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List extensive product information of Paper Napkins & Serviettes (include Table Napkin, Paper Towel, Tissue Napkin), provided by Paper Napkin & Serviette manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Paper Napkins
Supply Serviette Paper, Table Napkin, Paper Towel, Paper Napkin from china. Features: 1) 100% wood pulp. 2) Sizes: a) 33 x 33cm (2 or 3 layers) ; b) 25 x 25cm (2 or 3 layers) ; c) 40 x 40cm (2 or 3 layers)
Company: Hozhong Paper Co., Ltd.    China

Dinner Napkin And Serviette Paper
Dinner napkin paper and serviette, 100% natrual paper material, can make it colourful, printing, empaistic, and can cut different size as requirements.
Product Group: Serviette Paper

Kitchen Paper Towel Rolls
Specifications: 1) Material: 100% raw wood pulp. 2) Quickly soaks up spills. 3) Wipes grease from oven and countertops. 4) Safely polishes silverware or glassware. Features: 1) We can supply plain kitchen paper towel rolls and printed kitchen paper towel rolls with 1 - 6 colors, 2ply or 3ply and with exquisite packing to meet your different requirements, not added with fluorescence pharmaceutical, with 100% virgin pulp. 2) Flexible and pliable, and the suction power for water is strong. 3) ...

Paper Tissue
Roll film for paper tissue are mainly classified as milk white PE, transparent PE, lightless PE, lightless milk white PE products etc. Features: 1.Made of PE via common lamination and mold-blowing. 2.Customized printing and size. 3.Printing, film-rolling and automatic package. 4.High quality and low price, convenient use. 5.Offer a cozy service and durable protection.
Product Group: Paper Tissue
Company: Hozhong Paper Co., Ltd.    China

Table Napkin
Our product is made from 100% Virgin Pulp. We can manufacture tissue box products depending on the customer's specifications regarding number of plies, pulls, rolls, weight, sheets and paper quality.
Product Group: Table Napkin

We sell various 1ply and 2 ply napkins. Specifications: 1) Safe and hygienic. 2) High temperature sterilization treatment. 3) Soft with good water absorption performance. 4) Customized service available. 5) Paper sizes: 230 x 230mm, 280 x 280mm, 300 x 300mm, 330 x 330mm, 400 x 400mm. 6) 1-ply, 2-ply or 3-ply. 7) One color or two color
Company: Hozhong Paper Co., Ltd.    China

Napkins And Serviettes
Material: 100% virgin pulp or recycled paper. Size: 250mm* 250mm, 275mm* 275mm, 300mm* 300mm, 330* 330mm, 400mm* 400mm, 380mm* 430mm etc. Substance: 17gsm-- 22gsm 1ply or 2ply. Packing: Plastic packing

Color Tissue
1) Napkin size: 32.5 x 32.5cm. 2) White napkins with red flowers. 3) Red napkins off-white flowers. 4) 3 layers

Paper Towel Roll
1) Material: recycled. 2) Basic weight: 36 - 45gsm. 3) Color: natural (brown, unbleached) and white (bleached). 4) Specification: 20cm x 80m, 20cm x 128m, 20cm x 180m, 20cm x 240m.

N-Fold Paper Towel
1) Material: 100% wooden pulp. 2) Size: 225mm x 230mm x 1-ply. 3) Strong absorbent. 4) Suitable for all standard towel dispensers. 5) Different paper weight available as per different quality standard

1) Material: 100% vigin pulp. 2) Soft and good absorbency. 3) Available in a range of sizes (22 x 22cm, 23 x 23cm, 24 x 24cm, 25 x 25cm, 27.5 x 27.5cm, 30 x 30cm, 33 x 33cm, 40 x 40cm). 4) 1- or 2-ply. 5) Natural and non-toxic dye

Paper Napkin
1) Material: 100% wooden pulp. 2) Size: 275mm x 275mm x 1-ply or 2-ply. 3) Strong absorbent. 4) Suitable for all standard towel dispensers. 5) Different size of sheet, ply, sheets per roll and packing means available as per customer's specific requirements.

Paper Napkins
1) Material: paper. 2) Our regular size: 25x25cm, 33x33cm, 40x40cm; 1-ply, 2-ply or 3-ply. 3) We have many existed nice designs for your selection, for party, everyday, birthday, Christmas. 4) Can choose plain color, like white, red, green

Folded Napkins
For wedding, restaurant, dining-room, hotel, daily use, advertisement and so on. Features: 1)size:250*250mm. 330*330mm. 400*400mm. 2)Artwork and printing: Pure white. Single color printed (10 different colors can offer). Printed motif color. 3)Thickness:1ply ,2ply,3ply. 4)Natural edible color dye. Non-Phosphor powder. Non-scraps. Cotton-softness

Set Of 6 Napkins With Napkin Ring In Box
Set of 6 napkins with napkin ring holders in beautiful designs made in silk from Thailand. A brilliant idea for decorating your table. Colors available: orange, purple and pink.

