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DLS tunnel metal detectors
Application profile Inspection of: Individually packed products (incl packed bulk products) Bulk products ...
Product Category: Plastic Recycling Machinery
Product Group: Metal Detector

Walkthrought metal detector
Model: LD-A1 1. Materials and displaying: Adoption of PVC composite material through special production process, ...
Product Category: Burglarproof product
Product Group: Walkthrough Detector,Detector Gate ,Metal Detector Door

Super Scanner Handhold Metal Detector
Operate frequency 22khz. Operate current < 50ma. Operate voltage 7v-9v. Indicator visual: Red/green led sound: ...
Product Category: Others Security

Handheld Metal Detector
1. Can detect medium size of pistol at 9", pocket knife at 6", steel key chain at 5", razor blade at ...
Product Category: Police & Military Supplies

High Sensitivity Walk Through Metal Detector
Walk-through metal detectors (wtmd) are concealed weapons detector. A walk-through detector which uses advanced ...
Product Category: Police & Military Supplies

Walk-Through Metal Detector
Function features: Its exterior is made of high strength synthetic materials. It consists of 6 display areas with ...
Product Category: Police & Military Supplies

Super Scanner Metal Detector
Application: 1. electronic detection inspection at airports, railway stations and wharfs. 2. security inspection of ...
Product Category: Police & Military Supplies

Metal Detector
Operate Frequency 22KHz ; Operate Current < 50mA ; Operate Voltage 7V-9V ; Indicator Visual: Red/Green LED Sound: ...
Product Category: Financial Field
Product Group: Metal Detector

Metal Detector
1) Three operation modes: all metal (to detect all kinds of metal), disc (to discriminate some objects) ; 2) LCD can ...
Product Category: Electronic Instrument
Product Group: Metal Detector