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List extensive product information of Fax Machines, provided by Fax Machines manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Fax Machine
1) Incoming telephone display. 2) Communication management report. 3) Look up CID and auto dialing. 4) On-hook dialing. 5) Single copy. 6) Sends page header. 7) Redial. 8) Wireless / wire facsimile. 9) Receives and print sms. 10) Speaker dialing. 11) Compatible with AC 220V, DC12V and rechargeable battery.
Company: Aigret Industries Co., Ltd.    China

GSM Wireless Fax With Handset MW8
1. GSM 900/1800/1900(Optional). 2. Wireless Fax transmission/receiving with voice. 3. Thermal transfer technology (in thermal paper). 4. Back-up battery (optional). 5. Could be used in car (via car battery). 6. Portable and compach design

Fax Machine
Features: 1) Compatible with the internet facsimile of other brands. 2) Common G3 facsimile support. 3) Free for network fax. 4) Receive and send e-mail. 5) Network printer. 6) Multi-address send. 7) Auto distribute. 8) Automatic network setup with DHCP
Company: Aigret Industries Co., Ltd.    China

Digital Fax Machines
Our company is produces the digital fax machine the factory.3G-FAX digital fax machine is perfect for today's office work with computers and networks. It using large-scale memory chips to replace papers used by the traditional fax machines, with the best quality computer fax software, really become a paper-free fax system, saving money, time and natural resources. 3G-FAX connects to a computer through a RS232 or USB port, to the telephone line through the RJ11 port. As long as the ...
Company: Aigret Industries Co., Ltd.    China

USB Fax Machines
1, Send & receive like normal fax. 2, Always use printer for printing incoming documents. 3, portable to carry (light witout printing part). 4, Scanned one can be sent through internet

Duplicator Ink, Silicone Roller for Fax Machine
Now we can offer customers high quality Riso Graph compatible ink in black / red / blue / yellow / green color. Specifications: 1) Imported raw materials from Japan. 2) Volume: 1,000ml. 3) For use in RisoGraph: RN-2080/ 2180/ 2070/ 2088/ 2090/ 2109/ 2550. Also supply Silicone Roller for Fax Machine: 1) Material: 100% silicone rubber, harmless. 2) High quality. 3) Used for Philips fax machine

Digital Fax Machine
Main features: 1,Paper free faxing. 2,Faxing when the computer is shut down. 3,Group broadcasting and auto-redialing. 4,Scheduled faxing. 5,Auto distribute after receive a fax. 6,Scaning Fax. 7,Fax signatures and stamps. 8,Fax to Email. 9,Save and query fax. 10,User defined voice alerting. 11,Phonebook. 12,Answering machine. 13,Send Data files. 14,Fax/Voice Remote Access. 15,Powerful management. 16,Easy to install, configure, operate

Fax Machine
LCD display, Caller id, Report lists, Delayed transmission, Receiving call out of power, Copy function, Remote control receiving fax, Dialing back of incoming call, Alarm clock function. Specifications: Compatibility: Itu-t. 30. G3. Interface: Pstn. Code scheme: Mh, mr. Scanning system: Cis. Printing system: Tph. Modem speed: 9600 / 7200 / 4800 / 2400bps. Resolution: 1) horizontal: 8. 00pels / mm. 2) vertical: 3. 85lines / mm (standard). 7. 70lines / mm (fine). 15. 4lines / mm (super fine). ...

GSM 900/1800 MHz Fixed Wireless Fax Telephone
The WPFG2 is a GSM terminal for voice, fax and SMS. Wherever you use a mobile phone you can now send and receive a fax just as simply. You use XOCECO GSM fax machine when in need for accurate information or documents. WPFG2 Is especially useful for time critical documents such as delivery details, confirmations, maps, order acceptances and all handwritten messages. The WPFG2 helps you stay in touch in the way you want to, wherever you go and whenever you need it. You can use it in a ...

Thermal Transfer Ribbons / Fax Ink Film For Fax Machine
We are a company manufactruing and exports compatible Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Panasonic/Brother/Philips/Sharp/Tatung/Daewoo. We do OEM manufacturing and FILM made in Japan. We can also make ribbon to your special requirement.

Wireless Fax Telephone
Features: 1) Acts as Telephone, fax machine, Printer and photocopier. 2) 64 level gray scale for photocopy operation. 3) Caller ID function. 4) LCD display. 5) Delayed Transmission. 6) Auto Fax/Tel Switch. 7) Receiving Call Out-of Power. 8) Report lists. 9) SMS printing. 10) Dialing back of incoming call. 11) Hands-free Dialing. 12) Tone/Pulse Dialing Selection. 13) Microphone Jack. 14) GSM Link Port. 15) Error Correction Mode. 16) Redial / Hands-free Redial.

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