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List extensive product information of Global Position System (include GPS Navigation, GPS Module, GPS Receiver, GPS Tracking), provided by GPS manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Global Position System
Specifications: 1) Processor: Samsung 400MHz (S3C2440A); Samsung 266MHz (S3C2410A) (option). 2) Internal memory: RAM 64M ROM 64M. 3) Display: 3.5 inch 65K color TFT display touch panel. 4) Inside super-sensitivity antenna. 5) Video play (option). 6) Music play (option). 7) Operation system: Microsoft Wince.NET4.2. 8) UBLOX: 16 channel all-in-view tracking. 9) SiRFIII: 20 channel (option). 10) UNAV: 12 channel (option). 11) Li-ion battery. 12) Power consumption: 5V. 13) Interface connector: ...
Company: Shenzhen Bonup Electronics Co., Limited    China

4.0" GPS Navigation
1.Recoding Solution: 2440. 2. Screen size: 4.0"Digital screen, 262k color with touch function (480w*272h). 3. Size: optional. 4. Weight: optional. 5. Memory Size: 64/128/256MB NandFlash + SD Card. 6. Luxurious casing. 7. USB speed: high speed. 8. Build-in loud speaker. 9. Power supply: Rechargeable Li-battery or DC in 12VNavigation function. Audio format:*.mp3 \ *.wma \*.AAC \*.AMR etc. Video format: *.avi \ *.mov \ *.wmv \ *.mpg4 \ *.asf etc. E-book format: *.txt. Picture format:*.jpeg ...
Company: Shenzhen Bonup Electronics Co., Limited    China

Navigation system: 1) Built-in patch GPS antenna and optional external GPS detective antenna. 2) Hot/warm/cold start time: 5/10/45 seconds. 3) Location accuracy: 10m (RMS). 4) Search by name, category, address, POI, Intersection, D longitude/latitude. 5) Routing options: recommended, most use of freeways, D avoid toll roads, shortest distance/time. 6) Automatic Dre-routing. 7) Voice turn-by-turn guidance. 8) Dynamic pathway re-calculation on TMC events. Multimedia: 1) Full compatible with ...
Company: Shenzhen Bonup Electronics Co., Limited    China

GPS Module
1) GPS receiver: L1, C/A code, 20 channels. 2) Tracking sensitivity: -159dBm, average. 3) TTFF (time to first fix): cold start: 42 sec., average. 4) Warm start: 35 sec., average. 5) Hot start: 1 sec., average. 6) Reacquisition: 0.1 sec., average. 7) Positioning accuracy: 2DRMS: 10 meters. 8) 2DRMS: 5 meters (WAAS enabled). 9) Time accuracy: precision: 1s or less. 10) Measurement data output: update time: 1 second. 11) NMEA 0183 ver.3.0/SiRF binary. 12) Baud rate: 4,800 (default), 9,600, ...

Bluetooth Gps Receiver & Navigation
1) 32 channels parallel. 2) Capable of operating indoors and tracking signals down to -157dBm (-187dBW). 3) 2005 new technology. 4) Auto on-off function (patented). 5) 10 - 12 hours operating on full charged battery. 6) Easy place, easy use. 7) It is a total solution GPS receiver with Bluetooth wireless transmitting ability, designed based on RFMD indoor high sensitivity GPS architecture. It is a new generation GPS technology. 8) We special design it with patented auto ON-OFF function. Once ...

Bluetooth GPS Receiver
Wireless GPS, using Bluetooth technology. Communicates with host platform via Bluetooth serial profile. Warm start 38s. Cold start 48s. Power consumption: 95mA. Channels 16 all-in-view tracking. Position accuracy up to 3m possible. Maximum altitude: 18,000m. Maximum velocity: 514m/s. Max. update rate: 1Hz. Antenna type built in active antenna. External antennal interface MCX.

