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List extensive product information of Craft Paper (include Kraft Paper), provided by Craft Paper manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Kraft Paper and Kraft Board
We can provide you various kinds of kraft paper, sack kraft paper, kraft board, white top liner kraft board ,kraft liner board, fluting, test liner. duplex grey back board, duplex white back board. It is made of bamboo pulp and used for wrapping, covering, mount, envelop, paper jacket, etc.
Product Group: Kraft Paper
Company: Linan Chenhong Paper Co., Ltd.    China

Holographic Paper
We supply the holographic paper. Any kinds of raw paper was laminated with holographic design OPP. It can be available in sheet and roll.

Kraft Board
We are a paper mill in India manufacturing & exporting Recycled Kraft Paper & Speck-free Kraft Board with Mid-strength, which are now widely USED IN in Hard Book Cover Binding, Diaries Cover Binding, Exercise Book Covers, Spiral Pads Base Binding (Back-cover Binding) , Subject Notebooks Cover Binding etc
Company: Linan Chenhong Paper Co., Ltd.    China

Middle-Grade Brown Kraft Paper
Middle-Grade Brown Kraft Paper. Place of Origin: China. Quota: 30 g/-140g/, bright surface, clearly ribbed, strong full force. Opens piece, duplicate volume are available
Product Group: Kraft Paper

Perforated Kraft Paper
1) Regular holes are made by machine. 2) Can convert to any width and length. 3) Weight: 70gsm - 280gsm. 4) Width: 63",70",72",76",78",90"
Company: Linan Chenhong Paper Co., Ltd.    China

Ribbed Kraft Paper
30g-140g. One-sided bright. Be applicable for envelope, file paper. Opens piece, duplicate volume available. Offered from china.

Recycled Craft Paper
1) Specifications weight: 50g - 200g. 2) Cut the specification into slices: 889 x 1194mm, 787 x 1092mm. 3) Main applications: non-drying brand and adhesive labels, liner paper (craft paper seal box tape is used as substrate). 4) Various sizes and grades available. 5) Used for packaging and producing gift boxes

Craft Paper
Related to printing packaging field, Hot stamping foil, metallized / holographic / aluminium board, AND security paper (even With watermark) for security sector. And for security printing sector (bank, telecommunication, etc) , cheque printing, prepaid phone card, gsm SIM card, security docs (printing) , carbonless paper with watermark, etc. For commercial products (cigarette, food, etc) , please promote cigarette tipping Paper, packaging for food and cigarette (printing) , etc..

Kraft Anti-Stick Paper
1) Made with a kraft paper substrate and evenly coated first with PE and then silicone. 2) Paper thickness: 65-300μm. 3) Max. width: 500-1,700mm. 4) Widely used as lining material for trademark labels and tags

Kraft Paper
Mill-making multiwall sack kraft paper, 65gsm, 81gsm and 98gsm , RW 40"-43", ROD 50", which is to be made with 100% virgin unbleached softwood pulp by US South East pulp and paper mill, Not semi-extensible, and prime grade

Craft Paper
Offering handmade art and craft paper for decoration and other art work with different attractive textures as crinckle, moonrock, zadu, ruled, checkered and other varitey coloured with attractive pearl coated sheets

White Kraft Paper
We sell top quality Kraft Paper Rolls. Our Kraft Paper Rolls are commonly used for packaging, shipping, void fill, product wrapping, art paper & many other applications. This WK01# White kraft paper is economical grade of paper that is practical and functional. Durable thickness and strength. Commonly used for packaging, shipping, void fill & many other applications

Handmade Petal & Leaf Paper
Handmade petal & leaf paper ,hand made by natural bark's ( the bark will reborn) high quality fiber, with china traditionary & immemorial paper making technology. The paper is flexiable, handle is very good, and look pretty & exquisite.

Fluting Paper, Crepe Paper
We could sell high quality corregated medium paper(fluting) with different grammage from virgin pulp espcially to Asia. Also sell color crepe paper: Size: 500*2000mm, 540*2170mm, 200 folds/ctn. Packing in cartons, or in rolls.

