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List extensive product information of Caller ID Phone, provided by Caller ID manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Caller ID Phone
Features: 1) FSK/DTMF compatible caller ID memory. 2) 99 groups of caller ID, 46 groups of dialed review/call back. 3) 16 music rings for selection. 4) 3 groups of alarm clocks. 5) Auto pre-dial, return rings function. 6) Lock "0" function. 7) Super anti-thundering property, anti-electromagnetism interference. 8) Brightness adjustable and super luminous LCD. 9) H-F conversation function. 10) VIP function. 11) Calculator function. 12) 12 one-touch memories.
Company: Kingzone Shine Co. Ltd.    China

Caller ID Phone
1) FSK and DTMF system compatible. 2) 180 incoming call memory (call back and auto long-distance call back). 3) 60 outgoing call memory. 4) 10 one-touch memory dial. 5) 180 VIP number memory. 6) Speed review. 7) Delete function. 8) 2 local number settings. 9) Auto filter local area code function. 10) Redial and automatic redial when dialed number is busy. 11) Flash. 12) Calculator. 13) Pre-dial delete function. 14) Call holding with music. 15) Pulse/tone dialing. 16) Handsfree volume ...
Company: Kingzone Shine Co. Ltd.    China

Antique Style Caller ID Phone
Compatible with FSK / DTMF systems. 50 caller ID memories, 30 outgoing memories. 50 VIP memories, 10set 16-digit two touch memories. Review, delete and call back the caller ID and outgoing calls. Pre-dial up to 32 digits numbers and delete it. Calculator Function, 5 Alarm Clock, 2 Not-disturbing function. 16 built-in ringing music, 4 ringing volume selectable. 3 position lock (LOCK, UNLOCK, LOCK 0). Play the Koran and holding the Koran music. Talking the caller ID number. Moving picture in ...
Company: Kingzone Shine Co. Ltd.    China

Blue Display Telephone
FSK/DTMF dual system compatible and auto-detection. 16 digits jumbo blue LCD display. Calculation function. Handsfree function. 16 types of ringer selectable. 500 memories. VIP memory with VIP ringer selectable. Music on hold. Quick flash function. Tone/Pulse switchable. Ringer high/Low switch. 3 choices key lock

Caller ID Phone
Built-in 16 groups of chord music + 1 origial song / Voice talking. Incoming number in Arabic or Persian language. FSK / DTMF dual system compatible. 60 groups of incoming + 49 groups of outgoing number, 60 groups of VIP. Number checking. 8 digits calculator, moving picture. 3 groups of alarm clock, 5 groups of Azan music. 5 groups of local area code, 5 groups of long distance code, one group of Out of area code. Remotely checking incoming number / changing voice changing number. 7 flash ...

Caller ID Simulator / Tester
It is a portable equipment which simulates the caller ID signal from central office. It is good for production line in the factory, testing for the repair people and demo for sales people. Compact design makes it easy to carry. Economic price reduces the cost of investment. Dual Mode. Provides both FSK and DTMF signaling, user can choose FSK test, DTMF test, or mixing test. Auto / Manual Testing feature. User can send caller ID data manually by pressing the send button, or just switch to ...

Caller ID Phone
Features: 1) 12-digit LCD display with seq. No., number, date and time. 2) Up to 35 incoming calls memories. 3) 3 one-touch memories. 4) Review and call back (filters through local area code). 5) Ringer volume control (high/low/off). 6) Adjustable speakerphone volume (high/low). 7) Preset local area code and filter function

Powerful Cell Phone Jammer
Features: Check Point jammer is 7/24 serving condition with no over heat design. High durable aluminum construction. Adjustable power setting. Worldwide compatible. Easy installation and operate. Plug and works. Indoor or outdoor use. Powerful output covers larger area. Isolation bandwidth: CDMA870-880MHz, GSM925-960MHz, DCS1,805-1,850MHz, PHS1,900-1,925MHz. Specifications: Shielding range: 15-50m radius (<-80dBm). Every frequency band can select output power. High and low, by dip SW ...

