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List extensive product information of Facial Tissue (include Pocket Tissue, Tissue Paper, Box Facial Tissue), provided by Facial Tissue manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Printed Facial Tissue
) Material: 100% row wood pulp paper. 2) Sterilized at high temperatures. 3) Safe and sanitary. 4) Pliable and with strong water-absorption capacity. 5) Various designs available and can be printed on 6 colors
Company: Shanghai Chengfeng Packaging & Paper Co., Ltd.    China

Boxed Facial Tissue
1) Material: 100% virgin pulp. 2) Size: 190mm x 200mm x 2 ply x 150 sheets. 3) Different size of sheet, ply, sheets per roll and packing means available as per customer's specific requirements.
Company: Shanghai Chengfeng Packaging & Paper Co., Ltd.    China

Pocket Tissue
1) Material: wooden pulp. 2) 4-ply. 3) Sheet size: 205 x 200mm. 4) 8 sheets/pack. 5) With scent. 6) Embossed for superior absorbency and softness
Product Group: Pocket Tissue
Company: Shanghai Chengfeng Packaging & Paper Co., Ltd.    China

Boxed Facial Tissue
1) Material: virgin. 2) Ply: 2-ply with edge embossing. 3) Specification: 195mm x 210mm, 200mm x 200mm, 200mm x 22mm. 4) Box type: flat or cubic
Product Group: Boxed Facial Tissue

Facial Tissue
Specifications: 1) Material: 100% raw wood pulp. 2) Perfumed. 3) Paper size: 210 x 210mm. 4) 10pcs/pack. 5) 3 plies

Magic Tissue
1) Material: 100% rayon, 100% biodegradable, non-woven and without alcohol. 2) all kinds of different shapes including round and heart shape. 3) Very easy to use at home, restaurants and outdoor. 4) Rinse your face before make-up. 5) Be suitable for promoting your items and images. 6) Clean your hands after traveling, sporting and working in the office. 7) Very easy to carry on

Facial Cleansing Wipes
1) Enriched with natural moisture-aloe and vitamin E. 2) Suitable for skin of any nature. 3) Used for removing make-up, making skin soft and silky. 4) Dimensions: 16 x 20cm. 5) Material: 50g/m² air thermal bonded non-woven fabric

Facial Tissue Box
1) Specifications can be made according to requirements of customers. 2) Soft and comfortable hand feel, good water absorption, ideal strength and strong color fastness. 3) Safe and hygienic, having been sterilized with high temperature treatment. 4) We can also supply printed facial tissue on each sheet as per market requirements

Facial Tissue
1. Composition: 100% rayon. 2. Size: 2*1 cm in form and become 20*20cm, 22*22cm, 22*25cm, 25*25cm, 25*27cm, etc after being put in water. 3. Application: ideal for home, office, restaurants, hospitals, schools, daycares, picnic, camping, travel.

Boxed Facial Tissues
We are highly specialised in the production of quality toilet rolls, boxed facial tissues, paper towels, kitchen towels, handkerchief tissues, jumbo roll tissues, pocket tissues, wallet pocket tissues and paper napkins of all sorts and sizes.
Product Group: Boxed Facial Tissues

Magic Coin Tissue
There are mainly 6 great features that have made it popular: Soft, absorbent, lint-free, hygienic, portable and 100 percent environmentally friendly. 1) Composition: 100 percent pure viscose (rayon). 2) Size: 2*1cm in form, and become 20*20cm, 22*22cm, 22*25cm,25*25cm,25*27cm, Etc. after being put in water. 3) Application: Magic tissues are ideal and widely used for traveling, office, hotel, restaurant, or gifts for sales promotion.

