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List extensive product information of Telephones (include Video Phone, Wireless Phone, Touch Panel Phone, Cordless Phone, Coin Pay phone, Public Telephone, Telephone Cable), provided by Telephone manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Calling Card Payphone
1) Low cost solution for payphone services. 2) Four-lined LCD with backlight displays operating instructions and dialed numbers. 3) Update the payphone's program by a special tool card. 4) Base on IN platform, under the control of management system. 5) Supports calling card

Telephone Connectors
1) standard jack surface mount, color. 2) inline coupler US modular, 1 modular jack to 1 modular jack. 3) telephone duplex jack 1 modular plug to 2 modular jacks. 4) 6P4C US modular plugs. 5) tangle free adapter. Features: 1) Length: as per requests. 2) RoHS compliance available.

Broadband Videophone, Video Phone
Specifications: 1) 7" TFT LCD display. 2) Dataflow supported: G. 723 audio frequency, H. 263 video. 3) Chinese / English menu. 4) Caller ID. 5) Handsfree function. 6) Video output / input. 7) Built-in lens: 300,000 pixels. 8) Bit rate: 128kbs - above 1m

Mini Telephone
1.This phone can be used with or without earphone. 2.It is very convenient and practical for the family and office. It can be placed. on the desk ,besides the bed or wherever you like. The way of usage: 1.Use the phone without earphone .Answer the phone or dial the directly. When there is a telephone in ,you will heard a sweet sound. Press the switch button and you can answer the call ,when you finish the conversation, press the switch button again to hang up. 2.Use the phone with earphone. ...
Company: Shenzhen Worthy Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

13 Memory Speaker Phone
1) 13-memory, big button speaker phone. 2) 3 one-touch plus 10 two-touch memory keys. 3) Last number redial. 4) Easy-to-read big numbers. 5) Flash button. 6) Fully modular. 7) Desk/wall mountable

Fixed Wireless Phone
Features: 1) Supports modem mode. 2) No need to dial area code when calling local numbers. 3) Automatically connects to IP network when dialing long distance. 4) Supports both English and Chinese SMS. 5) Incoming call reminder. 6) 10 speed dialing numbers. 7) Last call return. 8) Incoming phone divert. 9) Hands free enabled. 10) Records history: auto saves the last 20 dialed / received phone numbers, and last 10 missed calls. 11) Powerful phone book, can save 100 phone numbers and contact ...
Company: Shenzhen Worthy Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

CDMA Telephone
132 x 64 LCD display. No district code is required when dialing the local number, and switch to IP network when dialing the long-distance call. Supports T9 typing. Supports Chinese/English menu and Chinese/English text messages. Supports caller ID display. Redial the last dialed number. Supports call divert. Supports call waiting. Supports hands free speakerphone. Call log can be saved for 10 numbers of dialed, received, and missing calls respectively. Phone book: 100 items of names and ...

Touch Panel Phones
1) Touch panel, hand free key. 2) FSK / DTMF system and caller ID. 3) 100 incoming call number memories. 4) 30 dialed number memories and 10 indirect memories. 5) Two IP dialing models; long-distance call reply or dialing "0" will automatically dial IP numbers. 6) Optional 0 or 9 in long-distance call reply. 7) Speakerphone. 8) Pre-dialing, auto dialing. 9) Music on hold. 10) 12-digit calculator. 11) Electronic calendar (with lunar calendar); real time, date / time, week display.

1) Support DNS register. 2) Support H.323 V4, MGCP and SIP protocol. 3) Support DHCP automatic allocation of IP address and other parameters. 4) Support a variety of NAT passing and firewall passing. 5) Meet ITU-T standard as well as generation and test of DTMF. 6) Support G.711A/U, G.723.1 5.3/6.3 and G.729/A/B/AB/GSM610 algorithm of voice coding and decoding. 7) Support voice Activity Detection (VAD), Comfort Noise Generation (CHK), Acoustic Echo; Cancellation (AEC) and dynamic voice ...

Public Anti-Vandalism Phone
The product can provide voice communications service in the outdoors by taking advantage of GSM wireless network. Technical parameters: 1) Working frequency:900/1800MHz (double bands), 850MHz/1900MHz available. 2) Support GSM phase 2 standard. 3) Power dissipation:<1W for standby, <4W for working. Environmental requirement: 1) Power Supply: 220V/50Hz. 2) Environmental Temperature:-25oC∼55oC. 3) Humidity: 10%∼95% (no dew condition). 4) Air Pressure:86∼106kPa. 5) Environmental ...

