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List extensive product information of Utensils & Vessels, provided by Utensil & Vessel manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Storage Bins
1) Composite of PP and PE. 2) Size: series sizes are available. 3) Color: varies color for choice. 4) Loading weight: depend on bin size.

PVC - Polyester Pillow Tank
Collapsible & pillow tanks are specially designed for temporary storage water, chemical and other liquids. The standard type is made from highly tensile polyester. Frame work material is terylene fabric coated with special PVC on both sides. We can supply food grade PVC material and different type and shape. Capacity of tank from 2 gallons to 60000 gallons.

Molded Fiber Food Plates
Molded fiber food plate. Made of enviromental friendly pulp fiber. Biodegradable. Microwavable. Hot/cool water,oil, acid and alcohol resistance. Available size Dia.5,6,7,8 10 inch.
Company: Shantou QianMingZhuang Packaging Material Co., Ltd.    China

Flexi Tank 20 For Feet
Flexi tank is an ideal product to store and transport all kind of non-hazardous liquids and chemicals, it can be placed into a 20' or 40' dry container. Flexitank is easy to be applied and it also makes optimal use of the container space. The flexitank can accept a variety of nonhazardous chemicals such as latex, wine, lubricants, additives, edible oils and many more. The one-way disposable flexitank virtually eliminates the possibility of contamination and it can easily be ...

Combinative Storage Bin
1) Materials: PP, PE. 2) Load capacity: ≤ 30kg. 3) Stacking load: ≤ 300kg. 4) Standard colors: red, yellow, blue. 5) Outer dimensions: 200 x 450 x 177mm

Miscellaneous Containers
Containers for cosmetic, butane gas, flowers, glue, soda, and others in a variety of special shapes. Made in china.

Receiving Tank
The material is 304 or 316 Stainless Steel. (The surface of inside and outside is polished to 240#.) The specification is non-standard.It can store powder style products.

Pillow Tank
Specifications: Pillow tank is specially designed for temporary storage fuel, oil, water, chemical and other liquids. The standard type is made from highly tensile polyester fabric, coated with special polyurethane on both sides. Features: 1. Light weight, easy operation. 2. Minimum packing size, easy for transportation and storage. 3. No contamination for fuel, which may guarantee the quality of the fuel. 4. High strength of the coated fabric, the adhesion up to 80 lb/in. 5. High strength ...

Pulp Tray Design
1) Products accord with the "RoHS" requirement. 2) EPS (polyfoam) molding, non-mould, air-condition and refrigerator parts, special type, multi-density, heat-resistant (120°). 3) EPS molding craft. 4) Pulp tray molding packing material. 5) EPP molding packing material and parts. 6) EPS board molding. 7) Φ0.5mm - 5mm polyfoam pellet. 8) Plane model and telecontrol plane made of EPS and EPP. 9) Highly anti-static EPP products (≤10,000Ω). 10) EPS fireproof molding products

PET Food Container
My factory is producing plastic package (PET BOTTLE is for food, beverage and Pharmaceuticals ) for a long time in China. The products have not only a ready market all over China, but also are exported to international market such as Southeast Asia, Europe and USA.
Company: Shantou QianMingZhuang Packaging Material Co., Ltd.    China

Flexitank is the most economical bulk packaging method for shipping liquids other than deep water tankers. Flexitank converts a standard 20-foot sea container into 24-ton bulk liquid transportation system.

Alloy Steel Cylinders
Specifications: 1) Raw material: 34CrMo4, CO2. 2) Outer diameter: 104mm ~ 163mm. 3) Capacity: 1L ~ 7L. 4) Water capacity: 1.5L ~ 10.5L. 5) N.W.: 2.5kg ~ 10.5kg

Sport Bottle
Features: 1) 750ml aluminum sport drink bottle 2) Inside printed bu food class epoxy, fit for drinking 3) With special accessory such as color covers, plug, hook 4) Convinent for outdoor sports and leisure 5) grace and generous, also a vogue We also made aluminum medicine containers, sports bottle, drinking bottle, essence bottle, fire extinguisher cans

Moving Tank
The material is 304 or 316 stainless steel. (The surface of inside and outside is polished to 400#.) The specification is non-standard. It can be agitated in the state of asepsis.

Food Container
1) Material: OPS. 2) Thickness: 0.2mm ~ 1.5mm. 3) Best container for food, cake and cookie. 4) Elegant style and various sizes. 5) Can be covered or sealed directly for the convenience of storage, display, or carrying. 6) Dimensions: 190 x 164 x 6mm, 190 x 164 x 67mm, 32oz
Company: Shantou QianMingZhuang Packaging Material Co., Ltd.    China

Steel Tank, Steel Construction
Tanks for all kinds of industrial fields; stainless steel water and food tanks, fuel tanks, large silos, cement silos, epoxy dyed tanks, asphalt storing tanks, steel constructions (building, depot, hangar, shopping center) according to all kinds of project tunnel mould and precast anchorage, scaffolding systems.

Oxygen Cylinders
Specifications: 1) Raw material: 37Mn. 2) Outer diameter: 219mm ~ 232mm. 3) Working pressure: 15MPa. 4) Testing pressure: 22.5MPa. 5) Water capacity: 40L ~ 50L
Product Group: Oxygen Cylinder

Bladder Accumulator
Our bladder accumulators consist of a welded or forged pressure vessel (shell), a bladder and ports for gas and fluid inlet. The gas and fluid sides are separated by the bladder.

Glass Fiber Composite Gas Cylinder
1. Light: Weight makes the difference. 2. Transparent: True visible liquid level. 3. Safe: Never explode. 4. Strong: Corosion-free. Glass Fiber Composite Gas Feature. Liquid level is always visible, customers know exactly when it's time to change cylinders. Composite Gas Cylinder weights nealy 50 percent less than a conventional steel LPG cylinder. Never explode. Corrosion-free by glass fiber. The light-weight design, easy to grip handles and stack easily for transport and storage.

Various kinds of packing are available. fiber packing, braided packing, lighthouse packing, universal packing, grand packaging, sheet packaging, manhole packing, etc.

Cowbell Road Milk Tanker
Manufacturers of cowbell road milk tankers made from stainless steel 304 food grade with cip sprays and s. S. Ladders. Available in various capacities.

Metallic Finish Perfume Bottle
150 ml Bottle - Body Dia 45mm, Mouth Ring 24mm, Height 145mm, Non-sharp mouth, Concave Bottom, Inside lacquering, Brimful Capacity 189ml,Shiny Metallic Silver Finish. 250 ml Bottle - Body Dia 50mm, Mouth Ring 24mm, Height 171mm,Non-sharp mouth, Concave Bottom, Inside lacquering, Brimful Capacity 260ml,Shiny Metallic Silver Finish. 300 ml Bottle - Body Dia 50mm, Mouth Ring 24mm, Height 192mm,Non-sharp mouth,Concave Bottom,Inside lacquering, Brimful Capacity 310ml,Shiny Metallic Silver Finish.

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