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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide flat plate brush, circular brush, brush roller, twisted wire brush, Environmental Sanitation Industry Brushes, Electronics Industry Brushes, Dustproof And Cleaning Brush, Pet Cleaning Brushes, Home Appliance Accessory Brushes, Daily-use Brushes, and more from China.

Suzhou Hello Electric is located in Suzhou. Founded in 1996, Suzhou Hello Electric Co., Ltd. are an integrated company with plastic injection molding, brush making and metal processing. Suzhou Hello Electric Co., Ltd. specialize in producing all kinds of brush products by using advanced high-end equipment. Our products are widely used in home appliances, supermarket cleaning products, pet supplies, leather shoes, cosmetics, circuit board cleaning, Sweeper cars, glass cleaning machinery, metal processing, surface polishing and wire cleaning.

With a great variety of brush production equipment, from product design, mold design and injection, production to assembly, Suzhou Hello Electric Co., Ltd. supply the one-stop service on brush making. With excellent R&D capabilities, advanced equipment and strong technical force, Suzhou Hello Electric Co., Ltd. are a professional brush provider which offers high quality products of high efficiency. Suzhou Hello Electric Co., Ltd. offer various brush products and also can fulfill any kind of brush making requests, including complex and specially-shaped brushes. Our business lines also include localization of imported brush accessories, customization of any kind of brushes according to customers' requests and renovation of aging brushes that help our customers save their costs.

Our main products include:

Daily brush: washing brushes, bottle brushes, teapot cleaning brushes, bath brushes, shoe brushes, eyebrow brushes, toothbrushes and pin brushes

Appliance Brush: vacuum cleaner brushes, roller brushes, antibacterial brushes, waxing brushes, washing machine brushes and air conditioning cleaning brushes

Animal Brush: pet brushes, horse brushes and bristle brushes

Polishing brush: disk brushes, bore brushes and wire brushes

Pipeline brush: air duct cleaning brushes, pipe cleaning brushes and pipeline robot accessories

Lime dust brushes: glass cleaning brushes, anti-dust brushes and sanding machine Ash brushes

Electronic publishing scrubbing brush: tube brushes, tube wall cleaning brushes, pressure plate brushes, anti-static brushes, anti-aging brushes and anti-UV brushes

Sanitation sector: sweeping brushes, disc brushes, roller brushes and fence cleaning brushes

Industrial cleaning brush: fruit washing Brushes and glass cleaning brushes

Suzhou Hello Electric Co., Ltd. took the lead in brush industry in applying the qualification and the standards of RoHS, PAHS, REACH and WEEE, implementing HSF as environmental protection management system. All of our products are in compliance with the ecological requirements. Suzhou Hello Electric Co., Ltd. also passed ISO9000 quality system qualification. Suzhou Hello Electric Co., Ltd. have well positioned ourselves in the brush market with competitive advantages of excellent quality control, timely service and support and good creditability as a reliable business partner in the industry. Suzhou Hello Electric Co., Ltd. have established long term business relationships with some of our major customers, including KingClean Electric Company, TEK, Black & Decker and ASUS. Our OEM brushes are exported to over 50 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, with those well-known international brands as our business partners, such as Electrolux, Sanyo, Mitsubishi and Daikin.

Suzhou Hello Electric Co., Ltd. warmly welcome business partners and seek for collaboration on the basis of mutual benefit and equal cooperation. Suzhou Hello Electric Co., Ltd. are willing to provide the sampling and aging brush renovation for the new customers.

Our Products/Services: brush, test tube brush, wire brush, roll brush, hair brush, foundation brush, brush cleaner, 3 brush, round brush, cosmetic brush, powder brush, brush handle, soft brush, pet brush, car brush, turbo brush, lint brush, nylon brush, silicone brush, wash brush .

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