Kraft Paper For Cement Bag
We sell top quality Kraft Paper Rolls. Our Kraft Paper Rolls are commonly used for packaging, shipping, void fill, product wrapping, art paper & many other applications. This BK30# brown kraft paper is economical grade of paper that is especially for cement bags. Brown Kraft Paper for Cenment bags. Weight:70gsm,80gsm,90gsm. Width:1020mm

Water Resistance Kraft Adhesive Tape
Kraft paper backing, good wearable and anti-tearing off capability. Good protection to the packing goods. Stable adhesion, good weather and temperature resistance. Greatly applied for paper surface process mode, such as polishing, repeating film, printing and veins pressing. Application: Cartons sealing, especially for cartons of refrigerating goods. Temperature and weather resistance and holding adhesion adjustable.

Interleaver Paper For Glass And Steel
Mill-making prime grade Interleaver kraft paper for Glass and steel protective basepaper in automotive industry, It is to be made by a US paper mill.

Craft Paper
1-semi extensible sack kraft for cement bags, 80 / 90 / 120gsm. 2-unbleached kraft sack. 3-kraft liner. 4-fluting & Low Grade Fluting. 5-Manila. 6-Low Grade Test Liner 125gsm / 150gsm. 7-blue kraft 80gsm & 90gsm. 8-Test Liner. 9-White Top Test Liner 160GSM

Kraft Paper
This paper can be used PE coated, and packaging. Such as multi-ply bags (for flour, rice, feeds and chemical material etc.. ) envelops, file bags etc.. With different quality, from 100% recycled to with 50% virgin pulp paper, machine deckle 3600mm. Substance from 60gsm to 100gsm. Reels and sheets are both acceptable.
Product Group: Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper
We can supply different krafts. Both of wooden kraft paper and part-wooden of White and Brown krafts are available. Features: 1) Base paperweight: 30g-160g. 2) Maximum width: 260cm. 3) Use: adhesive brand and adhesive labels, liner paper and Kraft paper seal box tape used as substrate

Ribbed Kraft Paper
We specializing in all kinds of paper from China such as M. G. Sandwich Paper, M. G. Sulfite Paper, M. G. Cap Paper, Tissue Wrapping Paper, Acid-free Tissue Paper, Color Crepe Paper, Color Manifold Paper, Carbonless (NCR) Paper, Ribbed Kraft Paper, Fire-proof Paper, Photocopy Paper, etc.

Perforated Kraft Paper
1) Perforated Kraft paper used underneath the fabric layers to avoid damages to fabrics while cutting with hold and air transferable. 2) Available weight: 70gsm - 280gsm original or white Kraft paper. 3) We also supply separation sheet paper and vacuum poly film used for auto-machine.

Recycled Craft Paper
Specifications: 1) Weight: 50g - 200g. 2) Width: 23cm - 3600cm. 3) Application: used as liner paper of adhesive labels. 4) Note: specific colors according to customers' requirements

White liner cardboard
White liner board-is a raw which produced from wood pulp (cellulose), bleached cellulose, produced by chemical-mechanical process. 1. About weight: we have weights like 115 120 125 135 140 grams per sq meters. 2. About dimensions-Raw is a roll, it weighs for about 2 tons, the diameter of 1,18 m, height depends on your format size, we produce from 0,6 meters to 2,8 meters formats. 3. White liner is usefull in high quality corrugated cardboard production.
Product Group: Cardboard Liner
Company: LesExport-Novgorod    Russia

kraft paper & liner board
Product Details: Product Name: White Paperboard/Duplex paperboard;duplex paper ;triplex paper board; packing paper, kraft paper and liner board Key words:Coated White boards;white board;CCNB;WHITE WOODFREE COVERED DUPLEX BOARD;coated duplex board with grey back;white Manila board;Manila board paper;grey Manila board;coated manila;white paper;whiteboard sheet;triplex white board with white back;duplex white board with white back;wrapping paper;250/280/300/320/350/380/400/450 g white ...

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