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List extensive product information of Printing & Writing Paper (include Photo Paper, Inkjet Paper, Transfer Paper), provided by Writing & Printing Paper manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Pressure Sensitive Paper
The surface material is white super-smooth non-gelatinised material. It has provided excellent heat transferable printing effect for various speed-adjustable transferable presses. This smooth layer can avoid blocky color of cylinder and other printing ink. The weight is 80g.
Product Group: Sensitive Paper

Magnetic Printing Paper
1) Flat and flexible and can be easily cut with a knife or scissors without damaging the magnetic quality. 2) Provides photographic quality prints in vivid colors. 3) Dries instantly and is both smudge proof and waterproof. 4) Available in both matte white and high gloss white. 5) Thin and compatible with all series of Epson, HP or Lexmark color inkjet printers. 6) Create your own personalized magnetic photographs. 7) Great for business cards, labels and promotional items. 8) Uses are ...
Company: Hangzhou Qiule Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Indoor Inkjet Media
Self-adhesive PP, cold lamination film, PP paper, glossy photo paper, vinyl sheet and self-adhesive vinyl series which assume super performance of outstanding adsorption, exquisite color, high saturation, long period of storage and water-proof capacity.

Continuous Form Paper
1) Uon-carbon computer printer paper from single-layer to ten-layer. 2) Suitable for different kinds of stylus printers

Glossy Photo Paper
1) Instant dry. 2) High whiteness. 3) High precision (usually above 720DPI). 4) Good waterproof performance (won't lose color with water, the fastness of the coat is very good). 5) Thickness and rigidity equality. 6) Output effect can compare with silver-salt photo paper. 7) Technology character: special construction nanometer coat designed for the glossy photo paper. 8) Original creation paten right of technology: unique coating technology. 9) Base paper is wood pulp (environmental ...
Company: Hangzhou Qiule Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Premium Satin Inkjet Photo Paper
1) Weight: 260gsm. 2) Opacity: 96%. 3) Brightness: 98%. 4) Size: a) A4: 210 x 297mm ; b) Letter: 216 x 279mm (8.5 x 11") ; c) 4R: 102 x 152mm (4 x 6"). 5) Resin coated, bright white, glossy paper, ideal for photo reprints, photo proofs and contact sheets. 6) For vivid photo quality with maximum color saturation. 7) Produces vibrant colors and razor sharp text. 8) Superb photographic image quality output with a instant dry. 9) Widely used for various brand color inkjet printers
Product Group: Photo Paper

Plotter Paper
1) Weight: 45gsm, 55gsm and 60gsm. 2) Width: 36", 48", 60", 62", 64", 72". 3) Different specifications available for your selection. 4) Suitable for any drafting machine and plotter

Sublimation Paper
Specifications: 1) Professional sublimation paper. 2) Size: A3, A4, A5, A6, roll. 3) Packing: 100pcs/pack. 4) Produces the highest quality prints from your digital camera or scans. 5) Uses special ink absorbing technique, no color shows through. 6) Used for printing photos, posters, office documents, name cards, postcards and calendars
Product Group: Sublimation Paper

2-Ply POS Paper Rolls
1) Even coating and very smooth, with the lowest fray of printing head. 2) First-class quality advanced technology applied in the paper cutting, rolling and wrapping. 3) Different specifications can be made according to customers' requirements. 4) Linear meter: 12mm or made upon customers' requirements. 5) Core pipes can be plastic or paper cores. 6) Normal stability against ambient influence: heat, humidity, light, grease, ethanol
Product Group: POS Paper Roll

Laser Transfer Paper
laser transfer paper Product sizes availability: A4 (210mm x297mm) - 20 sheets, a3 (297mm x 420mm) - 20 sheets. 1. General description: With iron-on transfer paper, get great durability with image retaining color, wash-after-wash. Decorate fabric with photos in minutes. It is ideal for customizing t-shirts, cotton placemats, hats, sweatshirts, tote bags etc. The transfer peels off easily after it cools and can be applied with a regular household iron or heat press machine. 2. Application: ...

