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List extensive product information of Semi-Precious Stones (include Amethysts, Agates, Amber, Tourmaline, Turquoise), provided by Semi-Precious Stone manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Semi-Precious stone
These stone are in different shapes such as round, oval and faceted round. We have all types of stones to make them, including agate, amazonite, amber, amethyst, apatite, aquamarine, aventurine, aragonite, ametrine, black stone, bloodstone, carnelian, chalcedony, Chinese writing stone, chrysoprase, coral, dumortierite, emerald, fluorite, garnet, howlite, jade, kyanite, malachite, moonstone, morganite, peridot, pietersite, sapphire, sardonyx, sunstone, tiger's eye, topaz, turquoise and ...
Company: Ningbo Shengtong Fashion Accessories Industrial Corp., Ltd.    China

Semi Precious Beads
We have cat eye beads, tiger eye beads, gold sand beads, blue sand beads, turquoise and coral beads. All kinds of gemstone and semi-precious stones are available.

Semi-precious Stones
Semi-precious stones, rough or polished. Agate, amethysts, quartz, geodes, citrine cluster, etc. Also, large geodes in different shapes from Brazilian.

Loose Semi-precious Stones
Loose semi-precious stone: We have wide range of natural colour stones which are; aquamarine, amethyst, ametrine, citrine, garnet, moon stone, peridot, iolite, quartz, red jasper, agate, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, tiger eye.

The beauty and natural power of quartz rising from the underground world. Amethysts are the authentic evidence of the creative forces of the nature, since their unmatched shapes render each one an absolutely unique piece.

Agate Obsidian Jade Necklaces
Specifications:1) Semi-aquatic agate beads strand. Beads Size: 25in diameter. Length: 16inches. 2) Dream agate beads strand. Beads Size: 40*15. Length: 15.5inches. 3) Colorful agate beads strand. Beads size: 11*7. Length: 15.5 inches. 4) Red agate beads strand. Beads Size: 30*15 inches. Length: 15inches. Weight: 150 gr./Pcs. You can use these stone to make necklace or just as pendant
Company: Yiwu Ninghui Arts Co., Ltd.    China

Midnight Blue Sapphires
Place your regular requirement for midnight blue sapphires-shape: round cabochon-natural-gemstones-size 4. 5 mm to 5. 5 mm-colour.

China Gem
The natural agate comes from Inner Mongolia Province. The stone part is the natural agate, which materials came into being volcanic eruption. Without any human cut and polished whatever color or figure. The natural agate is good for health, because it is full of microelement zinc and iron, can keep you full of energy and wealth. The handcraft chain with the stone is made of silk thread.

Semi-Precious Stones
My company exports rare and valuable facet grade gemstones such tourmaline, amethyst, topaz (white and light blue) , garnet etc to USA, Europe and Asia. We have these stones in faceted (cut) and rough form

Yellow Amber
We have over 16 kilograms of natural raw amber-Yellow and Orange colors with insect and other inclusions. Grabbed a handful of yellow and orange raw amber and sanded to 800 grits and many of them have different kinds of insects and other inclusions.

Hematite Beads
Shapes: Round, Oval, Faceted Oval, Twist Oval, Hourglass, Drum, Round Tube, Square, Teardrop, Flat Heart, Flat Star, Open, Chips, Pendants, Rings.

Cut Zirconia
Our products, concave facets cut cubic zirconia, like as millennium cut cubic zirconia -- the newest stones cut in the world, we sure you known it. It is real fire and brilliance,100% guarantee sparkle than general cut cz. They are top grade in cz stone.

Sapphire Specimen
Many rough sapphires are found in well terminated hexagonal crystals with nice green, yellow, blue or mixed colors. The hexagonal prisms show the growth of the sapphire crystal. Nice collectible items at affordable prices. Both lower corundum quality and gemmy quality available.

Glass Beads
1) Material: glass. 2) Shape: round, square, (hexagon) two-cut, bugles. 3) Size: 6/0, 8/0, 11/0, 12/0, 2, 3, 4, 5. 4) Color: transparent, silver lined, lustered, opaque, frosted, silky, dyed, ceylon, cetlon, plated, etc.
Company: Yiwu Ninghui Arts Co., Ltd.    China

Kyanite And Gem Stones
Jasper, Kyanite (Transparent blue) , Kyanite (Translucent) Ready made gem Kyanite Lue sapphire colour)

Abalone Shell Beads
Abalone shell beads comes from natural sea abalone shell, they are much more beautiful than other sea shell or freshwater shell beads.