Portable GPS Navigation
1) USB V1.1 technical specifications. 2) 64MB ram-UPU: 400mHz. 3) 3.5-inch, 320 x 240 full TFT color LCD touch screen. 4) Operating temperature: -10 - +55 °C. 5) USB port and cable for PC connection. 6) Internal rechargeable Li-ion 1,500mA battery. 7) Integrated GPS receiver based on super sensitivity 16-channel all-in view tracking

Personal Tracking
1) GPS and GSM dual positioning functions. 2) SOS Emergency button for help. 3) Incoming call to report positioning info. 4) Remote site continuous tracking. 5) Incoming call music ring to remind users to take this call. 6) 3 programmable speed-dial buttons for emergency dial-out. 7) Remote monitoring. 8) Answering call button and ending call button. 9) Fest button for GPS and GSM signal checking. 10) Using cellular phone, PDA phone, man-serviced control center or internet web to track and ...

GPS Engine For Tracking Device
1) High sensitivity: Up to -158 dBm tracking, superior urban performances. 2)Position accuracy: < 3m CEP (50%) without SA (horizontal). 3)Low Power Consumption. 4)Max. Update Rate:5 Hz. 5)Cold Start is under 37 seconds (Typical) ot Start is under 1 second (Typical). 6)On-board Flash for GPS navigation data. 7)GPS Data interface: TTL level serial port. 8)GPS Data Protocol: NMEA-0183 Ver.3.01. 9)Data output Baud Rate:115200 bps (Option:9600/38400/57600/115200 bps). 10)Difference Datum ...

GPS Bluetooth Receiver
1) SiRF star III 20 channels 'all-in-view' tracking. 2) Cold/warm/hot start time: 42/38/1 sec. (average). 3) Superior sensitivity: -159dBm tracking. 4) Reacquisition time: 0.1 sec. 5) Build-in active antenna. 6) Build-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. 7) Support standard NMEA-0183 at 9600 bps baud rate. 8) Compatible with Bluetooth devices with Serial Port Profile (SPP). 9) Ultra low power consumption: up to 14 hours continuous use by using 900mAh battery. 10) Time to full recharge: ...

GPS Wireless Network Adapter
Integrating high-speed wireless network with powerful PC system, GPRS Wireless Network Adapter is newly unveiled product of t f net. It offers high quality and valuable data service for customers under every circumstance, such as email transfer, electronic business, mobile office and point-to-point data exchange. With the highlight of real-time data transfer worldwide, it combines mobile communication with Internet so as to make you surfing on Internet absolutely freely. System Functions: ...

GPS Alarm and Location
1. Tight security by 2 location solutions: GPS location/GSM location. 2. 99% of the cars' alarm systems are compatible with this product. The working voltage is 7V-40V. 3. Human voice instruction makes the system easy to operate without a instructor. 4. Self control and center control selectable. The former one respects personal privacy; the latter one sets the owner at rest as there is 24 hours' watching, timely emergency treatment in the center, with no wrong alarm. 5. The ...

7" Stand Alone GPS Navigation System
Functions: 1) Multi-functional GPS navigation systems. 2) Navigation: provides clear, reliable directions to anyplace you want to go turn-by-turn. 3) Point-to-point voice instruction easily steps you through the route to even the most hard-to-find location. 4) Entertainment: delivers digital entertainment displaying everything from your favorite movies to music, plays MP4, MP3 and more, takes family photos or business graphics with you to use and enjoy anywhere, anytime. Voice recording lets ...

CPU Samsung 2410,266MHZ. Video Display: Samsung 3.5'color lcd. Video Resolution: 320*240,65K colors, Landscape. Memory Rom:64/128 MB Flash ROM. Memory RAM:64MB SDRAM. GPS Module: SiRF Star 3. Antenna: Flip type. I/O: Touchscreen: yes. Input Method: Stylus pen/On-screen Keyboard. Speaker: Built-in loudspeaker*1. Headphone: 3.5mm jack*1. SD/MMC: For SDand MMC cards up to 2 GB. USB: USB1.1 (Client). Buttons&switches: Power on/off. 4-way navigation Pad+Enter: up, right, down, left, ...

