Speed Paper Cup Machine produces various cups for hot and cold beverages; ice cream, soups and snacks using double or single-sided PE coated paperboard. One of our most popular models, it has its own unique structure and has been highly evaluated by Asian customers for several years. The EBZ-ZS-22 has a4oz to 32oz tooling range and can produce up to 70-80 cups per minute. Changes in the tooling can be quickly and easily performed. 1.Simple forming station and minimum stroke. 2.Easy ...

Printing and Embossing Napkin Folder
Printing/ Embossing Napkin Folder is for the production of square or rectangular napkin paper, table napkin in restaurant. The parent jumbo rolls which have been slit into the desired width are em-bossed, automatically folded into finished products of napkins .It is featured of clear and nice printing, and it can run stable in high speed.It is an ideal equipment for the production of top quality napkins. 1 The embossing rolls can be covered with wool-cloth,neoprene or wool -paper ...
Company: Xinli Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Mini Type Facial Tissue Machine
Mini type facial tissue machine adopts vacuum adsorb and high-speed to fold the paper. Adopting stepless adjusting speed, it is running smoothly. It runs a whole set of rolling to fix difference tension of raw paper. It embosses folds, pushes paper, cuts paper, folds paper and transfers finished products. Technical data: 1. Power: 4.5kW (380V or 220V 50Hz) ; 2. Production speed: 400pcs/min ; 3. Folded size (mm): a. 75x52 (product size: 210x210) ; b. 105x52 (product size: 210x210) ; 4. ...

Web Slitter Rewinder
1, Application: it can be used for many kinds of roll paper, lottery, fax paper, register roll, taxi receipt, ATM slip, credit card slip and skip printed rolls. 2, Technical specifications: Web width: 500mm/900mm/1,300mm. Web diameter: max. dia. 1,000mm. Web core diameter: 3" (76mm). Slitting width: mini. 35mm. Rewinding diameter: max. 200mm. Rewinding core diameter: dia. 8mm-dia. 36mm. Working speed: max. 120m/min. Power: 1.5kW/2.2kW. Compressor: ≥0.6MPa

Computerized Paper Cutter
1) Paper press features middle-top-pressure device which is unique in China. This design makes the pressure more powerful, while down pressure is ever larger, making the most out of the hydraulic parts. 2) Press clamping device driven by stepless booster offers an increase in voltage in low-voltage conditions, thus making cutting of thin paper or non-carbon paper easier. 3) Chrome-plated platform for extra durability; will not rust. 4) Cutting controller computer made in the USA (Microcut); ...

Horizontal Computer Slitting Strip Machine
1. Adopting micro-computer control, automatic cutting, reasonable structure, complete and stable functions. It used to cut all kinds of rolling film material, it is the necessary equipment for packing paper. 2.To correct the film or paper with non level or picture with deviation automatically. 3.Adopts imported photoelectric switch, PC correct deviation control system make the correct more accurate. 4.Automatic calculate the meter and set the meter for stop. 5.The round cutter installation ...

Double Digital Display Paper Cutting Machine
1) With novel and elegant design, advanced and firm structure, and reliable performance, this machine is characterized of big cutting power, high cutting efficiency and accuracy. 2) Hydraulic press paper, adjustable and reliable pressure. 3) Work table with cushion, easy and convenient to deliver paper, position checking adopts double digital display, displaying the paper dimensions front and back the cutting knife through digital accurately. 4) Infrared photo electricity protection and ...

Honeycomb Cardboard Product Line
It is made up by paper core automatic butt gluing machine, honeycomb tensioner, paper loading rack, cardboard glue-smearing machine, compound drying apparatus, rolling conveyor, in-phase slitter machine etc. This product line adopts hot air re-cycle cardboard drying and reduces the product cost and ensures the cardboard's dryness and level-off. Technical data for honeycomb cardboard: Maximum product speed: 15m/min. Maximum width: 1,300mm. Maximum thickness: 8-100mm. Cutting length ...