Tourmaline Roughs
Tourmaline Roughs for Sale from china. A package of Tourmalines, with colors including pink, golden yellow, olive green and grass green. Quantity is 60 grams with a size range of 1-3 grams.

Created Alexandrite
It is not simulated or imitation alexandrite but true synthetics with chemical, physical and optical. Properties that is similar to those of natural alexandrite, not just the color. Alexandrite is famous for its ability to change colors in different light sources. It is extremely rare to find just the right trace amount of chromium in a natural stone to make this dramatic. Color change possible-therefore natural alexandrite gemstones are very expensive.

Semi Precious Stone
Features: 1) Material: turquoise, opal, agate, rose quartz, watermelon quartz, amethyst, natural crystal, emerald, blue sand stone, gold sand stone, lava, coral, fluorite, tiger eye, cat eye, red jade, green jade, yellow jade, black stone, amazonite, snowflake obsidian, brown snowflake obsidian, etc... 2) Available sizes: 4mm, 6 mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm or bigger etc. 3) Shape: round, oblong, trapezium, heart, star, flat or various irregular shapes. 4) Style: facet or smooth.

Synthetic Opal
Synthetic opal is hard to break and chip, less inclusions and cracks. There are 27 colors variation available. It can be cut into any shape, any size and thickness as the rough opal allowed, ideal for cutting cabochon, doublet, triplet, and carved with excellent effect. The rough is comes from Japan, the yield is high and steady. It's perfect for mass jewelry production and design creation.

CZ Stones Jewelry
Real Rhodium, Imitation Rhodium, Black gold or Real gold plating with nickel free. CZ stones ( Cubic zircon ). Antique copper or Antique silver finished are available. Alloy metal, Copper tubes and chains

Natural Cat`s Eye Opal
Name: NATURAL CAT`S EYE OPAL. Weight: est 5 carats. Shape: oval. Transparency: translucent. Colour: brown. Cutting style: cabochon

Agate Stone
1) Main Component: Agate. 2) Size:30x20x1mm. 3) It has different colors. 4) Various types and colors available. 5) It size can change.

Semi-precious Stones
Offering all kinds of semi-precious stone like garnet, amethyst, quartz, tiger eye, rose quartz, crystal, smokey topaz, cornelian, agate, onyx, lapiz, turquoise, malachite, apatite, jade, moonstone, labolite, iolite, sunstone, bloodstone, etc...

Australian Opal
Opal, Turquoise, Emerald, Ruby, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Crysoprass, Jade, Cornelian, Rose quartz, Rainbow Moon Stone.

Turquoise Beads
We design and supplying fashion jewelries and it's components, like necklace, bracelet, earrings, pendants, beads, and their components, and turquoise beads & coral beads.

Amber Beads-Brown Beige
Beautiful, dazzling and rare brown-beige amber necklaces with natural resin flow lines available for wholesale orders. Each bead is specifically selected and cut along with its natural "cognac" colored resin flow lines, crafted and hand-finished from 100% natural raw amber. Each bead is unique and no two beads have the same flow lines. The "brown-beige" amber beads are more captivating if you are to hold and see them with your own eyes! In its gorgeous colors, they ...
Company: Yiwu Ninghui Arts Co., Ltd.    China

The tourmaline is a kind of silicic acid rock mineral, which means valuable gem, the tourmaline is ranked among the middle level gems. The crystal structure and formation of the tourmaline: trigonal system, compound single pyramid trigonal system, prism crystal; the two ends have different crystal surface. Usually, There are vertical lines on the surface of the prism, and the transect is spherical triangle. The shape of the aggregate is like stick, emanant, or bundle of needles, and ...

Gemstone, semi precious
We are the manufactory of gemstone like tiger eyes, lapis, turquoise, black onyx, red agate, crystal, citrine, amethyst, rose quartz,smoky quartz, aventurine... in different shape and size. We also supply assortment designs of gemstone jewelry like bracelet, necklace, ankle.
Company: Jewel Bead co.,ltd    China

Amethyst Chips Uncut Beads
J-beads supply a whole collection of wholesale amethyst beads jewelry. Browse the wholesale amethyst beads collection below and order today. All our customers find imaginable size and quality in amethyst stone beads. J-beads is wholesale supplier and exporter of gemstone beads and offer wholesale gemstone beads, semi precious beads, precious beads, fancy beads with 20% EXTRA GOODS DISCOUNT. Product Size (mm) : 3 to 5 Product Length (in) : Best Buying $ 2.1 per strand
Company: Jasmine Exports    India

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