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List extensive product information of Telecom Parts (include Cable Branch Box, Patch Panel, Jack Modular, Terminal Block), provided by Telecom Part manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Adapter for cabling system. Specification: 1) Insulation Resistance: 1,000 megohm min. 2) Withstand Voltage: 1,000V, AC/ minute. 3) Durability: 600 mating circles min. 4) Tolerances unless otherwise. 5) Specified: 0 - 10: ±0.1; 10 - 20: ±0.15; 20 - 30: ±0.2. 6) Selective Gold-plating: (3; 6; 15; 30; 50) micro
Company: Yueqing Kaifa Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Connection Block
1) Marked with colored labels for easy installation. 2) An optional item to be purchased. 3) Manufactured in conformity with ISO / IEC11801 standards. 4) 4 pairs or 5 pairs according to customers' requirements. 5) Meets IDC standards.
Company: Yueqing Kaifa Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Telecom Accessories, Telephone Adapter
We specialize in such high quality telecom accessories as telephone Modular plugs, modular/wired jacks, keystone jacks, swivel cord Adaptors, and much more from china. Also supply Telephone Adapter from china. TAE-plug to universal box (TAE NFF jack, 1 x 6P6C jack).

Magnetic Mount Antennas
Specifications: 1) Frequency: 824-896 MHz, 890-960MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. 2) Gain: 2.5dB. 3) V.S.W.R.: < 1.5:1. 4) Cable: RG174U. 5) Connector: FME, TNC, Mini-UHF, RF

Channel Selective Repeater for GSM
Channel Selective Repeater for GSM, 5W Trunk Amplifier, CDMA Frequency Shifting Repeater: 1) Totally-enclosed waterproof chassis suitable for indoor and outdoor service. 2) Metal cavity filter technology inside, which gives wider receiving and sending separation, better gain flatness, higher stability, and lower noise figure. 3) Full-duplex and dual-port design, and built-in power supply, making it convenient for installation. 4) Allowing for continuous gain adjustment and gain contrast. 5) ...

Outdoor Communication Cable Splice Cabinet
1) Double-face: 100-4,800 line. 2) Single-face: 100-2,400 line. 3) Material: cool rolling armor plate or stainless steel. Usage: 1) It is suitable for the connection and wiring between the main cable and the branch cable of cities, countryside and enterprises. 2) The module can be overturned resulting in easy operation and maintenance. 3) The way of the junction for the module applies screw and plug-in. 4) Apply a small metal sword inside the cap of the screw junction to improve the times ...

Cat5E/Cat6 24-Port/48-Port Patch Panel
Material: PC House, Bronze Contact Pin. Two capacity styles for choices: A: 24-Port. B: 48-Port. 1) Designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO/IEC11801 standards to match 19" cabinets. 2) Designed to exceed normal requirements. 3) Distinctive color labels on the module indicate universal wiring patterns for T568A and T568B. 4) Label and inlaid marks for convenience of identification and supervision. 5) Connecting tools for single-pair and multiple-pair cables. 6) Various types and ...

Jack Modulars
1) Class VI jack modular. 2) Lunge series Vi RJ45 modular is 8-pin jack modular designed and fabricated according to ISO/IEC international standard TIA / EIA of class VI. 3) The performance meets related standard mode not only meets class VI wire card connection, but also makes stable contact performance. 4) IDC post is made of phosphor bronze with nickel plated, and it is adaptable of wiring sizes 0.4 - 0.6mm. 5) Card connection repeated cycles: >250 cycles. 6) ACK inset and pull cycles: ...
Company: Yueqing Kaifa Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Disconnection Module
In wiring capacities, they can be categorized into two types: 10-pair wiring and 8-pair wiring. In the structures of spring leaf, they can be categorized into two types: disconnection spring leaf and connection one. The disconnection spring leaf can further be categorized into two types: normally closed and normally open. The company also manufactures a variety of products compatible with FT2-26 clamp-joint module, mainly including steel back frames, S.N. bars, card and page-turning type ...

