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List extensive product information of Eyewear, provided by Eyewear manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

@ Metal Reading Glasses
1) Frames color: a) Various colors available according customers' requirements ; b) Baisc color: gun, silver, gold, high quality nickel-free plating. 2) Lens power: +25 per jump from +100. 3) Special packing available upon requests. 4) Other service: inner and outer printing / laser / stamp.

Optical Frame
Optical Frame: 1) Front: monel and stainless steel. 2) Temple: stainless steel with flex hinge. 3) Tip: acetate. 4) Size: 52-15-135
Company: Wenzhou OLU Eyewear Co., Ltd.    China

Contact Lens Cases
Contact lens mate with solution bottles and tweezers makes an integral kit of contact lens case. Features: 1) Dimensions: 64 x 75 x 22mm. 2) Material: plastic, ABS. 3) Best choice for your contact lens when you're out for camping and traveling.

Glasses Bag
We are especially in producing microfibre lens cloth/pouch, cleaning cloth from china We also can do as your need such as in size, colour, printing with logo

Acrylic Glasses Holder
1) Made of acrylic and plastic. 2) Used to display all kinds of glasses. 3) Clients' designs and sizes are welcomed

Single Lens
Specifications: 1) Size range: 3 - 100mm. 2) Diameter tolerance: +0/-0.1mm. 3) Thickness tolerance: 1mm. 4) Centering tolerance: 3 x 5. 5) Surface quality: 60/40. 6) Surface accuracy: 3 - 0.5. 7) Clear aperture: >85%. 8) Bevel: 0.1 - 0.25mm x 45. 9) Coating: according to your requests. 10) Material: BK7, fused silica, quartz, SF11 and other optical glass, sapphire, CaF2, MgF2. 11) The specifications will be different according to materials and dimensions

Contact Lenses
Magic cilcle lens. Splendid images on sclera makes vivid and mysterious effects on eyes. diameter: 14. 00mm. base curve radius: 8. 50mm ~ 8. 60mm. center thickness: 0. 06mm. water content: 42%. power range: Plane

Glasses Bags
Specifications: 1) Material: neoprene. 2) Thickness: 3mm. 3) Colors: black, royal blue, navy, red. 4) Size: 16 x 8 x 2.5cm

Contact Lens Cleaner
It is a portable lens cleaner, small size and easy to use. 1) Easy to clean the remains of contact lens completely. 2) It bears almost no weight after wearing a pair of lens. 3) Speedy in washing with its hyper-speed wave. 4) Compatible with other glasses solution-safe in use. 5) Free from scrubbing lens and prolong the life of contact lens. 6) Economic and convenient. 7) Alowable in single battery. 8) Elegant enough to be gifts or personal use. 9) Stylish design and free in carriage. 10) ...

Optic Box
Dimensions: 153 x 70 x 40mm. Material: beech. Gloss finishing. Interior with black velvet. Safely keep glasses inside

Wire Core, Silicone Nose Pad, Temple
We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of eyeglasses parts likes nose pad, wire core, temple, temple tip, plastic terminals and handmade terminals optical profile, rim lock, bridges, heels, lenses of PC, arclic lense and cr39 lenses for sunglasses, and PC optical lenses, cr39 1. 499 1. 560, etc for making for spectacles parts.

Kids' Optical Frames
Our optical frames production owns strong expertise, elaborate technology as well as the must-be-mentioned advanced optical frames production lines. The raw materials such as monel, stainless steel, memory alloy, acetate and titanium adopted in the production have exclusive features of erosion-resistance, light weight and excellent elasticity. And our 3 electro-plating production lines that import the advanced plating and wastewater treating equipment and technology from America, Japan and ...
Company: Wenzhou OLU Eyewear Co., Ltd.    China

Alloy Optic Frame
1) Frames color: a) Various colors available according customers' requirements ; b) Basic color: gun, silver, gold, high quality nickel-free optical plating. 2) Special packing available upon requests. 3) Other service: inner and outer printing / laser / stamp
Company: Wenzhou OLU Eyewear Co., Ltd.    China

Eyewear Parts
1) High quality. 2) Material: high nickel cupronickel. 3) Polishing is good. 4) We can supply all kinds of metal eyewear parts, such as: temple, acetete insertpin, acetate Spring intertpin, connecting spring leg, stainless steel temple, spring box parts, front hinge, hinge, nose bridge.

Aspheric Lens
Features: 1) Reflective index: 1.67. 2) 100% intercept to uv400nm rays. 3) Double hard (scratch resistant) coating. 4) Low reflection multi (anti reflective) coating. 5) 99% of visual transmittance. 6) Aspheric design

Glasses Boxes
Specifications: 1) Made of aluminum. 2) All colors available. 3) Customized shapes are welcome. 4) One color logo can be printed

Contact Lens Case
Delicate cases with gorgeous spraying, they are the best choice for women We also have another silver style. Features: 1) Dimensions: 162 x 75 x 59mm. 2) Material: metal. 3) Delicate container for eyeglasses

Plastic Sunglasses
Features: 1) Frame: PC. 2) Lens: AC with UV400 protection. 3) Other frames and lens colors are available

Beta-Titanium Optical Frame
Rimless style optical frames, made of beta-titanium frames. Pouch and clean clothing, and hard case are available

Features: 1) Suitable for safe use and fashionable wear. 2) Material: PC frame, AC lens. 3) Lightweight material, lighter than titanium

Contact Lens Container
We are professional in Glasses Case, Contact Lens Case, Contact Lens Cleaner, Contact Lens Holder, Contact Lens Sticker, Contact Lens tweezer.