GPS Antenna
GPS antenna: 1 Operating voltage range: 3.5-5VDC. 2 Operating current range: 8-14mA @5VDC. 3 Frequency: 1,575.42mHz difference: 1,023mHz. 4 Amplifier gain: 30dB difference 3dB. 5 Output impedance: 50 ohms. 6 Bandwidth: 45mHz @3dB. 7 Noise limiter: 1.5dB. 8 V.S.W.R.: <1.8@1,575.42mHz. 9 Cable: RG-174/U @3m or 5m. 10 Connector: FME, SMA, SMB, MCX, BNC. 11 Antenna polarization: dextrorotation circularity polarization. 12 Operating temperature: -40~+85°C. 13 Storage temperature: -45!+100°C

Gps Navigation Apparatus
1. Accurate positioning: using inside highly sensitive technical antenna.24 hours receiving signals, quick and accurate positional system. 2. Digital maps all over china: it offers digital maps for more than 400 big and small cities all over China. You can easily check the maps and you will be easily guided with global satellite navigation. 3. Path planning: it offers the path planning between the point of departure and the destination. it also has the function to set which place to go ...

GPS in 4.0 Inch Display
4 inch TFT LCD (480X272). Samsung S3C 2440 processor (400Mhz). Star III high sensitivity receiver ,more20 channels. OS: Based on Microsoft Windows CE. Net 4.2. Touch Panel. Multi-language support with input method. Internal Lithium battery. USB 2.0 (full-speed). Support WMV,AVI,ASF,MP3,WMA,WAV media format. Txt Format Files Browser(E-book). Photo Scan: JPEG,BMP. SD memory card expansion. Headphone/built-in speaker. SD Card/Map (option). Locates:10 Meter. 90% Sensitivity 0.1 m/s. Localization ...

16-Channel Bluetooth GPS Receiver
1. Every low electricity cost and work up to maximum 20 hours. 2. High-sense, good-performance GPS chip, receiving 16 satellites simultaneously. 3. Accord with Bluetooth 1.2, specification class 2. 4. Support Bluetooth serial communication profile (SPP profile). 5. Compatible with Li-battery and charger of Nokia mobile. 6. 3 LED indicate statues of Bluetooth, GPS and recharging. 7. Support the baud rate 9,600bps in NMEA-0183 standard. 8. Small-size, humanized design, portable and cute appearance

GPS Tracking Device Isolator
GPS-jammer is for the signals of the global positioning system (GPS). It is a system for the worldwide determination of position. By the relative mean transmission power of the satellites, the orbit in height of ca. 19,500 kilometers over the earth and the small Effizienz of the aerials of the GPS are the PS-signals only to receive with an avowed small field strength. Already disturbing signal with very lower field strength, the reception can cover over of the satellites. An additional ...

Navigation and Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder
1) Vehicle traveling data recorder, "vehicle black box", is digital electronic recorder installed in the vehicle, can record store, display, and print vehicle traveling speed, time, mileage and other state information about vehicle traveling security, perfectly and exactly. 2) GPS Vehicle Recorder is the first product in China, launched with independent intellectual property. It uses the world's leading GPS satellite positioning technology, GSM/GPRS global mobile ...

7" Touch Screen GPS Navigation
1). 7" TFT touch screen, 800x480 pixels.. 2). 2 channels high quality sound output for connecting earphone, 1W output speaker with adjustable volume, CD timbre. 3). Built in High precision SIRF Star III GPS system. 4). Precision: 10m. 5). CPU: SAMSUNG S3C2440A-40. 6). Built in GPS antenna and it also can connect extra antenna outside. 7). Supports SD card for guiding roadmap and software, double display system. 8). Supports both of LCD and CVBS display. 9). Video: Supports ASF, AVI, ...

AVL Vehicle Tracker GSM GPRS GPS
1. Vortex86-166MHz SOC. 2. System memory SDRAM 128MB. 3. SRAM 512KB for data backup. 4. IDE interface for DOM. 5. BIOS 256KB. 6. External USB x2. 7. Internal USB x1. 8. LPC-MIO W83697UF. 9. AC97 CODEC ALC202A. 10. Power Management Control chip with I2C interface. 11. DC power input 12V/24V Auto Detect. 12. Photo Isolate input x4 with LED display. 13. Photo Isolate output x4 with LED display. 14. COM1 D type 9 pin RS232. 15. COM2 OBD-II / Option D type 9 pin RS232. 16. COM3 GPRS module ...