Optipoint Sip IP Terminal Pbx Telephone
Digital Phone Siemens Optipoint 420 / 410 Sip IP Terminal for Hipath telecommunication telephone pbx/pabx system. Siemens OptiPoint420 advance. background pictures, graphical LCD-Display with 4 lines up to 24 signs, pivotable. 18 function buttons with Display and lights. Vollduplex-Freisprechen. 1 Adapter port. 1 USB Masterport. 10 / 100 Mbit / s Mini-Switch. 1 interface for max. 2 adapters. 1 headset-plug (121TR9-5 / Polaris). wall-mountable

Single Line DTMF to FSK Caller ID Converter
There are 3 major caller ID specifications in the world: dtmf, ETSI FSKand bellcore fsk. When users buy a foreign telephone devices (such as cordless phone, fax machine or computer telephony interface) , may encounter the problems of non-match for caller ID standard. This will cause the device unable to display the caller ID. Ex220 can solve this problem easily. This product can receive all 3 kinds of caller ID format, and convert to fsk (bellcore or ETSI selectable) to match foreign ...

Caller ID Telephone
FSK/ DTMF CID compatible and auto-detecting. 41 incoming calls, 9 out-going calls. 18 kinds of ringer music sound selectable. Automatic report incoming caller/s number. Parallel connection telephone call. 3 group alarm clock function. Handsfree and ringer HI/LOW volume adjust. 5 bit local code and 1 bit out code. 4 kinds key-tone choose. 1 Auto IP and 1IP with a memory of 48 digits. Music on hold function. Pre-dialing similar mobile phone. P/T and Anti-parallel phone key switch. IDD lock ...

Caller ID Phone
1) 100 incoming call memory with VIP set (14 digits). 2) 30 outgoing call memory (16 digits). 3) 12 two-touch dial memory (14 digits). 4) 2 local area code memory. 5) 24-digit IP memory. 6) 16 level adjustable LCD contrast. 7) Pre-dialing. 8) Calculator (12 digits). 9) Automatic redial when dialed number is busy. 10) Calendar. 11) Reject function. 12) Call holding with music. 13) Ideal for home use

Rec100u USB Telephone Voice Recording System
REC100U USB telephone voice recording system is a USB interface, multiple channel digital recording system that designed for telephone record application user. It includes hardware and software. End user can use it directly no need to develop software anymore. It is very easy to install and operate conveniently with reliable and applicable function and stable performance.

Caller ID Phone
1) FSK / DTMF compatible caller ID memory. 2) 50 groups of caller ID, 16 groups of dialed review / call back. 3) 16 music rings for selection. 4) 3 groups of alarm clocks. 5) 1 group of auto IP, 1 group of manual IP speed dialing. 6) Auto pre-dial, return rings function. 7) Lock "0" function. 8) Super anti-thundering property, anti-electromagnetism interference. 9) Brightness adjustable and super luminous LCD. 10) H-F conversation function

Mini Caller ID Phone
1) FSK/DTMF compatible caller ID memory. 2) LCD brightness: 5 levels adjustable. 3) 50 groups of incoming numbers display. 4) 16 groups of dialed numbers review. 5) Super anti-thundering property. 6) Super luminous. 7) Re-dial function. 8) Anti-electromagnetism interference

Caller ID Display Telephone with Original Songs
FSK/DTMF CID Compatible & Auto-Detecting. Chord Music & Original Songs Pre-Dial Number or Delete. Call Back, Flash Time Selectable, Alarm Clock, Incoming Call Reporting in English, Arabic or Farsi, Hold on music & music enjoyment with color light, The colored Cartoon of the large screen display Calendar LCD display Intelligent back light function, P-T switch, Call in and dial out Numbers displayed and reviewed, 3-way Mechanical lock and calculator function, No-disturbing ...

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