Lightning Arrester
1) Frequency range (GHz): 800 - 2,200. 2) Max. peak power (W): 2,500. 3) Discharge capacity (kA , 8/20μS): 50. 4) Impedance (Ω): 50. 5) Residual voltage (1kV/μs): 104. 7) Insertion loss (dB): <0.1dB. 8) V.S.W.R: <1.15. 9) PIM3 dBm @ 2 x 20W: 110
Product Group: Lightning Arrester

Telecom Clip
Mueller clips are the original clips. Our current designs reflect 95 years of continuous innovation and improvements. Our clips use springs made of the best materials, wound to the highest tolerances for strength and holding power. The combination of a strong spring and sharp teeth produces a clip that has true "bite and hold". The key to personal and equipment safety in using a clip is its insulator. Every Mueller clip manufactured has an insulator designed and formulated ...

Cable Branch Box
1) Insulation resistance between the end and the box: ≥5 x 104mΩ. 2) Contact resistance between the lead and the end: ≤5 x 10-3Ω. 3) Voltage-resistance strength: non-puncture, no arc-over 500V AC/1min. 4) Environment: a) Environmental temperature: -55°C ~ +55°C ; b) Relative humidity: <95% (when the temperature is below 30°C). 3) Atmospheric pressure: 70 - 106KPa. 6) Applications: a) Suitable for the connection between branch line and the communication line in the city, county ...

Test Module
1) Widely used in ADSL transmission. 2) Outrigger is covered by plastic parts to avoid operator injury caused by outrigger. 3) All plastic parts and components are made of high-grade, flame-retardant materials to comply with Class A of GB/T5169.7 standards

Piezoelectric Buzzers
Specifications: 1) Rated voltage: 2.5 - 4.5V ; 2) Operating voltage: 3.6V ; 3) Resonant frequency: 2,700Hz ; 4) Max. current: 90mAh ; 5) Resistance: 15 ± 2Ω ; 6) Sound pressure: 90dB ; 7) Size: 8.5 x 8.5 x 3.0mm ; 8) Sound type can be produced as per clients' designs

VoIP Gateway
1) Support SIP. 2) Configurable (*,#) feature codes. 3) Supports Audio codec G. 711, G.723.1, G.726. 4) Unattended/ attended call transfer. 5) Call waiting and per call-waiting blocking. 6) Call forward. 7) Call return. 8) Call hold. 9) Caller number/name display. 10) Caller ID /block outgoing caller-ID/Reject anonymous call. 11) Voice Activity Detection (VAD) Facsimile protocol(option): T.38. 12) MWI(Message wait Indication). 13) E.164 dial plan. 14) DND (Do not disturb). 15) ...

Optical Distribution Frame
1) Shell is made of aldural, surface is treated by electrostatic powder spray. 2) Front and rear door on each unit is easy open for all kinds of operation. 3) Vertical and horizontal management system ensure the wire laying in order. 4) Equipping with optical fiber fixing, peeling and grounding protection system. 5) Modular structure is facilitated for allocation, assembly, maintenance and capacity enlarging

Protection Terminal Block
It is designed in such structure: the external lines and the jumper wires are disconnected before the protectors are inserted into the PTB. Only after inserting the protectors will they be connected. Thus when the external lines suffers danger, only pull out the protector, the exchange lines will be disconnected with the external lines. Each FT203 PTB has termination capacity of 100 lines, consisting of 10pieces of 10-line modules. Specifications: 1) Insulation resistance: ≥1,000mohm. 2) ...
Product Group: Terminal Block

Keystone Jacks
Jack models: 1) CAT.5E keystone jack unshielded. 2) CAT.5E keystone jack shielded. 3) CAT.6 keystone jack unshielded. 4) CAT.6 keystone jack shielded. 5) Voice keystone jack. 6) Coupler. Features: 1) All colors available. 2) Applications: keystone jacks and couplers are designed for superior performance that are according to the TIA / EIA 568A and B requirement. 3) Easy installation and mountable. 4) Used for wall plates and patch panels. 5) Over 5,000 times of pulling-in and pulling-out. 6) ...