Automatic Roll Core Machine
Features: 1) Used to produce punched and perforated paper core, advanced in design and convenient in operation. 2) Automatically withdraw knife or insert knife to cut pipes without stopping machine. 3) The molding of products is hard and straight. 4) The composed parts are of high rigidity, and the equipment is stable without shake when rolling core. Specifications: 1) Production speed: 10 - 20m/min. 2) Roll core: a) Core diameter: 28 - 75mm (2 - 7 ply) ; b) Length: 1.2 - 1.96m. 3) Jumbo ...

Paper Folding Machine
Specifications: 1) Folding plate number: maximum folding length up to 423mm (subject to different models. 2) Controlling device: counter, interval controller installed. 3) Paper feeding system: air blowing and suction feed, big amount sheet feeder, sheet position fixing gauge on two sides. 4) Roller adjustment: adjusted outside by hand. 5) Cross type folder: stands as an option. 6) Impressing device: standard installment. 7) Min. paper size: 90 x 120mm. 8) Max. paper size: 380 x 450mm. 9) ...

Full-Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line
1. Horizontal style paper unwind stand: raw paper line-placed, deliver paper with pneumatic wide belt, with separate tension control device in each roll of raw paper, pneumatic paper loading unit. 2. Web-edge controlling functions: be installed on the paper unwind stand. The function is effected by a sensor to inspect and trace the web edge, which controlled by PLC, then the sensor will transfer the data to the web edge controlling performer to effect the aim of alignment of different paper ...

Continuous Recording Paper Punching and Folding Machine
Features: 1) Adopt frequency conversion timing, electromagnetism controlling and electronic correcting. 2) Punching, line -pressing, cutting and folding can be finished for one time, suitable for various paper and carbonless paper. 3) More punching rows and plies can be added. 4) Roll can be easily loaded and unloaded, high speed folded, electronic counted. 5) Adopt PLC system, which enable to operate easily, accurately and reliably. Specifications: 1) Max. width of pape (standard type)r: ...

Two-Roller Calendering Machine
1) Two-roller calendering machine of all specifications. 2) Can design and produce, in accordance with the special requirements of the clients, three-roller, four-roller, vertical-type, or horizontal two-sided calendering machine. 3) Widely used for the exterior calendering treatment of various articles like fabrics, paper, and panels. 4) The horizontal type occupies less floor area, and has a compact structure

1) One of our patent equipment. 2) De-fiberizes waste paper (used paper boxes, newspapers, printed papers, book papers), with hydraulic function to pulp at a definite consistency. 3) Designed to make and supply pulp using in the process of manufacturing pulp molded products. It has been improved by double in efficiency compared with traditional pulpers used in paper mill.

Multifunctional Automatic Slitting And Rewinding Machine
It is used to slit and rewind materials from 50gsm to 800gsm in thickness, such as various paper, polypropylene, polyethylene, lamination material, and monolayer aluminum foil so on. It adopts double Emerson Frequency Inverter system (PLC) and it has features of photocell tracing system, (hydraulic rectification system is available) , automatic loading system, precision and high speed etc.

Shifting Type Double-Wing Sanitary Napkin Machine
1) Double cutters, double molds and double conductors in one machine, the products have two specifications of lengths. 2) Cutters and molds are adjusted by air-driving devices which are easy to operate and can extend life of cutter and molds. 3) Capable of producing various sanitary napkins: cotton core, tissue, triple, cubic protective, chemicals added. 4) Main frame and single alignment device or an independent packing machine are cooperated to work; the sanitary napkin runs vertically and ...

