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List extensive product information of Pallets (include Steel Pallet, Wooden Pallet, Plastic Pallet), provided by Pallet manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Steel Pallet
1) Material: Baoshan high quality steel. 2) Loading capacity: 500 - 2,000kg. 3) Steel pallet is widely used in manufacturing, transportation, removing as well as packing
Product Group: Steel Pallet
Company: Ningbo Naiji Agriculture Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Wooden Pallet
1) The pallet can be used for forklift and hydraulic lift. 2) Its load capacity is 1MT and it is able to tour around easily in warehouses. 3) 4-entry side. 4) Compared with other pallets, the S2 type pallet has reasonable prices.
Product Group: Wooden Pallet

Plastic Pallet (Cross Runner)
1) Type: a) Single face grid deck ; b) Single face solid deck ; c) Double face grid deck ; d) Double face solid deck ; e) Moistureproof deck. 2) Material: HDPE. 3) Dimensions: 1,100 x 1,100 x 150mm. 4) Static capacity: 4MT. 5) Dynamic capacity: 1MT. 6) Rack capacity: 0.6MT
Product Group: Plastic Pallet

Upright Pallets
1) Safe, convenient and reliable to use. 2) Quick and convenient stowage for portable racking. 3) Can be folded while not in use for compact storage. 4) Used for classified storage of spare parts packed by box or in bulk. 5) Dimensions (L x D x H): 1,200 x 1,000 x 600mm; 1,200 x 1,000 x 1,400mm; 1,200 x 1,000 x 1,200mm, 1,100 x 1,100 x 1,200mm; 1,200 x 1,000 x 800mm. 6) Load capacity: 1,000kg
Company: Ningbo Naiji Agriculture Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Wood-Plastic Pallet/Stack Board
Plastic-wood logistics products are made from wood-plastic composites and can be assembled into pallets and stack boards of various specifications. It integrates the advantages of wood, plastic, and steel pallets while abandoning their weaknesses. Plastic-wood pallets have high density, strength, are steam free, resist acid/alkaline invasion, are endurable, impenetrable, humidity resistant, etc, which conquer the notorious uncleanliness, fragility and short life-span of wood pallets and also ...

Plastic Pallet
1) Made of pure HDPE, it uses our unique lamination process. 2) Corrosion resistant. 3) No absorption. 4) 4-way entry, stackable. 5) Tough and durable construction. 6) Lightweight and long lasting sanitary pallets for storing products and supplies. 7) Easy to clean and sanitize with pallet washer, pressure scrubber or by hand
Product Group: Plastic Pallet

Stainless Steel Pallet
Colorful, knock-down stainless steel pallet. Advantage: 1: Life is 3 times than wood / plastic pallet, 2. Knock-down structure, easy for transportation, esy installation. 3. Easy maintenance. 4. Color applied for dirrefent area and different usage. 5. Make to orders, easy to customize size, color and structure.
Product Group: Stainless Steel Pallet
Company: Ningbo Naiji Agriculture Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Folding Box Pallet
1) Exterior dimensions: 1100 (W) x 1100 (W) x 1070mm (H). 2) Tare weight: about 93kg. 3) Handles: equipped with handles. 4) Pallet: Stackable construction

Packaging Pallet
A tailor made solution. Low weight. Easy and ergonomic handling (assembling and folding). A long lifetime. A flexible solution for weight up to 800kg. A good collapsible ratio. A very favorable packaging solution for packaging pools

Rack Deck for Box Beam
1) Dimensions: 42" x 46" with 3 flared support channels. 2) Wire mesh: 2.5" x 4.5" with 5.5mm wire. 3) Capacity: 2,000lbs. 4) Galvanized finish / powder coated finish. 5) Less expensive and stronger than wood decks. 6) Easy to install: drops into place, no fastening needed. 7) Makes identification of inventory easier. 8) Improves housekeeping. 9) Environmentally friendly. 10) Allows for better lighting and ventilation in the workplace. 11) Reduction of fire hazard. 12) ...

Plastic Pallet
1) Dimensions: 1,300 x 1,100 x 165mm. 2) Dynamic load: up to 1400kg. 3) Static load: up to 6000kg. 4) Material: HDPE/PP. 5) Style: reversible, 4 way entry, available for forklift and hand lift. 6) Applications: for racking and flat stacking
Product Group: Plastic Pallet

Wood Plastic Composite Pallet, Wpc Pallet
Wood Plastic Composite Pallet, WPC Pallet. 5. 2 X 1. 2 (133 X 30) 1. 55 (2. 3) 12 (3. 65). 16 (4. 88) 20 (6. 10) Decking for Docks. Pallet Top Boards. Wood Plastic Composite Pallet, WPC Pallet

Steel Pallet
Four legs for travel. Electro galvanized. Heavy duty pallet. 1) Product dimensions (L x W x H): 1,200 x 800 x 120mm, or upon clients' requests. 2) Surface treatment: ZINC. 3) Loading capacity: 1,000kg