Tissue in Box
Specifications: 1) Material: 100% raw wood pulp (virgin). 2) Soft and perfumed. 3) Paper size: 200 x 200mm, 190 x 207mm, 200 x 100mm. 4) 200pcs/box; 100pcs/box; 150pcs/box. 5) 2-ply

Pocket Tissue
Our product is made from 100% Virgin Pulp. We can manufacture tissue box products depending on the customer's specifications regarding number of plies, pulls, rolls, weight, sheets and paper quality.
Product Group: Pocket Tissue

Facial and Hand Wipe
1) High quality spunlace with moisturizer and gentle fragrance. 2) Alcohol free all non-toxic materials. 3) Size: different size is available. 4) Fragrances: different fragrance is available, such as rose, lemon, chamomile, green tea, peach, green grape, grapefruit, apple and orange

Tissue Napkin Machine
1) Vacuum suction device: By screw roller, fold into pile paper in hinge joint way. 2) Automatic calculating revealing: Packaging precise and convenient. 3) Simple operation and reasonable price. 4) Can be allocated with embossing device, tax stamp is clear. Production velocity:120m/min. Production way: Double line. Finish product outspread size:200(l)*140-210 (mm). Machine type: Finish paper folding size:90-100(l)*140-210(mm)
Product Group: Tissue Napkin Machine

Box Facial Tissue
Box facial tissue, drawful. Material could be recycle or virgin wood pulp. Dimension is 200mm*190mm*2ply. 100sheets, 120 sheet, 130sheets and 150sheet are available. Outer package could be carton

Drawable Facial Tissue
1) Soft paper, high absorbing capacity. 2) 450° high temperature processed. 3) No fluorescence cream, safe and comfortable. 4) No wastepaper left after using. 5) Elegant pack and full specifications availabler

Wet Blend Paper
1) Disposable blend paper 17 x 27cm. 2) Material: a) Blend paper ; b) Jojoba oil ; c) Regulators of pH, anti-lrrigate. 4) Suitable for hotel, airline and tourism industry use. 5) Weight: 60gsm

Facial Tissue
1) Material: wooden pulp. 2) 2-ply. 3) Density: 13.5gsm. 4) Sheet size: 220 x 215mm. 5) 150 sheets/box. 6) Softness. 7) Strong and absorbent

Draw-Out Tissues
1) Material: 100% wood pulp. 2) Size: 200mm x 210mm x 2-ply. 3) Gram mage: 16g. 4) Packing: 6 boxes/pack, 10 packs/ctn. 5) Dimensions: 61 x 50 x 46cm. 6) MOQ: 1 x 20' GP (12,000 boxes approx.)

We supply pocket tissues, handkerchief, facial tissue, paper napkin, refreshing wipes, hand wipes, pre-moist towellette, cleaning wipes, auto wipes, baby wipes, skincare wipes, car wipes from china.

Dry Facial Wipes (Pre-impregnated Wipes)
It's ideal for daily facial cleaning and cosmetic removal application. These are dry cloth with ingredients but water activated and foam. Available in regular spunlace and appertured spunlace. Dispose after use. Size: 15x20cm each piece.. Material: spunlace 50gsm, 85gsm, 110gsm. Packing: 25counts each plastic box with artwork and logo printing card band

Tissue Paper
Roll film for paper tissue are mainly classified as milk white PE, transparent PE, lightless PE, lightless milk white PE products etc. Features: 1.Made of PE via common lamination and mold-blowing. 2.Customized printing and size. 3.Printing, film-rolling and automatic package. 4.High quality and low price, convenient use. 5.Offer a cozy service and durable protection.

Facial Tissue
Features: 1) Made from virgin pulp, soft and clean, natural white, with high absorption. 2) Size: 195 x 210mm, 2-ply. 3) 300pcs/pack

Make Up Remover Wet Wipes
Make Up Remover Wet Wipes Silky soft, gentle & extra absorbent disposable cosmetic wet wipes can be used as 3 in 1- complete cleansing and skin care wipes. Helps in cleansing, toning and hydrating your skin, leaving it radiant and glowing. Deep cleansing action with purifying agents cleans and unclogs pores, tightens the skin and unwanted oils protecting against blackhead and impurities Improves bloated area around the eyes. Enriched with Vitamin A, C & E and special ...
Company: SPM paper industries    india

Nail Polish Remover Wet Wipes 10 in 1
Nail Polish Remover Wet Wipes 10 in 1 Item Code: NPR-10 Content: No acetone-No cotton-No mess So Quick, So Simple. One wipe cleans both hands & feet nails. Disposable wet wipes directly used as nail polish remover. Leaves the nail perfectly cleaned and glowing after use. Contains special oiling formula that moisturizes the nails. Protects the nails from becoming dull and yellowish. Effective on all kind of nail paints. Easy to use and convenient to carry ...
Company: SPM paper industries    india

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