White Liner Paper
1) White top liner. 2) Coated kraft back. 3) High quality envelope paper offering a smooth surface. 4) Substance range: 80, 90 and 100gsm

Silky Photo Paper
1. For vivid photo quality with maximum color saturation. 2. Produces vibrant colors and razor sharp text. 3. Superb photographic image quality output with an instant dry. 4. Widely used for various brand color inkjet printers
Company: Hangzhou Qiule Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.    China

PP Matte Paper (Waterproof)
1) Substrate of synthetic PP synthetic paper (thickness: 140-150um). 2) Waterproof matt coating. 3) Suitable for water based dye and pigment ink, indoor and short term outdoor uses. 4) Surface: matte. 5) Total weight: 115gsm. 6) Specification (in rolls): 36'', 42", 50", 60" x 30m

Fax Paper
Refinedly cut, consistent in tightness, able to pass machine freely; Tight and solid in fibre structure, waterproof packing, fit for long-term preservation. 2 red caution lines, each at one metre from the corresponding end to help customers operate conveniently. Condition of preservation: ventilated, dry, clear of light, temperature:≤50°C, relative humidity: ≤80%
Product Group: Fax Paper

Self Adhesive 100% wood Coated Paper
1) Face: 80g high gloss paper. 2) Back: 90g yellow or blue release paper, slit back or non slit back, wood free back paper or glassine back paper. 3) Sizes: 20" x 30", 50 x 70cm, 70 x 100cm, 53 x ZA 300m, 106cm x 300m, 100cm x 400m. 4) Adhesive: hot melt, water base

Computer Paper
We can supply you computer paper, carbonless paper with 2 ply,3 ply,4 ply, with white, green, blue, pink color Such as 9.5''x11'',15''x9.5'' from china.

Manifold Paper
We have white manifold paper and color manifold paper. It is used for check paper, poster paper, etc. We also have white offset paper and color offset paper from china.

Laser Paper
T-shirt transfer paper transfers for dark / light color T-shirts personalize and print store-bought quality items for any occasion make T-shirts using an inkjet printer. Create iron-on transfers using an ordinary clothes iron, inkjet printer and most software. The cold peel process eliminates finger burns. It requires software or a printer that allows you to flip or create mirror images and used on 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend fabric.
Product Group: T-Shirt Transfer Paper

Glow Vinyl Photo Paper
These printable photoluminescent ("glow-in-the-dark") vinyl sheets are bright and long-lived. They charge fully with only 5 minutes exposure to most types of light and glow in excess of 10 hours. They are made of a vinyl impregnated with a non-toxic & non-radioactive photoluminescent mineral. These are ink jet printable to create crisply colored glow-in-the dark signs, labels for marking light switches, instruments, controls, & emergency exits. Also use for building ...

Card Inkjet Paper
The colorful ink-jet name card paper of two-sided water tightness is on sowing in the common name card paper surface to draw the cloth one story high member coating layer, printing the result color fresh and gorgeous, the layer feeling is strong, the biggest resolution can amount to the 2880 dpis.

Uncoated Printing & Writing Paper
1) Material: 100% virgin pulp. 2) Acid free. 3) High bulk and smoothness. 4) No two-sidedness. 5) High whiteness. 6) Does not attract dust. 7) Smooth finish. 8) Uniform density and excellent print quality. 9) Color offset paper. a) Ivory, cream and natural white colors. b) No OBA and environmentally-friendly. c) Soft and visually comfortable. 10) Applications: computer stock forms, notebooks, cash register receipts, direct mail, newsletters, letterheads, instruction manuals. 11) Different ...

Transfer Papers
1) Width: 2.8m. 2) Weight: 28 - 30gsm. 3) Various colors available. 4) Printed on polyester mesh fabric for sportswear. 5) Widely used for printing household textile products, including bedclothes, sofa covers, cushions and curtains

Satin Photo Paper
Features: 1) Resin-coated paper base, satin look and feel. 2) Very suitable for pigment based inks, high color density, wide gamut. 3) Advanced ink solidify technology, resistant to ink degradation. 4) Dry instantly with most inkjet ink types. 5) Quality like silver halide photos. 6) Printable on both sides of the double-sided photo paper. Specifications: 240/260gsm, 280gsm (double-sided): 1) Page size: A3, A4, A5, A6, 8.5 x 11", 4 x 6". 2) Roll sizes: a) 0.210 x 25m, 8.3 x ...