Jacquard Napkin
Jacquard Napkin: 100% cotton. 190gsm. Pure white. Jacquard logo. Flame retardant dealing with. Napkin: 1) Composition: 100% cotton, plain or damask, can make table cloth and napkin. 2) Color: white, can dye as required. 3) Size: 50 x 50cm, 56 x 56cm

Paper Napkins / Serviettes
1) Material: wooden pulp. 2) 4-ply. 3) Sheet size: (195 x 210mm )+/-5mm. 4) 8 sheets/pack. 5) With scent. 6) Embossed for superior absorbency and softness

Serviettes, Paper Napkins, Tissue Napkins
1) We can supply serviettes (paper napkins) with various colors, various sizes and exquisite packing to meet your different requirements, not added with fluorescence pharmaceutical, with 100% virgin pulp. 2) Flexible and pliable, and the suction power for water is strong. 3) The mother paper is processed with 450°C of ultra-temperature. 4) Natural and edible color dye, non-phosphor powder, non-scraps, and cotton-softness with colors printing; safe, clear and sanitary. 5) Sizes available: 23 ...

Paper Napkin
Colored paper napkins, made of recycled & mixed pulp, kinds of color you can choose. Specifications: 250*250mm, 230*230mm, 330*330mm, 1ply & 2ply & 3ply

Folding Paper Napkin
1) Size: 250 x 250mm; 330 x 330mm; 400 x 400mm. 2) Artwork and printing: a) Pure white ; b) Single color printed (10 colors can offer) ; c) Printed motif color. 3) Thickness: 1ply, 2ply, 3ply. 4) Natural edible color dye: a) Non-phosphor powder. b) Non-scraps. c) Cotton-softness. 5) Accept customized sizes and special printing designs. 6) Made of 100% cotton paper

M-Fold Paper Towel
M-Fold Paper Towel. Made of virgin wood pulp; non-phosphorus powder; non-whitener; excellent absorption of water. 230x230mm; 42g/sq. m; 2-ply; 250 pc/pack; 16 pack/case; 4000 sheets/case. We have 4-fold ( 230 x 240 mm ) for America market; 6-fold ( 230 x 365 mm ) for Australia market.

Napkins With Matching Wooden Napkin
100% cotton napkins for table and kitchen use. Size: 40 x 40 cm; 50 x 50 cm; can be manufacured in any pantone colour shades fro fall and spring summer. Also come with set of 4 and set of 6 packing with matching table cloths.

Facial Tissue, Napkin
1) Box facial tissue: Material: Recycled paper, virgin pulp or 100% wood pulp. Sheet size: 200mm* 200mm, 200mm* 190mm, 195mm*195mm, etc. 80sheets, 100 sheets, 200 sheets or 300 sheets per pack. 2)Pocket tissue: Material: virgin pulp or 100% woodpulp. Sheet size: 200mm*200mm, 210mm*210mm, etc. 2-ply or 3-ply. 3)Serviette and Napkin: Material: Recycled paper, virgin pulp or 100 Woodpulp. Size: 430mm*430mm, 430mm*380mm, 340mm*180mm, 250mm*250mm, 275mm*275mm, 300mm*300mm, 325mm*325mm.

active oxygen sanitary napkin
"Negative Ion" sanitary napkins-Experts of health care Because the "Negative Ion" could be release of active oxygen and improve lung function, promoting metabolism and enhance immunity, improve sleep, and other functions, and won the "air vitamin" "longevity of" reputation. The unique negative ion chip in contact with the blood will release more than 6000 / cm3 of negative ions, can remove the body of harmful bacteria and odour of gas ...
Company: Nanning Jieling Sanitary Article Co.,Ltd    China

Kitchen & Multi Purpose Towels
Kitchen & Multi Purpose Towels Item Code: KMS-10 Re-usable /Washable/ Disposable Wipes are extra thick, strong, absorbent and durable. These superior quality wipes are made with super absorbent technology. Useful for complete cleaning of Household items, Furniture, electronic Items, Cars, Computers, Leather items, Glassware, Kitchen and Kitchen appliances, utensils etc. Also useful for Wiping hands, at wash basin area, as table matt and soaking oil from food items Extra Soft ...
Company: SPM paper industries    india

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