2-Line VoIP Switch
AX520 has 2 line jacks and one phone jack. The line jacks can connect to PSTN line and VoIP line. Whenever there is a ring from either of them, the phone can ring and answer. When the user wants to make a phone call, it goes through line1 jack automatically. If user dials# , 0 before the telephone number, it will dial out from line2 jack. It is ideal for fxs VoIP units. Sometimes the users don't have enough line port on PBX or kts. It can expand the number of co line ports.

Cable Branch Box
DFW series of high voltage cable branch box, are widely used to cable system of 10 kv class. They are the main apparatus of the separating and connecting as the cable outline from the switch of cable. The connector of the cable branch box is introducing the advanced insulated rubber which made the connector fully shielded and fully insulated. The switch of cable branch box are only using SF6 switch. DFW cable branch box are design to high reliablity safety, and maintenance free outdoor. It ...

Microwave Power Divider
We also make RF connector (coaxial connector), 7/16, N, 1.6/5.6, SMA, SMB, SMC, BNC, TNC, F, TAC, FME, MCX, 1.0/2.3, DIN, UHF, terminations, adaptor, jumper cable, cable assembly, pigtail, feeder clamp, earthing accessories and microwave passive device, such as band pass filter, duplexer, combiner, coupler, power dividers, filter rotector, and surge arrestor.

AN-IC 16 ports G.703 Balun Panel
AN-IC16: G.703 rack mount balun panel lets you match the connectors, impedance and signal characteristics of up to 16 dual coax BNC connections (75 ohm) with up to 16 twisted pair connections (120 ohm). Operating in compliance with the CCITT G.703 specification, the AN-IC16 occupies only 2U (3.5'/8.9 cm) of vertical rack space in a 19' (48.3 cm) rack-allowing for efficient multiport matching. Connects 75 ohm dual coax to 120 ohm twisted pair: Bi-directional signal conversion ...

Fiber Optic Splice Closures
1) Vertical type. 2) Hoop is used to fix and seal FOSC cover and base. 3) Provided with 4 fiber cable inlet/outlet ports and 1 large oval port which can accommodate 2 pieces of fiber cables with max. diameter 35mm simultaneously. While straight-through fiber cable is for branching application, fibers not cutting off are for straight-through after being fixed and winded, fibers cutting off are for branching after fusion splicing with fibers of other branching fiber cables. 4) FOSC is suitable ...

Low Noise Amplifier/LNA Module
Specifications: Frequency (MHz): 885~915,930~960. Gain (dB): 40/50. In-band Fluctuation(dB): ≤¡À0.5. ATT Adjustment Range: ≥30 (1dB Step). ATT Adjustment Linearity: 10,20dB Error ≤1dB, 30dB Error ≤1.5dB. Side-band Suppression(dBc): ≥40@fc¡À70MHz. 3RD. Intermodulation (dBc): ≤-50@Po=0dBm. Noise Figure(dB): ≤1. VSWR: ≤1.35. Operational Current(mA): <250. Operational Voltage (VDC): 27. Operational Temperature (°C): -20~55. Storage Temperature (°C): -40~75. Dimensions ...

RF Coaxial Connectors (Plug & Jack), Terminations & Loads
1) RF Coaxial Connectors(Plug & Jack). Widely used connect of the RF-coaxial-cable in electronic equipment and instruments, and can be interchangeable with the same type connectors of abroad. Specifications we can supply: Temperature range; Vibration; Shock; Frequency range; Center conductor withdrawal force; Contact resistance; Insulation resistance; Withstand voltage; VSWR; Durability. 2)Terminations&Loads Optimized for wireless OEM and Test Applications. Designed to meet ...