Blue Back Paper
blue back paper is a kind of white, blue back, water-resistant billboard paper with high opacity for outside application. This single-side coated digital printing paper is particularly suitable for graphic art prints of the highest resolution and perfect color brilliance. Features: 1) Blue-backed for no show-through over other posters. 2) High-quality, snow white surface paper for solvent and eco-solvent ink. 3) Great for short-term outdoor billboard and poster. 4) Weight: 120gsm. 5) Widths: ...

Photo Paper
Specifications: 1) Weight: 110gsm, 130gsm, 140gsm (double-side coated), 230gsm, 250gsm. 2) Professional matte coated, white like snow. 3) 100% waterproof, instant drying. 4) Produces the highest quality prints from your digital camera or scans. 5) Size: A3, A4, A5, A6, roll. 6) Use special ink absorbing technique, no color shows through. 7) Used for printing photos, posters, office documents, name cards, postcards, calendars. 8) Suitable for all inkjet printers

Substance weight (gsm) 48.8. Weight tolerance (gsm) +1. Thickness (um) 64(-/+1). Against tensity (N.m/g) >=41. Tear degree horizontally (mN.m2/g) >8. Smoothness (s) >70. Whiteness (%) >=56. Ash content (%) >8. Not transparency (%) >=90

Scrapbook Paper
Size:12"x12", 128g artpaper, acid free and lignin free. 4 colors printing on one side or both sides. For scrapbook use. A4 size is also available. Paper weight can be 157g and 150g, Glossy or matt paper available

Professional inkjet Media
Manufacture:Glossy Photo Paper (240) Semi Glossy photo Paper (240) Glossy Portable Banner Film (270) Matte Portable Banner Film (270) Silver Metallic Film Clear PET with Adhesive Waterproof PP Film(180) Waterproof PP Film With Adhesive (120) Waterproof PP Film With Adhesive (150) Waterproof MattePhoto Paper (220) Waterproof Mattephoto Paper With Adhesive Waterproof Glossy Photo Paper (240) With ...
Product Group: Photo Paper
Company: Anhui Green Imp. & Exp. Co.,LTD.    China

White Woodfree Paper, Woodfree Paper, Printing & writing paper
Uncoated Wood free paper can be delivered in substances of 56 GSM up to 120 GSM. These are high quality paper with brightness over 97% ISO. They are available in reels from 20” onwards. Sheets are packed in bulk on pallets with 500 sheet marker or can also be packed in Individual reams.
Company: Allianz Group    India

Double copy of A4 paper
We also supply paper with specification below: Basic weight: 80GSM, Brightness: 98%, Moisture: 3.5.
Product Group: A4 Paper
Company: Amazon Company Limited    cameroon

Copy Paper for office use (three sizes)
Copy Paper for office use (three sizes) Size : 70 ,75,80GSM 8.5*11,A4,8.5*13,A3,11*17, and foolscap paper sheet is 17 x 13.5inches (432x343 mm) . Gram:80gsm,75gsm,70gsm Brightness: 95%-96%,98%-102%,106%-108% Wood pulp: 100% actual wooden pulp (woodfre) Package: 500sheets/ream, 5reams/carton 7800-8250reasms/20GP without pallet Delivery date : within 20 days . Specification for Copy Paper Item 75 GSM 8.5X 14 Material wood pulp % CEI Whiteness 148-152 Whiteness > >98% ...
Product Group: Copy Paper
Company: Asia Pacific Industry Group Co., Limited    china

Letter size copy paper
Letter size copy paper Basic weight: 70 ,75 ,80g/m2, Size : 70 ,75,80GSM 8.5*11,A4,8.5*13,A3,11*17, and foolscap paper sheet is 17 x 13.5inches (432x343 mm) . Moisture 3.5%-4.5%, Whiteness: >98% Thickness: 103-110 um Surface roughness TS ml/min: 75-175 Surface roughness BS ml/min: 100-200 Bending stiffness MD: >110 Mn Bending stiffness CD: >50 Mn Opacity: >94% Brightness: 101-104% CIE whiteness: 148-15 Cobb Test: 27-33 g/m2 27-33
Product Group: Copy Paper
Company: Asia Pacific Industry Group Co., Limited    china

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