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List extensive product information of Phone Cards (include Scratch Card, IC Card, Magnetic Card, Calling Card), provided by Phone Card manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Memory Card and Memory Stick
1) Dimensions (L x W x T): 24 x 18 x 1.4mm. 2) Weight: 0.8g (approx.). 3) Durability: min. 100,000 erasing cycles, 1,000,000 hours. 4) Reliability: data retention is up to 10 years. 5) Operation volt: dual voltage 1.8V / 3.3V. 6) Operation temperature. 7) Capacity: 32MB / 64MB / 128MB / 256MB / 512MB / 1GB. 8) High speed: a) Read: min. 16MBps ; b) Write: min. 9MBps. 9) Compliant with MMCA specification V4.0. 10) Low power consumption.

Scratch Card
We can provide many different kinds of cards from china: 1) IC contact cards. 2) IC contactless card. 3) Magnet strip card. 4) Telecom card. 5) PVC card. 6) Paper card.

Prepaid Phone Card
Made of 0.30mm-0.76mm PVC or 300g-700g paper, prepaid card, also called scratch phone card or recharge card is widely used in telecommunication. There are serial No. and pin No. on the card. The pin No. is usually covered by label or hot stamping.
Company: Guangzhou Max Smart Card Co., Ltd.    China

Scratch-Off Card
We can supply large quantity of telecom prepaid phone cards, such as PVC/paper scratch-off cards. We've exported the cards to European, Asian and African countries. Features: 1) Size: 86 x 54mm. 2) Thickness: 0.3/0.5mm. 3) With printing. 4) Ink jet encode. 5) With scratch-off foil. 6) Paper material/PVC material

IC Phone Card
IC phone card is widely used in telecommunication. 1) 0.76mm PVC. 2) Home-made chip or Siemens 4442. 3) 4 colors on both sides
Company: Guangzhou Max Smart Card Co., Ltd.    China

Phone Cards
1) Type: a) PVC scratch card ; b) Paper card ; c) Intelligent card ; d) Radio frequency card ; e) Figure card ; f) Bar code card ; g) Magnetism card. 2) Application: widely used in different systems, including banks, telecommunication, tax, police, postal service, stock, insurance, supermarket, hotel and travel. 3) Can be made according to customers' demands or samples

Magnetic Card
Features: 1) Material: PVC, plastic. 2) Glossy or matte card. 3) Options: chip embedded or no chip. 4) Printed craft: photo, logo, metallic color. 5) Size: standard ISO card, clamshell card
Company: Guangzhou Max Smart Card Co., Ltd.    China

PVC Card
PVC card is broadly used, which always with password, account, mag-strip, bar code and photos. In telecom applications, there are IP tel cards, 200 cards, 201 cards, cell phone prepaid cards, cell phone IMMIT cards, smart phone IMMIT cards and so on, for which in high requirement of rigorous data secret-keeping. For corporations' application area, there are member cards and VIP cards.

R-UIM Card for CDMA
1) Providing 16K - 128K OTA / WIB STK RUIM cards for CDMA. 2) Applications: a) Super pnone book: max. 1,000 phone numbers ; b) Super SMS: max. 250 pieces of SMS ; c) SMS group sending: max. 50 persons/group ; d) Value added service: download new service by OTA available

High Speed Mini SD 2GB
We can supply a larger number of memory cards at competitive prices from china. 1.Stores a lot of information and Compatible with my sidekick3. 2.I love this product. Stores a lot of my mp3 files on it and is compatible with my sidekick. 3.This is exactly what I was looking for for my phone.

Prepaid Calling Cards
A wide variety of types of cards can be produced. We offers secure and unique ink-jet numbering and bar-coding capabilities with 240 dpi resolution, printing unique text and graphics in any orientation; varied finishing processes that include single or multiple card flow-wrapping in either clear or printed film; controlled customised packaging; and possible inclusion of a leaflet or promotional item

Material: imported PVC. Specification: 54MM X 86MM; Card warp: 1.5mm, 450g/400g/350g/300g/250g. Including 0.84mm IC card, 0.76-0.6mm magstripe card/barcode card, 0.76mm - 0.3mm scratch card. Features: clean, smooth, do not warp, bent or beak up. Package: Enveloped with films designated by customers. On large cartons, the name of company, value, and starting serial number will be marked, and on small boxes are the company name and starting number. The external is protected with waterproof ...

Phone Cards
1) Material: paper\PVC. 2) Size: ISO spec 85. 5 x 54mm. 3) Corner cut: rounded at radius 3mm as per ISO. 4) Printing: 4 color process on each side. 5) Thickness: paper board 200gsm\ 250gsm\ 300gsm\ 400gsm\ 600gsm\ 700gsm. PVC 0. 3mm\0. 38mm\0. 5mm\0. 6mm\0. 76mm\0. 84mm. 6) Craft: PIN number and serial number printing, scratch panel. 7) Design: professional design based on your request. 8) Packing: carton of various sizes. 9) Application: prepaid phone card, rechargeable card, lottery, ...

Contact And Contactless Smart Card
We are selling Contact and Contactless Smart Card from china. Specification: Material: PVC, PET or ABS. Format: ID-1 Card (Standard) and ID-000 (Plug-In) . Dimension 85. 6mm x 54mm x 0. 76mm + / -0. 08 (ISO7810) . Graphics: Full color CMYK, special colors (gold, silver) , according to customer needs. One side or double side. Application support like: Ticketing Identification, Banking and Payment, Access Control, Loyalty and Promotion, Mobile Telecommunication, etc.

