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List extensive product information of Gemstones, provided by Gemstone manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

@ Pink Rice Pearl Strands
1) Pearl diameter: 4-12mm. 2) Pearl shape: rice. 3) Pearl color: white, pink, lavender. 4) Pearl quality: optional. 5) Strand length: 16" as usual, can be customized. 6) Packing: fit for long-distance transportation.

Precious Stones beads
Features: 1) All kinds of gemstone beads with all sizes available. 2) Black agate beads: 8mm with 64, 40cm/pc
Company: Lufeng Rong Hui Gemstone & Jewelry Co., Ltd.    China

Our main business is pearl and shellfish accessories and ornament processing and sale. We also deal with processing and sale of pearl powder and pearl layer powder.

Acrylic Diamond
We are a special factory for acrylic products. We can supply acrylic diamonds. We can make different styles, different colors and different sizes.

Gemstone Beads
Bead size: can be 4mm, 6 mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc. Bead shape: can be round, oblong, trapezium, flat, etc. Bead style: can be facet or without facet. Bead Material: can be turquoise, opal, agate, rose quartz, watermelon quartz, amethyst, natural crystal, emerald, blue sand stone, gold sand stone, lava, coral, fluorite, tiger eye, cat eye, red jade, green jade, yellow jade, black stone, amazonite, snowflake obsidian, brown snowflake obsidian, etc.
Company: Lufeng Rong Hui Gemstone & Jewelry Co., Ltd.    China

Tahitian Pearl Loose Strings
1) All of Tahitian Pearl from Tahiti. 2) Size available: 8-17mm. 3) Color available: dark black, light black, peacock black, grey. 4) Shape available: round, baroque, teardrop

Zirconia, Zirconium Hydroxide
We can supply from china: 1) Zirconium Acetate ; 2) Zirconium Hydroxide ; 3) Zirconium Oxychloride ; 4) Basic Zirconium Sulphate ; 5) Zirconium Basic Carbonate ; 6) Zirconium Nitrate ; 7) Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate Yttrium stabilized Zirconia ; 8) Cerium stabilized Zirconia

We manufacture various designs of bamboo coral, natrual coral, Shell products with high quality. Features: Size:6--24mm ; Color: Red ; Shape: Round ; Facet: Smooth ; Length:16'

Stabilized Turquoise Beads
Features: 1) Stabilized turquoise beads are made of natural turquoise. 2) Color: blue, blue/green, green. 3) Pattern: pure, spider vein, yellow or black spots. 4) Shapes: all kinds of shapes, round, rondelle, oval, teardrop, tube, heart. 5) Facet: smooth and faceted. 6) Size: 2 - 40mm
Company: Lufeng Rong Hui Gemstone & Jewelry Co., Ltd.    China

Genuine Turquoise
We offer: Turquoise, Fossil Coral, Black Stripe Agate, Lepidolite, Carnelian, Black Agate, Zebra Jasper, Feldspath Graphic, Korean Jade, Rose Qz., Dyed Jade, Red Artistic Stone, Artistic Stone, Picasso Jasper, Glass and so on. Shapes we offer: Chips, Nuggets, Round Beads, Roundels, Coin, Flat Oval, Round Oval, Rectangle, TV, Thin Tube, Flat Square, Cushion, Long Rice beads, Carved animal and flowers / leaves etc. Finished items: Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings.

Pearl Beads
Our factory provide plastic beads which are made of PS, acrylic and ABS. There are many kinds of colors and dimensions, such as pearlescent, plate, and colored.

Heart-Shaped Pearl Strand
1) This heart-shaped pearl is kind of freshwater pearls. 2) Color: natural color (white, gold, purple) and various dyed colors. 3) Drilling way: in the middle. 4) We can supply heart-shaped pearls in different quality, sizes and colors

Agate Carving
Material: pink green agate. More than 60 different semi-precious stones available. Customers' designs are welcome

Fashion Mother-of-Pearl Pendant
1) White mother of pearl love heart pendant, 14K gold. 2) Height: 25.00 mm. 3) Width: 25.00 mm. 4) Total metal weight: 0.7500g

Apple Green Turquoise Bead
Apple green turquoise beads are made from natural turquoise, dyed in apple green color. There are different shapes and sizes.

Raw Amber Opaque Red Color
Natural raw amber - opaque red color. Suitable for jewelry making. Large pieces sizes - from 5" to over 12" in length.

Potato Shape Pearl
1) Material: pearl. 2) 10-11mm, potato shape pearl, 16", semi-products. 3) Fashion jewelry. 4) All are hand made. 5) Other similar materials are available. 6) Competitive price and good quality

Semi-Precious Chip
We can supply semi precious chips, natural stone chips, tiger chips, crystal chips beads, fashion beads and China beads. We have more than 180 types of stones to make these chips, including agate, amazonite, amber, amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, aragonite, black stone, bloodstone, carnelian, chalcedony, coral, emerald, fluorite, garnet, jade, kyanite, malachite, moonstone, sapphire, sunstone, tiger's eye, topaz, turquoise.

1) Material: metal alloy, enamel, acryl stone, Czechic stone. 2) More than dozens of colors available. 3) Special plating keeping people's skin from anaphylactic and up to environmental protection standard

Czochralski Alexandrite Gemstones
Alexandrite is amazing gemstone for jewelry, because faceted gems undergo a dramatic color change in different types of light. In warm indoor incandescent or candle lighting, this gem is a rich purplish red color. In bright daylight, it is blue green. Alexandrite has this color change because it includes chromium, which has different absorptivity to different light.

Semi Precious Stone, Purple Sapphire
Semi Precious Stone: 1) Different shapes and styles. 2) Tiger eye, turquoise, blue-sand beads, cat eye beads, glass pearls. Purple Sapphire: Fine Colour Purple Sapphire. Weight: 0. 68 cts. Size: 6x 4 mm

Round Coral Strands
Specifications: 1) Sizes: 1.8mm - 12mm. 2) Quality: C - AA. 3) Shapes: round, potato, rice, button, nugget, coin, all types available. 4) Colors: white, pink, peach and all dyed colors. 5) Length: 16"

High Clear Glass Gems In Size of 17-19mm
High clear glass gems in size of 17-19mm. Many other colors for your choice. Measurement: 31 x 22 x 19cm, 0.013cbm

Red Coral Beads Loose Strand
Features: Style: gemstone loose strand. Length: 16". Size: 7*9mm. Material: red pearl. Weight: 70g per strand

Jewellery Stones
We are manufacturing and exporter of all kind of calibrated and free size faceted stones, cabochon and preformed.

Pearl Beads
Pearl Beads Pearl Beads with different finish such as AB Finish, Gold, bronze, silver plating , hamatite finish. Size: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm.

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