Color Video Door Phones
Specifications: 1) Power source: DC 12V (Power from Monitor). 2) Camera: 1/4" color CMOS. 3) Lens: f = 3.6mm. 4) Illumination: 0.1 lux. 5) Light source: 4 infrared LEDs. 6) Power consumption: 2.5W. 7) Operating temperature: -10 ~ +50oC. 8) Installation: wall-mount. 9) Dimensions: 133(L) x 56(W) x 39(H), 50(L) x 141(W) x 39(H)mm. 10) Weight: 0.75kg

WLL Phone
Our GSM wireless local loop phone (WLL), or fixed wireless phone (FWP) is providing high-quality voice and short message services make it a good choice for office and family use. We can deliver CE and FCC certified and RoHS compliant as orders. The main features are as follows: High resolution liquid crystal wide-screen display; and its contrast can be adjustable ; English/Spanish/Russian menu, friendly interface, easy to operate and read ; High-quality voice of handset and handsfree ...

Classical Wooden Telephone
1) Real wood phone with antique brass accents. 2) Wooden base and handset. 3) Push button dialing in a rotary fashion plate. 4) Last number redials. 5) Pulse / tone switchable
Company: Shenzhen Worthy Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Mini Telephone
Mini Telephone: 1.Pause Function. 2.Last number redial. 3.Tone dialing. 4.Desk or wall mount. 5.Lighted keypad. 6.Ringer volume switchable

Long Range Cordless Phone
1) Extra small: easy to carry. 2) Polyphonic ring tones: more natural and realistic melodies. 3) Multiple handsets: expendable system, up to 15 handsets. 4) Walkie-talkie: half-duplex talking between two handsets. 5) Group call: walkie-talkie group talk and call transfer. 6) Scrambler: secure conversation, no eavesdropping. 7) Keypad lock: prevents accidental dialing. 8) Multiple channel access: auto scan for 240 channels to avoid interference. 9) Base antenna is optional for specific markets

Video Telephone
1) Meets ITU-T H.324 for PSTN. 2) Plug and play with common telephone line. 3) Normal call charge, no additional fee for visual function. 4) Hot key control, one touch button to start visual communication. 5) Outstanding image clarity and technical stability. 6) Auto-answering, remote camera control, privacy mode and auto-standby function. 7) Special PC-send and PC-receive design to improve dependable. 8) Connection between foresight videophone and other brand videophones that comply with ...

Cordless Telephone
1) Controlled by microcontroller. 2) 20 group of received numbers and 20 groups of missed numbers to be stored and speed dialed. 3) The last 8 groups of numbers dialed to be stored and speed redialed. 4) 10 groups of numbers to be stored and redialed. 5) DTMF/Pulse dialing mode. 6) Keypad lock. 7) Any key sending. 8) Power-saving function. 9) Long-distance call lock. 10) 100,000 groups of Security codes. 11) Low battery alert and indicator. 12) Socket for charging, earphone with switch

Telephone Cable Assembly
1. Rated temperature: 60°C, rated voltage: 150V. 2. Reference standard: UL subject 758, UL 20251 and CSA C22.2, no. 233. 3. Tinned or bare, stranded or unstrained copper or tinsel wire. 4. Two to ten conductors. 5. Color-coded PP or FR-PP insulation. 6. Cores are laid parallel of forming a flat cable. 7. Color-coded PVC jacket. 8. Passes UL VW-1 and CSA FT1 vertical flame test

Telephone Cord
1. Product Description: Stranded bare or tinned copper 18-33 AWG or tinsel copper. Two to ten conductors only. Color-coded polypropylene (PP) insulation. Cores are laid parallel of forming a flat. Stranded tinned or bare copper drain Wire is available. PVC jacket. Rating temperature 60°C Rating voltage 150 volts. Passed ULVW-1verticaI flame test. 2. Applications: Internal cable of electronic equipment or as"Handset wire or telephone cord for subscriber sets

Basic Phone
1. 1) R (100min) function 2) Ringer indicator 3) Ringer high / low switchable 4) P-T switchable 5) Flash (600min) function 6) One key redial function 7) Lightning-proof 8) Handsfree function . 2. 1) Ringer indicator 2) Pause function 3) Reset function 4) Ringer high / low switchable 5) P-T switchable 6) Flash (600min) function 7) One key redial function 8) Lightning-proof