Swim Goggle
Junior Swim Goggle: 1) Anti-fog. 2) UV protection. 3) A clarified design for children, spherical lens in large camber make a wider field of vision and smaller resistance of water. 4) Multiple choices, and segmented joint suit for children with different shapes of faces.

Hole Glasses
1. The glass helps to relax the eyeball muscle, and adjust eye focus. 2. Theory is very simple: when the eyes can only look through the small holes, they naturally change focus to a relaxing standard, so that the eyeballs are relieved from the previous nervous focus. 3. You can feel the relaxation once you wear it and afterwards. 4. Good and simple eye relaxation for a large population whose job causes tired eyes: students, teachers, stuff members, and computer users of all ages

Bluetooth Sunglasses
1) Built-in: MP3, Bluetooth function. 2) Compatible format: MP3, WMA. 3) Bluetooth profile supported: Headset and hands free profiles. 4) Range of frequency:2.4ghz spectrum. 5) Nominal charging time: Within 2 hours. 6) Talk time: Up to 5 hours. 7) Standby time: Up to 150 hours. 8) Range: Up to 10 meters. 9) Weight: 49g
Product Group: Bluetooth Sunglasses

Video Glasses
Eyeware: 1) Display: 2TFT LCD Display. 2) Video Signal: NTSC/ PAL/ SECAM. 3) Resolution: 230K Pixels(320*240, QVGA). 4) Viewing Angle: 25. 5) Image Size: 50'' Screen at 2.5m. 6) Power Consumption: <450Mv. 7) Battery Life: 8-10hrs. 8) Weight: 78g(without cables). 9) Operation Temperature: -20-60°C. 10) Storage Temperature: -20-60°C. Converter: 1) Battery Life: 8-10hrs. 2) Weight: 50g. 3) Operation Temperature: -20-60°C. 4) Storage Temperature: -20-60°C

Boating And Water Sports Sunglasses
Polarized Sunglasses, with 100% UVA and UVB protection. Scure strap system, ideal for boating and action water sports.

Mobile Video Glasses
Featuring 320,000 pixel resolutions in a truly lightweight design, this personal video display offers big pictures on-the-go in a compact AV unit. Weighing just 120g, the device features a sleek, ergonomically comfortable and lightweight design. All the necessary electronics and optics have been integrated into this compact, stylish, video-eyewear product. It is a completely mobile video system that delivers a crisp, vivid-color, QVGA resolution (320 x 240) video image which is equivalent to ...

Contact Lens Case
Sale for all kinds of contact lens case with, mirror, solution bottle, tweezers and wearing stick-super prices from china.

Super Hi-index 1.67 HMC EMI UV400 Aspheric Spectacle Lenses
1) Reflractive index: 1.67 2) Abbe value (vd): 32 3) Specific gravity (p): 1.35 4) Diameter: 70mm/75mm 5) 100% intercept to uv400nm rays, Double hard (scratch resistant) coating 6) Low reflection multi (anti reflective) coating 7) 99% of visual transmittance 8) Power range: Sph: 0.00 ~ +10.00 / Cyl: 0.00 ~ -6.00 Sph: 0.00 ~ -10.00 / Cyl: 0.00 ~ -6.00 9) Semi-finished Lenses: Base: 50, 200, 400, 600, 800 Skype: clearoptical
Product Group: Aspherical Lens
Company: Danyang Clear Optical Co., Ltd.    China

CR3 91.499,1.56,1.61,1.67 plastic optical lens
We can supply you the lens as following: 1. GLASS LENS (index 1.523, 1.70, uncoated & A/R, size 65/70 mm) 2. CR-39 LENS (index 1.499, 1.56, 1.61, 1.67 uncoated, H/C, H/M/C, size: 65/70/72 mm) 3. BIFOCAL LENS (glasses & CR-39. round-top bifocal, flat-top bifocal, blended bifocal and curve bifocal lens) 4. PROGRESSIVE LENS 5. POLYCARBONATE LENS 6. PHOTOCHROMIC LENS 7. LENTICULAR LENS The quality is of Grade A. Both finished and semi finished are available.
Product Group: Optical Lens
Company: Danyang Bosen Optical Co., Ltd    China

Acrylic Eyewear Stand
1. Acrylic eyewear stand with steel frame. 2. Silkscreen logo header. 3. CNC cut, laser cut, silkscreen, thick gage vacuum forming part. 4. Customized shelf size, 15mm stand PMMA. 5. Your creative and grand designs executed quickly and perfectly. 6. Our experienced engineers can help you to make your creations reality. 7. We have the equipment for fabrication, CNC machining, routing, laser cutting, laser engraving, matte finishing, painting, silkscreening and multi surface ...

Selling 2011 Authentic Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Frames
Selling 2011 Authentic Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Frames Dear Sir or Madam: We are one of big manufacturers of Ray-Ban sunglasses and Ray-Ban optical frames We provide various Ray-Ban styles in Childrens(small face), Youth, Lady, Men and specialize people My Rayban web: http://www.eyewear21.com
Company: Beijing YaJieXing co.,ltd    CN

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