DCZ1713 paper box cutting machine
Effective cutting area(mm) 1700*1300 configuration oscillating blade,pen,creasing wheel,servo motor function it is used in carton&paper box packing factory,it can cut and crease 15mm corrugated paper max speed 1000mm/s smallest cutting diameter 6mm maximum cutting thickness 15mm control line and driver servo overlapping precision Less than or equal 0.1mm vacum 5.5KW data form HPGL voltage 220V Plus or minus10% 50Hz data port PCI port data transmission speed ...
Product Group: Paper Box Cutting Machine
Company: china aoke carton LGP box packing printing clothing bag shoe light stikcer electronic patttern sample maker plotter cutting machine company    China

TechAdfhesion TMF/TAF Fiber Head
Up to 40%-60% adhesive saving Low viscosity (50~100 cps) application 0.5gsm lowest coated weight, up to 5.0 m width Uniform fiber deposition, less resistance fluid absorb speed Single screw nozzle attachment for quick change Preheated air by heated spiral tube design option Long life stainless steel nozzle, different design nozzle for option of different applications
Company: TechAdhesion Systems Ltd.    China

Multi tracks juice packing machine
Technical Specifications: 1. Name:6 Lanes Liquid Packing Machine,honey packaging machine, ketchup packaging machine 2. Model:GH680Y-6 3. Dosage:1-30ml/bag 4. Bag Size:L55-130mm W40-70mm 5. Capacity:210-360bags/min 6. Control style:PLC+ English screen 7. Material feeder:Pneumatic/mechanical 8. Air consumption:0.36cbm/min 0.8Mpa 9. Voltage:AC380v 50Hz/AC220V 50Hz 10. Dimension:1400mm*1100mm*1750mm 11. Film ...
Company: Guangzhou Huasheng Packaging Machinery Manufacturing company    China

Press felt, paper machine clothing
There are three series of BOM paper making felts available in the market. They are single layer base mesh,double layer base mesh and multi layer base mesh.According there structures,they can be divided into BOM formed felt,BOM pressed felt,BOM upper felt,BOM dryer felt,BOM pulp board felt and so on. BOM paper making felts are generally made of the base mesh layer and the fiber layer.The base mesh can be single,double or multi layers. The double base mesh layer can also have a 1+1 ...
Product Group: Press Felt
Company: Fly Bin Wire Mesh Co,Ltd.    China

Computerized frame paperboard cutting machine
Computerized frame paperboard cutting machine max cutting speed 600mm/s max moving speed 4500mm/s max cutting thickness 3mm cutting angle 45/55 effective cutting range 1200*800mm resolution ratio <0.01mm cutting precision <0.05mm coming with free AOKECUT software applications 1)cutting frame card paper 2) incising of stereoscopic art word Product characteristics 1)incise the angle to have 45 degree and 55 degree 2)function stability 3)the operation is simple
Product Group: Paperboard Cutting Machine
Company: china aoke carton LGP box packing printing clothing bag shoe light stikcer electronic patttern sample maker plotter cutting machine company    China

Edge Protector Making Machinery
Manufacturers and exporters of edge protector making machine. We can supply complete plant for edge protector production line. Paper Edge Protector production Line is used to produce L shape paper edge protector and U shape protector. Edge Boards / Corner Boards / Angle boards / Edge protection boards are the right solution to prevent your products from damage during handling, storage and transportation.
Product Group: Edge Protector Machine
Company: K.U.Sodalamuthu And Co. Pvt. Ltd.,    India

Automatic Waste Paper Baler, paper cutter
Our company specialize in producing Automatic Waste Paper Baler which is mainly used for waste paper (cardboard boxes, newsprint, etc.), waste plastics (PET bottles, plastic film, turnover boxes, etc.), straw, straw and other loose material of the package, saving storage and transportation costs. We have four kinds of models:type YCA-60,type YCA-100,type YCA-150,type YCA-200. Parameters of Automatic Waste Paper Packing Machine for product selection Model Thrust(KN) Size of feed box ...
Product Group: Waste Paper Baler
Company: Hebei Xin Tian Long Hydraulic Machinery Factory    China

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