GSM Fixed Wireless Phone
Spec: 1.Working Frequency:900MHz/1800MHz (dual band), 850/1900MHz available; 2.Completely support GSM Phase2 standard; 3.Power Supply: 220V/50Hz; 4.Environment Temperature: 0oC~40oC; 5. Humidity: 10%~95% (Non-condensing); 6.Atmospheric Pressure: 86~106kPa; 7.Environment Noise:≤60dB. FEATURE: 1.Support GSM network System(900/1800/1900MHZ). 2.SMS. 3.CALL ID identify incoming call. 4.200sets of powerful Phonebook for quick dial. 5.Call divert. 6.Display the call duration in real time in ...

3-in-1 Handsfree Caller ID Phone with Calendar & Radio
Features: Radio: 1) FM radio (FM88-108MHz). 2) Auto scan. 3) Low noise & high sensitivity. 4) Switch automatically between telephone and radio. Calendar: 5) 12-digit calculator. 6) Calendar up to 2099. Telephone: 7) Recording and displaying 85 incoming numbers. 8) Calling back from caller ID list. 9) Setup local area code. 10) Stores IP numbers (48 digits). 11) Hands-free function. Specifications: 1)Color: silver. 2)Model dimensions (cm): 23.3 x 12.7 x 11.8. 3)N.W.: 504g

Public Telephone / Payphone Handset
1) Material: a) High quality PC or ABS material ; b) Cord rotative tube is made of stainless steel with good flexibility, excellent elasticity and tensile performance. 2) Strong anti-destructive capability. 3) Handle tensile strength: >180kg. 4) Handset is not easy to be disassembled without special tool. 5) Weight: about 0.55kg

Coin Payphone
These models are designed and manufactured with advanced digital technology. They come with the whole range of features including novelty appearance, modularized circuit, reliable software and simple operation. Coin Payphone series is specially designed to satisfy different needs of the customers in different environments.

Professional USB Phone
USB Phone is a professional USB phone that enables you to enjoy the full features of Skype. Simply plugging it into the USB port of your PC or laptop, you can make/answer. Internet calls just as you would be on a regular telephone. Its high sound quality and smart style have made it a perfect VoIP device for both office and home use. Features: 1) USB interface PnP. no external power/sound card required. 2) High quality for full duplex communication. 3) Handy, style, portable for notebook PC. ...

Public IC / Magnetic Card Telephone
Multifunctional Public IC / Magnetic Card Telephone and Payphone Housing: 1) Housing: die cast aluminum alloy with strong anti-vandalism, water and dust proof features, anti-impact resistant strength: > 20 Joule. Nice finish in static painted and with more optional color available. 2) Handset: imported high intensity ABS+PC material from GE company with anti-vandal function, anti-inflammable rate: = V0. 3) Metal keypad: die cast keypad with long lifespan (≥500,000 times actuation). The ...

Call Forwarder FXS to FXO port Converter
Call Forwarder FXS to FXO port Converter -TS155 Applications:On business trip or nobody on duty during weekend and holiday, but not want to miss business calls.Convert the FSX port of VoIP gateway into FXOTo save call cost. If the call charge is very low or a fixed amount per month for office or home telephone, and the call between user's mobile phone and office or home telephone is free. Users can save call cost by using mobile phone to call the office or home telephone and then call ...
Company: Shenzhen LETEL Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Apple iPhone Smartphone 4 GB
General Product Type Smartphone Phone Design Candy bar Integrated Components Digital camera, digital player Antenna Internal Width 2.4 in Depth 0.7 in Height 4.6 in Weight 4.8 oz Cellular Technology GSM Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) Service Provider AT&T Operating System OS X Input Device(s) Multi-touch Messaging & Internet Cellular Messaging Services SMS Mobile Email Client Yes Supported Email Protocols POP3, IMAP4 Internet Browser Yes ...
Product Group: Apple IPhone 4

Apple iPhone 3GS with 32GB Memory
Most cell phone companies install special quot; lockingquot; software on their phones that prevents the phones from being used with any other network's SIM card. There are currently no recommended accessories. Apple iPhone 3GS adds support for HSDPA 7.2 Mbps fast data and a digital compass. The new model from Cupertino's factory also has an improved battery life and working speed - loading is much more faster. The camera is upgraded to a 3-megapixel sensor with autofocus and tap to ...
Product Group: Apple IPhone 3GS 32GB

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