Plastic Pallet
1) Optimization by our own development department. 2) Optimal concentricity. 3) Optimal smooth running. 4) Minimal wear and tear from friction. 5) Precision mechanics in general. 6) For high-precise small parts, the tolerance of whole dimensions can be controlled in tolerance +/-0.005mm. 7) Particularly important dimension can be controlled in tolerance +/-0.002mm. 8) The minimal module can be 0.006
Product Group: Plastic Pallet

HDPE Pallet
Plastic pallet. Material: HDPE. Type: single-side pallets; double-side pallets; moisture-proof pallets. Size: 1200x1100mm; 1100x1100mm; 1300x1100mm; 1200x1000mm; 1400x1100mm; 1400x1200mm

Folding Storage Pallet
1) Product dimensions (L x W x H): 1,200 x 800 x 60mm. 2) Surface treatment: plastic powder spraying. 3) Loading capacity: 1,000kg. 4) Can be folding and unfolded

Mesh Box Pallet
1) Material: Baoshan qualitative steel-wire; box pallet is foldable. 2) Multi-welding spot guarantees the solidity and endurance. 3) Bolt structure makes it easy to get goods out when several baskets pile up. 4) Bended mental handle, easy to hold. 5) Special feet structure ensures the stabilization when loaded down. 6) Metal assistant structure guarantees the intensity of the piled baskets. 7) Chain assistant structure helps strengthen the intensity of the baskets' chains. 8) U type ...

Wood Plastic Composite Pallet
Advantages of the WPC when used as pallet, pavement or other outdoor projects: 1. Easy installation: could be cut, drilled or nailed. Adjustable specification and shape, very flexible. 2. Products discard the disadvantages of wood, like chapping, distortion and colour diversity, so it doesn't need to maintain regularly. 3. The special technology of products can deal with various specifications, sizes, shapes and thicknesses. We can supply various designs, colours and the products with ...

Slip Sheet
Slip sheet is an economical material handling solution for applications that involve push-pull devices. It serve as a platform for work-in-process and storage applications. They are fully recyclable and provide an environmentally-friendly solution. Slip sheets are becoming the most efficient and cost effective material-handling product replacing the traditional wood pallet. Slip sheets are being used world wide to ship a growing number of products including but not limited to: food and ...

Paper Pallet
Care about the environment. Cost saving for air freight usage. Could be provided wax processing. Reasonable and competitive price to Wood, Plastic pallet. Requires no fumigation or certification. Designed specifically to customer requirements. Strong and has a proven track record. Collection for recycling is free. 10 times lighter than the wood pallets.

Hand Pallet Truck
1.It can be used to carry and lift the inflammable and explosive cargos in workshop warehouse, station and pot. 2.Overall cast steel oil pump. 3.Number of pump strokes 11 lift height per stroke: 10mm.

Display Pallets
1) Size: according to clients' specific requirements. 2) Color: Pantone colors as well as the common 4 color (CMYK) process. 3) Materials: white paper board, duplex board with white back, copper plate, art paper, C1S FBB board, ivory card-board. 4) Surface disposal: Gloss/matte lamination, vanish, aqueous coating, UV coating, gold / silver stamping. 5) Delicate design, fine craftsmanship, high quality, reasonable price

Plastic Pallets
Size: 1200 x 1000 x 150mm. Weight: 19kg. Static weight: 5mt. Dynamic duty: 1. 5mt. Racking: 0. 5~1. 5mt. Feature: Non-reversible 4 entry. Use: Forklift & hand pallet truck possible. Transportation, conveyance loading, accessible By forklift and hand pallet

Wood Composite Pallet
The pallet can be used for forklift and two-way hydraulic lift. Its load capacity is 700Kg and it is able to tour around easily in warehouses. Features: 1) Single side only. 2) Four-side movable. 3) Regular sizes: 100 x 100cm (international standards), 110 x 110cm, 120 x 80cm. (European Standard), 120 x 100cm (Korean and Chinese standard), 120 x 120cm

Wood Plastic Pallet
Our products is made from wood-plastic composites material, it is wasted polyethylene plastic (non-recycle wastes) and powder being made of wasted fiber of crops and wood, processing with high temperature and pressure. It is with the advantage of both wood and plastic. This product is patent on pallets design. Now we have Pallet for forklift, rack pallet, pallet for heavy load, and pallet for loading export cargoes. 2-way pallet and 4-way pallet. 1, can be designed and made according to ...

Steel Pallets
1. Durable, long service life, good outward appearance, and surface can be powder coated or galvanized. 2. Don't fear to be destroyed by insects, bears the aging, is anti-corrosive without absorption of moisture. 3. The cleaning material can be repeatedly used or used after recycled, high remnant value
Product Group: Steel Pallet

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