GPS Gsm GPRS Vehicle Tracking System
We can supply you GPS / GSM / GPRS system from china. The unit integrates. 1. GPS receiver. 2. GSM / GPRS unit. 3. 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 digital inputs for alarms. 4. 2 / 4 / 8 channel relay output for control. 5. Analog inputs for tempearture / pressure / fire inputs / etc. 6. Multimedia card for storage. All the 6 mentioned items can be made optional to suite your application. The data can transmited in fixed interval. The data can be trasmitted on trigger. The data can be transmitted on ...

Mini GPS Receiver
The smallest GPS locator with excellent software compatibility that provides real-time positioning to your palmtop / desktop PC or PDA. Applications: Navigation and positioning. Finding streets and routes via GPS map software. Travel / track planning. Application for Marine Navigation. Fleet management GPS system. In-car navigating / locating for public safety and emergency. AVL GPS function

Mini GPS tracker
Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet Features ◆You can get target’s latitude and longitude by SMS or GPRS, and check position by google earth. ◆Auto Report position. ◆Send the last location if it enters into the blind area. ◆Add or change Username and Password. ◆Monitoring and SOS feature. ◆It will send an alert of Geofence to the user when it breaches the restricted ...
Product Group: Gps Tracker
Company: Horner Electronic Co., Ltd    china

Vehicle GPS tracking system
Eview GPS/GSM Vehicle tracking system(EV-601): How It Works: A GPS vehicle tracking device is placed on your vehicle(s). The device can be permanently installed and hidden from view. Or, it could be a portable unit run off of an internal battery. As the vehicle drives, the vehicle tracking system will transmit its position back to any cellphone via GSM network. Features: 1, Get current location via SMS. 2, Geo-fencing alarm. 3, Over speed alert. 4, Main power lost alert. ...
Product Group: Gps Tracker
Company: Eview Industrial Limited    china

Personal GPS Tracker
The Eview Personal GPS tracker is an innovative miniature size personal remote positioning device with built-in GPS and GSM/GPRS technology. Designed for monitoring and protecting people and property it can be used in all walks of life from travelling lone workers and mobile nursing staff to children and the elderly. The Eview Tracker can be monitored locally to anyone’s mobile phone (Both voice and data) through to a designated server (Utilising the GPRS data network software) and ...
Product Group: Gps Tracker
Company: Eview Industrial Limited    china

Based on GSM/GPRS and GPS, you can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or GPRS. Features : -You can get target' s latitude and longitude by SMS or GPRS, and check position by google earth -Auto Report position -Send the last location if it enters into the blind area -Monitoring and SOS feature Application: Vehicle for rental or manage of outside equipment, etc Protect the elder, kid, employee and pet, etc Protect the businessmen Manage the outworker Covert ...
Company: Guangzhou XF Poker Cheat Co.,Ltd    China

NEW Magellan GPS ProMARK--------260Euro
NEW Magellan GPS ProMARK--------260Euro The new Magellan Professional ProMark 500 offers GPS+GLONASS+20 years of field-proven technologies for surveying and geodesy. Magellan Professional’s latest RTK survey solution delivers state-of-the art GNSS in a smart, compact, light and cable-free design that gives you maximum mobility and flexibility in the field. Field Software
Company: Wehkamp BV    Netherlands

Garmin nüvi 350 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator----200Euro
Garmin nüvi 350 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator----200Euro Compact 700 MB GPS navigator with bundled MP3/audiobook player, photo viewer, and world travel clock Small enough to fit in a pocket or purse; mounts on vehicle windshield with included suction cup Preloaded with City Navigator NT maps of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico; turn-by-turn directions, automatic routing, and 320 x 240 color touchscreen display
Company: Wehkamp BV    Netherlands

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