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List extensive product information of Crates (include Plastic Crates, Bottle Crate, Glass Crate, Wood Crate, Foldaway Crate), provided by Crate manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Plastic Crates
We can supply all kinds of plastic crates which are used for packing the vegetable, fruits, etc from china. Size: 530mm x 365mm x 275mm.
Product Group: Plastic Crate
Company: Taizhou Yida Auto Interior Decorations Co., Ltd.    China

Multipurpose Crate
1) Material: HDPE. 2) Outer dimensions: 490 x 330 x 70mm. 3) Inner dimensions: 455 x 300 x 65mm. 4) Net weight: 610g.
Company: Taizhou Yida Auto Interior Decorations Co., Ltd.    China

Beer Crate, Bottle Crate
Long lasting bottle/beer crate. UV-stablised. Material: HDPE. Color: Various. Size: 42 x 28 x 26 cm. Weight: 1.6 kg. Pockets: 24 pockets. We have different designs with 20, 24, 35, & 40 pockets and different in sizes. Our products have a competitive prices
Product Group: Bottle Crate
Company: Taizhou Yida Auto Interior Decorations Co., Ltd.    China

Foldable Logistic Container
Features: 1) Volume: 45.8L. 2) Outer dimensions: 535 x 360 x 280mm. 3) Inter dimensions: 505 x 335 x 270mm. 4) Fold dimensions: 535 x 335 x 70mm. 5) Material: composite of PP and PE. 6) Load capacity: ≤25kg. 7) Stack load capacity: ≤125kg

49L Folding Box
Material: pure PP. Weight: 2.27kg. Unfolded size: Outer: 540 x 365 x 331mm. Inner: 490 x 330 x 300mm. Folded size: 540 x 365 x 90mm

Glass Crate
This versatile Glass Crate can hold 24 VINE & OTHER Drinking glasses, its outer is made of Plastic and inner spacers are made of special type of foaming material, which is washable and durable. Due to special foaming material glasses do not break as it works like a shock absorber to the glass. Item Ref: Majestic Glass crate. Colors: Blue. Packing : PP bags single
Product Group: Glass Crate

Fishery Turnover Box
1) Material: HDPE. 2) Standard colors: red, yellow, green, white, blue. 3) Outer dimensions: 645 x 440 x 170mm. 4) Inner dimensions: 595 x 390 x 160mm. 5) Net weight: 1,750g. 6) Optional part: iron handles.

Collapsible Agricultural Crates
Plastic collapsible agricultural crates. Sizes 60 x 40 x 12, 60 x 40 x 18, 60 x 40 x 20 and 60 x 40 x 26. 6,000 units per 40 foot container

Small Wood Crates
These crates are 8x4x4 inches and are made out of sugar pine. We are unable to fill bulk request, since they are hand made.
Product Group: Wood Crate

PP Corrugated Crate Bins
Can offer Made to order Crates, Bins Boxes cartons made out of Polypropylene Corrugated Sheets from our facility situated at china.
Product Group: Wooden Collar

Wood Case
We can supply vairous kinds of wood case with solid wood of Pine, Oak, Maple, etc. That case is for package, trasport, etc. We can make it as per your details specification. We can supply about 3000CBM solid wood products.

Attached Lid Container
1) Materials: PP, PE. 2) Volume: 50L. 3) Load capacity: ≤30kg. 4) Stack load: ≤150kg. 5) Height: 90mm. 6) Width: 490mm. 7) Optional part: flat lid. 8) Two dimensions available: 610 x 415 x 320mm, 566 x 385 x 320mm

Wooden Case with Plywood Inner Frame
It has the same application ranges with plywood cases and can be used as a transport packing case for small-sized wooden boxes. This case is very popular and was extensively applied in the last century. Its general load is 200kg and it can bear products whose size is less than 0.5m³.

Crate, Box Bin, Foldaway Crate
Foldaway (collapsible) basket. O. D. 480 * 350 * 245mm. Load capacity: Less than20 kg. Item weight: 1.2kg. Made in china.

Conductive Crates
These are made to order crates/bins meant for electronic industries for handling of PCB and sensetive electronic components. The surface resistivity offered in 10^3 to 10^5 ohms/sq.

Bottle Milk Box
We supply over 50 different sizes of crates from 260mm x 178mm x 77mm to 795mm x 565mm x 500mm.

Plastic Crates
We supply Plastic Crates, Bottle Crate, Glass Crate from china. These plastic crates are saving % 65 to% 75 from tranportation because these plastic crates are telescopics.
Product Group: Plastic Crate

Plastic Solid Crate
1) Material: HDPE. 2) Standard color: red, yellow, blue, green, white. 3) Outer dimensions: 610 x 410 x 165mm. 4) Inner dimensions: 555 x 360 x 160mm. 5) Net weight: 1,610g

Foldable Pallet Box
Material: HDPE. Assembled size: Outer: 1,060 x 1,060 x 1,060mm. Inner: 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000mm. Unassembled size: 1,060 x 1,060 x 380mm. Weight: 56.4kg. This box is assembled by 6pcs of plastic boards and 12pcs of steel bolts with two-way entry for forklift.

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