Various SIM Card Back-Up
Our products can be briefly classified into three kinds: 1) Use LED light to show the status. 2) Have LCD screen to display names and numbers. 3) Connect to computer, and yu can read/editor the data freely on your PC

Scratch Card
Scratch holograms are similar to the popular scratch cards but are far more exciting and promotional tool. These holograms are tamper evident thus ensuring that they cannot be peeled off from the substrate and pasted again on another counterfeit product or voucher. Scratch holograms may carry any kind of variable information under the scratch coat.

Pre-paid Calling Card / Minutes
People could make IP call without our auto-dialer on a conventional phone using the pre-paid IP call card. He/she will 1. Buy a pre-paid IP phone card 2. Scratch it to disclose the card number and pin.3. Then he/she finds a conventional phone 4. He/she will dial access number which is the ID of a carrier 5. After that, a voice prompt will tell him/her to input card number and pin 6. When all these are finished correctly, the system will allow him/her to make a long distance call. All the ...

Cards for UMTS - USIM
1) Capacity: 64K, 128K. 2) Anti-Cloning Mechanism. 3) Algorithm: Milenage. 4) USAT, WIB1.2, 1.3. 5) VAS Applications: a) Enhanced Pnone Book: max. 1,000 phone numbers ; b) GroupSMS ; c) Multi-IMSI ; d) Customized USAT menu/application

Magnetic Strips Card
We are pleased to offer self-adhesive magnetic labels for high-speed application.. This label product is ready for immediate application to gift cards, phone cards, or ATM / credit cards. We offer an affordable magnetic strips.

Smart Card / Magnetic Card
Material: Pvc. Specification: Iso standard size, thickness:1.00-0.30mm. Description: It is used in many fields. There are three magnetisms to record the data. It can be written, kept and modified data. Its memory is small but it's fast to read, and it has high level of accuracy. It needs to use with terminal device, such as credit card, securities card, and member card; inquire card, savings card, tickets and so onmagnetic stripe type: Generally resist the magnetic force card (300oe), ...

Paper Scratch Card
1) Material: paper. 2) Size: 85.6 x 54mm. 3) Paper board: 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g, 450g, 500g. 4) Craft: 4-color offset printing, PIN number and serial number printing, scratch panel. 5) Available craft: magnetic stripe, photo, embossment, hot-stamping, signature panel, UV logo, water-mark logo, and microtext. 6) Application: prepaid phone card, rechargeable card, lottery

Phone Card
1) Material: PVC or paper 250gsm-400gsm. 2) Prepaid calling cards are a multi-million dollar business that helps keep people all around the globe keep in touch with each other while saving tons of money. 3) We can offer:4 color offset printing, serial number, scratch panel, hot-stamping available. 4) They are available in a variety of thicknesses and feature your choice of colors, text and images. 5) Scratch-off panels are available at a very low cost per card. 6) Delivery timely and ...

Sony 4GB Memory Card Thick Card Pro Duo
Sony Memory Card: Size (mm):50*21.5*2.8. Weight (g):4. Capacity: 128M-4G. Memory Stick Pro Duo: 1) Memory flash:4GB. 2) Available memory: Approx.1.89GB. 3) Operating voltage:2.7 - 3.6V. 4) Average operating current: Max.65mA(serial transfer); max.100mA(parallel transfer). 5) Standby current: Max.1.5mA. 6) Maximum parallel transfer speed:160Mbps (20Mbps). 7) Minimum write speed:15Mbps (when combined with optimized memory stick Pro(TM)-compatible devices). 8) Dimensions(W x L x T): Approx.20 ...

Magnetic Stripe Card
Magnetic Stripe Card Plastic Card PVC Card Member Card VIP Card IC Card Scratchy Card Calendar Card Phone Card Metal Card Transparent PVC Card Calendar Card Hang Tag Luggage Tag Hangtag Label Tag Plastic Tag. Further requirement of photo print, signature panel, thermal print, ink jet print, emboss, scratch off label, magnetic stripe encode, tip or hot stamp and die cut are available for PVC card.

Super Magic SIM Card Reader and Copier
1) Supports 12 numbers. 2) Manage, setup, unlock card's password (PIN). 3) Built-in ring editor. 4) Works with all GSM phones, no brand restrictions. 5) Rewritable to any number of different communication operators with the original card. 6) Large phone book capacity with 250 numbers and 40 SMS. 7) Shift to another number when the phone is on, no need to re-power on. 8) All backup information in compliance with security standards of the US defense department. 9) USB interface, high speed

Scratch Off Systems
The best solutions on security and anti-forging for scratch card. Scratch labels: This kind of new model scratch labels, easy to scratched, better prevent forging performance, used widely in the password covering card, such as telephone card, recharge card, game card etc. This product has the characteristic of opacity, prevent forging, prevent stealing, one-off using, and better secret. It used in all kind of labels machine or hot stamping machine, the speed can be up to 25000-40000pcs per ...

Calling Card
Made of 0.3mm-0.76mm PVC or 300g-700g paper, the following security features can be used in calling card: 1. Microtext in the artwork; 2. Overprinting across the scratch off panel; 3. UV anti-counterfeit.

Smart card, IC card, Visual card, Thermo rewrite card, Business card
Introduction: The rewrite card is a card with thermo rewrite film covered over the PVC or PET card in accordance with ISO7816. The consumption record and promotion information can be typed on the thermo rewrite film when the custom consumed with card. Next time the information can be erased and rewrite. It is convenient, not only for the custom to look over the consume record, but also for business to renew the promotion information. The rewrite card has been widely used in the lines of ...
Company: Shenzhen Kaisere Technology Co.,Ltd.    China

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