Auto dialer Telephone Dialer VOIP Autodialer for prepaid calling card
Auto dialer Telephone Dialer VOIP Autodialer for prepaid calling card -TD101 Line power, no need extra power supply. Great capacity: TD101 can store up to 8 groups of 62-digit calling card numbers. Compatible: Both prepaid calling card and postpaid call service are available. Easy Programming: Dialers can be programmed manually using the keypad of telephone set. Auto Reroute: Local/long distance/IDD calls with certain prefix numbers can be rerouted to corresponding calling cards ...
Product Group: Auto Dialer, Telephone Dialer, VOIP
Company: Shenzhen LETEL Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Telephone dialer automatic calling unit Telecommunication
Telephone dialer automatic calling unit Telecommunication -TD103 Smart artful design. Line power, no need extra power supply. Great capacity:TD103 can store up to 8 groups of 62-digit calling card numbers. Compatible:Both prepaid calling card and postpaid call service are available. Easy Programming:Dialers can be programmed manually using the keypad of telephone set. Auto Reroute: Local/long distance/IDD calls with certain prefix numbers can be rerouted to corresponding calling ...
Product Group: Auto Dialer, Telephone Dialer, VOIP
Company: Shenzhen LETEL Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Callback auto dialer Telephone autodialler
Callback auto dialer Telephone autodialler manufacturers -TD125 Callback auto dialer a very good partner for callback calling card. Convenient: The callback auto dialer makes the process of making a callback call the same as call through direct PSTN line. Users do not need to change the dialing habit. Auto adding local code for local calls. Working with extra power supply, very stable. Great capacity:TD125 can store up to 8 groups of 62-digit calling card numbers. Easy ...
Product Group: Auto Dialer, Telephone Dialer
Company: Shenzhen LETEL Technology Co., Ltd.    China

2 line phone switch Call selector Telephone router
2 line phone switch Call selector Telephone router -TCS1800 Applications: The line power call selector is suitable for people who have 2 outgoing telephone lines but want to use one single telephone set. People have a PSTN line in use, and they might want to install another VoIP line or GSM/CDMA FWT line as usually the rate of other line is much cheaper. 1. It would take too much space of the desk if adopts 2 telephone sets for the 2 outgoing lines. We can solve the problem by installing ...
Product Group: Telephone Router, Phone Switch
Company: Shenzhen LETEL Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Linksys Phone Adapter/ VoIP adapter/ Gateway/ ATA Unlocked low price
Linksys Phone Adapter/ VoIP adapter/ Gateway/ ATA Unlocked low price The Linksys Internet Phone Adapter enables high-quality feature-rich VoIP (voice over IP) service through your broadband Internet connection. Just plug it into your home Router or Gateway and use the two standard telephone ports to connect analog phones or use one of the ports for a fax machine. Each phone port operates independently, with separate phone service and phone numbers, like having two telephone lines. ...
Product Group: Linksys Phone Adapter, VoIP Adapter, Gateway, ATA
Company: Shenzhen LETEL Technology Co., Ltd.    China

iphone4g battery case
External battery for iPhone 4 Petite, convenient, easy to use, high capacity Compatible with iPhone4 Use USB cable to charge power 4 LED power indicators
Company: shenzhen xingjisheng electronics limited    china

NEW PANASONIC 7.8inch EDMGRB8KJF for industy use 640*480,Samfong Technology
NEW PANASONIC 7.8inch EDMGRB8KJF for industy use 640*480 CSTN, Samfong Technology can supply it from stock. All of these goods are in a good conditions. This kinds of lcds are used for Medical equipment. If you are interested in our products, please contact with me at . More detailed information,please visit Category LCD:Panel Industrial Size:7.8 Part Number: EDMGRB8KJF Resolution :640*480 Surface: Matte Backlight 1 CCFL Light:220 ...
Company: Samfong Technology(HK)CO.,LTD    China

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